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Sash! - Trilenium

Sash! - Trilenium

X-It Records 0108592XIT
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Trance
01.Rock the block
03.With my own eyes
04.Show me the right way
05.Le soleil noir
06.Just around the hill
07.Tell me now
10.Together again
11.Destination unknown
12.Multiply teaser
13.My kind of blues
14.Chill Out no.1

Sash! -Trilenium- T-01.Rock the block

Sash! -Trilenium- T-02.Adelante

Sash! -Trilenium- T-05.Le soleil noir

Sash! -Trilenium- T-10.Together again

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Sash! - Life goes on

Sash! - Life goes on

Mighty 557 738-2
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Trance
01.La primavera
02.Mysterious times
03.Move mania
04.Colour the world
05.The trip
06.Non existant nothing
07.Intercontinental invaders
08.It's my life part II
09.Life goes on
10.Little river
12.Oliver Momm's Sash! Hit Mix

Sash! -Life goes on- T-03.Move mania

Sash! -Life goes on- T-04.Colour the world

Sash! -Life goes on- T-05.The trip

Sash! -Life goes on- T-10.Little river

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Sash! - It's my life

Sash! - It's my life

Boy Records BOYCD049
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Trance, Break Beat
01.It's my life
02.Encore une fois
04.Mighty break
05.The final pizzi
06.Cheating twister
10.It's my life (NBG Remix)
11.Encore une fois (Future Breeze Mix)
12.Ecuador (Bruce Wayne Mix)

Sash! -It's my life- T-01.It's my life

Sash! -It's my life- T-02.Encore une fois

Sash! -It's my life- T-05.The final pizzi

Sash! -It's my life- T-12.Ecuador (Bruce Wayne Mix)

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Skate Board 5

Varios - Skate Board 5

Blanco y Negro MXCD 410
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno
01.Mix Skateboard Part I
02.Mix Skateboard Part II
03.Captain Hollywood -Only with you-
04.2 Unlimited -No limit-
05.Snap -Exterminate-
06.Depeche Mode -I feel you-
07.The Goodmen -Give it up-
08.Cappella -U got 2 know-
01.With It Guys -Let the music take control-
02.DJ Cerla -Rotterdam '93-
03.Period -The heart break-
04.Ru Paul -Super model-
05.DigiLove -Let the night take control-
06.L.A. Style -I'm raving-
07.Glam -Hell's party-
08.Bizarre Inc -Took my love-

Skate Board 5 CD1.T-01.Mix Skateboard Part I y II

Skate Board 5 CD2.T-01.With It Guys -Let the music take control-

Skate Board 5 CD2.T-03.Period -The heart break-

Skate Board 5 CD2.T-08.Bizarre Inc -Took my love-

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Skate Board 4

Varios - Skate Board 4

Blanco y Negro MXCD 319
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno
01.Double U -Please don't go-
02.Rozalla -Are you ready to fly-
03.Opera Per -It's a fine day-
04.Ramirez -La musika tremenda-
05.2 Unlimited -Twilight zone-
06.Love Decade -I feel you-
07.Animals Of Love -Crucified-
08.Ground Level -God intended-
09.OBK -De que me sirve llorar-
10.Chariff -I love your smile-
11.Willy Morales -Last train to London-
12.Dj Professor -Rock me steady-
13.KLF -America: what time is love?-
14.Pascal's Bongo Massive -Pere cochon-
15.Afrika Bambaataa -Power boy power-
16.Cappella -Take me away-

Skate Board 4 T-06.Love Decade -I feel you

Skate Board 4 T-08.Ground Level -God intended-

Skate Board 4 T-09.OBK -De que me sirve llorar-

Skate Board 4 T-14.Pascal's Bongo Massive -Pere cochon-

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Skate Board 3

Varios - Skate Board 3

Blanco y Negro MXCD 294 (B) CTV
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Italo Dance, Techno
01.Nomad -Something special-
02.Bizarre Inc -Such a feeling-
03.Rozalla -Everybody's free-
04.Dynamic Noise -Do you feel alright?-
05.East Side Beat -Ride like the wind-
06.Mr. Luthero -Rotation-
07.Moby -Go-
08.Double Dee -Don't You Feel?-
09.Afrika Bambaataa -Just get up & dance-
10.De Melero -Night moves-
11.Quadrophonia -The wave of the future-
12.Zappala & DJ Professor -We gotta do it-
13.Cetu Javu -Por que?-
14.The Midnight Shift -Without you-
15.The KLF -Last train to trancentral-
16.L.A. Style -James Brown is dead-

