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Ravermeister Vol. 9

Varios - Ravermeister Vol. 9

Subterranean SPV 092-47962
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Trance
01.N.U.K.E -Amazonas-
02.Koala -Australia-
03.Solid Sleep -Trancemission-
04.Dennis M -Release-
05.Firedancer -Fall-
06.Warriors Of Love -Somebody scream-
07.Astroline ft Dj Bart -Take good care-
08.Moonrise -Evolution 4-Ward-
09.Tool -Tureology-
10.Kim Kayne -Adrenalin-
11.L.O.S.T -Shining-
12.Dj Smile -Work it-
13.Nation 4 Nation -Gate No. 17-
01.Sequel Bass -Avillon-
02.Paraphonatic -The past the present the future-
03.De Donatis -Let it roll- (Club Version)
04.Wickee -Aha-
05.Hoovercraft -The dreamer-
06.Citizen X -Lonely days-
07.Alien Factory -Freak tonite-
08.Laxative -Vibe- (Rotation Club Mix)
09.JetSet & Plastic Angel -Lost in trance-
10.Marc Acid -Go back- (Saturn Mix)
11.Swoosh -Never stop-
12.Magnetic Slides -Diablo- (Original Mix)

Ravermeister Vol. 9 CD1.T-01.N.U.K.E -Amazonas-

Ravermeister Vol. 9 CD1.T-04.Dennis M -Release-

Ravermeister Vol. 9 CD1.T-10.Kim Kayne -Adrenalin-

Ravermeister Vol. 9 CD1.T-13.Nation 4 Nation -Gate No. 17-

Ravermeister Vol. 9 CD2.T-01.Sequel Bass -Avillon-

Ravermeister Vol. 9 CD2.T-03.De Donatis -Let it roll- (Club Version)

Ravermeister Vol. 9 CD2.T-09.JetSet & Plastic Angel -Lost in trance-

Ravermeister Vol. 9 CD2.T-11.Swoosh -Never stop-

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Ravermeister Vol. 8

Varios - Ravermeister Vol. 8

Subterranean SPV 092-47752
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Trance, Hard Trance
01.Transa -Perpetua-
02.The O-Zone -You better-
03.Sonar -Ensamble- (Massive Mix)
04.Dj Buzz -Who is Clinton-
05.Schizophrenic Phrogs -Fuzz-
06.Dj Ciro & Gianni Agrey -Oblivion-
07.Stargate -Back in time- (Mega'Lo Mania Remix)
08.B-Voice -Turn of the year-
09.Cocooma -Virtual experience-
10.Ze-Bu -Morphing personality- (Mutation Mix)
11.The Pitcher -Drink- (Racoon Mix)
12.Starfield -Saturn- (Mind Up Mix)
13.Mike Nero Project -The rhythm- (Full On Acid Mix)
01.Mega 'lo mania -Tear it up-
02.Yves Deruyter -Calling earth- (Dj Erik's Total '97 Reconstruction Mix)
03.Magnetic Slides -Diabolo- (Original Mix)
04.Slipstream -Final cut-
05.Dr. Strangelove & A Man Like Benny -I want you-
06.Monochrome -Flames-
07.Code 30 -Spacerider- (Shuttle Mix)
08.Andy Jay P. -Pure energy-
09.Lord Michael -I can't hear ya-
10.Oson -Let the future be a dream-
11.Eclipse -Sweat-
12.Dj Tatoo -1991-

Ravermeister Vol. 8 CD1.T-01.Transa -Perpetua-

Ravermeister Vol. 8 CD1.T-03.Sonar -Ensamble- (Massive Mix)

Ravermeister Vol. 8 CD1.T-07.Stargate -Back in time- (Mega'Lo Mania Rmx)

Ravermeister Vol. 8 CD1.T-11.The Pitcher -Drink- (Racoon Mix)

Ravermeister Vol. 8 CD2.T-01.Mega 'lo mania -Tear it up-

Ravermeister Vol. 8 CD2.T-03.Magnetic Slides -Diabolo- (Original Mix)

