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Hardcore Forces

Varios - Hardcore Forces

Arcade 9902327
2 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
01.Dj Buzz Fuzz -D-lera-
02.3 Steps Ahead -Motherfuckers you're gonna die-
03.Waxweazle & Guitar Rob -Spread your wings-
04.The Prophet -Pump up the volume-
05.Tony Salmonelli -Here once again- (Buzz Fuzz Mix)
06.Cixx vs The Vinyl Junk -The tough guys-
07.Dj Promo -Bad boy dj-
08.The Stalker -Paparozzi-
09.Holy Noise -The nightmare- (Holy Noise Mix)
10.Bald Terror -Drummachine-
11.Hardattack -Bonehead-
12.Neophyte -Recession-
13.Dj Paul & Lenny Dee -Anti-procastination-
14.Masters of Ceremony -Hardcore to da bone-
15.Dj Paul & The Stunned Guys -Confusion-
16.Dj Paul & Teenage Warning -Brohymn-
17.The Scotchman -Mayhem-
18.Hyperact -House agression-
19.Brothers in Crime -Let me suck your-
20.Tiny Yoy -La bambolina-
01.Darkraver & Dj Vince -Intelligent hardcore-
02.The Alternative Creators -Sound creation- (Dj Isaac Remix)
03.Boombastic -Leaders of the newschool-
04.Dj Isaac -Another dream-
05.Human Resource -Dominator-
06.Source Code -I'm not a number- (Holy Noise Mix)
07.Bazeman -Can you feel the baze-
08.Cyclopede -Bad motherfucker-
09.Bazeman -Bazeman-
10.Innerchild -Who you're fucking with-
11.Human Resource -In the hall of the mountainking-
12.Zelator -Centre of the earth-
13.Rave Creator -A new mind- (Remix)
14.Inferno Bros -Slave to the rave-
15.Lunatic Asylum -My beat-
16.Overlord -Master of the universe-
17.Nordcore Gmbh -Nordcore attack-
18.Tschabos -Iscmgibbdir-
19.Miro -Understand-
20.Steve Shit -Cmonyall-

Hardcore Forces CD1.T-01.Dj Buzz Fuzz -D-lera-

Hardcore Forces CD1.T-10.Bald Terror -Drummachine-

Hardcore Forces CD1.T-17.The Scotchman -Mayhem-

Hardcore Forces CD2.T-03.Boombastic -Leaders of the newschool-

Hardcore Forces CD2.T-07.Bazeman -Can you feel the baze-

Hardcore Forces CD2.T- 14.Inferno Bros -Slave to the rave-

Hardcore Forces CD2.T-19.Miro -Understand-

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Oh! Disco

Varios - Oh! Disco

Epic EPC469449 1
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Synth-Pop, Techno
01.Tayla Jones -Gipsy woman- (7 Version)
02.Moby -Go- (Woodsick Mix)
03.Secchi ft O. Johnson -Flute on-
04.Baffa -Piano on-
05.Rhyme Beat ft Safe P -Feel the beat-
06.C&C Music Factory -Things gonna make you hmmm-
07.Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam -Let the beat hit'em-
08.Cut n Move -Take no crap (get serious)-
09.De la Soul -A roller skating jam named saturdays-
10.Public Enemy -Revolutionary generation-
01.Dunne -Spiral-
02.Chimo Bayo -Asi me gusta a mi-
03.Megabeat -Sabe ya quien mato a Laura Palmer-
04.Terry Blaze -Love talk- (91 Remix)
05.Parlez-Parlez -Runner's back-
06.Club De Soul -You'll never know-
07.Alan Jones -Eyes without face- (12'' Version)
08.Bomb The Bass -Winter in July-
09.The Farm -All together now-
10.Somewhere Over England -If I ever fall in love-

Oh! Disco CD1.T-02.Moby -Go- (Woodsick Mix)