Skate Board 3 T-01.Nomad -Something special-

Skate Board 3 T-06.Mr. Luthero -Rotation-

Skate Board 3 T-13.Cetu Javu -Por que?-

Skate Board 3 T-14.The Midnight Shift -Without you-

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Skate Board 2

Varios - Skate Board 2

Blanco y Negro MXCD 263
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno
01.Twenty 4 Seven -Are you dreaming?-
02.A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd -Total confusion-
03.Tom Tom -Replay-
04.DNA -La serenissima-
05.M.C. Sar -Don't stop-
06.Dimples D -Sucker DJ-
07.Plaza -Hi de ho-
08.Afrika Bambaataa -Just get up and dance-
09.The KLF -3 AM eternal-
10.2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor -Can't help myself-
11.DJ Dick -Weekend-
12.Bizz Nizz -Get into trance-
13.Quadrophonia -Quadrophonia-
14.FPI Project -Everybody-
15.Nomad -Devotion-
16.49ers -I need you-

Skate Board 2 T-02.A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd -Total confusion-

Skate Board 2 T-06.Dimples D -Sucker DJ-

Skate Board 2 T-09.The KLF -3 AM eternal-

Skate Board 2 T-12.Bizz Nizz -Get into trance-

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Skate Board

Varios - Skate Board

Blanco y Negro MXCD 253
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House
01.Candy Flip -Strawberry fields forever-
02.Jam Tronic -Another day in Paradise-
03.M.C. Sar -It's on you-
04.F.P.I. Project -Riski-
05.Bizz Nizz -Don't miss the partyline-
06.Don Pablo's Animal -Venus-
07.Plaza -Yo-Yo-
08.49ers -Don't you love me-
09.Tonny Montana -Yo no soy loco-
10.Crazy Eddie -Nena de Ibiza-
11.Twenty 4 Seven -I can't stand it-
12.Hit House -I've been waiting for your love-
13.Tony Scott -Gangster boogie-
14.Lee Marrow -Do you want me-
15.MC Miker G. -Show'm the bass-
16.Cetu Javu -A donde-

Skate Board T-01.Candy Flip -Strawberry fields forever-

Skate Board T-06.Don Pablo's Animal -Venus-

Skate Board T-10.Crazy Eddie -Nena de Ibiza-

Skate Board T-14.Lee Marrow -Do you want me-

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Made in Dj in Session Tony Verdi & Jose Conca

Various - Made in Dj in Session Tony Verdi & Jose Conca

Made in Dj MDJCD 33
2 x CD, Mixed
Trance, Techno, Progressive House
CD1 Session By Jose Conca (Chocolate, Valencia)
01.Natural Born Grooves -Fast 4 ward-
02.Klubbheads -Klubbhopping-
03.Speedy J -Pullover-
04.Winx -Hypnotizin'-
05.Josh Wink -Higher state of consciousness-
06.DJ TV & Azidman -Pause-
07.Tesox -Go ahead London-
08.De Donatis -The virus-
09.Chaka Boom Bang -Tossin' and turnin'-
10.Roughage -Scanned State-
11.Nylon Moon -Sky plus-
12.X-Cabs -Neuro-
CD2 Session By Tony Verdi (Florida 135, Fraga-Huesca)
01.Union Jack -Red herring-
02.Salamander -Tempest-
03.The Montini Experience -Astrosyn-
04.Natural Born Grooves -Groovebird-
05.Florida 135 -The language of rhythm-
06.Commander Tom -Are am eye-
07.Florida 135 -Florida trip-
08.Mandala -Evolution-
09.Zone Tripper -Feersum noise-
10.Razor's Edge -Exquisite sin- 

Made in Dj in Session Tony Verdi & Jose Conca CD1 Session by Jose Conca

Made in Dj in Session Tony Verdi & Jose Conca CD2 Session by Tony Verdi

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X-Plosiv (Sin Limites)

Varios - X-Plosiv Mix (Sin Limites)