Ravermeister Vol. 8 CD2.T-09.Lord Michael -I can't hear ya-

Ravermeister Vol. 8 CD2.T-11.Eclipse -Sweat-

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Ravermeister Vol. 7

Varios - Ravermeister Vol. 7

Subterranean SPV 092-47582
2 × CD, Compilation
Hard Trance, Acid
01.E-Max -A culture of human beings-
02.Friends, Lovers & Family -Belss of brixton- (Remix)
03.Incisions -Techno gang-
04.Nostrum -The end- (Gary D. & DJ Yanni Remix)
05.Exit Eee -Epidemic- (Future Breeze Radio Remix)
06.Dj Crack -Space people- (De Donatis Remix)
07.D'Acido Domingo -Shadows- (Etienne M. Picard Remix)
08.Dj Kiri & Dj Mike N. -Waterpipes- (Blubber Remix)
09.Obsessiue -Tune in-Turn out- (No Respect Remix)
10.Max -Go back into an X.T.C.-
11.M.A.G. -Pump it up- (Trance Version)
12.Mike Matthews -Saturday- (Sunday Remix)
13.Virtual Vibes -Dirty bitch- (Bitch Remix)
01.D. Trance -Springworld- (Original Inflight Mix)
02.Aircraft -Fiesta- (Aircut)
03.Kenji Hurricane -The peace- (Edit)
04.Changall -Enjoy the spaceflowers- (Hardtrance Mix)
05.Plastix -Zulu tribe- (De Donatis Mix)
06.Dj Jan -X-Santo- (Original Mix)
07.Huntemann -Under the gun-
08.The Freak & Mike Zimms -Submission-
09.Rainforest -The birds- (Dropping Mix)
10.Unison -Psylophone-
11.C-Squad -Your memory-
12.Junk Project -Junkhunters- (De Donatis Remix)
13.Little Jam -Flamming star- (Kennedy Club Mix)

Ravermeister Vol. 7 CD1.T-01.E-Max -A culture of human beings-

Ravermeister Vol. 7 CD1.T-06.Dj Crack -Space people- (De Donatis Remix)

Ravermeister Vol. 7 CD1.T-10.Max -Go back into an X.T.C.-

Ravermeister Vol. 7 CD1.T-12.Mike Matthews -Saturday- (Sunday Remix)

Ravermeister Vol. 7 CD2.T-02.Aircraft -Fiesta- (Aircut)

Ravermeister Vol. 7 CD2.T-04.Changall -Enjoy the spaceflowers- (Hardtrance Mix)

Ravermeister Vol. 7 CD2.T-07.Huntemann -Under the gun-

Ravermeister Vol. 7 CD2.T-12.Junk Project -Junkhunters- (De Donatis Rmx)

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Ravermeister Vol. 6

Varios - Ravermeister Vol. 6

Subterranean SPV 092-47452
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid
01.Ayla -Ayla- (Taucher Remix)
02.Exit EEE -Love is solution-
03.Riva -The matter in question-
04.Milk Inc. -La vache- (Mad Cow Mix)
05.John Rees -Clubart- (Original Mix)
06.Dj Randy -Pandomia-
07.Magnetic Slides -Alright- (Vocal Mix)
08.Rave Base -Run off-
09.Skylab -Accident-
10.Avalonge -Scream- (Acid Pimp Dub)
11.Deluxe -Nothing but deluxe 1-
01.Nostrum -The end-
02.Equator -Night tripper-
03.Comma -Lonely days-
04.Plug 'N Play -The best-
05.N-Son-X -Humanoid-
06.Phuture Punh -Organic- (Junk Project Remix)
07.Nooroom -What does he think- (Mandala Remix)
08.Code 25 -Organix-
09.Vegas Soul -My life-
10.Dj Philip -Too deep-
11.Paraphobia -Interlude (Aircut)-
12.Mike Matthews -Nowhere- (1996 Remix)

Ravermeister Vol. 6 CD1.T-04.Milk Inc. -La vache- (Mad Cow Mix)

Ravermeister Vol. 6 CD1.T-06.Dj Randy -Pandomia-

Ravermeister Vol. 6 CD1.T-09.Skylab -Accident-

Ravermeister Vol. 6 CD1.T-10.Avalonge -Scream- (Acid Pimp Dub)

Ravermeister Vol. 6 CD2.T-03.Comma -Lonely days-

Ravermeister Vol. 6 CD2.T-06.Phuture Punh -Organic- (Junk Project Remix)