Oh! Disco CD1.T-04.Baffa -Piano on-

Oh! Disco CD1.T-08.Cut n Move -Take no crap (get serious)-

Oh! Disco CD2.T-03.Megabeat -Sabe ya quien mato a Laura Palmer-

Oh! Disco CD2.T-06.Club De Soul -You'll never know-

Oh! Disco CD2.T-08.Bomb The Bass -Winter in July-

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Pengo's Power Hits

Varios - Pengo's Power Hits

ID&T 001482
1 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
01.Critical Mass -Happy generation-
02.4 Tune Fairytales -Take me 2 wonderland-
03.Wonderland -Fantasy of love-
04.T.O.F. -Doin it again- (Flamman & Abraxas Remix)
05.Blue Zone -Too beautiful-
06.Seb -Rainbow island-
07.Rhio -Feeling your love-
08.Power Nation -Harmony- (Single Edit)
09.T-Spoon -Smiling-
10.Helix ft Marlon & Backs -U R everything-
11.Body Lotion -Always hardcore-
12.Scooter -I'm raving-
13.Lipstick -I'm a raver- (Solid Base Remix)
14.Dj Energy -Believer-
15.Q-Tex -Let the love- (Scott Brown Remix)
16.Solid Base -I'm the girl of your dreams-
17.TPO -Ravers of the nation (stand up)-
18.Gian Pierro -Power to the people-
19.Casio Brothers -Wonderground-
20.Rob Gee -Ecstacy you got what I need-
21.Mc Rage -Fuck macarena-

Pengos Power Hits T-02.4 Tune Fairytales -Take me 2 wonderland-

Pengos Power Hits T-05.Blue Zone -Too beautiful-

Pengos Power Hits T-08.Power Nation -Harmony- (Single Edit)

Pengos Power Hits T-13.Lipstick -I'm a raver- (Solid Base Remix)

Pengos Power Hits T-17.TPO -Ravers of the nation (stand up)-

Pengos Power Hits T-21.Mc Rage -Fuck macarena-

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Moon Essentials

Varios - Moon Essentials

Moon Records LP.001.CDM
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno, Makina
01.Aldus Haza -Dial- (Action Mix)
02.Aldus Haza -Killer city-
03.Dj Sylvan -Guitar spell-
04.Aldus Haza -Oasis- (Everybody Mix)
05.Endorian -Telescopic probe- (Satellite Version)
06.Dj Sylvan -Thank you- (Soft Version)
07.Aldus Haza -I love you- (Shout Version)
08.Station 27 -Deutsch bass- (Deutsch Mix)
09.Dj Sylvan -Blast-
10.Aldus Haza -Hey a wa-
11.Aldus Haza -Noisy theme-
12.Icon -Electronic brain- (Electronic Version)
01.Face Of Freedom -The final solution-
02.Station 27 -Move it up-
03.Aldus Haza -Hey a wa- (House Version)
04.Icon -Get on up- (One Version)
05.Dj Sylvan -Adonai- (Party Mix)
06.Wintermute -Hands of fate-
07.Wintermute -Coffee sound-
08.Station 27 -Emotion-
09.Aldus Haza -To the beat-
10.Bonustrack by David con G -Basic theme- (Acid Theme Mix)
11.Icon -Kanon-
12.Dj Sylvan -Hypnotic- (Radio Edit)

Moon Essentials CD1.T-01.Aldus Haza -Dial- (Action Mix)

Moon Essentials CD1.T-04.Aldus Haza -Oasis- (Everybody Mix)

Moon Essentials CD1.T-08.Station 27 -Deutsch bass- (Deutsch Mix)

Moon Essentials CD1.T-12.Icon -Electronic brain- (Electronic Version)

Moon Essentials CD2.T-01.Face Of Freedom -The final solution-

Moon Essentials CD2.T-02.Station 27 -Move it up-

Moon Essentials CD2.T-07.Wintermute -Coffee sound-

Moon Essentials CD2.T-10.Bonustrack by David con G -Basic theme- (Acid Theme Mix)

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Goyo Mix

Varios - Goyo Mix

Europlay 2006/2007
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Makina
01.Goyo Mix Radio Edit
02.Robert Miles -Children-
03.Psicosis Gonsales -Saboreamelo-
04.CC Waite -Painted moon-
05.Talk Vox -Such a shame-
06.X-Otic X-otic paradise-
07.U.K. -Small town boy-
08.Evidence -Rock the beat-
09.Other Sequence -Outside looking in-
10.Sinequanon -A donde-
11.Man Boy -You think, you are a man-
12.Bombers -Dirty back road-
13.LA Baker -A quien le importa-
01.Latin 4 Two ft Goyo -Todos para ti-
02.Whigfield -Close to you-
03.The Bass -Here we go-
04.Kellee ft Ralphi Rosario -My love-
05.Sleazesisters -Let's whip it up (you go girl)-
06.Even in Eden -The look of love-
07.Princess Paragon -A girl like you-
08.Dj Mafia -Enssinger-
09.Todd Terry -Week end-
10.Sensity World -The world won't stop-
11.Hocus Pocus -Here is Johnny- (Remix 96)
12.Dj Hector -Toys-
13.Goyo Mix Extended Version