Arcade 32 00 942 
1 × CD, Mixed
Euro House, Trance, Techno, Makina
01.X- Plosiv -X- Plosiv Mix Intro-
02.Robert Miles -Children-
03.Ku Minerva -No seas malo- (Remix 70')
04.San Pler -The empire of house-
05.Logic Bandit -Tomame-
06.The Un-Xplained -X-Files-
07.Gigi D'Agostino -Sweetly-
08.D. Gentlemen -Have a nice day-
09.Flaco Benitez -Baila mi ritmo- (Original Version)
10.2 Fabiola -Lift U up-
11.X- Plosiv -Get X-plosiv-
12.Robin -Juliet-
13.Edison -The whistle-
14.Good Boys -Save your love-
15.New Limit -In my heart-
16.D-Sigual -D-Sigual-
17.X-Plosiv -Sin limite-
18.K-Lab -Midnight-
19.Strategia -Me quedare solo-
20.La Baker -A quien le importa-
21.Yoly -To France-
22.EX-3 -Ex-P-Cial- (Ex-3 Version)
23.Eternity -Is this love-
24.Super Lux -Check out-

X-Plosiv Mix T-07.Gigi D'Agostino -Sweetly-

X-Plosiv Mix T-18.K-Lab -Midnight-

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Hip Hop Mix

Varios - Hip Hop Mix

Max Music & Entertainment AM131CD
1 × CD, Compilation
Hip Hop
01.1,2,3 Break Hip Hop Megamix (Long Version)
02.Ini Kamoze -Here comes the hotstepper-
03.DJ Quick -Safe & sound-
04.Mad Lion -Take it easy-
05.Us3 -Tukka yout's riddim-
06.Funkmaster Flex -Nuttin but flavor-
07.Uncle Al -Mix it up-
08.Hip Hop Mix (Radio Edit)
09.Da Brat -Funkdafied-
10.Black Moon -Buck em down-
11.Max-A-Million -Fat boy-
12.69 Boyz -Tootsie roll-
13.Dr. Dre Ed Lover -It's like that y'all-
14.Straight Coffee For George -Tired o workin-
15.1,2,3 Break Hip Hop Megamix

Hip Hop Mix T-02.Ini Kamoze -Here comes the hotstepper-

Hip Hop Mix T-04.Mad Lion -Take it easy-

Hip Hop Mix T-09.Da Brat -Funkdafied-

Hip Hop Mix T-11.Max-A-Million -Fat boy-

Hip Hop Mix T-13.Dr. Dre Ed Lover -It's like that y'all-

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Disco Duro (Sound for After-Hours)

Varios - Disco Duro (Sound for After-Hours)

Choco Music 75-006
1 × CD, Compilation
01.No Name -No name-
02.High Density -Fader-
03.Elastico -Ha!-
04.Notre Dame -It's America-
05.DJ Pirata -Bomm bomm the bass-
06.DJ Ricci & Mc Hair -Cape fear-
07.Coliseum -La danza del Ebro-
08.Entrance -Dxt-
09.Impacto -Presion-
10.Go West -Wild horn-

Disco Duro (Sound for After-Hours) T-02.High Density -Fader-

Disco Duro (Sound for After-Hours) T-03.Elastico -Ha!-

Disco Duro (Sound for After-Hours) T-07.Coliseum -La danza del Ebro-

Disco Duro (Sound for After-Hours) T-09.Impacto -Presion-

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Dream Dance Vol.57

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.57

Sony Music 88697 736542
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Electro
01.Dream Dance Alliance -These walls-
02.Groove Coverage -Innocent-
03.Topmodelz -Take me home tonight-
04.Money-G -Schwerelos-
05.Rocco & Bass-T -Players in a frame-
06.Megasonic -Experience 2k10- (Brooklyn Bounce S-Style Remix)
07.Mike Nero -Keep the fire burning-
08.Lolita -Joli garcon-
09.Crystal -Listen to my heart cry-
10.Dj Fait -I'm ok-
11.Raindropz vs Le Click -Tonight is the night 2k10-
12.Ryan Riva -This could be love- (Axel Coon Remix)
13.Apollo -I can wait-
14.Colina -Farben-
15.Nalin & Kane -Beachball- (DBN Remix Edit)
16.Pulsedriver -Lookout weekend-
17.Darius & Finlay ft Nicco -Hold on-
18.Ph Electro -Englishman in new york-
19.Picco -Venga-
20.Other Ego -Love the way you lie- (David May Remix_)
21.KCB & Timmy Trumpet -Tromba ye ye ye-
22.Laserkraft 3d -Nein mann-
23.Lazee ft Mohombi -Do it- (Jay Frogs Remix)
01.Armin Van Buuren vs Sophie El -Not giving up on love-
02.Medina -Lonely-
03.Chicane ft Adam Young -Middledistancerunner-
04.ATB -Touch and go-
05.Cosmic Gate -Seize the day- (Cold Blue Remix Edit)
06.Markus Schulz ft Justine Suissa -Perception- (Super8 & Tab Remix)
07.Gareth Emery ft Lucy Saunde -Sanctuary-
08.Myon & Shane 54 ft Labworks -Ibiza sunrise-
09.Dennis Sheperd -Left of the world- (Mike Shivers Garden State Edit)
10.Josh Gabriel pres Winter Kill -My friend-
11.Robbie Rivera -We live for the music- (Tiesto Radio Edit)
12.Aboutblank & KLC -Feel the love-
13.Clokx -Catch your fall-
14.Agulo ft David Berkeley -Fire sign-
15.Shogun ft Emma Lock -Imprisoned-
16.Golden Coast -I believe-
17.Nolita ft Angelina -All into nothing-
18.Vast Vision ft Fisher -Behind your smile- (Suncatcher Remix)
19.Jon O'Bir ft Fisher -Found a way- (Joint Operations Centre Remix Edit)
20.Micro Tools -My world order-
21.Lady Gaga -Alejandro- (Dave Aude Radio Remix)