Ravermeister Vol. 6 CD2.T-08.Code 25 -Organix-

Ravermeister Vol. 6 CD2.T-10.Dj Philip -Too deep-

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Ravermeister Vol. 5

Varios - Ravermeister Vol. 5

Subterranean SPV 092-47352
2 × CD, Compilation
Acid, Hard Trance
01.Nuclear Hyde -Running man-
02.Loving Loops -Bad house music-
03.Interstate -Human beings- (Original Version)
04.Nostrum -Monastery-
05.Greenforce -Sleepless- (Vinyl Mix)
06.TB-Tuner -Snavalo-
07.Code 16 -Mystery-
08.Patchwork -Allright- (Para-Dizer's Remix)
09.Data's -My love-
10.Asys -Acid squid-
11.Pneumonia -Like it-
01.Pendragon ft Taffrican -Maen cetti-
02.Framic -Status X-
03.Equator -Pandorras-
04.X-ite -Research- (Hypnotic Mix)
05.Mass in Orbit -Overdrive- (Hubble Mix)
06.MNA-Project -Take me to the top- (Club Edit)
07.De Donnatis -The sound-
08.Lunar Trip -Stairclimbing-
09.Virtual Elements -Every night-
10.Aqualite -Liquid loop-
11.Perpetuum Mobile -Sonnenschein-

Ravermeister Vol. 5 CD1.T-01.Nuclear Hyde -Running man-

Ravermeister Vol. 5 CD1.T-04.Nostrum -Monastery-

Ravermeister Vol. 5 CD1.T-07.Code 16 -Mystery-

Ravermeister Vol. 5 CD1.T-10.Asys -Acid squid-

Ravermeister Vol. 5 CD2.T-01.Pendragon ft Taffrican -Maen cetti-

Ravermeister Vol. 5 CD2.T-03.Equator -Pandorras-

Ravermeister Vol. 5 CD2.T-08.Lunar Trip -Stairclimbing-

Ravermeister Vol. 5 CD2.T-11.Perpetuum Mobile -Sonnenschein-

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Ravermeister Vol. 4

Varios - Ravermeister Vol. 4

Subterranean SPV 092-47142
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Trance
01.Etienne Picard -Get up-
02.Nostrum -Blow back-
03.Microgrooves -Make your wish-
04.Exithone -Spin-
05.Cores -Matabu Part 1-
06.Van Basten -Interceptor-
07.Rubicon Massacre Ltd -The lash v.1.1-
08.Dj Ed -Favorite- (Extended Dub)
09.Phonetic -Numa-
10.Space Frog -Space party- (Trance Go A Remix)
11.D-Fence & Confusion -The voice-
01.Friends, Lovers & Family -Bob Km- (The Hitchhiker Mix)
02.Ultrashock -Stepping energy-
03.Omega Force -The force Pt.2-
04.Mass In Orbit -Connect- (Satellit Mix)
05.Mandala -Evolution- (Single Edit)
06.Lostsideon -Lostsideon- (7 Free Mix)
07.Wax Trax II -Meditation, spiritualism & love-
08.Unison -Intoxication-
09.Huntemann -Turn it up-
10.Dj Ablaze -Based on acid-
11.State Of House -Synthetic mankind-
12.Marco Zaffarano -Pandora's box-

Ravermeister Vol. 4 CD1.T-02.Nostrum -Blow back-

Ravermeister Vol. 4 CD1.T-04.Exithone -Spin-

Ravermeister Vol. 4 CD1.T-08.Dj Ed -Favorite- (Extended Dub)

Ravermeister Vol. 4 CD1.T-10.Space Frog -Space party- (Trance Go A Remix)

Ravermeister Vol. 4 CD2.T-01.Friends, Lovers & Family -Bob Km-

Ravermeister Vol. 4 CD2.T-05.Mandala -Evolution- (Single Edit)