Goyo Mix CD1.T-04.CC Waite -Painted moon-

Goyo Mix CD1.T-09.Other Sequence -Outside looking in-

Goyo Mix CD2.T-03.The Bass -Here we go-

Goyo Mix CD2.T-12.Dj Hector -Toys-

Goyo Mix CD2.T-13.Goyo Mix Extended Version

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Planet Hardcore

Varios - Planet Hardcore

Combined Forces SAMU 901
1 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Hard Trance
01.Bodylotion -Always hardcore-
02.The Dark Raver & Vince -Intelligence hardcore-
03.Isaac -I wanna be a gabber baby-
04.Pagan -Fear is born-
05.The Viper -Get wicked-
06.Prezioso -Feel the rhythm- (The Stunned Guys Hardcore Remix)
07.Ultimate Buzz & MC Bee -Rofo's theme- (Isaac Remix)
08.Ferocious -Devistated-
09.The Alternative Creators -Sound creation- (The Stunned Guys Remix)
10.Gizmo & The Houseviking -Burnin' fire-
11.Thunderball -It's your dj-
12.Hardsequencer -Brain crash-
13.Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo -Speedcity- (M-Jay & Dan Vee Remix)
14.Yves Deruyter -Calling earth-
15.Jones & Stephenson -The first rebirth- 

Planet Hardcore T-01.Bodylotion -Always hardcore-

Planet Hardcore T-04.Pagan -Fear is born-

Planet Hardcore T-06.Prezioso -Feel the rhythm- (The Stunned Guys Hardcore Rmx)

Planet Hardcore T-07.Ultimate Buzz & MC Bee -Rofo's theme- (Isaac Remix)

Planet Hardcore T-12.Hardsequencer -Brain crash-

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Kai Tracid -Skywalker 1999-

Kai Tracid - Skywalker 1999

Dance Pool DAN 493128 2
1 × CD, Album
House, Trance, Ambient
02.I can read your mind
03.Liquid skies
05.Dawn of time
06.Your own reality
07.Making friends
08.Dance for eternity
09.So simple
10.Sync source
12.180º bassdrum

Kai Tracid -Skywalker 1999 T-02.I can read your mind

Kai Tracid -Skywalker 1999 T-03.Liquid skies

Kai Tracid -Skywalker 1999 T-07.Making friends

Kai Tracid -Skywalker 1999 T-11.Destructions

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Magic Mix

Varios - Magic Mix

Arcade 3200882
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Makina
01.Fun Factory -Doh wah diddy-
02.Planetarium -Die reise-
03.Super Lux -Check out- (L-Mental Mix)
04.Dj Capone -Gangsta's paradise- (Harrison & Ford Basical Mix)
05.X-Paceman -Spaceman-
06.Sensity World -The world won't stop-
07.Scanners -Big area- (Club Remix)
08.Dj Sylvan -Adonai- (Party Mix)
09.Aida -Fear of love- (Trance Mix)
10.Duke -Make believe land- (Digidance Radio Mix)
11.Urban Cookie Collective -So beatiful- (Little Ba Ba Edit)
12.Piercing -Missing-
13.Kentia -Anywhere is- (S Mix)
14.Omega -Transformer-
15.Rob's Project -Lovin' you- (Radio Edit)

Magic Mix T-03.Super Lux -Check out-

Magic Mix T-10.Duke -Make believe land-

Magic Mix T-15.Rob's Project -Lovin' you- (Radio Edit)

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Varios - Hardcore-Tekkno

Zyx Records ZYX 60008-2
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Phantom -The abyss- (The Pseudopod Mix)
02.No Respect -Hol-Mo-Des- (Instrumental Version)
03.Desecrator Of Graves -Detroit-
04.G.N.D. -For fun- (C3PO Hardcore Mix)
05.Taboo -Death warmed up-
06.Dance 2 Trance -Where is dag-
07.Plexus -Raw mission-
08.Komakino -Drill-
09.Bypass X -Residential area-
10.Chuck Rascal -Watch me flippin' ribbed-
11.Basic Control -Who is Elvis Part II- (Reverse Version)
01.Speedy J -Evolution-
02.Pink Noise! -Save the noise!-
03.A.M. Star -U.F.O.- (Remix)
04.Ramirez -La musica tremenda-
05.Fazer -Tekknological crime-
06.The Gateway Experience -Twin freaks-
07.Necronomicon -Toxic trancer-
08.Microbots -Cosmic evolution-
09.Cyclo S8 -Passage 32-

