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Lo + Duro 5

Varios - Lo + Duro 5

Max Music NM1430CDTV
2x CD, Compilation
Euro House, Makina, Techno
01.Lo + Duro 5 Megamix
02.Free!! -Doctor beat-
03.Kriss ft High Density -Tonight-
04.Scott Brown vs Dj Rab S -Now is the time-
05.Whigfield -Close to you-
06.Royal T -Baby don't cha leave me this way-
07.Yoly -To france-
08.New Limit -In my heart-
09.Spacers -Space man-
10.Trance-Angels -More than a woman-
11.2 Fabiola -Lift U up-
12.Winter Mute -Hands of fate-
13.Mo-Do -Sex bump twist-
01.Fraktal 2 -Die reise- (Dream Team Remix)
02.Dune -Can't stop raving-
03.Robert Miles -Children-
04.Good Boys -Save your love-
05.Zar -Nunca sin ti- (Rave In Hamburg Remix)
06.Vibeman Part 2 -Move your body-
07.Beat & Peter -Funky groove-
08.R.O.D. -Free your soul-
09.Dsigual -Dsigual-
10.G.E.M. ft Martina 'Batufest' medley -Como el viento-
11.Promise -Running-
12.Plastix -Brr-babba-
13.Lo + Duro 5 Radio Edit

Lo + Duro 5 CD1.T-01.Lo + Duro 5 Megamix

Lo + Duro 5
CD1.T-02.Free!! -Doctor beat-

Lo + Duro 5
CD1.T-11.2 Fabiola -Lift U up-

Lo + Duro 5
CD2.T-01.Fraktal 2 -Die reise- (Dream Team Remix)

Lo + Duro 5
CD2.T-02.Dune -Can't stop raving-

Lo + Duro 5 C
D2.T-08.R.O.D. -Free your soul-

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Lo + Duro 3

Varios - Lo + Duro 3

Max Music NM805CDTV
2x CD, Compilation
Techno, Euro House
01.Lo + Duro 3 Megamix
02.Piropo -The dream is just in my mind-
03.House Pimps -Get the hook-
04.Whigfield -Saturday night-
05.Aldus Haza -Killer city-
06.Konplot -Obsession-
07.This Is a Presence -Brass beat-
08.Damn -El instructor-
01.Rafa Villalba & Dj Sarna -Chiquetere-
02.Paco Pil -Viva la fiesta- (Te quiero Valencia Mix)
03.Genova -Classics-
04.Zentral -Que idea- (Remix)
05.Division Bacelona -El hombre maquina-
06.Terminal -Poem without words-
07.Hocus Pocus ft Ramirez -Here's Johnny-
08.Dj Satanic -El exorcista II-
09.Julio Posadas -Pi-
10.Lo + Duro 3 Radio Mix

Lo + Duro 3 Spot TV

Lo + Duro 3 CD1.T-01.Lo + Duro 3 Megamix

Lo + Duro 3
CD1.T-02.Piropo -The dream is just in my mind-

Lo + Duro 3
CD1.T-05.Aldus Haza -Killer city-

Lo + Duro
3 CD1.T-06.Konplot -Obsession-

Lo + Duro
3 CD2.T-08.Dj Satanic -El exorcista II-

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Lo + Duro 2

Varios - Lo + Duro 2

Max Music NM750CDTV
2x CD, Compilation
Techno, Euro House
01.Lo + Duro 2 Mix
02.U.S.U.R.A. -Sweat-
03.Mr Brown -Bi-di-bon-bon-
04.Dj Hooligan -B.O.T.T.R.O.P-
05.Dj Satanic -El exorcista-
06.Steam System -Barraca destroy-
07.Zentral -Que idea!-
08.Interactive -Amok-
01.U96 -Love sees no colour-
02.Test Pressing -No hay nada grabado-
03.Alter Ego -America! (What are you doing)-
04.Joy-Dee -Lagrima española-
05.Farmlopez -La kabra-
06.J & Zona Industrial -Demasiado-
07.Sly! -One day-
08.Dyewitness -What would you like to hear again-
09.Lo + Duro 2 Mix Radio Edit

Lo + Duro 2 CD1.T-
01.Lo + Duro 2 Mix

Lo + Duro 2
CD1.T-02.U.S.U.R.A. -Sweat-

Lo + Duro 2 CD1.T-04.Dj Hooligan -B.O.T.T.R.O.P-

Lo + Duro
2 CD1.T-06.Steam System -Barraca destroy-

Lo + Duro
2 CD2.T-01.U96 -Love sees no colour-

Lo + Duro
2 CD2.T-06.J & Zona Industrial -Demasiado-

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Lo + Duro

Varios - Lo + Duro

Max Music NM685DFTV
2x CD, Compilation
Techno, Euro House
01.Lo + Duro Megamix
02.U.S.U.R.A. -Open your mind-
03.Copernico -Good morning-
04.Chimo Bayo -Bombas-
05.Interactive -Elevator up & down-
06.Pepeto -Pinocchio-
07.Roses Club -Que siga la fiesta-
08.Game Over -Tetris-
01.Rabbit -Y duran-
02.Ramirez -Orgasmico-
03.Rabbit -Y duran- (Bonus Track)
04.Opera -Wolf's gang-
05.Dj Creator -Kiss me-
06.Leila K -Open sesame-
07.Charly Lownoise Aka Gladiators & Slaves -Speed city-
08.Ottorongo -Owe-Yo!-
09.Can Can Gang -Can can-
10.Lo + Duro Megamix Radio Edit