Ravermeister Vol. 4 CD2.T-09.Huntemann -Turn it up-

Ravermeister Vol. 4 CD2.T-11.State Of House -Synthetic mankind-

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Ravermeister Vol. 2

Varios - Ravermeister Vol. 2

Subterranean SPV 089-38452
2 × CD, Compilation
Hard House, Trance, Hard Trance
01.Dj Thoka -You make me feel so good-
02.Steve Mason Experience -Shallow grave-
03.Mos Eisley -Statik-
04.Madame X -Dreaming of a better world-
05.Organic Tea -Simple music-
06.Code 13 -Welcome stranger-
07.Pneumonia -Sex until marriage-
08.Speedloader -Guilty as hell-
09.Hydrotoxic -Blue matrix-
10.Stargazer -Voices-
11.Formic Acid -Waveblower-
12.Planet E Team -Gooroo-
01.Pagan & Petrov -Rave religion-
02.Dj Weirdo & DJ Sim -Go get busy-
03.Wippenberg -Neuro-dancer-
04.Angel Heart -Come on let's work-
05.Cores -Aragon Part 1-
06.Dj JO -Space harmony- (Gary D. Remix)
07.Natural Born -Death row-
08.Trance to Dance -155 BPM-
09.Morphielder -Morphing fields-
10.Nexxus -Believe in me-
11.Tranceatlantic -Snatch-
12.Razor -A day in paradise-

Ravermeister Vol. 2 CD1.T-01.Dj Thoka -You make me feel so good-

Ravermeister Vol. 2 CD1.T-05.Organic Tea -Simple music-

Ravermeister Vol. 2 CD1.T-06.Code 13 -Welcome stranger-

Ravermeister Vol. 2 CD1.T-10.Stargazer -Voices-

Ravermeister Vol. 2 CD2.T-01.Pagan & Petrov -Rave religion-

Ravermeister Vol. 2 CD2.T-04.Angel Heart -Come on let's work-

Ravermeister Vol. 2 CD2.T-07.Natural Born -Death row-

Ravermeister Vol. 2 CD2.T-12.Razor -A day in paradise-

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Ravermeister Vol. 1

Varios - Ravermeister Vol. 1

Sub Terranean SPV 089-38362
2 × CD, Compilation
Acid, Trance, Techno
01.Nikolai -Ready to flow-
02.E-Max -
A world beyond-
03.Madame X -Dreaming of a better world-
04.Robotonico II -Backtired-
05.Dj Hooligan -The culture-
06.Paul Van Dyk -My world-
07.Casseopaya -Musicmaker-
08.Marc Green -Spline-
09.Jens Lissat -The future-
10.Code 12 -Nightfly-
11.Caucasuss -Our dream-
12.Emmanuel Top -Turkish bazar-
13.Nostrum -Brainchild-
01.Legend B -Lost in love-
02.Penalty Phase -Odyssee-
03.Headman -Work my mind-
04.Sub-Stance -Retrospect-
05.Faxe Inc. -Something-
06.Cenobyte -Tales from the a-side-
07.Arcus -The classix-
08.House Of Usher -Acid craq-
09.Mega'lo Mania -Emotions-
10.Azid Force -Amanita muskaria-
11.Fanatic Cracks -Universal sound-
12.En Garde -Enfant terrible-