Dream Dance 57 CD1.T-01.Dream Dance Alliance -These walls-

Dream Dance 57 CD1.T-08.Lolita -Joli garcon-

Dream Dance 57 CD1.T-16.Pulsedriver -Lookout weekend-

Dream Dance 57 CD2.T-01.Armin Van Buuren vs Sophie El -Not giving up on love-

Dream Dance 57 CD2.T-08.Myon & Shane 54 ft Labworks -Ibiza sunrise-

Dream Dance 57 CD2.T-18.Vast Vision ft Fisher -Behind your smile- (Suncatcher Remix)

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Dream Dance Vol.56

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.56

Sony Music 88697 736192 
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance
01.Dream Dance Alliance -Fly away-
02.Die Atzen -Atzin- (Topmodelz Remix)
03.Rocco & Bass-T -Never talk again-
04.Pinball -Floor burn-
05.G&G -We just criticize-
06.Megara vs Dj Lee -NYC-
07.Crystal -Tears on my skin-
08.Darius & Finlay & Shaun Baker -Zeigt mir 10-
09.Milk Inc -Storm-
10.Medina -You and I- (Dash Berlin Remix)
11.Darren Bailie & Chico del Mar -When I saw you-
12.Ginuwine ft Timbaland & Missy Elliott -Get involved- (Darius & Finlay Remix)
13.George Fate -Turn around- (Aboutblank & KLC Remix)
14.Stereo Rocker -Lol-
15.Lady Gaga ft Beyonce -Telephone- (Kaskade Radio Remix)
16.Chicane -Come back-
17.Stromae -Alors on danse-
18.Disco Boys -Love tonight-
19.Swedisdh House Mafia -One-
20.Bingo Players -Toms diner-
21.Eric Chase -Sticky situation- (Jay Frog Remix)
22.Snap -Rhythm is a dancer 2010- (Armand Van Helden Remix)
23.Madcon -Glow-
01.Tiesto ft Christian Burns -In the dark- (2010 Mix)
02.ATB -Could you believe-
03.Cosmic Gate -London rain-
04.Ferry Corsten pres Pulse -Once-
05.4 Strings ft Samantha Fox -Forever-
06.Bailey ft Jodie Connor -Higher state- (Nolita Remix)
07.Giuseppe Ottaviani -Angel-
08.Tim Berg -Bromance-
09.Dash Berlin ft Solid Sessions -Janeiro-
10.Lange ft Emma Hewiit -Live forever- (Steve Brian Remix)
11.Temple One ft Hannah Ray -Autumn leaves- (Estiva Remix)
12.Emotional Horizons & X-Plorations ft Aneym -Nobody knows-
13.Nitrous Oxide -Far away-
14.Alex M.O.R.P.H. -I wanna be-
15.Stoneface & Terminal -Moment-
16.Nic Chagall -Moring light-
17.Golden Coast -Ivory-
18.Nolita -Worst day since yesterday-
19.Dave 2002 -Coming home-
20.Virtual Vault -Border clans-
21.Train -Hey soul sister- (Karmatronic Remix)

Dream Dance 56 CD1.T-01.Dream Dance Alliance -Fly away-

Dream Dance 56 CD1.T-10.Medina -You and I- (Dash Berlin Remix)

