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Dance Division Collection 11

Varios - Dance Division Collection 11

Pink Records PK-147 CD
2x CD, Compilation
01.Dj Golo -Destiny 1994-
02.Dj 10 -Mother funk-
03.Televission -Bang the drums-
04.Universe Tears -My world-
05.Test Memory -No friends-
06.Teknoscope -Party moving-
07.Footclub -Pop master-
08.J. Project -Let me hear-
09.Galaxy Love -Ray of light-
10.Magic Vission -Drop my love-
01.Full Stop -On the turntable-
02.J. Golo -Grove-
03.Pleasure -Pump that bass-
04.Z-31 -Hapiness-
05.Screaming Tecnology -Brack me-
06.Ides of March -House of joy-
07.Blue Nation -Scratching-
08.J.G. Dream -Sweet kisses-
09.Love Terminal -Stay with me-
10.Special Turntable Mix by Dj J. Golo

DDC 11 CD1.T-03.Televission -Bang the drums-

DDC 11 CD2.T-01.Full Stop -On the turntable-

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Dance Division Collection 10

Varios - Dance Division Collection 10

Pink Records PK-143 CD
2x CD, Compilation
Techno, Hard Trance
01.J. Golo -I'm the creator-
02.Television -How do you say-
03.Dj Mask -The rebel mask-
04.Tambourines -Tekno base-
05.Pleasure -Atention!!!-
06.Z-31 -Looking good-
07.Future Driver -Symphony for the future-
08.Pitch Black -In the name of love-
09.Fear lab -Feel the pain-
10.Teknoscope -Your own reality-
01.The Specials -Universal sound-
02.Great Priest -Ave maria-
03.J. Project -We like the party-
04.Blue Nation -Can you fell it-
05.Ides of March -Outland-
06.Dr Xtreme -What's is life-
07.Big One -Tha music-
08.Weatherman -Hot, isn't it-
09.J.G. Dream -My mind-
10.Dj J. Golo Turntable Mix

DDC 10 CD1.T-01.J. Golo -I'm the creator-

DDC 10 CD1.T-08.Pitch Black -In the name of love-

DDC 10 CD2.T-03.J. Project -We like the party-

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Dance Division Collection 9

Varios - Dance Division Collection 9

Pink Records  PK 142
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Dj Javi G -You got me-
02.Test Memory -Between the Universe-
03.Dj 10 -Kick time-
04.Televission -Space ship-
05.Dj Mask vs Dj Andres -Azid music-
06.N. York vs Chururito -Radikal sistem-
07.Magicvission vs Dj Laura -Magic world-
08.Great Priest -Pure-
09.Javi Golo & Peke Albeza -Open the sky-
10.Full Stop -Are you ready-
01.Locomotion -Jam is here-
02.Tom Tool -Rock your body-
03.Into The Time -Close your eyes-
04.Mind Tripp -Pulse of life-
05.Men Without Freedom -The house-
06.Blue Nation
07.J. Dream -Look to the phuture-
08.Footclub -Walking on the floor-
09.The Pink Light -We need your energy-
10.Special Turntable Mix

DDC 9 CD1.T-01.Dj Javi G -You got me-

DDC 9 CD1.T-06.N. York vs Chururito -Radikal sistem-

DDC 9 CD2.T-02.Tom Tool -Rock your body-

DDC 9 CD2.T- 07.J. Dream -Look to the phuture-

DDC 9 CD2.T-10.Special Turntable Mix

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Dance Division Collection 8

Varios - Dance Division Collection 8

Pink Records PK 140
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Hard Trance
01.Javi Golo -This is not a test-
02.Televission -We gonna make your fuckers-
03.Test Memory -Adventure-
04.Pitch Black -Future-
05.Dj 10 -The sound of now-
06.Pleasure -Musica fuerte-
07.Magic Vission -Cyberworld-
08.Dj Mask -Trance experience-
09.Locomotion -Signal out-
10.Tom Tool -Over drum-
01.Tambourines -Waiting for you-
02.New York -World Wide Web-
03.Into The Time -I got-
04.J.G. Project -Dance dream-
05.House Vamp -The night-
06.Lord At Work -It's hot-
07.The Pink Light -Together-
08.Javi Golo -Welcome-
09.Televission -It's a dream-
10.Radio Mix

