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Super Dance 6

Varios - Super Dance 6

Zyx Music ZYX 81006-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House
01.2 Unlimited -The real thing-
02.Mc Sar & The Real McCoy -Automatic lover (call for love)- (Remix)
03.Twenty 4 Seven -Leave them alone-
04.U 96 -Inside your dreams- (Remix)
05.Reel 2 Real ft The Mad Stuntman -I like to move it-
06.East Beat Syndicate -Love transmission-
07.Cappella -U & me-
08.Culture Beat -World in your hands-
09.Black Machine -How gee-
10.Doop -Doop-
11.Corona -The rhythm of the night- (Remix)
12.Tranceformer ft Neil -Let your mind dive-
13.Mo-Do -Eins, zwei, polizei-
14.Barbara Mason -Another man-
01.Club House ft Carl -Light my fire- (Remix)
02.Anticappella ft Mc Fixx It -Move your body- (Remix)
03.Erasure -Always-
04.Enigma -Return to inocence-
05.Nightwalkers -Push the feeling on-
06.B.G The Prince Of Rap -The colour of my dreams-
07.Masterboy -I got to give it up-
08.Caught In The Act -Take me to the limit-
09.Urban Cookie Collective -Sail away-
10.Purple -The most beautiful girl in the world-
11.River Ocean ft India -Love & happiness-
12.Mash -U don't have to say you love me-
13.The Free -Born crazy-
14.Instant Funk -I got my mind made up-

Super Dance 6 CD1.T-02.Mc Sar & The Real McCoy -Automatic lover (call 
for love)- (Remix)

Super Dance 6 CD1.T-06.East Beat Syndicate -Love transmission-

Super Dance 6 CD1.T-12.Tranceformer ft Neil -Let your mind dive-

Super Dance 6 CD2.T-06.B.G The Prince Of Rap -The colour of my dreams-

Super Dance 6 CD2.T-08.Caught In The Act -Take me to the limit-

Super Dance 6 CD2.T-13.The Free -Born crazy-

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Super Dance 5

Varios - Super Dance 5

Polystar 516 672-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Happy Hardcore
01.Cappella -U got to let the music- (Plus Staples Mix)
02.Mark 'Oh -Randy (never stop that feeling)- (Westbam-Remix)
03.Twenty 4 Seven ft Stay-C & Nance -Is it love- (Single Mix)
04.2 Unlimited -Maximum overdrive- (Extended Version)
05.K. Da'Cruz -New high energy- (Dance Mix)
06.Stella Getz -Friends- (7'' Version)
07.Stanley Foort -Heaven is here- (Extended Version)
08.Love 4 Sale -Do you feel so right- (D.J.Joe Remix)
09.Push ft K.Da'Cruz -Push- (Single Version)
10.Urban Cookie Collective -Feels like heaven- (Extended To The Max Mix)
11.Ice Mc -Take away the colour- (Hf Mix)
12.Fun Factory -Groove me- (The Darth Vader Remix)
13.Westbam -Celebration generation- (Video Version)
14.Rick James -Super freak-
01.Tag Team -Whoomp! (there it is)-
02.Stakka Bo -Down the drain- (Original Version)
03.Cool Note -Hardwork- (Airplay Mix)
04.Sybil -My love is guaranteed- (Funky New Remix)
05.Ace Of Base -The sign- (Long Version)
06.Go -Let's all chant- (Radio Chant)
07.Simone Angel -Let this feeling- (Crystal Clear Mix)
08.Dj Bobo -Take control- (Radio Mix)
09.Odyssey -Talk to me- (Radio Mix)
10.Men Behind -Feel the life- (Extended Mix)
11.Co.Ro -4 your love- (Radio Version)
12.Peezze -(All we need is a) perfect balance- (Special Ballroom Mix)
13.Solitaire -Chasing clouds- (Broadcast Edit)
14.Jocelyn Brown -Somebody elses guy- (Maxi Version '84)

Super Dance 5 CD1.T-02.Mark 'Oh -Randy (never stop that feeling)- (Westbam Rmx)

Super Dance 5 CD1.T-05.K. Da'Cruz -New high energy- (Dance Mix)

Super Dance 5 CD1.T-12.Fun Factory -Groove me- (The Darth Vader Remix)

Super Dance 5 CD2.T-01.Tag Team -Whoomp! (there it is)-

Super Dance 5 CD2.T-07.Simone Angel -Let this feeling- (Crystal Clear Mix)