Ravermeister Vol. 1 CD1.T-02.E-Max -A world beyond-

Ravermeister Vol. 1 CD1.T-05.Dj Hooligan -The culture-

Ravermeister Vol. 1 CD1.T-10.Code 12 -Nightfly-

Ravermeister Vol. 1 CD1.T-12.Emmanuel Top -Turkish bazar-

Ravermeister Vol. 1 CD2.T-02.Penalty Phase -Odyssee-

Ravermeister Vol. 1 CD2.T-04.Sub-Stance -Retrospect-

Ravermeister Vol. 1 CD2.T-06.Cenobyte -Tales from the a-side-

Ravermeister Vol. 1 CD2.T-10.Azid Force -Amanita muskaria-

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Rave Mission Vol. 17

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. 17

Global Trance Network GTN 1092.25
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Resident Aliens -Firedance-
02.Dj Snowman -Skydiver- (Pulsedriver Remix)
03.Sam-Pling presents Mike Dragon -Infinity 2001- (Rhythm Riders Club Mix)
04.Plastic Angel -Daylight- (Resistance D. Remix)
05.Baltes vs Stevens -Eternal silence- (Trance Original Mix)
06.The Mystery -Mystery- (Above & Beyond Mix)
07.Nexus -Return from flatliner- (Original Mix)
08.Dip T Jones -Unity- (Gobo Mix)
09.Detektor -Fly- (Original Mix)
10.Frank Brook -Queens-
11.Andy Jay Powell -Rainbow sailor- (Love Mix)
01.Shockwave -The prophet- (New Arch Mix)
02.Hardenbrook -Listen to the sound- (Club Mix)
03.Dj The Crow -What ya lookin' at?- (The Crow Trance Remix)
04.Soda Pop -Another state of mind- (Trance Mix)
05.Re-Animator -Rewire your brain- (D-Gor Mix)
06.Imre Corte -Advance-  
07.Impegement Syndrom -Feel the fire-
08.Dj Rock -The big beat- (Atomic Beat Blaster Mix)
09.Dj Spoke -You're ready 4 me- (Radio Mix)
10.Dj A.M. -Ritmo el molto forte- (Dj Kim's Trance Mix)
11.NDO vs Franky KayDee -Bing! bong!- (Club Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 17 CD1.T-01.Resident Aliens -Firedance-

Rave Mission Vol. 17 CD1.T-05.Baltes vs Stevens -Eternal silence- 

Rave Mission Vol. 17 CD1.T-07.Nexus -Return from flatliner- (Original Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 17 CD1.T-11.Andy Jay Powell -Rainbow sailor- (Love Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 17 CD2.T-01.Shockwave -The prophet- (New Arch Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 17 CD2.T-04.Soda Pop -Another state of mind- (Trance Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 17 CD2.T-07.Impegement Syndrom -Feel the fire-

Rave Mission Vol. 17 CD2.T-11.NDO vs Franky KayDee -Bing! bong!- (Club Mix)

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Rave Mission Vol. 16

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. 16

Global Trance Network GTN 1047.25
2 × CD, Compilation
01.S-Project -Julika (feelings like in paradise)- (Venture Remix)
02.Jakyro -Seven- (File 1 Mix)
03.Fortress -An angel saved my life- (Mark Shimmon vs. 3rd Degree Bern's Anjuna Mix)
04.F-Starr -Energy-
05.Gary D. -Die Herdplatte 2000- (Gary D. + Dr. Z Trance Mix)
06.U.K.W. -Electric love- (Seikos Remix)
07.The Joker -Zeitansage- (Original Mix)
08.Marc O'Tool -Stauffenberg-
09.King-O -Furlong-
10.Blue Amazon -Four seasons- (Autumn Mix)
01.Lemon8 -Tunnelvision-
02.Pascal Device -Azure- (Clubazure)
03.Ruff Driverz -Waiting for the sun- (Heliotropic Mix)
04.Webdrivers -Spirit of virtuality- (Progressive Mix)
05.Crazy Fish -Time after time-
06.Space Planet -Time correction-
07.Plastic Angel -Daylight-
08.Dj Crack -Singular 2000- (Club Mix)
09.Dj Dean & Danny K. -In my heart- (Club Mix)
10.Ray Clarke -No return- (Tough Club Tune)
11.CK -Boing boing- (Rocco's Gangbang Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 16 CD1.T-02.Jakyro -Seven- (File 1 Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 16 CD1.T-04.F-Starr -Energy-

Rave Mission Vol. 16 CD1.T-07.The Joker -Zeitansage- (Original Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 16 CD1.T-10.Blue Amazon -Four seasons- (Autumn Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 16 CD2.T-01.Lemon8 -Tunnelvision-

Rave Mission Vol. 16 CD2.T-05.Crazy Fish -Time after time-

Rave Mission Vol. 16 CD2.T-07.Plastic Angel -Daylight-

Rave Mission Vol. 16 CD2.T-09.Dj Dean & Danny K. -In my heart- (Club Mix)