DDC 8 CD1.T-02.Televission -We gonna make your fuckers-

DDC 8 CD1.T-06.Pleasure -Musica fuerte-

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Dance Division Collection 7

Varios - Dance Division Collection 7

Pink Records PK-130
2x CD, Compilation
Techno, Hard Trance
01.Dj 10 -Kick time-
02.Hamlet ft Lugosi -The law-
03.Javi Golo -Ilusion-
04.Televission -Now freak-
05.Dj Mask -My body-
06.Hacker -After life-
07.Locomotion -In your life-
08.Groove 10 -Black-
09.Dj Justo -Poing-
10.Dj Shadow -Bass energy-
01.Psycho -Splash-
02.Pako Mikro -Cybercortex-
03.Dj Evolutioon -Total power-
04.Abyss -S.blood-
05.Marmot Sound -Artichoke-
06.Anestesya -The spring-
07.Tom Tool -Tam-xplosion-
08.T.B.S. -Trax trance-
09.No Way Out -Say yeath-
10.Radio Mix

DDC 7 CD1.T-03.Javi Golo -Ilusion-

DDC 7 CD1.T-05.Dj Mask -My body-

DDC 7 CD2.T-06.Anestesya -The spring-

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Dance Division Collection 6

Varios - Dance Division Collection 6

Pink Records PK 124
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Hard Trance
01.Dj 10 -Voyage-
02.Javi Golo & Peke Albeza -Shallow-
03.Televission -5 Mlgrs- (Remix)
04.Pleasure -Base 118-
05.Two Friends -And...other-
06.A.D.N. -No more- (Remix)
07.Jazz -Coc-x-
08.Jose Rives & Javi Golo -Tierra de nadie-
09.Speed Vinyl -Toom-
10.Kema -Power-
01.Javi Golo & Peke Albeza -The stand-
02.Anestesya -The machine- (Remix)
03.Indiano -Body and soul- (Remix)
04.Crazy Brain -Tros-k-
05.Dj 10 -Poison-
06.Pitch Black -Save the day-
07.Super Great -Acid dream-
08.Speed Vinyl -Cosmic object- (Remix)
09.Sound Tune -Hard night-
10.Radio Mix by Javi Golo

DDC 6 CD1.T-03.Televission -5 Mlgrs- (Remix)

DDC 6 CD1.T-04.Pleasure -Base 118-

DDC 6 CD1.T-10.Kema -Power-

DDC 6 CD2.T-02.Anestesya -The machine- (Remix)

DDC 6 CD2.T-06.Pitch Black -Save the day-

DDC 6 CD2.T-10.Radio Mix by Javi Golo

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Dance Division Collection 5

Varios - Dance Division Collection 5

Pink Records PK-110
2x CD, Compilation
Techno, Hard Trance, Tech House
01.New York -Twice-
02.Tambourines -I save you-
03.Full Stop -House of-
04.Two Friends -No friend of mine-
05.Speed Vinyl -Cosmic object-
06.Televission -Feel allright-
07.Javi Golo & Peke Albeza -This is no house-
08.Locomotion -Analog x2-
09.Pleasure -Hardcore power-
10.A.D.N. -Fuckin your ass-
01.Delirium -The other machine-
02.Televission -Wicked plastic-
03.Groove 10 -Dance all night-
04.Full Stop -The power-
05.Ke.Ma -Get up-
06.Super Great -Xx2-
07.Sound Tune -Vbm-
08.Anestesia -The machine-
09.Dj Shadow -Tribacid-
10.Megamix Radio Edit

DDC 5 CD1.T-01.New York -Twice-

DDC 5 CD1.T-06.Televission -Feel allright-

DDC 5 CD1.T-09.Pleasure -Hardcore power-

DDC 5 CD2.T-02.Televission -Wicked plastic-

DDC 5 CD2.T-08.Anestesia -The machine-

DDC 5 CD2.T- 10.Megamix Radio Edit

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Dance Division Collection 4

Varios - Dance Division Collection 4

Pink Records PK-096
2 × CD, Compilation
Hard Trance, Techno
01.Dj 10 -Love time-
02.Televission -Some come in-
03.House Vamp -Vamp-
04.High Speed -Phase 7-
05.Extra -Great bass-
06.Vatios -Controlled-
07.Dj Mask -In Africa- (Teknoketch)
08.New York -Let's play-
09.Cuckoo -A time to time-
10.Hamlet -To be track-
01.Pin Ball -Techno-Love-
02.Televission -Count down-
03.Supreme -Tripped up-
04.Dj Shadow -Baby-
05.Locomotion -Black party- (Underground mix)
06.New York -Happy groove-
07.House Vamp -Trance Silvania-
08.Dj Mask -Afritrance-
09.High Speed -Paradise-
10.Megamix J. Golo & J. Rives

DDC 4 CD1.T-01.Dj 10 -Love time-

DDC 4 CD1.T-05.Extra -Great bass- 

DDC 4 CD1.T-07.Dj Mask -In Africa- (Teknoketch)