Super Dance 5 CD2.T-11.Co.Ro -4 your love- (Radio Version)

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Super Dance 4

Varios - Super Dance 4

Zyx Music ZYX 70083-2
2 × CD, Compilation
House, Trance, Ambient
01.Robin S -Show me love- (Remix)
02.Captain Hollywood Project -Impossible-
03.Egma -Never gonna loose you love- (Club Mix)
04.Culture Beat -Mister Vain- (Mr.Trance Mix)
05.Twenty 4 Seven -Slave to the music- (Ultimate Dance Single Mix)
06.The Good Men -Give it up- (Radio Edit)
07.Ramirez -El gallinero- (Tambalea Mix)
08.Paris Red -Party-
09.Paperboy -Ditty- (Club Mix)
10.Dj Dero -Batucada (Remix)- (Xpoz'd Mix)
11.Box Of Laces -Happy nation- (Radio Mix)
12.Les G.O.Culture -Darla dirladada- (Tropical MixRadio Edit)
13.Karl Keaton -I can't tell you why- (The Rapino Brothers Version)
14.B.G.The Prince Of Rap -Can we get enough- (Media Edit)
15.Joe Bataan -Rap-O clap-O-
01.2 Unlimited -Faces- (Extended)
02.Intrance ft D-Sign -Dosta (Remix)- (Less Voice Version)
03.95 South -Whoot, there it is- (Club Style)
04.Papa Winnie -Rootsie & boopsie you are my sunshine-
05.Dark A.T 8 -Sucker- (Sucker Mindless Mix)
06.Kim Sanders -Show me- (Culture Mix)
07.Intermission -Piece of my heart-
08.Dj Bobo -Keep on dancing- (Classic Club Mix)
09.KC & The Sunshine Band -Give it up- (Robyx Mix)
10.Penny Ford -I'll be there-
11.Robin S -Luv 4 luv-
12.Loft -Summer summer- (Radio Edit)
13.Def Dames Dope -Ain't nothin' to it-
14.Chaya -I feel my heart is burning- (Extended Version)
15.Barry White -Can't get enough of your love, babe-

Super Dance 4 CD1.T-02.Captain Hollywood Project -Impossible-

Super Dance 4 CD1.T-09.Paperboy -Ditty-

Super Dance 4 CD1.T-Karl Keaton -I can't tell you why- 

Super Dance 4 CD2.T-02.Intrance ft D-Sign -Dosta (Remix)- (Less Voice Version)

Super Dance 4 CD2.T-10.Penny Ford -I'll be there-

Super Dance 4 CD2.T-12.Loft -Summer summer- (Radio Edit)

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Super Dance 3

Varios - Super Dance 3

Polystar 516 245-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Electrónica. Hip Hop
Euro House, Synth-Pop
01.U96 -Love sees no colour- (Version 1)
02.Dance 2 Trance -Take a free fall- (Club Mix)
03.2 Unlimited -Tribal dance- (Extended)
04.Bass Bumpers -Runnin'- (Marvellous Trance Mix)
05.Kim Sanders -Show me- (Hall-Mix)
06.Haddaway -What is love- (Club Mix)
07.Mark Williams -Show no mercy- (Radio Edit)
08.En-Rage -House of the rising sun- (Original Dance Mix)
09.The Reese Project -So deep- (Cj Makintosh Radio Version)
10.Odyssey -Let yourself go!- (Radio Mix)
11.Leila K. -Ca plane pour moi- (Short)
12.The Good Men -Give it up- (Radio Edit)
13.Intrance ft D-Sign -Te quierro- (Original Mix)
14.Phacematik -I feel the music- (Alternative Rhythm & Groove Mix)
15.Delegation -Where's the love we used to know-
01.Ace Of Base -Wheel of fortune- (12'' Mix)
02.Army Of Lovers -Israelism- (Goldcalfhorahhorror Mix)
03.Cappella -U got 2 know- (Underground Mix)
04.N-R-G ft The Korgis -I need your love-
05.Masterboy -Fall in trance- (Radio Edit)
06.Camouflage -Suspicious love- (Radio Remix)
07.Sybil -When I'm good and ready- (7'' Version)
08.Sun Factory -You to me are everything- (Radio Edit)
09.Dr Alban -Sing hallelujah- (Long)
10.Captain Hollywood -All I want-
11.Marxman -All about eve- (12'' Mix)
12.Paperboy -Ditty- (Ben Liebrand Single Mix)
13.East 17 -Deep (Remix)- (Depth Mix)
14.Turbo B. -Best of my love-
15.Kurtis Blow -Party time-

