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Acid Flash Vol. 8

Varios - Acid Flash Vol. 8

Sub Terranean SPV 089-39032
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Trance, Acid
01.DDR & Geezer -Mad cows on acid- (Rozzers Dog Mix)
02.Dj Choci -Nu style acid-
03.Vibe Bar Rejects -Mardy alan-
04.DDR & Dave The Drummer -The goose-
05.Fixation -Intense-
06.Mirko Milano -Promodoro-
07.Wabun -Return of the acid bell-
08.Brain 10 -Under my command- (Domain Mix)
09.Regular Vibes -Egomaniac-
10.Dave The Drummer -Jacknife-
01.Illuminatus -It's a phunky, phunky world- (Remix)
02.Acid Junkies -Zurig- (Trope Remix)
03.Josh Abrahams -Step into paradise-
04.Steve Poindexter -Demolition-
05.Max From Sweden -Dinosaur lester-
06.Al Farris vs The Page Master -Fundamental-
07.Sharpshooter -97 yards- (Andreas Kramer Mix)
08.Brain 9 -I'm a nightmare-
09.DNS -Cyberline-
10.Junk Project -Eclipse one-
11.Departement Of Dance -VP-

Acid Flash Vol. 8 CD1.T-01.DDR & Geezer -Mad cows on acid- (Rozzers Dog Mix)

Acid Flash Vol. 8 CD1.T-06.Mirko Milano -Promodoro-

Acid Flash Vol. 8 CD1.T-10.Dave The Drummer -Jacknife-

Acid Flash Vol. 8 CD2.T-01.Illuminatus -It's a phunky, phunky world- (Remix)

Acid Flash Vol. 8 CD2.T-05.Max From Sweden -Dinosaur lester-

Acid Flash Vol. 8 CD2.T-10.Junk Project -Eclipse one-

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Acid Flash Vol. 7

Varios - Acid Flash Vol. 7

Sub Terranean SPV 089-47832
2 × CD, Compilation
Acid, Techno
01.Lochi -London acid city- (Original Mix)
02.Yaka Suki -Power cult-
03.Peacemaker -Adventures-
04.Rob Acid -Scabies-
05.Skinner -500 clubbers (1000 feet)-
06.Plastik -Hal & on-
07.Brain -Disorted dreams- (Reverb Mix)
08.Roger Devlin -Sportflugzeug-
09.Streetworker -Atomic playboy-
10.Andreas Kramer -Treibjagd-
01.Emmanuel Top -Turkish bazar- (Massimo Vivona Mix)
02.Kinetiko -D-Day-
03.The Fusionmen -Tri-phass one-
04.Reproach -Magnet 2000-
05.Magnetic Slides -Diabolo- ('97 Rmx)
06.Holy Spirit -Domini-
07.Ages Of Empire -Stone age-
08.Urhirn -The first 303- (Old Skool Mix)
09.Victims Of Lobotomie -The ticket-
10.Foxy 'n' Eagle -SWEAT-
11.Til & Ron -Str8- (Long version)

Acid Flash Vol. 7 CD1.T-01.Lochi -London acid city- (Original Mix)

Acid Flash Vol. 7 CD1.T-04.Rob Acid -Scabies-

Acid Flash Vol. 7 CD1.T-10.Andreas Kramer -Treibjagd-

Acid Flash Vol. 7 CD2.T-03.The Fusionmen -Tri-phass one-

Acid Flash Vol. 7 CD2.T-04.Reproach -Magnet 2000-

Acid Flash Vol. 7 CD2.T-10.Foxy 'n' Eagle -SWEAT-

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Acid Flash Vol. 6

Varios - Acid Flash Vol. 6

Sub Terranean SPV 089-47592
2 × CD, Compilation
Acid, Techno
01.Rebel Yelle -Lemon soul-
02.Chris Liberator -Soul mantra-
03.Madely -Shindo acid-
04.Racoon -What to be-
05.Brain -Observer- (Double Bass Mix)
06.VOODI Traxx -I can't keep back-
07.Intoxication -Walking-
08.Off Beats -Vibrations- (Original Mix)
09.TB Tuner -After works-
10.Regular Vibes -Sabrina-
11.Kind Of Intellegence -Pulsation-
01.Freddie Fresh -Psychopocalyp- (Drax Rmx)
02.Roland Casper -Strong box-
03.Group X -Tranze-
04.R-Damski -The lord-
05.Deluxe -Make you move-
06.Dj Apollo -Be true to your skool-
07.Party G -Somebody in a house-
08.Rob Acid -Up-
09.Mont Cenis Trax -Regardless-
10.Denmarque -Midlow-
11.Loke -Attack-