DDC 4 CD2.T-01.Pin Ball -Techno-Love-

DDC 4 CD2.T- 04.Dj Shadow -Baby-

DDC 4 CD2.T-09.High Speed -Paradise-

DDC 4 CD2.T-10.Megamix J. Golo & J. Rives

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Dance Division Collection 3

Varios - Dance Division Collection 3

Pink Records PK-082
2 × CD, Compilation
Hard Trance, Makina
01.Tambourines -Never wild-
02.Watercolour -Water world-
03.DD Vol.15 -Rave go!-
04.Mistic Ocean -School-
05.Dj Shadow -House-
06.A.D.N. -No more-
07.Fumanchu -Fumanchu base-
08.Karnak -Speed beat-
09.Televission -Techno vision-
10.New York -House time-
11.Vatios -Fantastic-
12.Indiano -Body and soul-
01.Page 29 -Come on move-
02.New York -Crossfire-
03.Pitch Black -Revenge-
04.Dc10 -Shake up-
05.Extra -A song for dance-
06.Team Dj's Metro -Up the bass-
07.Alteration -Fresh-
08.Elephant -X.T.C.-
09.Universe -Universe-
10.Full Stop -Hand over-
11.Watercolour -Heaven-
12.Mix Radio Edit

DDC 3 CD1.T-01.Tambourines -Never wild-

DDC 3 CD1.T-04.Mistic Ocean -School-

DDC 3 CD1.T-06.A.D.N. -No more-

DDC 3 CD2-T-02.New York -Crossfire-

DDC 3 CD2.T-10.Full Stop -Hand over-

DDC3 CD2.T-12.Mix Radio Edit

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Dance Division Collection 2

Varios - Dance Division Collection 2

Pink Records PK-056 CD
2x CD, Compilation
Techno, Hard Trance
01.Tambourines -Dance to the house-
02.Metro -Digital track-
03.Televission -Five mg-
04.Tutti Fruti -Dd vol.1-
05.Confussion -Money-
06.Karnak -Muchacho tv rmx-
07.Black Sound -Trance in-
08.Potenzia -People of potenzia-
09.Explosione -Kimika-
10.Locomotion -Vocal base-
11.S.O.S. -The bass-
12.What Noise -Dd vol.2-
01.C.E.E. Rave -Dd vol.1-
02.Locomotion -Locomotion-
03.Intruder -Dd vol.2-
04.Explosione -Polizai-
05.Prophania -Dd vol.2-
06.Kaos Bass -Dd vol.1-
07.Confusion -Cause confusion-
08.Hard Chorus -Dd vol.2-
09.S.O.S. -Alert-
10.Locomotion -Open your mind-
11.Mind -Dd vol.2-
12.+Bonus -Hardcore-
13.Radio Mix

DDC 2 CD1.T-01.Tambourines -Dance to the house-

DDC 2 CD1.T-03.Televission -Five mg-

DDC 2 CD2.T-01.C.E.E. Rave -Dd vol.1-

DDC 2 CD2.T-04.Explosione -Polizai-

DDC 2 CD2.T-10.Locomotion -Open your mind-

DDC 2 CD2.T-13.Radio Mix

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Dance Division Collection

Varios - Dance Division Collection

Pink Records PK-044 CD
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Tambourines -Unknown-
02.Rrr...ight -Technophobia- (Mix '95)
03.Dinamic -Boomerang-
04.Televission -Some come in-
05.New York -Worldwide-
06.Karnak -I'm sorry- (Mix '95)
07.Vatios -Shock-
01.Dc10 -Time to jam-
02.Televission -Claps by cramps-
03.Dj Revolution -El muro- (Rmx '95)
04.Radioactivity -Fm paradise-
05.Logical -Critical-
06.Metro -Metrobass- (Mix '95)
07.Zero 5 -Venne-
08.Spaceman -In your memory-

DDC CD1.T-01.Tambourines -Unknown-

DDC CD1.T-04.Televission -Some come in-

DDC CD1.T-07.Vatios -Shock-

DDC CD2.T-01.Dc10 -Time to jam-

DDC CD2.T-02.Televission -Claps by cramps-

DDC CD2.T-06.Metro -Metrobass- (Mix '95)

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Danger Mix 2

Varios - Danger Mix 2

Danger Music AZ-038-CD
1 x CD, Compilation  
Euro House, Makina
01.Danger Mix 2 mezclado por Plastic Team Dj's
02.Robert Miles -Children-
03.2 Fabiola -Lift U up-
04.Nacho Division -Controla 2-
05.Ex-3 -Ex-p-cial-
06.Kubik -Kubiko-
07.D-Sigual -D-sigual-
08.The Rebote -Sound of future-
09.Kriss -Tonight-
10.Eternity -Is this love-
11.Kike Boy -I'm the creator-
12.Demolition -News-
13.Omega -Transformer-
14.The Rebote -Paranoiko man-