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Rave Mission Vol. 15

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. 15

Sub Terranean GTN 1028.25
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Duke Hopkins -Back to earth-
02.Cocooma -Blaues wunder- (Club Mix)
03.Snack vs Uwe Hacker -Dampframme- (Road Jack Mix)
04.Xerrox -The club- (Niels Van Gogh Mix)
05.Vincent De Moor -No hesitation-
06.Dj Crack -Space people 2000- (Short Cut)
07.Dj Foxx -Move that body- (Dj Scot Project Remix)
08.Piero Brunetti -Save the funky music 1-
09.Das Licht -Traumwelten-
10.Blue Juice -Blue juice-
11.Lava -Autumn- (The Fall Mix)
01.Hole In One -Yoga session- (Plastic Angel Remix)
02.M-Plax -Power-
03.Plastic Angel -Mysterious mind-
04.Jaimy & Kenny D. -Pierced diva-
05.Ricky Le Roy -Red moon- (Metempsicosi Mix)
06.Koxbox -A major problem in Australia- (Miro Remix)
07.Tarsis -Melt (Imagination)- (Vega's Radio Edit)
08.Jan Francis Kessler -Fallen love- (Cybersecrecy Remix)
09.Tom Wax joins JamX & De Leon -Laut & leise- (Dj JamX & De Leon Mix)
10.Tubular Knights -The last crusade- (Plastic Angel Remix)
11.Gecko -Lunarcity-
12.Laut Sprecher -Mach mal lauter- (Mach Mal Leiser)

Rave Mission Vol. 15 CD1.T-02.Cocooma -Blaues wunder- (Club Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 15 CD1.T-05.Vincent De Moor -No hesitation-

Rave Mission Vol. 15 CD1.T-09.Das Licht -Traumwelten-

Rave Mission Vol. 15 CD1.T-11.Lava -Autumn- (The Fall Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 15 CD2.T-01.Hole In One -Yoga session- (Plastic Angel Remix)

Rave Mission Vol. 15 CD2.T-03.Plastic Angel -Mysterious mind-

Rave Mission Vol. 15 CD2.T-07.Tarsis -Melt (Imagination)- (Vega's Radio Edit)

Rave Mission Vol. 15 CD2.T-11.Gecko -Lunarcity-

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Rave Mission Vol. 14

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. 14

Nova Tekk NTD 92901-24
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid
01.Commander Nexxus -Intro-
02.Ralph Fridge -Paradise- (Nu-Gray Mix)
03.Aqualab -Universal language-
04.Lost Tribe -Gamemaster-
05.Waterloop -Chips & trips-
06.Arrakis -The spice- (New Club Mix)
07.Loving Loop -Wake up eternity- (United Ravers Remix)
08.Binary Finary -1999- (Paul Van Dyk Remix)
09.Arrakis -Aira force- (Main Mix)
10.DB Sonic & Dj Fraggel -Take control-
11.Dj Dean -Saturday night-
01.Upserver -Mood swings-
02.Gouryella -Gouryella- (Short Cut)
03.Basic Avalon -Firewalk-
04.Terra V. -Spirit of joy- (Roger P. Shah Remix)
05.Sector 5 -Amagedon- (Dj Wax Remix)
06.Frontline Of Trance -The signal-
07.Firedancer -White sand-
08.Velvet Cycle -The afterglow- (Nightmix)
09.Drax -Amphetamine- (Silent Breed Mix)
10.Choci & Tickle -Flute- (Choci & Andy Allder Remix)
11.Pasha Bros. -Superstitious '99- (Black Cat Mix) 

Rave Mission Vol.14 CD1.T-02.Ralph Fridge -Paradise- (Nu-Gray Mix)

Rave Mission Vol.14 CD1.T-05.Waterloop -Chips & trips-

Rave Mission Vol.14 CD1.T-09.Arrakis -Aira force- (Main Mix)

Rave Mission Vol.14 CD1.T-11.Dj Dean -Saturday night-

Rave Mission Vol.14 CD2.T-01.Upserver -Mood swings-

Rave Mission Vol.14 CD2.T-03.Basic Avalon -Firewalk-

Rave Mission Vol.14 CD2.T-06.Frontline Of Trance -The signal-

Rave Mission Vol.14 CD2.T-11.Pasha Bros. -Superstitious '99- (Black Cat Mix) 

