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Varios - Eurohits

Tempo Music TM0135CD
2 x CD, Compilation
Trance, Euro House
01.Capriccio -Everybody get up-
02.Danny Tenaglia -Music is the answer-
03.Jamestown ft Jocelyn Brown -I believe-
04.Soulsearcher -Can't get enough-
05.Phats & Small present Mutant Disco -Turn around-
06.Angel City -Love me right-
07.Kathy Brown -Joy-
08.FPI Project -Everybody (all over the world)-
09.Run from Run DMC ft Justine Simmons -Praise my djs (my funny valentine)-
10.Cevin Fisher ft Loleatta Holloway -(You got me) burning up-
11.Robbie Rivera -It's midnight-
12.Blackmail with John C Philip & Peter Cramp -Do you wanna house-
13.Primeval -Run to me-
01.Ruff Driverz presents Arrola -Dreaming-
02.Nina -I'm so excited-
03.Sunday Girl -Maria-
04.Veracocha -Carte blanche-
05.Tamira Jay -Get up-
06.Lucid -Crazy-
07.Babe -Oh my little baby boy-
08.Natural Born Deejays -Airplay-
09.R.O.O.S. -Body, mind & spirit-
10.U-Traxx -Imagine-
11.Polaris -Give me your hand-
12.Galeria -The gael's return-
13.Boccacio Life -Angels-
14.Michael Fortunati -Give me up-

Eurohits CD1.T- 01.Capriccio -Everybody get up-

Eurohits CD1.T-06.Angel City -Love me right-

Eurohits CD1.T-09.Run from Run DMC ft Justine Simmons -Praise my djs 
(my funny valentine)-

Eurohits CD2.T-02.Nina -I'm so excited-

Eurohits CD2.T-05.Tamira Jay -Get up-

Eurohits CD2.T-07.Babe -Oh my little baby boy-

Eurohits CD2.T-13.Boccacio Life -Angels-

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España Quiere Caña

Varios - España Quiere Caña

Chrysalis 07243 8366932 5
2 x CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno
01.Bento -España quiere caña-
02.2 Fabiola -Play this song-
03.Netzwerk -Memories-
04.Piropo -Our life, our nature-
05.Dagon 95 -Boom shaka-
06.Corona -Try me out-
07.Nina -Until all your dreams come true-
08.2 Colors -I fill alive-
09.Double Vision -All right-
10.Mystic Eyes -A mirage-
11.QFX -Freedom-
12.Odyssey -Everybody move-
01.Umboza -Cry india-
02.The Bucketheads -The bomb-
03.Altruism -Unstable lives-
04.Kaoos -Arabia-
05.Whigfield -Big time-
06.Me & My -Dub I dub-
07.Orgasmico -French kiss-
08.Reel 2 Real -Conway-
09.Sueño Latino -Viciosa-
10.Ex-3 -Estres-
11.PG 2 -Space dreams-
12.Kike Boy + Demolition -Enter-

España Quiere Caña CD1.T- 01.Bento -España quiere caña-

España Quiere Caña CD1.T-04.Piropo -Our life, our nature-

España Quiere Caña CD1.T-11.QFX -Freedom-

España Quiere Caña CD2.T-03.Altruism -Unstable lives-

España Quiere Caña CD2.T-11.PG 2 -Space dreams-

España Quiere Caña CD2.T-12.Kike Boy + Demolition -Enter-

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NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1

Varios - NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1

NL Sound 73 50252
2 x CD, Compilation
Hard House, Trance, House
01.Nightstalkers -Enjoy yourself-
02.Rene & Da Groove -Let's get movin'-
03.Sounddesign -Coming on strong-
04.Magic From Above -In my soul-
05.Love Foundation -New day-
06.Jefferseif -Take me on-
07.Marco Solo -Pump it-
08.Danny & Graxx -Give me your love-
09.Luna Mora -Music for everyone-
10.Kinky Boy -What is love-
11.Rebel Rebel -Happy girl-
01.Love Foundation -Never enough-
02.Pikes -Peace and unity-
03.Comuni-Gate -I.C.Q.-
04.Stalemates -Get bounced-
05.Active Force -Ready-
06.Sidewalk Technician -All jump up-
07.Dope Technician -Break my heart-
08.D-Tention -Turn me loose-
09.Soprano -La oriental-
10.Shock Trance -Use your dildo-
11.Index -Keep on your mind-

NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1 CD1.T-01.Nightstalkers -Enjoy yourself-

NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1 CD1.T-03.Sounddesign -Coming on strong-

NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1 CD1.T-08.Danny & Graxx -Give me your love-

NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1 CD1.T-10.Kinky Boy -What is love-