Hardcore-Tekkno CD1.T-01.Phantom -The abyss- (The Pseudopod Mix)

Hardcore-Tekkno CD1.T-05.Taboo -Death warmed up-

Hardcore-Tekkno CD1.T-09.Bypass X -Residential area-

Hardcore-Tekkno CD2.T-03.A.M. Star -U.F.O.- (Remix)

Hardcore-Tekkno CD2.T-05.Fazer -Tekknological crime-

Hardcore-Tekkno CD2.T-09.Cyclo S8 -Passage 32-

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Heroes del Tekno Vol.4

Varios - Heroes del Tekno Vol.4

Bit Music 36-726
3 × CD, Mixed
Hard House, Hardcore, Makina
01.X-Que vol.9 -Killing my heart-
02.Sunami -In by pass-
03.Danger Level -Give me more-
04.Hard Bass Dj's -Das spirit-
05.Chameleon Industries -30 minutes-
06.Zatox -Piper cut-
07.Dj Biks & Dj Tommy -Secret harmony-
08.Jimmy The Sound -Modulo remix-
09.Scott Brown -I'm in heaven-
10.Supermarco May vs Y.A.G.O -Legend- (Legend Mix)
11.Danger Level -Dreaming a history-
12.Magic Band -Free your energy-
13.Dj Power & Dj Becker vs Jack Overdose -I'm so strong-
14.Donkey Rollers -The sound of the beast-
15.Scott Brown -The stranger-
16.Alkhemiens pres New Elements -The power of sound-
17.Dj Eirbee -Evolution base-
18.Alkhemiens pres Dj Robert & Dj Sisu -No time to cry-
19.Dj Biks & Dj Tommy -Come again-
20.Scott Brown vs Hyperbass -Life or death-
01.Mia -Money rules the world-
02.Bumping Corporation vol.2 -I got you-
03.Edu vol.3 -Like I love you-
04.K.D.C. 03 -Bass you-
05.Nick Oberheim -So far away-
06.Mia -Rock U-
07.La House -Slave of my past-
08.TB Twister -Byte devil-
09.Dj Juanma -Trust in me-
10.Bumping Corporation vol.2 -Pornoman-
11.D10 pres Juan Ruiz -The secret of love-
12.Hardhouse & Cia vol.2 -Interview-
13.Sr Pely -Kiss me baby-
14.Edu vol.3 -Hard house melody-
15.Wizard -I wanna be-
16.Nykro -Listen up-
17.Exotica -What is love-
18.Rednoise -Phuntastic-
19.Nanin -From heaven-
20.Merlin -4 nacked-
01.Bossma -Bossma four-
02.Paul Elstack vs Firestone & Mc Ruffian -Hardcore state of mind-
03.Dj Juanma -Destroy-
04.Javi Boss -Play it one more time-
05.Javi Boss -The motherfucking boss-
06.Paul Elstack vs Adrian -You wanna battle-
07.Javi Boss -Chinese-
08.Omar Santana -Causing hysteria-
09.Scot Brown -Ice cold-
10.Osiris -What's up with life-
11.Javi Boss -Hey motherfuck-
12.Paul Elstack vs J.D.A. & Mc Ruffian -Hardcore by nature-
13.Javi Boss -Big boy-
14.Bossma -Sick help-
15.Paul Elstack vs Adrian -This is the real life-
16.Javi Boss -Javi go!- (Remix)
17.Dj Juanma -The flame-
18.Paul Elstack vs Firestone -Shit 4 brains-
19.Javi Boss -The new style-
20.Javi Boss -Hard trixx-