Lo + Duro CD1.T-
01.Lo + Duro Megamix

Lo + Duro CD1.T-02.U.S.U.R.A. -Open your mind-

Lo + Duro CD1.T-05.Interactive -Elevator up & down-

Lo + Duro CD2.T-02.Ramirez -Orgasmico-

Lo + Duro CD2.T-06.Leila K -Open sesame-

Lo + Duro CD2.T-09.Can Can Gang -Can can-

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Locos por el Mix 2

Varios - Locos por el Mix 2

Max Music NM1100CDTV
2x CD, Compilation
Techno, Euro House
01.Locos por el Mix 2 Megamix Version
02.Design -The future-
03.Status -No more pressure-
04.Renaissance -No more I love yous-
05.Dj Kroma -Here comes the hotstepper-
06.Thony B -Movin' up-
07.New Limit -Smile-
08.Free -Maximum volume-
09.Nasen -Give it up-
10.Antaris Casseopaya -Musicmaker-
01.The Outhere Brothers -Boom boom-
02.Terminal -Enchantment- ft Lyen -Run away-
04.Kike Boy & Demolition -Basic-
05.Fraktal -It's a dream-
06.Spectrum -Take on me-
07.Talessa -Let me be-
08.Dj Roman -La locura-
09.She's a rebel -Piece of my heart-
10.Locos por el mix 2 Radio Edit

Locos por el Mix 2 Spot TV

Locos por el Mix
2 CD1.T-03.Status -No more pressure-

Locos por el Mix 2
CD1.T-08.Free -Maximum volume-

Locos por el Mix 2
CD2.T-01.The Outhere Brothers -Boom boom-

Locos por el Mix
2 ft Lyen -Run away-

Locos por el Mix 2 CD2.T-
10.Locos por el mix 2 Radio Edit

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Locos por el Mix

Varios - Locos por el Mix

Max Music NM890CDTV
2x CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance
01.Locos por el Mix Megamix
02.Heartclub ft Ian Lex -Don't go breaking my heart-
03.Dhelia -Ravers-
04.Melodie Mc -Dum da dum-
05.Aladino -Brothers in the space-
06.Chimo Bayo -La tia Enriqueta-
07.Ricardo F -Chasis-
08.Emotional G -Toffee-
01.Spanic -Sister golden hair-
02.Chiquetere Band -Chiquetere-
03.K.U. -Right in the night-
04.Maxx -Get-a-way-
05.Skandalo -Desfasando-
06.Twenty 4 Seven -Slave to the music-
07.Terminal -Poem without words-
08.Whigfield -Saturday night-
09.Ava & Stone -Bye baby-
10.Locos por el Mix Radio Edit

Locos por el Mix CD1.T-
01.Locos por el Mix Megamix

Locos por el Mix CD1.T-04.Melodie Mc -Dum da dum-

Locos por el Mix CD1.T-06.Chimo Bayo -La tia Enriqueta-

Locos por el Mix CD2.T-06.Twenty 4 Seven -Slave to the music-

Locos por el Mix CD2.T-04.Maxx -Get-a-way-

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Lo + Duro 6

Varios - Lo + Duro 6

Max Music NM1901CDTV
2x CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance
01.Lo + Duro 6 Megamix
02.Vengavoys -Up & Down-
03.Absolom -Where-
04.Discobump -Discosound-
05.Camisra -Feel the beat-
06.R.O.O.S -Living in a dream-
07.BB Team -The Ibizas angel-
08.Helena -Life-
09.Eddie Amador -House Music-
10.Energy 52 -CDM-
11.Cerutti & Lopez -Bahias children-
12.Run DMC vs Jason Nevins -Its tricky-
01.North on 41 -Baby come back-
02.David Morales presents The Face -Needin U-
03.Naka -Movin-
04.Dj Red 5 -Da Bass-
05.Fiocco -Spread the word around-
06.Pinball -Hands up-
07.Los Veteranos -Bailar el tango-
08.Who's Eddie -Hot stuff-
09.Trybe fat Anita Ward -Ring my bell-
10.John Wesley -Behind the mask-
11.Le Groove -Stardust duet with Dust-
12.Mimas -Make it funky-
13.Magnetiko 888 -You took my love away-