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Donde Esta Curro Mix

Varios - Donde Esta Curro Mix

Dance Pool 488 192 2
2 x CD, Compilation
Progressive House, Trance
01.Skank -Garota nacional-
02.Gala -Let a boy cry- (Edit Mix)
03.White Town -Your woman-
04.Sash! -Encore une fois- (Future Breeze Remix)
05.2 Eivissa -Oh la la la-
06.Disco Citizens -Footprint- (Sonic Original Mix)
07.Human Nature -Sweet drop-
08.Jam & Spoon -Kaleidoscope skies- (Radio Edit)
09.PM Project -Rima brasileña- (Radio Edit)
10.John Wesley -Lover why-
11.Imperio -Return to paradise-
12.Virginia Robinson -Reanimator II- (Original Version)
13.Camarco -I promise myself- (Radio Version)
14.Mola Adebisi -Shake that body- (Radio Mix)
15.Natasha Hagen -You & you- (Original Mix)  
16.Levy 9 -Running up that hill- (Street 45 Edit)
01.The Prodigy -Breathe- (Edit)
02.Apollo 440 -Ain't talkin' about dub- (440 Radio Edit)
03.Richie Stephens ft General Degree -Come give me your love-
04.Pharao -Temple of love- (Radio Hit Mix)
05.Jamiroquai -Cosmic girl- (David Morales Classic Radio Mix)
06.Gala -Freed from desire-
07.Boy George -Love is leaving- (The Milk Teeth Popular Mix)
08.Victoria Wilson James -Reach 4 the melody-
09.Amandine -In my mind- (Original Radio Edit)
10.Lisa Maxwell -Think of you- (House Extended Version)
11.Bruji M.C. -Fuego- (Latin House Single Mix)
12.Empirion -B.E.T.A.-
13.Cannival DJ -Cannival dream- (Original Mix)
14.Asap ft Yilena -Imaginate- (Necessary For Radio Mix)
15.Andrea Roy -Bailando en Paris- (Original Radio Mix)
16.Sir Prize -Don't go away- (Radio Edit)

Donde Esta Curro Mix CD1.T-01.Skank -Garota nacional-

Donde Esta Curro Mix CD1.T-06.Disco Citizens -Footprint- (Sonic Original Mix)

Donde Esta Curro Mix CD1.T-12.Virginia Robinson -Reanimator II- (Original Version)

Donde Esta Curro Mix CD2.T-02.Apollo 440 -Ain't talkin' about dub-

Donde Esta Curro Mix CD2.T-08.Victoria Wilson James -Reach 4 the melody-

Donde Esta Curro Mix CD2.T-12.Empirion -B.E.T.A.-

Donde Esta Curro Mix CD2.T-14.Asap ft Yilena -Imaginate-

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Mas Volumen 2

Varios - Mas Volumen 2

DRO 9548 34658 2
2 x CD, Compilation
Euro House, Pop Dance, Techno
01.Princessa -Calling you-
02.Koke -I just want to make love to you-
03.Happy Clappers -Cant help it-
04.Grace -Not over yet-
05.Analogic -Go back-
06.Bianca Kinane -All the lover I need-
07.Johnna -Pride-
08.Danza Invisible -A sudar-
09.Tzaboo -No hay color-
10.Afrika Islam ft Ice T -Afrika jam-
11.Open -Where is love-
12.BT -Loving you more-
01.Todo Es Posible -Mission imposible-
02.The Beloved -Satellite-
03.Imperio -Cyberdream-
04.Bette Midler -To deserve you-
05.Masa -Night air-
06.Princessa -Calling you-
07.Foxter -Lemon tree-
08.Sound of Rels -Rainsing my family-
09.J Bond -Check it out-
10.Dj Periko -Puck-
11.Sheryl Jay -Let the beat go on-
12.Zee -Dream zone-

Mas Volumen 2 CD1.T-03.Happy Clappers -Cant help it-

Mas Volumen 2 CD1.T-07.Johnna -Pride-

Mas Volumen 2 CD1.T-10.Afrika Islam ft Ice T -Afrika jam-

Mas Volumen 2 CD2.T-02.The Beloved -Satellite-

Mas Volumen 2 CD2.T-04.Bette Midler -To deserve you-

Mas Volumen 2 CD1.T-09.J Bond -Check it out-

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Mas Volumen

Varios - Mas Volumen

DRO 0630 14657 2
2 x CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Techno
01.2 Fabiola -Lift you up-
02.Sounds of RELS -Eee-lie-loe-lie-
03.Ex-3 -Ex-p-cial-
04.Full Speed -Happy-
05.Sensity World -World don't stop-
06.D-Sigual -D-sigual-
07.Just-Dis -Container love-
08.Chasis & Ricardo F -Whispers-
09.Dj Hooligan -I want you-
10.La Bozina -El bozinazo-
11.ACTV -Find your dream in ACTV-
12.Dolls United -Blechbuchse roll-
01.Everything But The Girl -Missing-
02.Joking Viper -Spaceman-
03.Happy Clappers -I believe-
04.Fun Factory -Celebration-
05 D-Ream -The power-
06.Billie Ray Martin -Your loving arms-
07.The Weather Girls -Oh, what a night-
08.Loveland -Let the music (lift you up)-
09.Leroy Gomez -Wonderful world-
10.Pizzicato 5 -Happy sad-
11.Perfecto Allstarz -Reach up-
12.Indoor -Last night a dj saved my life-

Mas Volumen CD1.T-02.Sounds of RELS -Eee-lie-loe-lie-

Mas Volumen CD1.T-04.Full Speed -Happy-

Mas Volumen CD1.T-08.Chasis & Ricardo F -Whispers-

Mas Volumen CD2.T-03.Happy Clappers -I believe-

Mas Volumen CD2.T-07.The Weather Girls -Oh, what a night-

Mas Volumen CD2.T-10.Pizzicato 5 -Happy sad-

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