Heroes del Tekno 4 CD1.T-04.Hard Bass Dj's -Das spirit-

Heroes del Tekno 4 CD1.T-07.Dj Biks & Dj Tommy -Secret harmony-

Heroes del Tekno 4 CD1.T-14.Donkey Rollers -The sound of the beast-

Heroes del Tekno 4 CD2.T-01.Mia -Money rules the world-

Heroes del Tekno 4 CD2.T-07.La House -Slave of my past-

Heroes del Tekno 4 CD2.T-16.Nykro -Listen up-

Heroes del Tekno 4 CD3.T-05.Javi Boss -The motherfucking boss-

Heroes del Tekno 4 CD3.T-09.Scot Brown -Ice cold-

Heroes del Tekno 4 CD3.T-15.Paul Elstack vs Adrian -This is the real life-

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Heroes del Tekno Vol.3

Varios - Heroes del Tekno Vol.3

Bit Music 35-426
5 × CD, Mixed
Hard House, Hardcore, Makina
01.Dj Marta -Think about the way-
02.Killerbounce -Dirty circus-
03.Head Horny's -I'm the one, you're looking-
04.Sonique -Zanarkand-
05.Armani & Ghost -Airport-
06.Dj Dani & Sani -Change-
07.Milk Inc. -Sleepwalkers-
08.Rave All Stars -Braucht ihr mehr-
09.Marc et Claude -Loving you 2002-
10.Dj Marta -My love-
11.Natasha Hagen -Without you-
12.Dj Tiesto -Lethal industry-
13.Miguel Serna -Think in black-
14.JK -You and I-
15.Danny Boy & Juanma DC -The red hood-
16.Dj Juandy -Technical problem-
17.El Cano ft Laetitia -I will surrender- (Euro Dance Mix)
18.Remote -The spirit-
19.Dj Borr-x -Energy-
20.Eyra Gail -The flame- (Noyze Remix)
01.Kira -I'll be your angel-
02.Da Hustlers -R & B sucks-
03.2 Shy -Your love-
04J.T.S. -Bow c bow traxx-
05.Oxid -Is it you-
06.Edu -Do it like this-
07.The Moon -Run away-
08.Ray -The music-
09.Jessy -Look at me now-
10.SR Pely & David Molina -Pump da fun-
11.Chumi DJ presents Limite 5 -No reason-
12.Omatik -Check-in-
13.Edu -The look of love-
14.Dr. Bounce -Bounce-
15.Beat Brothers ft N'Dee -Serenade the moonlight-
16.Dj Zany -P.L.O.R.K.-
17.SR Pely & David Molina -Reach the sky-
18.Di Carlo presents Pumping Corporation -Rock the bass-
19.Wizard -Better times-
20.T-Comissi presents Hardhouse Corporation -Bam ba-dem de-
01.X-Que vol. 8 -Beautiful day-
02.Space Base -Download base 1.0-
03.Dj Storm & Dj Sonic -No angel-
04.Toxic -Curare-
05.D4MA -OK to mix-
06.Scott Brown -Turn up the music- (Breeze & Styles Remix)
07.Dj Anas -For the smile-
08.Masters of Ceremony -Under control-
09.X-Que Special Remixes vol.1 -The new spirit-
10.Dj Binlee -Destructive base vol.1-
11.Brisk & Fade -Stay here forever-
12.Scott Brown -Hardcore is the future-
13.Scott Brown -Ghosts-
14.Dj Al-Fredo -Jackpot-
15.¡Virus Infected! -Error file vol.1-
16.Plus System -Na na na-
17.Tony Phobia vs Dj Motor -The spring dwarg-
18.Styles & Breeze -You're shining-
19.Scott Brown -Rock, rock on-
20.Dj Henry -Gabber hymn-
01.Alex K -Tha beat pounds-
02.Tony de Leon -Supersniffer-
03.Controlpushers -Duxhate-
04.Benny & Nen -Forever and ever-
05.Deejaysklubb -Jumpbase-
06.Factoria X ft The Moreno's -One night-
07.Da Hardsider -Malice-
08.Edu -Do it like this-
09.Scream -No idea-
10.Benny & Nen -Fussion of styles-
11.Bolo & Uri vs Emo DJ -U have the minute-
12.T-Comissi -Come on work!-
13.Dj Txoky & Dj Cote -Arkaitz-
14.Dj Maki & Abel DXT -Mad laugh-
15.Hardpremium -Movi'n 2 da beat-
16.Heaven -Infinity race-
17.X-Noise One -Take the future-
18.Kessler -Dyson-
19.Dj Modulator -Shake that ass-
20.K-Psula & Dj Frank present Coliseum -Partyseum-
01.Scott Brown -Twilight zone-
02.Art of Fighters -Sin=Art-
03.Javi Boss presenta Spain Best Core -Never coming back-
04.Scott Brown & Brisk -Chase-
05.Dj Piwi -Burning fire-
06.The Viper -Be hurt-
07.Javi Boss presenta Spain Best Core -Hardcore spain-
08.Art of Fighters -Bitcrusher-
09.Lo-Fi -This is fight music-
10.Da Tekno Warriors -Crash the party-
11.X-Que vol. 8 -When I sleep-
12.Javi Boss presenta Spain Best Core -Bossi-
13.Ophidian -Scrapmetal-
14.Moon Steel -Tlf Moon-
15.The Viper -Bulletproof-
16.System 3 -Here we come-
17.Dj Ruboy vs Markos 13 -Distort overdose-
18.Moon Steel -Jurasika-
19.Dj Paul & Dj Promo -Ik haat je!-
20.Weapon X -What's yo name-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD1.T-02.Killerbounce -Dirty circus-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD1.T-17.El Cano ft Laetitia -I will surrender-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD2 Session by Chumi Dj

