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Bolero Mix 20

Varios - Bolero Mix 20

Blanco y Negro MXCD1396
3 x CD, Compilation 
Italo-Disco, Acid, Euro House, Trance
01.Bolero Mix 20 Megamix
02.Fancy -Bolero-
03.Ken Laszlo -Tonight-
04.Sabrina -Boys boys boys-
05.Off -Electrica salsa (Baba baba)-
06.Capella -Bauhaus-
07.Raul -Guitarra-
08.Green Ice -A happier time-
09.Ralphi Rosario -I want you-
01.Westbam -Monkey say monkey do-
02.49ers -Touch me-
03.Raul Orellana -Real wild house-
04.Twenty 4 Seven -I can't stand it-
05.Hi-Power -Cult of snap-
06.Guru Josh -Infinity-
07.Antico -We need freedom-
08.Chimo Bayo -Asi me gusta a mi-
09.Ellegibo -Ellegibo-
10.Corona -The rhythm of the night-
11.Ramirez -El gallinero-
12.Ice Mc -It's a rainy day-
13.X-Samar -Se fue-
01.Alexia -Me and you-
02.N-Trance -Stayin' alive-
03.Z-100 -Arrivarriva-
04.Paradisio -Bailando-
05.Gala -Come into my life-
06.Groovy 69 -Stardust medley with dust-
07.Three Drives On A Vinyl -Greece 2000-
08.Dj Jean -The launch-
09.BBE -Seven days and one week-
10.Negrocan -Cada vez-
11.Eiffel 65 ft Franco Battiato -80's stars-
12.Milk & Sugar vs Paul John -Love is in the air-
13.Jakatta ft Seal -My vision-


Bolero Mix 20 CD1.T-01.Bolero Mix 20 Megamix Parte 1

Bolero Mix 20 CD1.T-01.Bolero Mix 20 Megamix Parte 2

Bolero Mix 20 CD1.T-08.Green Ice -A happier time-

Bolero Mix 20 CD2.T-01.Westbam -Monkey say monkey do-

Bolero Mix 20 CD3.T-12.Milk & Sugar vs Paul John -Love is in the air-

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Bolero Mix 19

Varios - Bolero Mix 19

Blanco y Negro MXCD1278CD CTV
2 x CD, Compilation 
Euro House, Electro
01.Lasgo -Pray-
02.Sash feat Boy George -Run-
03.De Nuit -All that mattered-
04.Jakatta feat Seal -My vision-
05.Mambana -No reason-
06.Db Boulevard -Believe-
07.Cassius -The sound of violence-
08.Dj Chus feat Groove Foundation -That feeling-
09.D-Other -Reaching for the stars-
10.Giorgio -Tanga-
11.2B Funk -Eternity-
12.Prezioso feat Marvin -Somebody-
13.Tim Deluxe -It just won't do-
14.Octave One feat Ann Saunderson -Black Water-
15.Avancada -Money for nothing-
16.Daddy Dj -Over you- (Ian Van Dahl remix)
17.Studio 45 pres Joe & Jessey -Pure Honey-
18.Sunblind -Believe- (Nu NRG remix)
19.Kelly Llorenna -Tell it to my heart- (Ian Van Dahl remix)
01.Tyfoon -Promised land-
02.Robbie Rivera -The hum melody-
03.John Silver -Come on over-
04.David Guetta -Love don't le me go-
05.Thick D -Insatiable-
06.Fuel 2 Fire -Fuel to fire-
07.Rocco -Drop the bass- (Aquagen Remix)
08.Le Vibe feat evelyn Thomas -High energy-
09.Il Padrinos feat J. Brown -That's how good your love is-
10.Colorsound -Fly with me-
11.Boriqua Bandits -Midnight Expresso-
12.G-Club pres Banda Sonora -Pressure Cooker-
13.Sash -Ganbareh-
14.Svenson & Gielen -Answer the question-
15.Jan Vervloet -Find-
16.Paul Masterson pres Sushi -The earthshaker-
17.Groovelikers -Grooveliker-
18.Steve Jerkin feat Dj Macy -Dancing with tears in my eyes-
19.Lack of fear -With arguments-