Super Dance 3 CD1.T-02.Dance 2 Trance -Take a free fall- (Club Mix)

Super Dance 3 CD1.T-08.En-Rage -House of the rising sun- (Original Dance Mix)

Super Dance 3 CD1.T-11.Leila K. -Ca plane pour moi- (Short)

Super Dance 3 CD2.T-04.N-R-G ft The Korgis -I need your love-

Super Dance 3 CD2.T-06.Camouflage -Suspicious love- (Radio Remix)

Super Dance 3 CD2.T-14.Turbo B. -Best of my love-

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Super Dance 2

Varios - Super Dance 2

Zyx Music ZYX 70077-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House
01.2 Unlimited -No limit-
02.Leila K. -Open sesame- (Felix Remix)
03.Public Art -I wanna feel the music- (Fritz Mix)
04.Sister Sledge -We are family-
05.Box Of Laces -All that she wants- (12'' Edit)
06.Cathy Dennis -Irresistible-
07.Co.Ro. ft Taleesa -Because the night- (Ray Remix)
08.Cappella -U got 2 know- (Extended Club Mix)
09.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives- (Vocal Mix)
10.Sunscreem -Love you more-
11.Bjorn Again ''Erasure-Ish'' -A little respect (more)-
12.Kool & The Gang -Ladies night-
01.Captain Hollywood Project -Only with you- (Dance Mix)
02.West End ft Sybil -The love I lost- (12'' Club Mix)
03.The Prodigy -Out of space- (Radio Edit)
04.Was (Not Was) -Shake your head-
05.Sarah Washington -I will always love you- (Remix)
06.Aurra -A little love- (Radio Version)
07.Best Company -Don't you forget about me- (Raymondo Ricci Own Mix)
08.Double You -With or without you- (Black Power Mix)
09.Heaven 17 -Temptation- (Brothers In Rhythm Remix Edit)
10.K.C. & The Sunshine Band -Megamix (The Official Bootleg)- (Radio Mix Part1)
11.Electroset -How does it feel- (Tour De Trance Mix)
12.Jessie Lee Davis -Is this love- (Radio Edit)
13.Wordy Rappinghood -Wordy rappinghood- (Fax'n Return Mix)
14.II Example's -Just can't help me- (Underground Version)
15.Commodores -Brickhouse-

Super Dance 2 CD1.T-04.Sister Sledge -We are family-

Super Dance 2 CD1.T-09.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives- (Vocal Mix)

Super Dance 2 CD1.T-10.Sunscreem -Love you more-

Super Dance 2 CD2.T-01.Captain Hollywood Project -Only with you- (Dance Mix)

Super Dance 2 CD2.T-03.The Prodigy -Out of space- (Radio Edit)

Super Dance 2 CD2.T-11.Electroset -How does it feel- (Tour De Trance Mix)

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Super Dance 1

Varios - Super Dance 1

Polystar 515 940-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Electrónica, Hip Hop
Euro House, Pop Rap, Disco
01.Double You -Who's fooling who- (Organ Mix)
02.Oliver Cheatham -Things to make U happy- (Single Version)
03.Sheer Bronze -Walkin' on- (7'' Version)
04.The Reese Project -The colour of love- (Underground Resistance Radio Mix)
05.Nomad -24 hours a day- (Classic Disco Mix)
06.Clubland -Hypnotized- (Pka Full Phily 7'')
07.Cathy Dennis -You lied to me- (Radio Edit)
08.Captain Hollywood Project -More and more- (Single-Version)
09.Midi, Maxi & Efti -Ragga steady- (Radio Edit)
10.Salt n Pepa -Start me up- (Radio Edit)
11.Shabba Ranks -Mr. Loverman- (Radio Mix)
12.Oliver Cheatham -Put a little love in your heart- (Extended Piano Version)
13.Funhouse ft Kenneth Shirman -Dancin' easy- (Long Drink Version)
14.Mayte -Broken wings- (Groovy 7'' Mix)
01.East 17 -House of love- (Pedigree Mix)
02.L.A Style -I'm raving-O si nene- (Long Version)
03.Nush -Nush- (Original Mix)
04.Rotation -Magnificent 7- (Radio Edit)
05.Bass Bumpers -Move to the rhythm- (Huzzle Mix)
06.The Age Of Love -The age of love- (Jam & Spoon Radio Mix)
07.Liberation -Liberation- (Freedom 7'' Mix)
08.Leila K. -Open sesame- (Radio Edit)
09.2 Unlimited -The magic friend- (Vocal Edit)
10.Twenty 4 Seven -It could have been you-
11.Eberhard Schoener Dance Experience -Why don't you answer-
12.Baron Age -Being boiled- (Media Edit)
13.The Weather Girls -It's raining men-