Lo + Duro 6 CD1.T-01.Lo + Duro 6 Megamix

Lo + Duro 6 CD1.T-02.Vengavoys -Up & Down-

Lo + Duro 6 CD1.T-09.Eddie Amador -House Music-

Lo + Duro 6 CD2.T-04.Dj Red 5 -Da Bass-

Lo + Duro 6 CD2.T-05.Fiocco -Spread the word around-

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Lo + Duro 4

Varios - Lo + Duro 4

Max Music NM1075CDTV
2x CD, Compilation
Trance, Euro House, Italodance
01.Lo + Duro 4 Megamix
02.Snap -Welcome to tomorrow-
03.Newton -Streamline-
04.Rod Heros -Always-
05.Commite -Trance line-
06.Ororo -Zombie-
07.Cabballero -Dancing with tears in my eyes-
08.Orange Blue -If you wanna be (my only)-
09.Digilove -Touch me-
10.Graphixx -Never ending story-
01.The Outhere Brothers -La la la hey hey-
02.Legend B -Lost in love-
03.Double Vision -Knockin-
04.Kike Boy -Farmatron-
05.Cosmo -The nation of house-
06.MC Star & The Real Mc Coy -Another night-
07.World Inside The Music ft Dj Panda -It's a dream-
08.Nicki French -Total eclipse of the heart-
09.Swann -I love my life-
10.Lo + Duro 4 Radio Edit

Lo + Duro 4 Spot TV

Lo + Duro 4 CD1.T-01.Lo + Duro 4 Megamix

Lo + Duro 4 CD1.T-06.Ororo -Zombie-

Lo + Duro 4 CD1.T-07.Cabballero -Dancing with tears in my eyes-


Lo + Duro 4 CD2.T-06.MC Star & The Real Mc Coy -Another night-

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Acceleration Mix

Varios - Acceleration Mix

Acceleration ACCCDA-27
Blanco y Negro
1 x CD, Mixed
1x CD, Compilation
01.Dixkontrol Megadix
02.Nando Dixkontrol -Music for the children-
01.Diskovery -Melody party-
02.Reflection 4 -Tic-tac (el reloj)-
03.Delirium -Crow to the prime meet-
04.Over 2 -Rhythm of wind-
05.Dj Mole -Topota madre-
06.B-Side -Ideal-
07.Defcon 3 -Let yourself go-
08.Ducted -Ducted- (Remix)
09.Ilogic -Why-
10.Dj's Factory -Beat'em up-
11.Dance Test Dummies -Darkness-
12.Panorama -Imagendry-
13.T-66 -Dancing box-
14.Three Factors -A great nice dream-

Acceleration Mix CD1.T-02.Nando Dixkontrol -Music for the children-

Acceleration Mix CD2.T-03.Delirium -Crow to the prime meet-

Acceleration Mix CD2.T-12.Panorama -Imagendry-

Acceleration Mix CD2.T-04.Over 2 -Rhythm of wind-

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100% Verano

Varios - 100% Verano

Code Music CO-30029-CDTV
3 x CD, Compilation
Electrónica Pop
House, Pop, Latino
01.100% Dance Megamix
02.John Wesley -Why lover why-
03.Sqeezer -Sweet kisses-
04.M.R. -To france-
05.B2 -(I'll never be) Maria Magdalena-
06.Dj Quicksilver -I have a dream-
07.2 Eivissa -Oh la la la-
08.Trax -I want you back-
09.Energy 52 -Cafe del mar-
10.Levy 9 -Running up that hill-
11.Lulu -Amoureux solitaires-
12.Dj Arre -Oxigene 8-
13.Sash -Encore une fois-
01.100% Terracitas Megamix
02.Short Cut -Do you really want to hurt me-
03.Summer Star -Love and respect-
04.Chris Wayne -Land down under-
05.Suite -Say what you want-
06.Boyz-R-Us -Singin' in my mind-
07.Good Bytes -Solo en ti-
08.Marshall -Sir duke-
09.Tarzan Boy -Tarzan boy-
10.Wildside -2 become 1-
11.Your Woman -Your woman-
12.Mar.Ko -Quit playin' games-
13.Jimmy Cliff -Breakout-
14.Red Plastic Bag -Ragga ragga-
01.Jose Garcia -La pomada-
02.South Ferry Crew -El bodeguero-
03.Fuego Latino -El tongoneo-
04.Banda La Bocana -Mete y saca-
05.El Presidente -Cafe con leche-
06.S'Aint John -Agua-
07.Proyecto Uno -El tiburon-
08.Cheito Perez -Nena linda-
09.2 Minicanos -WHoop donde estan las mujeres-
10.Rochelle -Nene-
11.Habana Club Band -El venao-
12.La Cuadra -El pilon-
13.Banda La Bocana -Come on baby-
14.Liberados -Me gustan las mujeres-
15.Bohemia -Corazon indomable-
16.El Cartel -Como se baila mi ritmo-