Acid Flash Vol. 6 CD1.T-01.Rebel Yelle -Lemon soul-

Acid Flash Vol. 6 CD1.T-04.Racoon -What to be-

Acid Flash Vol. 6 CD1.T-10.Regular Vibes -Sabrina-

Acid Flash Vol. 6 CD2.T-01.Freddie Fresh -Psychopocalyp- (Drax Rmx)

Acid Flash Vol. 6 CD2.T-04.R-Damski -The lord-

Acid Flash Vol. 6 CD2.T-09.Mont Cenis Trax -Regardless-

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Acid Flash Vol. V

Varios - Acid Flash Vol.V

Sub Terranean SPV DCD089-47552
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Acid
01.Dj EBO -One more-
02.Avalonge -Scream- (Acid Pimp Dub)
03.Brain -Acid fly-
04.Phuture Punk -Tranceplant-
05.Acid Funk -Acid funk-
06.Dj Uptide -Maxell-
07.Dielektrikum -Interstate-
08.Aircraft -Fiesta-
09.Deluxe -Lickin'-
10.Dj EBO -Acid trek-
11.18-DB -The android-
12.Victims Of Lobotomie -Voodoo roots-
01.Josh Wink -Stairway to headphones- (Dj Slip Rmx)
02.Manual -Fallen-
03.Testlab -Virtual funk-
04.Acid Junkies -Space frame-
05.TB303 Punkt -Multiplex-
06.Prologue -Short circuit-
07.Cascade -Art of choice-
08.Theriot -The wicked-
09.Perpetuum Mobile -Gate 8-
10.Rob Acid -Der agent-
11.Urhirn-BSE -Infiziert- (Dirty Acid Mix)

Acid Flash Vol. V CD1.T-01.Dj EBO -One more-

Acid Flash Vol. V CD1.T-04.Phuture Punk -Tranceplant-

Acid Flash Vol. V CD1.T-11.18-DB -The android-

Acid Flash Vol. V CD2.T-01.Josh Wink -Stairway to headphones- (Dj Slip Rmx)

Acid Flash Vol. V CD2.T-06.Prologue -Short circuit-

Acid Flash Vol. V CD2.T-10.Rob Acid -Der agent-

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Acid Flash Vol. 4

Varios - Acid Flash Vol. 4

Sub Terranean SPV 089-47322
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Acid
01.N-Son-X -Humanoid-
02.New Moon -I know what U R thinking-
03.Spick & Span -Subway-
04.Dj Tomcraft -Unicum-
05.Lumo -One & only-
06.TB Turner -Racha-
07.Nuclear Hyde -Running man-
08.Patchwork -Guinean folks-
09.Repulsor -Sentimental circuit-
10.Framic -The dark side of light-
11.D-Fence & Confusion -Destruction-
01.Victims Of Lobotomie -House muzik-
02.Brain1 -Brain1-
03.John Chevalier -Phuture power- (Toja Remix)
04.18-dB -Pattern war-
05.Nectar -Girl he's fine-
06.Acid Device -Eject-
07.Oddball -Fear of death-
08.Laux & Olsson -Streichholz-
09.Church Window -Switch board-
10.Denmarque -So high-
11.A Dreams A -Piquant- (Vorsicht Kinder Mix)

Acid Flash Vol. 4 CD1.T-01.N-Son-X -Humanoid-

Acid Flash Vol. 4 CD1.T-05.Lumo -One & only-

Acid Flash Vol. 4 CD1.T-10.Framic -The dark side of light-

Acid Flash Vol. 4 CD2.T-03.John Chevalier -Phuture power- (Toja Remix)

Acid Flash Vol. 4 CD2.T-07.Oddball -Fear of death-

Acid Flash Vol. 4 CD2.T-09.Church Window -Switch board-

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Acid Flash Vol. III

Varios - Acid Flash Vol. III

Sub Terranean SPV 089-47082
2 × CD, Compilation
Acid, Techno
01.N.R.G Jams -Acid NRG-
02.Junk Project Vol.1 -Braintool-
03.Riot Rhythm -Secret pattern-
04.Rubicon Massacre Ltd -The lash v.1.1-
05.Assym -Enjoy the creation-
06.Andrei Morant -Reality-
07.Huntemann -Turn it up-
08.Nip Collective -Track 1 Side A-
09.SPAX -Hip-
10.Jan Driver -Arp impression Pt 3-
01.The Noodle Project -Search for experience-
02.Plural -Strong fish taste-
03.Nostrum -Acid house..acid-
04.Junk Project Vol.II -Exceed-
05.Baj Ram -Fusion drive-
06.Jet-Set -We are not-
07.Acid Device -Accent-
08.Terratropin -Get out- (Terra C Mix)
09.Titan & Red Acid Jack -Blame groove-
10.Cellblock X -Countbasic-
11.Rob Acid -Berlin-