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD3.T-06.Scott Brown -Turn up the music-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD3.T-11.Brisk & Fade -Stay here forever-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD4.T-01.Alex K -Tha beat pounds-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD4.T-13.Dj Txoky & Dj Cote -Arkaitz-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD5.T-05.Dj Piwi -Burning fire-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD5.T-12.Javi Boss presenta Spain Best Core -Bossi-

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Heroes del Tekno Vol.2

Varios - Heroes del Tekno Vol.2

Bit Music 33-003
4 × CD, Mixed
Hard House, Hardcore, Makina
01.Dj 10 -The base dj-
02.Sunniva -Feelings-
03.Kius Dance Club vol.1 -Music after dead-
04.In Dreams -Where is the light-
05.The Freak -Rumble-
06.The Format by Dj Plus & Dj Kini with C. Steele -I can fly-
07.Limite -Chumitraxx-
08.Tracy Annie -Tonight-
09.RDB -No more trouble-
10.La Luna -Take me-
11.Di Carlo -I couldn't give a damn-
12.Dj Miko -Shout-
13.Dj Frank -The inside-
14.Dj Space'C -The sun always shines on tv-
15.Dj 10 -Psycho-
16.Milk Inc -Land of living-
17.Solar System -Party for ever-
18.Paul Droid -Missing inside me-
19.BK -Let the rhythm move you-
20.Toni Atomic ft Eloise vol.2 -Think love-
01.Pont Aeri vol.5 -Take a trip-
02.Dj Paul & Teenage Warning -If da kidz are united-
03.X-pecial K -I like to extasy-
04.The Fromat by Dj Plus & Dj Kini with C. Steele -I can fly-
05.Dj Batiste -Dream X-
06.Tony Lunatico -Melody moon-
07.Rotterdam Hooligans -Rotterddam hooligans-
08.Emo -Frecuenze x- (Knife Mix)
09.Team Djs -Prince of love- (Hardcore Remix)
10.K-Psula -D-rolex-
11.Pont Aeri vol.5 -Fly attack-
12.Dj Paul & The Stunned Guys -Thirllseeka- (Dj Paul Remix)
13.D-Sfase & Neurotic & Crack Dj -I think about you-
14.Techno Djs -This is the sound of base-
15.Dj Skryker -Forever young (by Dj Skryker)-
16.Wapper & The Ladykilller -Bloody angel-
17.Wapper vs The Ladykiller -Edge of darkness-
18.Dj Buzz Fuzz & The Prophet -Go get ill-
19.Raveman -Maniac (if you're ready for this)-
20.Dj Ruboy vs Markos 13 -Oxigene- (Ruboy & Markos 13 Mix)
01.D-Sfase & Neurotik & Crack Dj -Genocide-
02.Wok by Tim Wokan & J Ferreras -Raider-
03.D-Sfase & Neurotik & Crack Dj -The world of crack dj-
04.Coliseum -Output phone-
05.Dj 10 -Psycho-
06.Lisa Lashes -Looking good-
07.Toy Soldiers ft Dj Konik & Dj Maxter -March 2-
08.Scratch EP -Feel good-
09.A7 -Peace of heaven-
10.Edu vol.1 -Da teckno chumi-
11.Dj Rolo -Eternal emotions-
12.Digital Bitch -P.U.T.A.-
13.Don Diablo -Casa del diablo-
14.Coliseum -Reality-
15.Coliseum -I'm just enjoying-
16.Da Rick -Sulicontities-
17.Solar System -Close your eyes-
18.Reload -Booom tracks-
19.Sergie & Remy -Groove me (Freak master tw)-
20.Dakoma -Moskito IV-
21.Aspirina 909 -Fuck it-
22.Solar System -Close your eyes-
01.Dj David Max -Bitch people-
02.Dj Outblast -Eardrumz-
03.The Viper vs Mad-E Fact -Control the party-
04.Dj Miko -Shout-
05.Dj Self -Back with the hardcore-
06.Central -Faking xof-
07.Dj Mantess vs Rockwool -Evil-
08.Three Village -Speak to me-
09.G-Town Madness -Locked down-
10.Cetral -Yumpi yamper-
11.Dj David Max -Jumper to jump-
12.Bass-D & King Matthew vs Lady Dana -Suckerzz-
13.Toni Atomic ft Eloise vol.2 -Think love-
14.Boos Ma -The motherfuckers bass-
15.T-Factor -This is our moment-
16.System 3 -Like a shot-
17.Dj Batiste -The match down-
18.The Stunned Guys vs Dj Paul -Thrillseeka-
19.Dj Ruboy vs Markos 13 -Nothing can stop me-
20.Emo -Overflow-