Super Dance 1 CD1 & CD 2

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1000% Makina

Varios - 1000% Makina

Wagram 3090222
1 × CD, Compilation
1 × CD, Mixed
Happy Hardcore, Makina
01.Buenri vs Ruboy -Curare-
02.D4Ma -Dangerous-
03.Troublemakes -Beautiful-
04.Dj Gusta & Oscar Dee -Power fly-
05.Dj Juanma -Trusit in me-
06.Dany BPM -Feeling alive-
07.X-Noise One -Bumpin ruler-
08.The New Legend Dj's -Would be happier-
09.Xavo & Celtic -Kontakt-
10.Piramide -Sumeria-
11.Emotionhead -Old style-
12.Metal One -True melody-
13.Contradiktors -Turn the lights now-
14.Noxter -The first melody-
15.Juan Byte -Into the light-
16.Alkhemiens pres Javi Tracker -Rell-off-
17.X-Que Special Remixes vol.1 -The new spirit-
18.Virus Infected vol.2 -Bad kids-
CD2 mixed by Bolo & Uri
01.Eva Marti vs Jean Paul -Looking for love-
02.The Intruders -Sampleminds-
03.Sunami -In by pass-
04.Alkhemiens pres Dj Robert & Dj Sinuno -Time to cry-
05.Juan Byte -Psychiatric base vol.1-
06.Brian Cross & Fat Synth pres Chamby Dj -Good things-
07.Space Base -Out there-
08.Dj Eirbee -Wanna be-
09.Virus Infected vol.2 -Liquid attack vol.1-
10.Cj Alarm -Radioactive-
11.Hyper Bases EP vol.2 -Hyper base 2-
12.The Intruders -Inforce law-
13.Alkhemiens pres Dj Ortuño vs Dj Sepi -Lost in time-
14.Space Base -We are coming-
15.Rusytrak & Fly -Wings of liberty-
16.Dj Melocko -Asylum-
17.Troublemakers -Collection-
18.Stormy Dj's -Open yop-
19.Criminal Dj's -Give me your heart-
20.Dj Eirbee -Energyk-
21.Bolo & Uri vs Emo Dj -The day has come-
22.Buenri vs Ruboy -Curare-
23.Dj Melocko -Droping-
24.Stormy Dj's -Down on my knees-

1000% Makina CD1.T-05.Dj Juanma -Trusit in me-

1000% Makina CD1.T-06.Dany BPM -Feeling alive-

1000% Makina CD1.T-12.Metal One -True melody-

1000% Makina CD1.T-14.Noxter -The first melody-

1000% Makina CD1.T-17.X-Que Special Remixes vol.1 -The new spirit-

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900% Makina

Varios - 900% Makina

Wagram  3087092
1 × CD, Compilation
Happy Hardcore, Makina
01.Konik & Maxter pres Cosmic Voices -I'd do anything for love-
02.Troublemakers vs Pucho -I'm like a bird-
03.Criminal Djs -I'm your best fantasy-
04.Toni Atomic ft Eloise vol.4 -Shake your hands-
05.Techno Dj's vs Dj Neura -Don't give me up-
06.Metal One -Outside-
07.Sr Pely -Kiss me baby-
08.Emotionhead -Sequence of love-
09.Hyper Bases Ep vol.2 -Conmotion 2-
10.Virus Infected -Transport to extasy-
11.Tim Wokan -You make me feel-
12.Hardhouse Corporation -3,2,1, ready-
13.Contradiktors -Hip-hop-
14.Lucky Loops -Boom da beat-
15.Eureka -Euphoria-
16.Dj Binlee -Gavilan-
17.Cavern Sound vol.III -Let me tell you something-
18.Noxter -Winer jump-