Bolero Mix 19 Spot TV

Bolero Mix 19 CD1.T-04.Jakatta feat Seal -My vision-

Bolero Mix 19 CD1.T-07.Cassius -The sound of violence-

Bolero Mix 19 CD1.T-15.Avancada -Money for nothing-

Bolero Mix 19 CD2.T-01.Tyfoon -Promised land-

Bolero Mix 19 CD2.T-03.John Silver -Come on over-

Bolero Mix 19 CD2.T-10.Colorsound -Fly with me-

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Bolero Mix 18

Varios - Bolero Mix 18

Blanco y Negro MXCD1197CD CTV
3 x CD, Compilation  
House, Techno, Synth-Pop
01.Eiffel 65 ft Franco Battiato -80's stars-
02.S.H.E. -Can't get out of my head-
03.Riva ft Danni Minogue -Who do you love now-
04.Transfer -Possession-
05.Roger Sanchez -Another chance- (Tom De Neef Remix)
06.Milk & Sugar vs John Paul John ft Jack Flash -Love is in the air-
07.Safri Duo -Samb-Adagio-
08.Luna Park -Space melody-
09.Planet Funk -Inside all the people-
10.Prezioso ft Marvin -Bonjour-
11.Christopher Cross -Ride like the wind- (Pumpin Dolls Remix)
12.Lil Kim ft Phil Collins -In the air tonite- (Stargate Remix)
13.Lexter -We can share it-
14.Gitta -Tic toc-
15.Rainstar -Breakdown-
16.Rollerblade -(When I've done) my first hit-
17.Sheldon -I'm like a bird-
18.The Beep Machine -Try on dry-
01.Silicone Soul ft Louise Clare Marshall -Right on-
02.The Ones -Flawless-
03.Raven Maize -The real life-
04.Boris Dlugosh ft Roisin Murphy -Never enough- (Chocolate Puma Remix)
05.Armand Van Helden -Why can't U free some time-
06.Kings of Tomorrow ft Julie McKnight -Finally-
07.Superchumbo -The revolution-
08.Fatboy Slim -Star 69-
09.Lavelvet -If you-
10.Todd Terry -Rining-
11.Phil Fuldner -Miami pop-
12.Mojolators -Drifting-
13.Robbie Rivera -Feel this-
14.Sea Flowers -Easy livin-
15.Max Linen -The soulshaker-
16.Talisman P meets Barringhton Levy -Here i come (sing dj)-
17.Roberto Verde -Let the music play-
18.Loudsang -Knocking the club's door-
01.Lasgo -Alone-
02.Darude -Out of control (back for more)-
03.Dee Dee -Forever-
04.Warp Brothers -Blas the speakers-
05.Empyre -Fantasy-
06.Fullhouse -Scratchin (my choice)-
07.Mark Oh -Never stop that feeling 2001-
08.Mario Lopez -Angels from heaven-
09.Sam-Pling pres Mike Dragon -Infinity 2001-
10.Dj Vortex & Arpa's Dream -Incoming-
11.Activex -Let's go-
12.Dj Edgar vs Solar System -Concentrate-
13.Silverback -Monkey lover-
14.The Brown Brothers -Happy groove-
15.Bolero Mix 18 -Mix Session-

Bolero Mix 18 Spot TV

Bolero Mix 18 CD1.T-01.Eiffel 65 ft Franco Battiato -80's stars-

Bolero Mix 18 CD1.T-09.Planet Funk -Inside all the people-

Bolero Mix 18 CD2.T-01.Silicone Soul ft Louise Clare Marshall -Right on-

Bolero Mix 18 CD2.T-11.Phil Fuldner -Miami pop-

Bolero Mix 18 CD3.T-01.Lasgo -Alone-

Bolero Mix 18 CD3.T-06.Fullhouse -Scratchin (my choice)-

Bolero Mix 18 CD3.T-15.Bolero Mix 18 -Mix Session- (Parte 1)