Acid Flash Vol. III CD1.T-01.N.R.G Jams -Acid NRG-

Acid Flash Vol. III CD1.T-05.Assym -Enjoy the creation-

Acid Flash Vol. III CD1.T-09.SPAX -Hip-

Acid Flash Vol. III CD2.T-02.Plural -Strong fish taste-

Acid Flash Vol. III CD2.T-05.Baj Ram -Fusion drive-

Acid Flash Vol. III CD2.T-09.Titan & Red Acid Jack -Blame groove-

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Acid Flash Vol. II

Varios - Acid Flash Vol. II

Sub Terranean SPV 089-38672
2 × CD, Compilation
Acid, Hard Trance
01.Future Breeze -Heulender wolf-
02.Synaesthesia -Synaesthesia-
03.Parts Of Console -Cell-
04.Dual Mont -Southern hemisphere-
05.Komatsu -Input transformer-
06.Interrupt -Upside down-
07.Tesox -Go ahead London-
08.Alien Factory -Get the future started- (Remix)
09.D-Fence & Confusion -Water for the journey-
10.Caterpillar -Lost in 303-
11.As Usual -Rauchzeichen-
01.Kenton Connection -Touch me-
02.Brainvibe -Its hot- (Wippenberg Mix)
03.Acut Genius -Evolution-
04.Naomi -Leak-
05.ASYS -Acid train-
06.Fast Trac -Inertia-
07.Kevin Mo -Walking-
08.Nature Party -Stoned nation-
09.N-Son-X -All bitches-
10.Nature Party -Wrong is right-
11.Dennmarque -Weed wood-

Acid Flash Vol. II CD1.T-01.Future Breeze -Heulender wolf-

Acid Flash Vol. II CD1.T-06.Interrupt -Upside down-

Acid Flash Vol. II CD1.T-09.D-Fence & Confusion -Water for the journey-

Acid Flash Vol. II CD2.T-03.Acut Genius -Evolution-

Acid Flash Vol. II CD2.T-05.ASYS -Acid train-

Acid Flash Vol. II CD2.T-09.N-Son-X -All bitches-

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Acid Flash Vol. I

Varios - Acid Flash Vol. I

Sub Terranean SPV 089-38422
2 × CD, Compilation
Hard Trance, Acid, Techno
01.Solar Quest -Acid air raid (George's all nighter)-
02.Never -Hellbent-
03.Toja -I won't stop-
04.Systemshock -Seduction-
05.Acut Genius -Formic acid-
06.Tranceatlantic -Snatch-
07.Evective Scene -New dimension-
08.Voodooamt -Voodoo- (No Soul Mix)
09.Item One -The whip-
10.Titan & Red Acid Jack -Re-set-
11.Rob Acid -Why-
01.Ascorbin Acid -Sweet liberty-
02.L'Age Synthetique -Do you-
03.Terratropin -Channel pressure-
04.Free Radicals -Indianapolis-
05.THC -Walk in Chicago-
06.Suprarenin -Das elend-
07.Heiko Laux -Seismic acid-
08.Origin -Acid!-
09.Acid Warrior -Chordakanal-
10.C'Hantal -The realm- (Hardfloor Mix)