Heroes del tekno Vol.2 CD1 Session by Chumi Dj

Heroes del tekno Vol.2 CD2 Session by Skudero & Xavi Metralla

Heroes del tekno Vol.2 CD3 Session by Dj Fran

Heroes del tekno Vol.2 CD4 Session by Javi Boss

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Heroes del Tekno

Varios - Heroes del Tekno

Bit Music 32-908
3 × CD, Mixed
Hard House, Hard Trance, Makina
01.Mauro Picotto -Iguana- (Special Mixes)
02.Serendipity -Serendipity-
03.Dj Mario La Roche -Eternity of love- (Remixes)
04.Cominotto -Tyson- (Devasted Mix)
05.Asys -Acid headcracker- (Auf Die Nub Mix)
06.Warmduscher -Auf die fresse-
07.Overdrive -Dass spiegel- (Trance Mix)
08.Megamind -Taub-
09.Mauro Picotto -Pulsar- (Picotto Mix)
10.Poison Club Traxx II -The club-
11.Mauro Picotto -Iguana- (Megavoices Mix)
12.Warmduscher -Saurebadz-
13.Mauro Picotto -Iguana- (Raf by Picotto Mix)
14.Kenji Ogura -Cyber tech- (X-Form Remix)
15.Franchino -999- (Impreriale Mix)
01.Chawicha -Boss ma vol.1-
02.Anotha Level -I'm da shit-
03.Central Rock -Bad boy bass-
04.Biohazard -E.C.S.T.A.S.Y. in Saigon-
05.Dj Chee-Kee -Get down-
06.Da Warriors -Turntable psycho-
07.Anotha Level -La to Rotterdam-
08.Shocker -Electroshock- (Madness 2000)
09.Dj Rip Digital Distortion -Break it down-
10.Small Town Boy -Brice- (Hard House)
11.Limite III -Original chumixxx-
12.Central Rock -Up power-
13.Skudero -Da newstyle-
14.Dany BPM -Speedy gonzalez & dany bpm race-
15.Hard Choirs -James Brown is dead- (Rave)
16.Da Tekno Warriors -Do you understand-
17.Maurizzio -Feelings- (Jump Cut)
18.Da Tekno Warriors -Da beat kicks-
19.Piramide by Dj Soto -Karmina burarna-
20.Central Rock -Como for you-
21.Da Tekno Warriors -Da beat-
22.Bunker -Da F.D project-
23.Uranium ft Alexandra -Laser base-
01.D4Ma vol.2 -The promise-
02.Pini Locuras & Dj Scrable -Marrakech- (Jump Version)
03.Revolution & Clemen -Voodoo people-
04.Central Rock -Up power-
05.Joe Inferno -Histeria-
06.Index ft Carla Shilling -Thinking about you- (Acapella)
07.Los Niños -No fuck in the office-
08.Futura -Enchantment-
09.Da Tekno Warriors ft Dj Bam Bam -Pump up the bass-
10.Y2K Project -Loops & things-
11.Dj Shue -Paraonimia-
12.PCP -A white shade of pale-
13.Nuclear Station -Xpace the bass-
14.Disco Vips -Without you-
15.Streamline -Streamline-
16.Dr P -Or-drive-
17.X-Que -X-que vol.6-
18.Skudero -Da newstyle-
19.Pont Aeri vol.4 -Flying free-
20.Operation 2 -License to III-
21.The Reactor -Vae victims-
22.John Wesley -Lover why-
23.Buzz Fuzz vs Bass-T & King Matthew -Its allright-
24.The Stunned Guys vs Dj Paul -Thrillseka- 

Heroes del Tekno CD1.T-03.Dj Mario La Roche -Eternity of love- (Rmx)

Heroes del Tekno CD1.T-06.Warmduscher -Auf die fresse-

Heroes del Tekno CD1.T-15.Franchino -999- (Impreriale Mix)