100% Verano CD1.T-01.100% Dance Megamix

100% Verano CD2.T-04.Chris Wayne -Land down under-

100% Verano CD3.T-05.El Presidente -Cafe con leche-

100% Verano CD3.T-04.Banda La Bocana -Mete y saca-

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Virtual Dance

Varios - Virtual Dance

Arcade 3201252
3 x CD, Compilation
Euro House
01.Dj Quicksilver -Free- (Original)
02.Plastic -The secret key of life- (Radio Edit)
03.Just Luis -Number one- (Radio Edit)
04.Sash -Ecuador- (Original 12)
05.Respect -Love & Respect-
06.Brazilia -Samba de Janeiro-
07.Killjoy -Mystic loop- (Original)
08.Kosmonova -Raumpatruille- (Extended Mix)
09.Mr Jack -The wggly world II-
10.Fuse -Dreamer brooklyn Mix-
11.Santos -The rhythm- (Santos Edit)
01.Snack -Overdose- (Overdose Version)
02.Swan -I know you want-
03.Libra presents Taylor -Anomally calling your name-
04.Underwater -Love Parade Remix 97- (Grannys Epicure Remix)
05.Malzoom -And the beat goes on-
06.Shortcut -Do you really want to hurt me-
07.The source feat Candi Stanton -You got the love- (Rhythm Masters)
08.Bass Funk Tion -Push the tempo- (Babys Js Mix)
09.Basic Connection -Hablame Luna- (Bilingual)
10.Gala -Freed from desire-
11.Tommie Jenkins -Oh oh my girl-
01.Dj Quicksilver -Bellissima- (Remix Magic Mix)
02.Deja Vu -Unbreak my heart-
03.Friction -Laura no esta-
04.Beachball feat T Burnette -Beachball- (Radio Mix)
05.Jimmy Sommerville -Safe Journey- (Todd Terry 12)
06.John Wesley -Lover why- (Extended)
07.White City -Wanna be remix- (Club Mix)
08.The Bass feat Roullian & Mia -Sunny day- (Underground Mix)
09.Hypertrophy -Just come back 2 me- (Dj Thokas Extended)
10.Miss Jones -Passion- (Radio Mix)
11.Hocus Pocus -God devil heal heaven- (Original)

Virtual Dance CD1.T-02.Plastic -The secret key of life-

Virtual Dance CD1.T-08.Kosmonova -Raumpatruille-

Virtual Dance CD2.T-05.Malzoom -And the beat goes on-

Virtual Dance CD2.T-08.Bass Funk Tion -Push the tempo-

Virtual Dance CD3.T-11.Hocus Pocus -God devil heal heaven-

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Ravermeister Vol.3

Varios - Ravermeister Vol.3

Subterranean T-24
Subterranean DCD 089-38652
2 x CD, Compilation
House, Acid, Hard Trance
01.Allnighters -Black is black-
02.Fusion -You can't stop the groove-
03.Toja 2 -Put your house in order-
04.Dual Mount -Magma-
05.Stargate -Stargate custodian-
06.Disclosure -Dramatic-
07.Van Basten -King of the death posture- Remix
08.Tool & Sakin -Photon-
09.D-fense & Confusion -Double orange-
10.Lage Synthetique -Comix-
11.Pneumonia -Acid invasion-
01.Future Breeze -Read my lips-
02.Watchman -Watchman's theme-
03.Lords of Octagon -Open da house-
04.Mr Oz & Larry Lush -Northen lights-
05.Pyrate -Bycande- Dj Spice PS Exp in Bycance
06.Nostrum -Baby- Remix
07.Casseopaya -Forcing beat-
08.Alien Factory -Get the future stated- (Meteor 7 Mix)
09.Elasticoculture -Container dreams-
10.Rexathony -Capturing matrix- (Transgression Version)
11.Tranceatlantic -Poisoned strawberry- (L81 Mix)

Ravermeister Vol.3 CD1.T-01.Allnighters -Black is black-

Ravermeister Vol.3 CD1.T-04.Dual Mount -Magma-

Ravermeister Vol.3 CD1.T-05.Stargate -Stargate custodian-

Ravermeister Vol.3 CD2.T-01.Future Breeze -Read my lips-

Ravermeister Vol.3 CD2.T-07.Casseopaya -Forcing beat-

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Dance Attack

Varios - Dance Attack

Club Tools – 064832 CLU
1 x CD, Compilation
1 x CD, Mixed
Euro-House, Trance, Progressive House
01.2 Eivissa -Move your body- (Extended Mix)
02.NYCC -Fight for your right (To party)-
03.Byron Stingily -You make me feel mighty real-
04.SJ -I feel divine-
05.Tomski -14 Hours to save the earth-
06.Spacegirl ft She -I wanna be a spacegirl- (Club Mix)
07.Triple S -Whoomp (There it is)- Klubbheads Radio Edit)
08.Mouse-T -Horny 98-
09.Partizan ft natalie Robb -Keep your love- (7' Edit)
10.Paid & Live ft Laurin Hill -All my time- (Mousse-T Club Mix)
11.Funk Junkeez -Got Funk- Dj Tonka's Remix
12.Salinas -Should stay or shoul I go- (X-Tended Edit)
13.Boris Dlugosch -Hold your head up high-
14.Philly Beat ft Sophia -Voulez vous-
15.Mexican Acid Queen -Caligula 2000 -Asesina-
01.Sash -La primavera- (Original 12)
02.Brooklyn Bounce -The music's got me- (Kontor Dub)
03.Cuttrack -I want you- (Speed Garage Cuttrack)
04.Dj Tonka -Security- (Original 12)
05.Triple S -Whoop (There it is)- (Dj Disco Remix)
06.Freakyman -Discobug (The saga continues)- (TPP Club Mix)
07.Legend B -The Spirit- (Orinoko Mix)
08.O.R.G.A.N. -To the world- (UP Lifting Club Experience)
09.SM Trax -Show me something special- (SM Organ Version)
10.Two Phunky People -Space the base- (Sash Remix 12)
11.Dj Quicksilver -Planet love- (Escape Mix)
12.MAS Project -Need your lovin'- (SM In Motion Mix)
13.Face The Phase -Face the phase part II- (Etended Edit)
14.Love Boots -Close your eyes- (Extended Version)

