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Rave Mission Vol. 13

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. 13

Sub Terranean SPV 089-39172
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Robotnico -Backtired 2000- (Mega 'Lo Mania Remix)
02.Dj Yanny & The Paragod -Initialize- (Dj Framic Remix)
03.Dj Dean -Das magische auge-
04.Silent Harmony -You-
05.Energy Source -Everlasting fire-
06.Sakin & Friends -Protect your mind-
07.Exit EEE -Rainbow- (Vocal 12" Edit)
08.Club Disciples -Physically-
09.Heliac ft Dj Nic -The candle- (Astroline Remix)
10.Molecule -Secrets of space- (Club Mix)
11.Brainvibe -System of love-
12.Firedancer -Winter-
01.Code 37 -Astral- (Hardtrance Remix)
02.Plastic Angel -Schatten- (Extended Version)
03.Full House -On a housetrip-
04.Dj Crack -Brilliance- (Hardtrance Remix)
05.Elisir -The top- (Dj Alan Dexter Mix)
06.Mellow Tracks -In da house-
07.Magnetic Slides -Deep space-
08.Moulage -Caresse mon corps- (Airplay Mix)
09.Interrupt -Trancezendental- (De Donnatis Mix)
10.6-Traxx -Insanity-
11.Vector Mode -The way you talk- (Trance Trip Mix)
12.Diver & Ace -The mental thing- (Dj Taucher Remix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD1.T-01.Robotnico -Backtired 2000- (MegaLo Mania Rmx)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD1.T-03.Dj Dean -Das magische auge-

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD1.T-08.Club Disciples -Physically-

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD1.T-10.Molecule -Secrets of space- (Club Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD2.T-01.Code 37 -Astral- (Hardtrance Remix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD2.T-04.Dj Crack -Brilliance- (Hardtrance Remix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD2.T-08.Moulage -Caresse mon corps- (Airplay Mix)

Rave Mission Vol. 13 CD2.T-11.Vector Mode -The way you talk-

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