Dream Dance 56 CD1.T-19.Swedisdh House Mafia -One-

Dream Dance 56 CD2.T-03.Cosmic Gate -London rain-

Dream Dance 56 CD2.T-10.Lange ft Emma Hewiit -Live forever- (Steve Brian Rmx)

Dream Dance 56 CD2.T-17.Golden Coast -Ivory-

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Dream Dance Vol.55

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.55

Sony Music 88697 633092
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Electro
01.Dream Dance Alliance -Live for the moment-
02.Frauenarzt & Manny Marc -Disco pogo- (Rocco & Bass-T Remix Edit)
03.Scooter -Stuck on replay-
04.Topmodelz -Time to wonder-
05.Brooklyn Bounce vs Alex M & Marc Van Damme -Crazy-
06.Master Blaster -Until the end-
07.Scarlet -Blah blah blah-
08.Dj Sequenza -Rhythm of love-
09.Carribean Dream -Rise up tonight-
10.Tripple Star -Insurrection- (Megara vs Dj Lee Remix Edit)
11.Mike Nero -Music reload 2010- (Driver Face Remix)
12.Punk Freakz -The beat is rockin-
13.Dj Fait -Take a look inside-
14.Kevax -Move me up- (Driver & Face Remix)
15.Milk Inc -Blackout-
16.Sylver ft John Miles -Music-
17.Ray & Anita -In da name of love-
18.Chris Campell -Tonight-
19.Eric Chase -The way it is-
20.Apollo -Over me- (David May Remix)
21.Schiller mit Nadia Ali -Try- (Thomas Gold Remix)
22.Kesha -Tik tok- (Fred Falke Remix)
01.Shog ft Simon Binkenborn -I finally found-
02.Chicane -Hiding all the stars-
03.Cosmic Gate -Barra-
04.Kyau & Albert -Once in a life-
05.Dash Berlin -Never cry again-
06.Jasper Forks -River flows in you-
07.BT ft Jes -Every other way- (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
08.Jes -Lovesong-
09.Mark Sinclair -Pictures of you-
10.Marco V ft Jonathan Mendelsohn -Coming back-
11.Wellenrausch -No superstition-
12.Matt ft Mque Holliday -Your touch-
13.Ben ft Susie Preston -Remember me- (Daniel Kandis Remix)
14.System F -Out of the blue 2010- (Tiesto Remix)
15.Simon Patterson -Miss you-
16.Nolita -Karasu-
17.John O'Callaghan & Aly -Megalithic-
18.Raven & Kleekamp -Memorable quotes-
19.Right Face -Spread-
20.Energy & Reminder -Access denied-
21.W&W -D.N.A.-

Dream Dance 55 CD1.T-01.Dream Dance Alliance -Live for the moment-

Dream Dance 55 CD1.T-12.Punk Freakz -The beat is rockin-

Dream Dance 55 CD1.T-19.Eric Chase -The way it is-

Dream Dance 55 CD2.T-01.Shog ft Simon Binkenborn -I finally found-

Dream Dance 55 CD2.T-10.Marco V ft Jonathan Mendelsohn -Coming back-

Dream Dance 55 CD2.T-16.Nolita -Karasu-

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Dream Dance Vol.54

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.54

Sony Music 88697565082
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Electro
01.Dream Dance Alliance -Eiskalt-
02.Scooter -The sound above my hair-
03.Topmodelz -Two princes-
04.Fragma -Forever and a day-
05.Novapace -Love changes everything-
06.Pulsedriver -Superstar-
07.Latard -I wanna grow old with you- (Drive & Face Remix)
08.The Real Booty Babes -3- (Kindervater Remix)
09.Rocco & Bass-T -Our generation-
10.Belmond & Parker -Do your thing (do the right thing)-
11.Pandora Bx -Bad romance-
12.Jan Wayne -Hello-
13.Dj Yanny pres. Terraformer -Wont forget these days 2k10-
14.Miss Destiny -Yesterday-
15.Dj Lee -Fugly-
16.Disco Cell -Same mind- (Driver & Face Db Remix)
17.Darius & Finlay ft Nico -Rock to the beat-
18.Michael Mind Project -How does it feel-
19.Rockstroh -Tanzen-
20.Laurent Wolf -Walk the line-
21.Bingo Players ft Tony Scott -Devotion-
22.Schiller ft September -Breathe- (Dave Ramone Remix)
01.Dj Tiesto -Feel it in my bones-
02.Armin Van Buuren ft Van Velzen -Broken tonight-
03.Cosmic Gate ft Aruna -Under your spell- (Duderstat Remix)
04.Chicane -Poppiholla-
05.Kyau & Albert -I love you- (Cosmic Gate Remix)
06.Dash Berlin ft Emma Hewitt -Waiting-
07.4 Strings -Music saved my life-
08.Giuseppe Ottaviani ft Faith -Fallen-
09.Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue -Freefalling-
10.Nolita ft Ross Coppermann -Jump-
11.Filo & Peri with Mike Saint-Jules -Far from reach-
12.Simmons & Blanc -Something about you-
13.Mandala Bros ft Tian Winter -Was it the sunlight-
14.Steve Brian -Yaya- (Ronski Speed Remix)
15.Haris C ft Anthya -Tonight-
16.A.M.R. -Elevcation-
17.Akesson -Flavour park-
18.The Mystery -Forgiven-
19.Will Atkinson -Coming home-
20.Dave 202 -Expose-
21.Matt Skyerr pres Skover -Elixir-
22.Ron Malakai -Emerald valleys-