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Rave Mission Vol. 13

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. 13

Sub Terranean SPV 089-39172
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Robotnico -Backtired 2000- (Mega 'Lo Mania Remix)
02.Dj Yanny & The Paragod -Initialize- (Dj Framic Remix)
03.Dj Dean -Das magische auge-
04.Silent Harmony -You-
05.Energy Source -Everlasting fire-
06.Sakin & Friends -Protect your mind-
07.Exit EEE -Rainbow- (Vocal 12" Edit)
08.Club Disciples -Physically-
09.Heliac ft Dj Nic -The candle- (Astroline Remix)
10.Molecule -Secrets of space- (Club Mix)
11.Brainvibe -System of love-
12.Firedancer -Winter-
01.Code 37 -Astral- (Hardtrance Remix)
02.Plastic Angel -Schatten- (Extended Version)
03.Full House -On a housetrip-
04.Dj Crack -Brilliance- (Hardtrance Remix)
05.Elisir -The top- (Dj Alan Dexter Mix)
06.Mellow Tracks -In da house-
07.Magnetic Slides -Deep space-
08.Moulage -Caresse mon corps- (Airplay Mix)
09.Interrupt -Trancezendental- (De Donnatis Mix)
10.6-Traxx -Insanity-
11.Vector Mode -The way you talk- (Trance Trip Mix)
12.Diver & Ace -The mental thing- (Dj Taucher Remix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD1.T-01.Robotnico -Backtired 2000- (MegaLo Mania Rmx)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD1.T-03.Dj Dean -Das magische auge-

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD1.T-08.Club Disciples -Physically-

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD1.T-10.Molecule -Secrets of space- (Club Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD2.T-01.Code 37 -Astral- (Hardtrance Remix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD2.T-04.Dj Crack -Brilliance- (Hardtrance Remix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD2.T-08.Moulage -Caresse mon corps- (Airplay Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD2.T-11.Vector Mode -The way you talk-

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Rave Mission Vol. 12

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. 12

Sub Terranean SPV 089-39012
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid
01.Norman Taylor -Sexmachine- (Hardtrancer Mix)
02.Dj Manga -It's a dream- (Dj Mellow-D's Pure NRG Mix)
03.Silent Harmony -Paranoid- (Club Mix)
04.Dj Crack -Happiness- (Hardtrancer Mix)
05.Planet Fuse -Silent wish- (Egoist Edit)
06.Scoopex -In my dream- (Soulman Remix)
07.Plastic Angel -Enter the darkroom- (Club Mix)
08.Quietman -The sleeper- (Radio Edit)
09.Waterloop -Future facts-
10.Tony Esperanza -La mosca- (Noize & Bass Syntec Remix)
11.Modern A.R.T. -Send me an angel- (Clubmix)
12.Hand's Burn -Vision of life-
01.Trance Atlantic Air Waves -Chase- (Dj Quicksilver Remix)
02.Interstate -Come on- (Original Mix)
03.Komakino -Man on mars- (Talla 2XLC Remix)
04.Clinix -Let it flow- (Additional Mix)
05.Planet Ocean -The deep blue-
06.Dj Mellow-D -Move your feet-
07.Second Dimension -Into your mind- (Original Mix)
08.Dj Dean -House nation- (Radio Edit)
09.The Ape -Confusion-
10.Sound Inc. -F-Active-
11.Cores -Millenium-
12.Chi-A.D. -Purity-

Rave Mission Vol. 12 CD1.T-01.Norman Taylor -Sexmachine- (Hardtrancer Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 12 CD1.T-03.Silent Harmony -Paranoid- (Club Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 12 CD1.T-06.Scoopex -In my dream- (Soulman Remix)

Rave Mission Vol. 12 CD1.T-09.Waterloop -Future facts-

Rave Mission Vol. 12 CD2.T-01.Trance Atlantic Air Waves -Chase-

Rave Mission Vol. 12 CD2.T-04.Clinix -Let it flow- (Additional Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 12 CD2.T-07.Second Dimension -Into your mind-

Rave Mission Vol. 12 CD2.T-10.Sound Inc. -F-Active-

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Rave Mission Vol. 11

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. 11

Sub Terranean DCD 092-47822
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid
01.Marino Stephano -But you-
02.Nostrum -Brainchild '97-
03.Interstate II -Come on- (Original Mix)
04.Pro-Active -Dominator- (Radio Edit)
05.Hale Bob -Andromeda-
06.Mega 'Lo Mania -Circusclown- (Celvin Rotane Remix)
07.Gary D. -Can't do without it-
08.Novaya -What is love- (Airplay Edit)
09.Opus 808 -Winter- (Club Mix)
10.Arrow -Back in the house- (Kai Tracid Mix)
11.Tantra -I want ur love- (DJ Buzz Mix)
12.Limited Growth -No fate- (Quadran Mix)
01.The Sense -Forever- (Atmosphere Mix)
02.Orinoko -Mama konda- (Original Mix)
03.Sonic Experience -Music- (Fusionmen Remix)
04.Gate -Transfer- (Club Mix)
05.Astroline ft Dj Bart -Take good care- (DJ Bart Extended)
06.DJ Kalpa & Marino Stephano -Dream's harmony- (Kosmonova Radio Edit)
07.Rubicon Massacre Ltd. -Hello little jam!- (Bassman / De La Ray Remix)
08.Chrom -Waveform one-
09.Velocity -Future- (Arpeggiators Radio Edit)
10.Alien Factory -Beta music '97- (Brain Brother Mix)
11.Atomic Junkies -This is it-
12.Pablo Gargano -The unexplained-