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Bolero Mix 17

Varios - Bolero Mix 17

Blanco y Negro MXCD1093CD CTV
4 x CD, Compilation  
Electrónica, Latin, Pop
Euro House, Latin, Garage
01.Beatchuggers -Forever man-
02.G Starr -Morning light-
03.Spiller -Groovejet-
04.Negrocan -Cada vez-
05.Simon -Free at last-
06.E-Smoove -Welcome to the jungle-
07.Dj Disciple -It's easy-
08.Lavelvet -One more time-
09.Topazz -Party 4 everyone-
10.Afromedusa -Pasilda-
11.Infinity -Sunshine-
12.House Remixers -Dirty sample medley with (I've had) the time of my life-
13.Lonyo -Summer of love-
14.Sgt Slick -White trebel, black bass-
15.The Committe -Scream & shout-
16.Illicit -Cheeky armada-
17.Sun Kids -Rise up-
01.Tom Jones -You need love like I do-
02.ATC -Around the world-
03.Sonique -Sky-
04.B-Charme -This is my world-
05.Vengaboys -Uncle John from Jamaica-
06.Andy Mathee -Party children-
07.Lady -Music-
08.Kim Lukas -To be you-
09.Rednex -The spirit of the hawk-
10.JK -You got me dancing-
11.Sash -With my own eyes-
12.Double Dee -You-
13.Hanna -Breathless-
14.Mash -Rock the disco-
15.R.A.M. -Dancing in the moonlight-
16.Sarina Paris -Just about enough-
17.Robert -Rock Dj-
18.Goldave -Behind-
19.Circle 99 -Shape of my heart-
01.Darude -Feel the beat-
02.Fiocco -The music-
03.Mauro Picotto -Komodo-
04.Sasha-Emerson -Scorchio-
05.Jenny Hal -Desperate call-
06.Bomfunk Mc's -Freestyler-
07.Aurora -Ordinary world-
08.Warp Brothers -Phat bass-
09.Sunniva -Feelings-
10.Miss JMA -Spring 2000-
11.Allan McLoud -Silent running-
12.Degeneration -Una musica senza ritmo-
13.Storm -Stormanimal-
14.Dual Bass -What will I do-
15.Transcentury -Sweet believe-
16.Indigo -What is progressive-
17.Lotus -Within or without you-
01.S2 -Pase lo que pase-
02.Texas -In demand-
03.Raul -Baila-
04.Tontxu -Somos de colores-
05.Los Sobraos -Ya no quiero tu querer-
06.Janeiro Verde -Brasilia carnaval-
07.Loly Y Tony Genil -No cambie-
08.El Cielo -El gato volador-
09.La Bomba -La bomba-
10.Party & Co -Vamos a bailar-
11.El Latino -She bangs-
12.Charlie -Ay mama-
13.Joe Carlo -Mi medicina-
14.Salvaje -Come baby come-
15.Aurora Navarro -Rosalinda-
16.Bolero Mix 17 by Quim Quer