Dream Dance 54 CD1.T-01.Dream Dance Alliance -Eiskalt-

Dream Dance 54 CD1.T-14.Miss Destiny -Yesterday-

Dream Dance 54 CD1.T-22.Schiller ft September -Breathe- (Dave Ramone Remix)

Dream Dance 54 CD2.T-03.Cosmic Gate ft Aruna -Under your spell- (Duderstat Remix)

Dream Dance 54 CD2.T-09.Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue -Freefalling-

Dream Dance 54 CD2.T-19.Will Atkinson -Coming home-

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Dream Dance Vol.53

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.53

Sony BMG Music Ent. 88697 37503 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Electro
01.Dream Dance Alliance -Danced into the moonlight-
02.Scooter -J'adore hardcore-
03.Basshunter -Every morning-
04.Topmodelz -Strings of infinity 2009-
05.Magvay & Novskyy ft Lize -Graf cox (sexy girl)-
06.Driver & Face -Love & peace-
07.Apollo vs Crystal Lake -Free-
08.2-4 Grooves ft Reki D. -Relax-
09.Club Sounds Crew -So pure-
10.Eric Chase -I wont hold you back-
11.Pinball -Rocking to the beat-
12.Megara vs Dj Lee -I want you-
13.Megasonic -Emotion 2009-
14.Nick Skitz -Release me-
15.Ocean Drive ft Dj Oriska -Some people-
16.Gundgone -Vision-
17.Scotty -Hes a pirate-
18.David May ft Kelvin Scott -I'll be watching you-
19.Michael Mind -Gotta let you go-
20.David Guetta -Sexy bitch-
21.The Disco Boys ft Midge Ure -The voice-
22.Mark Oh -Scatman-
23.Gossip -Heavy cross- (Fred Falke Remix)
01.ATB -A new day-
02.Paul Van Dyk ft Johnny McDaid -Home-
03.Cosmic Gate ft Kyler Englan -Flatline-
04.Andy Prinz -Starlight-
05.FKN vs Sun Movement ft Juliette -Starlight-
06.Jean Moiree ft Pheel -Heavy sessions-
07.Ronski Speed ft Ana -The deep devine-
08.Tydi & Dennis Sheperd ft Marcie -Somehow-
09.John O'Callaghan ft Lo-Fi Sugar -Never fade away-
10.Ben Gold & Senadee -Today-
11.Mandala Bros. -Amazing-
12.Raven & Kleekamp -It comes not back again-
13.Ben Nicky -Special moment-
14.DK Project -Recover-
15.Dakota -Sin city-
16.Dj Ram -Call it a night-
17.Airborne Angel -Aviate-
18.Akira Kayosa -Transform-
19.Sean Tyas -Seven weeks-
22.Livvi Franc -Now I'm that chick- (Kaskade Remix)

