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Rave Mission Vol. IV

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. IV

Sub Terranean DCD 089-38352
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid, Techno
01.Sequential One -Hands up-
02.Nip Collective -Moments of decision-
03.Formic Acid -Eternia-
04.Sidewalk -Voices in the dark-
05.Final Fantasy -I wanna dance-
06.Ph 1 -Sizzling love-
07.Kundalini -Placebo-
08.Van Basten -King of the death posture-
09.Dj Thoka -Let's celebrate-
10.Secret Alloy -Lost souls-
11.Rubicon Massacre Ltd -Piccadilly circus-
12.Minatory Mince -X-files-
01.Marc Green -Torus-
02.Cenith X -Feel-
03.Trance To Dance -155 bpm-
04.Union Jack -Red herring-
05.Dj M-Zone -Beyond reality-
06.Lazonby -Wave speech-
07.Source T-10 -Emotion-
08.Faxe Inc -Dark melody-
09.Alien Factory -Get the future started-
10.Neuroplex -We have to see-
11.Paragliders -Oasis-
12.The Dam -Miss rave-

Rave Mission IV CD1.T-01.Sequential One -Hands up-

Rave Mission IV CD1.T-05.Final Fantasy -I wanna dance-

Rave Mission IV CD1.T-07.Kundalini -Placebo-

Rave Mission IV CD1.T-10.Secret Alloy -Lost souls-

Rave Mission IV CD2.T-01.Marc Green -Torus-

Rave Mission IV CD2.T-03.Trance To Dance -155 bpm-

Rave Mission IV CD2.T-05.Dj M-Zone -Beyond reality-

Rave Mission IV CD2.T-10.Neuroplex -We have to see-

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