Bolero Mix 17 Spoyt TV

Bolero Mix 17 CD1.T-01.Beatchuggers -Forever man-

Bolero Mix 17 CD1.T-08.Lavelvet -One more time-

Bolero Mix 17 CD2.T-03.Sonique -Sky-

Bolero Mix 17 CD2.T-10.JK -You got me dancing-

Bolero Mix 17 CD3.T-02.Fiocco -The music-

Bolero Mix 17 CD3.T-09.Sunniva -Feelings-

Bolero Mix 17 CD4.T-02.Texas -In demand-

Bolero Mix 17 CD4.T-16.Bolero Mix 17 by Quim Quer

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Bolero Mix 16

Varios - Bolero Mix 16

Blanco y Negro MXCD1006CD CTV
4 x CD, Compilation  
Pop Rock, Euro House, Disco, Trance
01.Bolero's Long Mix
02.Eiffel 65 -Move your body-
03.Vengaboys -Kiss-
04.Patricia -Genie in a bottle-
05.A Teens -Mamma mia-
06.Brittany -(You drive me) crazy-
07.Roxette -Stars-
08.Texas -Summer son-
09.Toy Boys -New York city boy-
10.Cherry -Mi chico latino-
11.Sex & Lies -Would you...-
12.Luis Vargas -Mambo no.5-
13.The Polecats -No body like you-
14.Lucky -More than this-
15.Sisxpence Non The Richer -Kiss me-
01.Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe -Sun is shining-
02.Moloko -Sing it back-
03.Phats & Small -Feel good-
04.Paul Johnson -Get get down (Remix)-
05.Basement Jaxx -Rendez vu-
06.Powerhouse ft Duane -I've got what you need-
07.Junior Sanchez -B with you-
08.Eddie Amador -Rise-
09.Funky Green Dogs -Can't help it-
10.Big Time Charlie -On the run-
11.PJ -Happy days-
12.The Rhythm Masters pres Disco Dubbers -Ibiza in my soul-
13.The Lawyer -I wanna mmmm-
14.Triple X -Feel the same-
15.G Project -Shine on...-
16.Chily Hi FLy -Is it love?-
01.Vengaboys -Ho ho vengaboys-
02.Eiffel 65 -Blue (Da ba dee)-
03.2 Eivissa -Bad girl-
04.West One -Let me into your heart-
05.Kim Lukas -All I really want-
06.Mabel -Disco disco-
07.Funny -Sing a song (all night long)-
08.Bassement Three -Dum dum-
09.Moltosugo -Activeate the sung one-
10.2 Eivissa -I wanna be your toy-
11.More 4 -Ever with me-
12.Jump & Joy -Let's roll (I like it)-
13.Essential ft Allison -Goodbye-
14.Eyes Cream -Fly away (bye bye)-
15.Peak a Boo -Bang bang baby-
01.Rollergirl -Dear jessie-
02.Double Face ft Laurilyn -The joy of life-
03.Nalin & Kane -Open your eyes-
04.B.B.E. -Seven days and one week 99-
05.Lost Witness -Red sun rising-
06.The Oh! -Won't you show me the way-
07.Dj Jean -The launch-
08.Matt Darey -Liberation-
09.Commander Tom -Are am eye 99-
10.Dj Visage -The return-
11.Ruff Driverz -Waitng 4 the sun-
12.United Nations Project -On your own-
13.Solar System -Always with you-
14.Midway -Rat race-


Bolero Mix 16 CD1.T-01.Bolero's Long Mix

Bolero Mix 16 CD1.T-02.Eiffel 65 -Move your body-

Bolero Mix 16 CD1.T-03.Vengaboys -Kiss-

Bolero Mix 16 CD2.T-04.Paul Johnson -Get get down (Remix)-

Bolero Mix 16 CD2.T-08.Eddie Amador -Rise-

Bolero Mix 16 CD3.T-07.Funny -Sing a song (all night long)-

Bolero Mix 16 CD4.T-05.Lost Witness -Red sun rising-

Bolero Mix 16 CD4.T-11.Ruff Driverz -Waitng 4 the sun-

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Bolero Mix 15

Varios - Bolero Mix 15

Blanco y Negro MXCD933CTV
2 x CD, Compilation 
1 x CD, Mixed
Euro House, Trance
01.Bolero's Long Mix
02.Groovy 69 -Stardust medley with dust-
03.Ultra Nate -New kind of medicine-
04.Gala -Megamix-
05.2 Unlimited -Never surrender-
06.Cheers! -Believe-
07.Lovestation -Teardrops-
08.La Vuelta -Up & Down-
09.Nylon Beat -Like a fool-
10.The Black & White Brothes -Put your hands up in the air-
11.On Nation -Millenium-
12.Full Intention -Every body loves the sunshine-
13.State of Mind -Take control-
14.Wendy Phillips -Love never changes-
15.DR Dj Cerla vs Jo Smith -Crazy for love-
01.Storm -Storm-
02.Shah -Secret love-
03.Scooter -We are the greatest-
04.Three Drives on a Vinyl -Greece 2000-
05.Brainbug -Rain-
06.Magadascar -You're beautiful-
07.Alma Matris -Rumore chimico-
08.Baby Bumps -Burning-
09.Raven Maize -Forever together-
10.D'Menace -Deep menace-
11.Unconditional -Let's get seriuosm-
12.Soul Grabber -Soul grabber part 3-
13.Discomen -Blame it on the boogie-
14.Di Vision -Funky-
01.House & Dance Non Stop Session
02.Techno & Progressive Non Stop Session