Dream Dance 53 CD1.T-01.Dream Dance Alliance -Danced into the moonlight-

Dream Dance 53 CD1.T-07.Apollo vs Crystal Lake -Free- 

Dream Dance 53 CD1.T-17.Scotty -Hes a pirate- 

Dream Dance 53 CD2.T-02.Paul Van Dyk ft Johnny McDaid -Home- 

Dream Dance 53 CD2.T-10.Ben Gold & Senadee -Today-

Dream Dance 53 CD2.T-15.Dakota -Sin city-

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Dream Dance Vol.52

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.52

Sony BMG Music Ent. 88697 37501 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Electro
01.Dream Dance Alliance -Never alone-
02.Dj Klubbingman ft Beatrix Delgado -Another day another night-
03.Pulsedriver -Peace-
04.Rocco -Everybody 9.0-
05.Rauenarzt & Manny Marc -Das geht ab (wir feiern die ganze nacht)-
06.Paffendorf -Bring it back-
07.4 Strings -Take me away-
08.Mario Lopez -Another world- (Pulsedriver Remix)
09.Ole Van Dansk -How I wish 2009- (Pulsedriver Remix)
10.Andy Jay Powell -Children of paradise- (Dream Dance Alliance Remix)
11.Dj Fait -Because of you-
12.Station 89 -Ich will leben-
13.Dj Sequenza -Lost in dreams-
14.Megara vs Dj Lee -Give it to me-
15.Martial Hard -I try-
16.K La Cuard -I need you so-
17.Rockstroh -Licht-
18.Franky Tunes -Free 2009-
19.Klaas meets Haddaway -What is love 2k9-
20.Darren Bailie -Protect your mind (braveheart 2009)-
21.Michael Mind -Loves gonna get you-
22.Kid Cudi vs Crookers -Day n nite-
01.Armin Van Buuren ft Jacqueline Govaert -Never say never-
02.Chicane ft Natasha Bedingfield -Bruised water-
03.ATB presents Flanders -Behind-
04.Paul Van Dyk -For an angel 2009-
05.Cosmic Gate -F.A.V.-
06.Riva vs Bart Claessen -Who do you love now- (Bart Claessen Radio Mix)
07.John Callaghan ft Sarah Howells -Find yourself-
08.Nic Chagall ft Jonathan Mendelsohn -This moment-
09.Dj Preach ft Matthew Ryan -American dirt-
10.Ronski Speed -Are you-
11.Martin Roth & Bartlett Bros -Losing gravity- (Aly & Fila Remix)
12.Systembot vs 33 ft Costa -Never be alone-
13.Neptune Project -Aztec-
14.Dj Eco -Lost angeles- (Breakfast Remix)
15.Gary Maguire -One way-
16.3rd Moon -Monsun-
17.Store n Forward -Hello world-
18.Blue Tente -Let you go-
19.Nolita -III-
20.The Mystery -Forgiven-
21.Dave 202 -Departure-

Dream Dance 52 CD1.T-01.Dream Dance Alliance -Never alone-

Dream Dance 52 CD1.T-10.Andy Jay Powell -Children of paradise- (D.D. Alliance Remix)

Dream Dance 52 CD1.T-17.Rockstroh -Licht-

Dream Dance 52 CD2.T-02.Chicane ft Natasha Bedingfield -Bruised water-

Dream Dance 52 CD2.T-15.Gary Maguire -One way-

Dream Dance 52 CD2.T-18.Blue Tente -Let you go-

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Dream Dance Vol.51

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.51

Sony BMG Music Ent 88697 17090 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Electro
01.Dream Dance Alliance -Time out-
02.Topmodelz -Take on me-
03.The Real Booty Babes -Poker face-
04.The Hitmen -Here today & gone tomorrow-
05.Dance Nation vs Shaun Baker -Sunshine 2009-
06.De-Grees -Just dance-
07.Brooklyn Bounce & Sample Rippers -Louder & prouder-
08.Jeckyll & Hyde -Springbreak-
09.Mainian -Welcome to the club- (Dj Gollum Remix)
10.Tripple Bounce -Talk 2 me- (The Hitmen Remix)
11.2Vibez -Love will rise again-
12.Mike Nero -X-files 2009- (Dream Dance Alliance Remix)
13.Punk Freakz -To the brain-
14.Kimera -Apologize- (Dream Dance Alliance Remix)
15.Ben Sander -Love ees no colour- (Rocco & Bass-T Remix)
16.David May -Superstar-
17.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives 2009-
18.Guenta K. -Back then- (Terminator Theme)
19.Aquagen -Hard to say I'm sorry 2K9-
20.Liz Kay -You're not alone- (Dave Darell Remix)
21.Dave Darell ft Hardy Hard -Silver surfer 2009-
22.Porn Kings vs Dj Supreme -Up yo tha wildstyle- (Spencer&Hill Remix)
01.Armin Van Buuren ft Jaren -Unforgiveable-
02.Ferry Corsten -Made of love-
03.Cosmic Gate ft Emma Hewitt -Not enough time-
04.Above & Beyond Pres. Oceanlab -On a good day-
05.4 Strings -Let me take your breath away-
06.Sander Van Doorn Vs. Robbie Williams -Close my eyes-
07.Ron Van Den Beuken -Far away-
08.Dash Berlin -Man on the run-
09.Kyau & Albert -Hooked on infinity-
10.Super8 & Tab ft Alyna -Delusion-
11.Vast Vision ft Fisher -Everything- (Aly & Fila Remix)
12.Dennis Sheperd & Cold Blue -Not too late-
13.Buro -Controller-
14.Chris Hampshire & Bissen -The vault-
15.Jason Van Wyk & Vast Vision ft Johanna -Oceanblue-
16.Sean Tyas -Melbourne-
17.Sequentia -Infinite horizon-
18.Dereck Recay -Dream way-
19.Nolita -Lonesome road-
20.Dazzle -Relativity-
21.Chemistry -Spirit- (Megara Vs. DJ Lee Remix)
22.Ralph Fridge -Man on mars-