Dance Attack CD1.T-01.2 Eivissa -Move your body-

Dance Attack CD1.T-09.Partizan ft natalie Robb -Keep your love-

Dance Attack CD2.T-01.Sash -La primavera-

Dance Attack CD2.T-10.Two Phunky People -Space the base- (Sash Rmx)

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Bolero Mix 11

Varios - Bolero Mix 11

Blanco y Negro – MXCD 575 CTV
2 x CD, Compilation
Euro-House, Italo-Dance
01.Mix Long
02.Mix Radio
03.Jingles y Efectos
04.Ice Mc -It's a rainy day-
05.Financiero -Hymn-
06.Scooter -Hyper Hyper- (Spanish Version)
07.X-Samar -La soledad-
08.2 Unlimited -No one-
09.Cappella -Move it up-
10.Saturnia -To the moon-
01.Dr Dj Cerla -Everybody pom pom-
02.X-Value -Sweet dreams-
03.Hedber-Malcoun -Broken wings-
04.Delegation -Wanna be the winner-
05.Fourteen 14 -Don't leave me-
06.Andrew Sixty -Fever-
07.Hypnotica -Impacto (we're gonna catch you)-
08.Tine Miller -I'll stand by you-
09.Emotions -Feeling emotions-
10.Einstein Dr. Dj -Electro Woman-
11.Tin Man -Eighteen strings-
12.X-Samar -Se fue-
13.Tin Tin Out -The feeling-

Bolero Mix 11 Spot TV

Bolero Mix 11 CD1.T-01.Bolero Mix Long

Bolero Mix 11 CD1.T-06.Scooter -Hyper Hyper- (Spanish Version)

Bolero Mix 11 CD1.T-08.2 Unlimited -No one-

Bolero Mix 11 CD2.T-01.Dr Dj Cerla -Everybody pom pom-

Bolero Mix 11 CD2.T-07.Hypnotica -Impacto (we're gonna catch you)-

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Bolero Mix 14

Varios - Bolero Mix 14

Blanco y Negro – MXCD850
2 x CD, Compilation
Electrónica, Pop
House, Trance
01.Long Mix
02.Chumbawamba -Tubthumping-
03.Sash feat La Trec -Stay-
04.Gala -Come into my life-
05.Ultra Nate -Free- Usura Remix
06.Randy IceMc -It's like that-
07.Billy Prinz -Y si fuera ella-
08.Kun Fu Bros -Steppin' Stones-
09.Corona -The power of love- remix
10.Darryl -Sunchyme-
11.Burnette -Beachball-
12.Papaya -Hero-
13.Anita Warp -Say a little prayer-
14.Nostrum -Brainchild 97-
01.Ice House -Hey little girl-
02.Eliot -Candle in the wind-
03.N-Trance -Da ya thing i'm sexy-
04.Don Cheslee -World of humanity-
05.Johny Depeer -Annie's song-
06.Karen Young -Hot shot 97-
07.Cocooma -Virtual Experience-
08.Central Seven -The god of house-
09.Stelina Salomon -Red sun-
10.Mnstar -Serenade-
11.Natascha Hagen -Calling you-
12.Final Fantasy -The sequence of love-
13.N.A.S.A. -Echo-
14.Barby Boy -Barbie girl-
15.Single Radio

