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It's Your Time

Varios - It's Your Time

Vale Music VLCD 944 CDTV
3 x CD, Compilation
Techno, Euro House, Hard Trance
01.It's your time Mix Long Version
02.Now! -Let's make love-
03.Fraktal 4 -The promised land-
04.K.L.J. -Everything gonna be alright-
05.TCP -Lovin' you-
06.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives-
07.Koala -Australia-
08.Gimmickk -Why you wanna hurt me-
09.Moon -My heart will go on-
10.Gala -Come into my life-
11.Jerry Daley -Gold-
12.Penetrator -Love entry-
13.Bobby D'Ambrossio ft Michelle Weeks -Moment of my life-
14.Rosie Gaines -Closer than close-
15.Staxx -Joy-
16.The Benedict Brothers -Honey child-
01.Dsigual vol.3 -Back order-
02.Shinobi -This is the real thing-
03.Bionnic -Blue day-
04.Chicane -Lost you somewhere-
05.Rhythm Masters -Come on y'all-
06.Global Trance Mission -Dream mission-
07.Mac Zimms -L'anouce des couleurs-
08.Dj Supreme vs Rhythm Masters -Enter the scene-
09.Dj Neil -Rain (I want a divorce)-
10.Rozzo -Into your heart-
11.Techni-kl -Don't stop the moby-
12.Greensleeves -Personal-
13.Scott Box -People have sex-
14.Groove Masters -Give you up-
15.Midnight Experience -Lemon juice-
16.Dinamic Duet -Pussy-Posse-
01.Fraktal 4 -The promised land- (Original Radio Edit)
02.Xavi Metralla -Metramorphosis-
03.D-Trance -Hymn-
04.Cocooma -The escape-
05.Barbarian -Teology civilization-
06.Jordi Beat & J&J Djs -La festa-
07.Spektral -Ho whao-
08.Toni Flash pres Cocoom -Cocoom-
09.8 Next Generation -Like a cycle-
10.Dj Peter -Put your hands in the air-
11.Kuantize -Overflow-
12.Bubbles -Bidibodi bidibu-
13.Sistema 3 -A present for you-
14.Interplanet -Perpignan-
15.Ray & God -Realease of fantasy-
16.Citizen X -Lonely days-

It's Your Time CD1.T-01.It's your time Mix Long Version

It's Your Time CD1.T-07.Koala -Australia-

It's Your Time CD1.T-12.Penetrator -Love entry-

It's Your Time CD2.T-06.Global Trance Mission -Dream mission-

It's Your Time CD2.T-09.Dj Neil -Rain (I want a divorce)-

It's Your Time CD2.T-16.Dinamic Duet -Pussy-Posse-

It's Your Time CD3.T-06.Jordi Beat & J&J Djs -La festa-

It's Your Time CD3.T-16.Citizen X -Lonely days-

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Ni un brillo la página culiá....sin links de descarga !!!!

Anónimo dijo...

Gran album amigo. Gracias.

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