Bolero Mix 15 Spot TV

Bolero Mix 15 CD1.T-01.Bolero's Long Mix (Parte 1)

Bolero Mix 15 CD1.T-03.Ultra Nate -New kind of medicine-

Bolero Mix 15 CD1.T-04.Gala -Megamix-

Bolero Mix 15 CD1.T-15.DR Dj Cerla vs Jo Smith -Crazy for love-

Bolero Mix 15 CD2.T-03.Scooter -We are the greatest-

Bolero Mix 15 CD2.T-11.Unconditional -Let's get seriuosm-

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Bolero Mix 13

Varios - Bolero Mix 13

Blanco y Negro MXCD785
2 x CD, Compilation 
Euro House, Trance
01.Bolero Mix 13
02.Twenty 4 Seven -We are the world-
03.Ondina -Into the night-
04.Alexia -Number one-
05.Imperio -Cyberdream-
06.Meanstreet Boys -Last train to London-
07.Z100 -Arrivarriva-
08.The Course -Ready or not-
09.Dj Frank Traxx -Alchemy-
10.El Mariachi -Cuba-
11.Faithless -Salva mea-
12.Scooter -I'm raving-
13.Pianonegro -In Africa-
14.Spyder Woman -Wannabe-
01.No Mercy -Where do you go-
02.Ducted's -Ducted-
03.Nando Dixkontrol -Welcome to cybertron-
04.Dj Mars -Back beat-
05.Porn Kings -Up to no good-
06.Delirium -Crow to the prime meet-
07.Team Deep -Morning light-
08.Experience -The sound effect-
09.Nylon Moon -Heartache-
10.Dj Energy -Believer-
11.Ultimate Seduction -Ultimate seduction 96-
12.Express of Sound -Real vibration (want love)-
13.Paradisio -Bailando-
14.Alex Party -Read my lips-
15.Gala -Freed from desire-
16.Warner Pink -What's love got to dith it-
17.Omen Hard -How bizarre-
18.Bolero Mix 13 Radio


Bolero Mix 13 CD1.T-01.Bolero Mix 13

Bolero Mix 13 CD1.T-03.Ondina -Into the night-

Bolero Mix 13 CD1.T-12.Scooter -I'm raving-

Bolero Mix 13 CD2.T-04.Dj Mars -Back beat-

Bolero Mix 13 CD2.T-10.Dj Energy -Believer-

Bolero Mix 13 CD2.T-14.Alex Party -Read my lips-

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Bolero Mix 12

Varios - Bolero Mix 12

Blanco y Negro MXCD685
2 x CD, Compilation 
Euro House
01.Mix Version
02.Alexia -Me and you-
03.N-Trance -Stayin' alive-
04.2 Unlimited -Do what's good for me-
05.Alex Party -Wrap me up-
06.Sueño Latino pres Valeria Vix -Viciosa-
07.Lova-Levi -Boombastic-
08.Debra K -Shy guy-
09.Tom Wilson -Techno cat-
01.Mix Radio Version
02.Joe Musaphia -Musaphia madness-
03.Princess Paragon -A girl like you-
04.Wink -Higher state of consciousness-
05.Sandy -Bad boy-
06.Tatjana -Santamaria-
07.Norad -Sending all my love-
08.Faithless -Salva mea-
09.HMC ft Dhany -Somebody touch me-
10.The Original -I luv u baby-
11.Mr Jack -Only houze muzik-


Bolero Mix 12 CD1.T-01.Mix Version

Bolero Mix 12 CD1.T-04.2 Unlimited -Do what's good for me-

Bolero Mix 12 CD1.T-05.Alex Party -Wrap me up-

Bolero Mix 12 CD2.T-02.Joe Musaphia -Musaphia madness-

Bolero Mix 12 CD2.T-03.Princess Paragon -A girl like you-

Bolero Mix 12 CD2.T-05.Sandy -Bad boy-

Bolero Mix 12 CD2.T-08.Faithless -Salva mea-

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