Bolero Mix 14 Spot TV

Bolero Mix 14 CD1.T-01.Bolero Mix 14 Long

Bolero Mix 14 CD1.T-02.Chumbawamba -Tubthumping-

Bolero Mix 14 CD1.T-12.Papaya -Hero-

Bolero Mix 14 CD2.T-03.N-Trance -Da ya thing i'm sexy-

Bolero Mix 14 CD2.T-09.Stelina Salomon -Red sun-

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100% Pizzicato 2

Varios - 100% Pizzicato 2

Blanco y Negro – MXCD 890
2 x CD, Compilation
Progressive Trance
01.Pizzicato Long Mix by Ice Fran
02.Dj Quicksilver -Planet Love- Video Mix
03.Garrasco feat Silvy -Fuego-
04.Dj Supreme -Tha horns of Jericho- Porn Kings Full on Rmx
05.Encore -Le disque-jockey- Original 12
06.Brainbug -Benedictus- Exitiale Edit
07.Central Seven -The Opera- The Producer Rmx
08.Milk Incorporated -La vache- Armin Mix
09.Z1 -Time travel- TNT Discovering the Time Machine Rmx
10.Squadra -Play ground- Radio Edit
11.Zooloo -Can you hear the jungle- Club Mix
12.Painapple Juice Dancing Fruits -Pizzicato mix-
01.Koala -Australia- Vocal Extended
02.Tank -Return to power- XTD Remix
03.Vicent de Moor -Orion city- Original 12
04.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives 98-
05.Sash feat La Trec -Stay-
06.Hypertrophy -Beautiful day-
07.Bruce Wayne -Ready- Sash Radio Mix
08.Voodoo Dolls -For da crown-
09.Shah -Secret love- Radio Version
10.Jay Project feat Eve -Never fall in love-
11.Zeta -Orbit- Dj Goldfinger Remix
12.Atlantis 6 -The new style- Shycat's Airfly Mix
13.White Widow -Leave- Blue Room Remix
14.Pizzicato Short Mix by Ice Fran

100% Pizzicato 2 CD1.T-03.Garrasco ft Silvy -Fuego-

100% Pizzicato 2 CD1.T-05.Encore -Le disque jockey-

100% Pizzicato 2 CD2.T-02.Tank -Return to power-

100% Pizzicato 2 CD2.T-06.Hypertrophy -Beautiful day-

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100% Pizzicato

Varios - 100% Pizzicato

Blanco y Negro – MXCD 841
2 x CD, Compilation
Progressive Trance
01.Pizzicato Mix by Ice Fran
02.Sash -Ecuador-
03.Dj Quicksilver -Bellissima-
04.Brainbug -Nightmare-
05.Timeless Time -Insomia-
06.Brooklyn Bounce -Get ready to bounce-
07.Klubbheads -Discohoppin-
08.Natural Born Grooves -Groovebird-
09.Nature Trip -Keep the fire burning-
01.Dj Quicksilver -Free-
02.Nature Trip -Why don't you dance with me-
03.Central Seven -The Opera-
04.Paganini Traxx -Make me come-
05.Disc-O-Thek -Don't you want me-
06.400 Hz -Don't you-
07.Astroline feat Dj Bart -Take good care-
08.Three N One -Sin city-
09.Chiara -No where to run-
10.Dr Techno Bohemian -Pump da Bass-
11.The Cult Groove -The real think-
12.Suspicius -Maid of Orleans (Take my hand)-
13.Little Jam -Black Hill-
14.Rod Y Ler -Temtation-
15.Dj Maverick -Wrong is right-
16.Pizzicato Short Mix by Ice Fran

100% Pizzicato CD1.T-03.Dj Quicksilver -Bellissima-

100% Pizzicato CD1.T-04.Brainbug -Nightmare-

100% Pizzicato CD2.T-01.Dj Quiksilver -Free-

100% Pizzicato CD2.T-09.Chiara -Nowhere to run-

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Cien por Cien Exitos. Lo mejor del Dance

Varios - Cien por Cien Exitos. Lo mejor del dance.

Sony Music Media – 5030732
3 x CD, Compilation
Electrónica, Pop
House, Pop, EuroHouse
01.Planet Funk -Chase the sun-
02.Magic Box -Carrillon- (Original Radio Mix)
03.Texas -Inner smile- (Stonebridge Classic House Mix)
04.Paps'N'Skar -Get it on- (Original Radio Mix)
05.Chicane ft Bryan Adams -Don't give up-
06.Knick Knack -Come back- (Popper Scooper Remix)
07.Paola & Chiara -Viva el amor-
08.Tom Jones & Heather Small -U need love like I do-
09.Baha-Men -Who let the dogs out- (Radio Mix)
10.Brooklyn Bounce -Bass, beats & melody-
11.Rimini Project ft Sarah K -Wake up-
12.Richard -Humpty vision ft Rozalla (Everybodys free)- (Remix Jaccot)
13.Apollo Four Forty -Charlies angels 2000-
14.Fatboy Slim ft Macy Gray -Demons-
01.Rui da Silva ft Cassandra Fox -Touch me- (Radio Edit)
02.Celeda -The underground-
03.M&S pres The Girl Next Door -Salsoul nugget (if you wanna)-
04.Madison Avenue -Everything you need- (Olav Basoski Mix)
05.Kluster ft Ron Carroll -My love- (Original Radio Edit)
06.Anastacia -Not that kind- (Kerri Chadler Vocal Mix)
07.Destinys Child -Independent women part I-
08.Satoshi Tomiie ft Kelli Ali -Love in traffic-
09.Chicane -Autumn tactics-
10.The Nightgrooves ft Deanna -Do it all night- (Vocal Club Mix)
11.Bobfunk Mcs -Freestyler- (Radio Edit)
12.Fatboy Slim -Sunset (bird of prey)-
13.Zippora -Lotus eater- (Original Radio Edit)
14.X-Press 2 -AC-DC- (Gangbanger Mix)
15.Madison Avenue -Who the hell are you- (Original Mix Edit)
01.Fragma ft Maria Rubia -Everytime you need me- (Radio Edit)
02.Barthezz -On the move-
03.Safri Duo -Played a live-
04.Public Domain -Operation blade (bass in the placed)-
05.Mauro Picotto -Proximus (medley with adiemus)-
06.Sylver -Skin-
07.Scorpia vol.1 ft Marian Dacal -By your side-
08.Vincent de Moor -Fly away- (Original Edit)
09.Agnelli & Nelson -Hudson street- (New York Mix)
10.Anggun -Snow on the sahara- (Trouser Enthusiast Remix)
11.Perfect Phase -Slammer jammer- (Radio Edit)
12.Plasma ft Berry -Do U believe in me-
13.Watergate -Heart of Asia- (Dj Quiksilver Radio Version)
14.Orion -Eternity- (Radio Edit)
15.Charlie -Burn & shiver- (Gravity Mix Masters Radio Edit)