Rave Mission Vol. 11 CD1.T-01.Marino Stephano -But you-

Rave Mission Vol. 11 CD1.T-03.Interstate II -Come on- (Original Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 11 CD1.T-07.Gary D. -Can't do without it-

Rave Mission Vol. 11 CD1.T-11.Tantra -I want ur love- (DJ Buzz Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 11 CD2.T-01.The Sense -Forever- (Atmosphere Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 11 CD2.T-04.Gate -Transfer- (Club Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 11 CD2.T-06.DJ Kalpa & M. Stephano -Dream's harmony-

Rave Mission Vol. 11 CD2.T-11.Atomic Junkies -This is it-

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Rave Mission Vol. 10

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. 10

Sub Terranean DCD 092-47712
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance, Progressive
01.Pablo Gargano -Headlines-
02.Format 1 -Solid Session '96- (T.F.X. Mix)
03.DJ Yanny & The Paragod -Initialize-
04.E-Max -Orange juice- (Trance House Mix)
05.Nuclear Hyde -Accelerator-
06.Loving Loop -Listen to that fat bass- (D-Noizers Hardtrance Mix)
07.Aircraft -Fiesta- (Acid Mix)
08.Gollum & Gary D. -Black arrows-
09.Canyon -Forbidden channel- (Pulsation Mix)
10.Planet Fuse -Innocent game- (Egoist Edit)
11.Cocooma -Rage-
12.Lord Michael -Believe in me-
01.Marc Scoozy -Uberschall- (Short Club Mix)
02.Firmly Undaground -Hide & seek-
03.Pob ft X-Avia -The awakening- (Quietman Remix)
04.DJ Marcelo -Sensoria II-
05.Transa -Enervate-
06.Racoon -What to be- (Dentist Mix)
07.Caucasuss -Guava-
08.Club Quake -Vicious circle-
09.Steady State -Cost control-
10.Blue Planet -Blue planet- (Dream Mix)
11.Unison -Psylophone-
12.Dark Bones & De Chile -Cydonia- (Space Frog Remix)
CD3 The Turntable Mix
01.Format 1 -Solid session '96- (T.F.X. Mix)
02.Firmly Undaground -Hide & seek-
03.Club Quake -Vicious circle-
04.Marc Scoozy -Uberschall- (Short Club Mix)
05.Racoon -What to be- (Dentist Mix)
06.Caucasuss -Guava-
07.Nuclear Hyde -Accelerator-
08.Pablo Gargano -Headlines-
09.Transa -Enervate-
10.E-Max -Orange juice-
11.DJ Marcelo -Sensoria II (don't you want my love)-
12.Loving Loop -Listen to that fat bass-
13.DJ Yanny & The Paragod -Initialize-
14.Gollum & Gary D. -Black arrows-
15.Cocooma -Rage-

Rave Mission Vol.10 CD1.T-01.Pablo Gargano -Headlines-

Rave Mission Vol.10 CD1.T-04.E-Max -Orange juice- (Trance House Mix)

Rave Mission Vol.10 CD1.T-06.Loving Loop -Listen to that fat bass

Rave Mission Vol.10 CD1.T-10.Planet Fuse -Innocent game- (Egoist Edit)

Rave Mission Vol.10 CD2.T-01.Marc Scoozy -Uberschall- (Short Club Mix)

Rave Mission Vol.10 CD2.T-05.Transa -Enervate-

Rave Mission Vol.10 CD2.T-09.Steady State -Cost control-

Rave Mission Vol.10 CD2.T-12.Dark Bones & De Chile -Cydonia- (Space Frog Rmx)

Rave Mission Vol.10 CD3.T-CD3 The Turntable Mix

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