Dream Dance 51 CD1.T-01.Dream Dance Alliance -Time out-

Dream Dance 51 CD1.T-08.Jeckyll & Hyde -Springbreak-

Dream Dance 51 CD1.T-21.Dave Darell ft Hardy Hard -Silver surfer 2009-

Dream Dance 51 CD2.T-02.Ferry Corsten -Made of love-

Dream Dance 51 CD2.T-08.Dash Berlin -Man on the run-

Dream Dance 51 CD2.T-16.Sean Tyas -Melbourne-

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Dream Dance Vol.50

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.50

Sony Music 88697 374 212
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Jumpstyle, Progressive Trance
01.Dream Dance Alliance -When I listen to music-
02.Scooter -Neverending story-
03.Alex C. ft Yass -Liebe zu dritt-
04.Baracuda -Where is the love-
05.Novaspace -Dancing into danger-
06.Master Blaster -Everywhere-
07.Jan Wayne vs Raindropz -Numb-
08.Paffendorf -Self control-
09.Real Booty Babes -I kissed a girl-
10.Dj Gollum ft Scarlet -All the things she said-
11.Andrew Spencer vs Lazard -Here without you-
12.Topmodelz pres Secondtunez -Summer-
13.Silverstation -Sunshine after the rain-
14.Scot & Hutch -Back once again-
15.Punk Freakz -Heartbeat-
16.Dj Sequenza -Tricky tricky 2009-
17.Dave Darell -Freeloader-
18.Scotty -The black pearl-
19.Eric Chase -Allein allein-
20.R.I.O. -When the sun comes down-
21.Michael Mind -Baker street-
22.Groove Bandits -Sing hallelujah-
01.Tiesto pres Alone in the Dark -Edward carnby-
02.Armin Van Buuren ft Cathy B -Rain-
03.Rank 1 -L.e.d. there be light-
04.Ferry Corsten -Radio crash-
05.Markus Schulz -The new world-
06.Dj Shah ft Adrina Thorpe -Back to you-
07.Will Holland ft Yana Kay -Tears in the rain-
08.Daniel Kandi & Robert Nickson -Liberate-
09.Rapid Eye -Circa forever 2008-
10.Alex M.O.R.P.H. -Sunshine-
11.Kandi & Neumann -Let go-
12.Paul Miller presents Motion B -One more time-
13.Nolita -Coldest heaven-
14.Jam X -Liebe-
15.Wippenberg -Chakalaka-
16.Josh Jackson -Givin the world to you-
17.Get-Far -Shining star-
18.Bootleggerz -Worlds collide-
19.Dj Fait -I cant stop raving-
20.Mike Nero ft Dee Dee -The one 2009-
21.Tube Tonic & dj Shandar -Take control-

Dream Dance 50 CD1.T-01.Dream Dance Alliance -When I listen to music-

Dream Dance 50 CD1.T-14.Scot & Hutch -Back once again-

Dream Dance 50 CD1.T-18.Scotty -The black pearl-

Dream Dance 50 CD2.T-01.Tiesto pres Alone in the Dark -Edward carnby-

Dream Dance 50 CD2.T-08.Daniel Kandi & Robert Nickson -Liberate-

Dream Dance 50 CD2.T-15.Wippenberg -Chakalaka-

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