Cien por Cien Exitos.CD1.T-06.Knick Knack -Come back-

Cien por Cien Exitos CD2.T-07.Destinys Child -Independent women part I-

Cien por Cien Exitos CD2.T-13.Zippora -Lotus eater-

Cien por Cien Exitos CD3.T-12.Plasma ft Berry -Do U believe in me-

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100% Eurotrance 4

Varios - 100% Eurotrance 4

Insolent Tracks – INSCD 209
2 x CD, Mixed
1 x CD, Compilation
Trance, Progressive, Hard House
CD1 Bachatta Session
01.Dee Dee -Forever- (Elijah McMillian Remix)
02.Fullhouse -Scratchin my choice-
03.Lasgo -Something-
04.Dj Kick & Midi Mark -Shh ahh pump it- (Solar System Remix)
05.Svenson & Gielen -The beauty of silence-
06.Question Mark -Enigma-
07.George Acosta ft Shara Simon -Emotions-
08.Da Hool -Meet her at the love parade 2001- (Fergie Remix)
09.E-Motion ft Mr Mister -Broken wings-
10.In -Musika-
11.Empyre -Fantasy-
12.Zenith vs Awex -I'm your deejay-
13.Fernando Ballesteros -The kimbo-
14.Elastica pres Jesus Elices -The test-
15.Me & My -Fly high-
16.Copycat -Bouncer-
17.Shockwave -The 2nd day-
18.Mental Miracle -Trip to fantasy-
CD2 Solar System Session
01.Blaze ft Palmer Brown -My beat- (Jan Driver Remix)
02.JBN -All I want- (Fragma Remix)
03.Klubbheads -Kickin hard- (Central Seven Remix)
04.Darude -Out of control (Back for more)-
05.Alex K -Don't u want my love-
06.Paul Droid -Missing inside me-
07.Temper -To da beat-
08.Mark Oh -Never stop that feeling 2001- (Hennes & Cold Remix)
09.Dj JamX -Keep it that way pt2- (Dj Gert Mix)
10.TC Control -Do you love-
11.Dee Dee -Forever-
12.The Groove Collector -Mosquito-
13.Luna Park -Space melody-
14.Dj Vortex & Arpa's Dream -Incoming- (Arome Remix)
17.Palmer vs Ramone -Club nights- (Palmer & Cole Remix)
18.Kharma -In 2 U-
19.Stick Project -Fast transmission-
CD3 Progressive & Trance Anthems
01.Safri Duo -Samb-adaggio- (Airscape Remix)
02.Commanova -Whisful thinking-
03.Warp Brothers -Blast the speakers-
04.Dj's @ Work -Someday-
05.Dj Jean -Lift me up- (Barthezz Remix)
06.Tunnel Allstars pres Accuface -Let your mind fly- (Dj's @ Work Remix)
07.Rollergirl -Superstar- (Butterfly Remix)
08.G-Spott -N-R-G-
09.Airheadz -Stanley (Here I am)- (Wippenberg Remix)
10.Kai Tracid -Too many times- (Warmduscher Remix)
11.System F ft Marc Almond -Soul on soul-
12.Tenth Planet -Ghosts- (Vicent de Moor Remix)
13.Slusnik Luna -Sun-
14.2 Black 4 U -Stormy weather-
15.Dj Edgar vs Solar System -Concentrate-
15.Sunflowerz -Pumpin the bass-
16.Clint Fabian & Dj R. Kay -Drumz-

100% Eurotrance 4 CD1.T-01.Dee Dee -Forever- (Elijah McMillian Rmx)