Danger Mix 2 T-04.Nacho Division -Controla 2-

Danger Mix 2 T-12.Demolition -News-

Danger Mix 2 T-13.Omega -Transformer-

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Danger Mix

Varios - Danger Mix

Danger Music AZ-031-CD
2 x CD, Compilation 
Euro House, Acid, Makina, Techno
01.Danger Mix Mix por Skoria
02.2 Fabiola -Play this song-
03.Sensity World -Get it up-
04.Pizzaman -Sex on the streets-
05.Dagon -Boom chaka-
06.PG-2 -Space dream-
07.ACTV -Find your dream in ACTV-
08.Generis -Dreams-
09.Tranx-Mission -Mishale-
10.Whigfield -Think of you-
11.El Coronel -Rap-O clap-O-
01.New Limit -Scream-
02.Ex-3 -Extres-
03.Tom Wilson -Techno cat-
04.Kike Boy & Demolition -Basic 2-
05.Dj Misjah & Dj Tim -Access-
06.Lil' Louis -French kiss '95- (Rail Mix)
07.Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy -Tempo festa-
08.Skoria -Voy a quemar la pista-
09.Winx -Don't laugh-
10.COP Made In Valencia -Bombo-

Danger Mix CD1.T-01.Danger Mix Mix por Skoria

Danger Mix CD1.T-05.Dagon -Boom chaka-

Danger Mix CD1.T-07.ACTV -Find your dream in ACTV-

Danger Mix CD1.T-09.Tranx-Mission -Mishale-

Danger Mix CD2.T-07.Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy -Tempo festa-

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It's Your Time

Varios - It's Your Time

Vale Music VLCD 944 CDTV
3 x CD, Compilation
Techno, Euro House, Hard Trance
01.It's your time Mix Long Version
02.Now! -Let's make love-
03.Fraktal 4 -The promised land-
04.K.L.J. -Everything gonna be alright-
05.TCP -Lovin' you-
06.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives-
07.Koala -Australia-
08.Gimmickk -Why you wanna hurt me-
09.Moon -My heart will go on-
10.Gala -Come into my life-
11.Jerry Daley -Gold-
12.Penetrator -Love entry-
13.Bobby D'Ambrossio ft Michelle Weeks -Moment of my life-
14.Rosie Gaines -Closer than close-
15.Staxx -Joy-
16.The Benedict Brothers -Honey child-
01.Dsigual vol.3 -Back order-
02.Shinobi -This is the real thing-
03.Bionnic -Blue day-
04.Chicane -Lost you somewhere-
05.Rhythm Masters -Come on y'all-
06.Global Trance Mission -Dream mission-
07.Mac Zimms -L'anouce des couleurs-
08.Dj Supreme vs Rhythm Masters -Enter the scene-
09.Dj Neil -Rain (I want a divorce)-
10.Rozzo -Into your heart-
11.Techni-kl -Don't stop the moby-
12.Greensleeves -Personal-
13.Scott Box -People have sex-
14.Groove Masters -Give you up-
15.Midnight Experience -Lemon juice-
16.Dinamic Duet -Pussy-Posse-
01.Fraktal 4 -The promised land- (Original Radio Edit)
02.Xavi Metralla -Metramorphosis-
03.D-Trance -Hymn-
04.Cocooma -The escape-
05.Barbarian -Teology civilization-
06.Jordi Beat & J&J Djs -La festa-
07.Spektral -Ho whao-
08.Toni Flash pres Cocoom -Cocoom-
09.8 Next Generation -Like a cycle-
10.Dj Peter -Put your hands in the air-
11.Kuantize -Overflow-
12.Bubbles -Bidibodi bidibu-
13.Sistema 3 -A present for you-
14.Interplanet -Perpignan-
15.Ray & God -Realease of fantasy-
16.Citizen X -Lonely days-

It's Your Time CD1.T-01.It's your time Mix Long Version

It's Your Time CD1.T-07.Koala -Australia-

It's Your Time CD1.T-12.Penetrator -Love entry-

It's Your Time CD2.T-06.Global Trance Mission -Dream mission-

It's Your Time CD2.T-09.Dj Neil -Rain (I want a divorce)-

It's Your Time CD2.T-16.Dinamic Duet -Pussy-Posse-

It's Your Time CD3.T-06.Jordi Beat & J&J Djs -La festa-

It's Your Time CD3.T-16.Citizen X -Lonely days-

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