Heroes del Tekno CD2.T-01.Chawicha -Boss ma vol.1-

Heroes del Tekno CD2.T-12.Central Rock -Up power-

Heroes del Tekno CD2.T-22.Bunker -Da F.D project-

Heroes del Tekno CD3.T-02.Pini Locuras & Dj Scrable -Marrakech-

Heroes del Tekno CD3.T-07.Los Niños -No fuck in the office-

Heroes del Tekno CD3.T-21.The Reactor -Vae victims-

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No Te Lo Pierdas 2

Varios - No Te Lo Pierdas 2

Boy Records BOY CD 033
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno
01.No te lo Pierdas 2 (Extended Version)
02.Co-Ro ft Taleesa -4 your love-
03.Spanic -Sister golden hair-
04.Loft -Hold on-
05.Añon -Steel you a kiss-
06.Chocolate ft The Weather Girls -It's raining man-
07.PCA Problems -Stay with me-
08.Ten Minutes -Let it be-
09.Prince Ital Joe ft Marky Mark -Happy people- (Bass Bumpers Remix)
10.Den Harrow -You and the sunshine-
01.Whigfield -Another day-
02.Co.Ro. -Temptation-
03.Lalene -The best-
04.Nacho Division -Night power-
05.Boys Of A New Age -Wonderful life-
06.Plastic Man -Be with you-
07.Doop -Doop-
08.Julio Posadas -Pi-
09.King Of House -U.S.A. U.S.A-
10.The Different -Wooden heart-
11.Kike Boy -Croack-
12.No Te Lo Pierdas 2 Mix (Radio Version)


No Te Lo Pierdas 2 CD1.T-01.No te lo Pierdas 2 (Extended Version)

No Te Lo Pierdas 2 CD1.T-04.Loft -Hold on-

No Te Lo Pierdas 2 CD1.T-07.PCA Problems -Stay with me-

No Te Lo Pierdas 2 CD2.T-03.Lalene -The best-

No Te Lo Pierdas 2 CD2.T-06.Plastic Man -Be with you-

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Vakas Lokas Mix

Varios - Vakas Lokas Mix

Quality Madrid CD 11011
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Makina, Synth Pop
01.Vakas Lokas Radio Mix by DJ Caiman
02.PG2 -This is a seagull-
03.D-Rhom -Es nuevo este house-
04.Holy -Imagination-
05.Moldavia -Tres minutos de pasion-
06.Nacho Division -Controla 2-
07.Jumper -Jumps.D.A-
08.Demolition -News-
09.Milk & Milk -1.2.3 riitmo-
10.Babilonia -Space man-
01.Kike Boy -I'm the creator-
02.Private Movement -Locomotiva-
03.MPM -Yo quiero tener billetes-
04.Traxforma -Traxforma 303-
05.Kubik -Virtuosity-
06.Hero -Dance life-
07.Wally -Winzifu-
08.Dj Neil -It began in Africa-
09.Lisa W. -Blowing in the wind- (Radio Version)
10.Vakas Lokas Long Mix

Vakas Lokas Mix CD1.T-01.Vakas Lokas Radio Mix

Vakas Lokas Mix CD1.T-05.Moldavia -Tres minutos de pasion-

Vakas Lokas Mix CD1.T-07.Jumper -Jumps.D.A-

Vakas Lokas Mix CD2.T-03.MPM -Yo quiero tener billetes-

Vakas Lokas Mix CD2.T-07.Wally -Winzifu-

Vakas Lokas Mix CD2.T-08.Dj Neil -It began in Africa-

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No Te Lo Pierdas

Varios - No Te Lo Pierdas

Boy Records BOY CD 023
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno

01.DLM -Let yourself go-
02.Dee Maestro -Deee spane-
03.E-Trax -Let's rock-
04.Legato -Reed love version-
05.Co-Ro. -Because the night-
06.Black Machine -How gee-
07.Data Drama -The rain-
08.Harajuku -Phantom of the opera-
09.Not Real Presence -Chiki ckika-
10.Bass Bumpers -The music got me-
11.V.I.R.U.S. 666 -Don't stop the movie-
12.M.A.S.I. -Apache-
13.No Te Lo Pierdas Megamix
14.No Te Lo Pierdas Megamix (Radio Version)
15.Jingles + Effects

No Te Lo Pierdas T-02.Dee Maestro -Deee spane-

No Te Lo Pierdas T-06.Black Machine -How gee-

No Te Lo Pierdas T-11.V.I.R.U.S. 666 -Don't stop the movie-

No Te Lo Pierdas T-12.M.A.S.I. -Apache-

No Te Lo Pierdas T-13.No Te Lo Pierdas Megamix

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