Acid Flash Vol. I CD1.T-01.Solar Quest -Acid air raid (George's all nighter)-

Acid Flash Vol. I CD1.T-05.Acut Genius -Formic acid-

Acid Flash Vol. I CD1.T-10.Titan & Red Acid Jack -Re-set-

Acid Flash Vol. I CD2.T-01.L'Age Syntetique -Do you-

Acid Flash Vol. I CD2.T-05.07.Heiko Laux -Seismic acid-

Acid Flash Vol. I CD2.T-08.Origin -Acid!-

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Litoral Mix

Varios - Litoral Mix

Music Factory CD-2038
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno, Makina
01.The Litoral Boys -Abuela esto esta de muerte-
02.Dj Supreme -Thanmilostyle- (Remix)
03.The Trainouters -The train-
04.Wally -Baisakhi-
05.Traxforma -Technology-
06.The Chillouters -Cool sensation-
07.Shinobi -Ymartha-
08.Rice Bros -Why you don't want to dance-
09.Ex-3 -Papapipas. (Remix)
10.Mirror -A contratiempo-
11.Emphasi -Dry 20-
01.Rosie Gaines -Closer than close-
02.Loopmania -Disco-
03.Robin -Homes of love-
04.Dejavu -Don't speak-
05.What's Up -Celebration-
06.Ultra Face -Speed garage-
07.Sex Alarm -Flying games-
08.Favela -Sambateria-
09.Sand & The Sunsine -Dancing with the radio-
10.Lorna B -I'm on fire-
11.Chetz Master Xavi -Abuela-

Litoral Mix CD1.T-04.Wally -Baisakhi-

Litoral Mix CD1.T-06.The Chillouters -Cool sensation-

Litoral Mix CD1.T-07.Shinobi -Ymartha-

Litoral Mix CD2.T-07.Sex Alarm -Flying games-

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Techno Traka 2

Varios - Techno Traka 2

Area Internacional TTK002-CD
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno, Makina
01.Lethal -Detonativo-
02.M.T.M. -Ah Pi...Pi..-
03.Stephanie D. -Dancing with tears in my eyes-
04.Dr. Kucho! -The party is over-
05.Metro -Russian energy-
06.D.S.P. -Give me body-
07.Atlantis -Em netisçya-
08.Deee Maestro -Loco-
09.Spanic -Sister golden hair-
10.2 In Line -Viva la revolucion-
11.Tones Energy -Drop pressure-
12.Mortis Mix -Cabaret twins-
13.Miguel Stronz -Pressence of love-
14.Snake -Beat bass-
15.Central Rock -Viva Alemania-
16.J.O.G.A.T. Corp. -I got the feeling-

Techno Traka 2 T-02.M.T.M. -Ah Pi...Pi..-

Techno Traka 2 T-05.Metro -Russian energy-

Techno Traka 2 T-07.Atlantis -Em netisçya-

Techno Traka 2 T-08.Deee Maestro -Loco-

Techno Traka 2 T-11.Tones Energy -Drop pressure-

Techno Traka 2 T-14.Snake -Beat bass-

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Techno Traka

Varios - Techno Traka

Area Internacional TTK0001-CD
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno, Makina
01.Kike Jaen -Boicamph project- (Test 1)
02.Mortis Mix Medium Orient Rhythm -The islamic song- (Unstoppable Mix)
03.Tiranotour -Tirano saurius- (Dance Version)
04.After Revolution -After revolution- (Western Mix)
05.House Corporation -Do you want my love-
06.Double Exc-Ess -Hunting high and low-
07.G.F.K. -People- (Khertz Mix)
08.J. Asimov -Cybernetic robot-
09.Miguel Stronz -Si tu me dices ven- (Mix 1)
10.Tur-Mix -Mortis-Mix-
11.Pumped Up Funk -Pumped up funk- (Asacmix)
12.Face The Bass -Time time- (Bass Mix)
13.Joan Monleon -Tacirupeca- (Valencia Mix)
14.Miguel Stronz -Ven Ven Mix-
15.Techno Traka Megamix

Techno Traka T-01.Kike Jaen -Boicamph project- (Test 1)

Techno Traka T-05.House Corporation -Do you want my love-

Techno Traka T-08.J. Asimov -Cybernetic robot-

Techno Traka T-10.Tur-Mix -Mortis-Mix-

Techno Traka T-13.Joan Monleon -Tacirupeca- (Valencia Mix)

Techno Traka T-15.Techno Traka Megamix

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Sash! - S4! Sash!

Sash! - S4! Sash!

Virgin 7243 812864 2 5
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Trance
03.I believe (ft T.J. Davis)
04.The sunset
05.The secret (ft Sarah Brightman)
06.Run (ft Boy George)
08.Nessun Dorma
09.Luna Llena (ft La Isla)
11.Peace of mind (ft Kristin)
12.Baila loca
13.Stop pushin' (ft Marvin Broadie)
14.S4 Sash!
15.The walk
16.Don't be so rude

Sash! -S 4 Sash!- T-02.Ganbareh

Sash! -S 4 Sash!- T-06.Run

Sash! -S 4 Sash!- T-10.Habibi

Sash! -S 4 Sash!- T-12.Baila loca

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