100% Eurotrance 4 CD1.T-10.In -Musika-

100% Eurotrance 4 CD2.T-06.Paul Droid -Missing inside me-

100% Eurotrance 4 CD2.T-02.JBN -All I want-

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100% Eurotrance 3

Varios - 100% Eurotrance 3

Insolent Tracks – INSCD 170
2 x CD, Compilation
1 x CD, Mixed
Trance, Progressive
Warp Brothers -We will survive-
02.Tukan -Like a rainbow- (Green Court rmx)
03.Darude -Feel the beat-
04.Paul Van Dyk -We are alive-
05.Taiko -Die Blechtrommel-
06.Aurora -Hear you calling- (Dark Moon rmx)
07.Sasha Emerson -Scorchio-
08.Miss Jma -Spring 2000-
09.Solar System -Close your eyes-
10.Liquid ft Silvy -Turn the tide-
11.Jenny Hall -Desperate Call-
12.Hurley & Todd -Sunstorm- (Dumonde rmx)
13.Allan MCloud ft Fraser -Silent running-
14.Santos -Camels- (Saints & Sinners rmx)
15.Black Spider -Save your life- (Dj Tom-x rmx)
01.Mauro Picotto -Komodo-
02.Astroline -Close my eyes-
03.Pulsedriver -Your Spirit is shining-
04.Embargo -Blackout-
05.Rank 1 -Airwave- (Dutchforce rmx)
06.Sunniva -Feelings- (Paul Droid rmx)
07.Zombie Nation -Kernkraft 400-
08.Chakra -Home-
09.Azzido Da Bass -Dooms night- (Timo Mass rmx)
10.Liquid -Orlando Dawn- (Space Brothers rmx)
11.Silverblue -Do you know-
12.Degeneration -Una musica senza ritmo- (Peaches & Cream rmx)
13.Fable -When he's gone (ain't no sunshine)-
14.Dj Red 5 vs Dj at Work -Rhythm & Drums 2001-
01.2 Unlimited -Twilight zone- (Dj Jean rmx)
02.Paul Droid -Tears in the sky-
03.Darude -Sandstorm-
04.Sash -With my own eyes- (Tandu-Mcloud rmx)
05.Hi-Gate -Caned and unable-
06.Storm -Stormanimal-
07.Gitta -No more turning back- (Yomanda rmx)
08.Warp Brothers vs Aquagen -Phat Bass-
09.Kai Tracid -Tiefenrausch (The deep blue)- (ASYS Mix)
10.Mario Piu aka Dj Arabesque -The vision-
11.Transa -Supernova-
12.Clublanders -World of love-
13.Quo Vadis -Sonic Boom (life too short)- (Yomanda rmx)
14.Fiocco -The crowd is moving-
15.Klubbheads -Big bass bomb- (Dj Boozywoozy rmx)
16.Dual Bass ft Allan -What will I do- (K-psula rmx)
17.Indigo -What is progressive-
18.Solar System -One year later-
19.De-Noise -Broken conscience- (Mark Oh rmx)

100% Eurotrance 3 CD1.T-09.Solar System -Close your eyes-

100% Eurotrance 3 CD1.T-01.Warp Brothers -We will survive-

100% Eurotrance 3 CD2.T-04.Embargo -Black out-

100% Eurotrance 3 CD2.T-11.Silverblue -Do you know-

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100% Eurotrance 2

Varios - 100% Eurotrance 2

Insolent Tracks – INSCD 130
2 x CD, Compilation
1 x CD, Mixed
Trance, Progressive, Hard House
01.Dj Jurgen -Higher & higher-
02.Ross -Follow-
03.Klubheads -Turn up the bass-
04.Lightforce -Join me-
05.Honey B -Never go away-
06.Mauro Picotto -Iguana-
07.2 Rhythm feat M Dacal -Bizarre love triangle-
08.Lady Tom -Loops & Things 2000-
09.Astroline -Angels-
10.Sunniva -Tru love- (True Faith Remix)
11.Nightflight -Shake it up-
12.Nagano All Stars -Push me to the limit-
13.Franchino -999-
14.Sals 8 -Downtown-
15.Solar System -City of angels-
16.Jaccot presents Frank TRAXX -Love religion-
01.System F -Cry-
02.A7 -Piece of heaven-
03.Mario Piu -Communication-
04.Dutchforce -Deadline-
05.Clublanders -World of love-
06.Hi-Gate -Pitchin (In every direction)
07.Trouser Enthusiasts -Sweet release-
08.Mario Lopez vs Red Sector -Into my brain-
09.Loop -Spread your wings-
10.Soutside Spinners -Luvstruck- (Atlantis Mix)
11.Flickman -The sound of bamboo-
12.Spoiled & Zigo -More and more-
13.Paul Droid -Echoes in the rain-
14.Koala feat Dj Dave -Eternity is past-
15.Candy Girls -Bom da de- (Solar System rmx)
16.Dj Jean -Love come home- (Klubbheads remix)
01.B Brilliant -I am drifting (devotion)-
02.Housepark -Off your house-
03.Indiana Beach -Talking trees-
04.Greenfield -Forever-
05.Phenomania -Who is elvis 99- (Urlz Remix)
06.Pond & Harris -Fromentera- (Bervoets and de Goeij Mix)
07.Sweet Deception -In love with an angel-
08.Honey B -Surrender-
09.Gate -Iron eden-
10.Mindwalkers -The future-
11.JDS -Destiny calls-
12.Lava -Autum (the fall mix)-
13.Dj Glenn vs Voltage Club -Silent six-
14.Tecmania Rebel -Circus beat- (Original)
15.Dj Mind-X -The nightingale-
16.Robotnico -Backfired 2000- (Megalomania remix)

100% Eurotrance 2 CD1.T-01.Dj Jurgen -Higher & higher-

100% Eurotrance 2 CD2.T-01.System F -Cry-

100% Eurotrance 2 CD2.T-12.Spoiled & Zigo -More & more-

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