900% Makina T-03.Criminal Djs -I'm your best fantasy-

900% Makina T-05.Techno Dj's vs Dj Neura -Don't give me up-

900% Makina T-07.Sr Pely -Kiss me baby-

900% Makina T-10.Virus Infected -Transport to extasy-

900% Makina T-14.Lucky Loops -Boom da beat-

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800% Makina

Varios - 800% Makina

Wagram 3085952
1 × CD, Compilation
Happy Hardcore, Makina
01.X-Que vol.8 -Beautiful day-
02.Storm Dj's -Down on my kness-
03.Criminal Dj's -Give me your heart-
04.Dj Storm & Dj Rius -Better days-
05.Dj Rufo -Big in japan-
06.New Zone -The first zone-
07.Dj Eirbee -Searching-
08.Troublemakers vs Pucho -Bsp second attack-
09.Basik vol.2 -The new generation-
10.Cosmic Voices -I surrender-
11.Dj Johnnie F vol.2 -Living harmony-
12.D4ma -Dangerous-
13.Space Base -Download base 1.0-
14.Dj Maki & Abel DXT -Mad laugh-
15.Piramide -The way to fly-
16.X-Que vol.8 -When I sleep-
17.Factoria X ft Dj Aleix -We are the nation-
18.Techno Dj's -Pleasure-

800% Makina T-02.Storm Dj's -Down on my kness-

800% Makina T-03.Criminal Dj's -Give me your heart-

800% Makina T-07.Dj Eirbee -Searching-

800% Makina T-10.Cosmic Voices -I surrender-

800% Makina T-12.D4ma -Dangerous-

800% Makina T-17.Factoria X ft Dj Aleix -We are the nation-

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700% Makina

Varios - 700% Makina

Wagram 3082542
1 × CD, Compilation
Happy Hardcore, Makina
01.Bolo & Uri -The drunked kids-
02.Criminal Dj's -Da source 2-
03.Cosmic Voices -Back to the beat-
04.Pastis & Buenri -Hypnotize-
05.Toy Soldiers -Popcorn-
06.DF Format -One more chance-
07.Transpose -Filter x-perience-
08.J Golo & Andres Gomes -Two years later-
09.Strych-9 -Chemical warfare-
10.Hardpremium pres Dj Spad vs Contradik Tors -Breaking da floor-
11.Molodika ft Dj Jamie -U wanna dance-
12.Raul Soto & Jaime Gimeno -Working-
13.Piramide -Skull duet-
14.Factoria X ft Dj Aleix -Fucking fuck-
15.Cavern Sound vol.III -Sayonara-
16.Bolo & Uri -Da pack-
17.Dj Carlo pres Pumping Corporation -Fire alert-
18.Dj Batiste -Dream X-

700% Dream T-01.Bolo & Uri -The drunked kids-

700% Dream T-07.Transpose -Filter x-perience-

700% Dream T-12.Raul Soto & Jaime Gimeno -Working-

700% Dream T-13.Piramide -Skull duet-

700% Dream T-16.Bolo & Uri -Da pack-

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600% Makina

Varios - 600% Makina

Wagram  3080072
1 × CD, Compilation
Happy Harcdcore, Makina
01.Bolo & Uri -The peak-
02.Criminal Djs -Danger sound-
03.Basik -This is love-
04.Dj Mel -Fly-
05.Dj Psycho & Kontrol Dj -Desde mi libertad-
06.Ruben XXL vs Dj Nervi -Aurora-
07.Techno Dj's vs Brainstorming -Crazy musical box-
08.Technoiser -Covebox-
09.Overlase -The first rebirth-
10.Dj Pitu & Dj X-Bueno -Free melody-
11.Dj Psycho & Control -Dj guitar active-
12.Dj Garlick -Can't do without it-
13.Dj Rufo -Push it-
14.Command Dj's -Rendez-vous- (Remix Space)
15.Dj Motor vs Dj Bumpy -Bonus play-
16.Toni Atomic ft Eloise -Obsession-
17.Dj Carlo -Lets di go-
18.Generation of Love -Generation of love-

600% Makina T-02.Criminal Djs -Danger sound-

600% Makina T-03.Basik -This is love-

600% Makina T-10.Dj Pitu & Dj X-Bueno -Free melody-

600% Makina T-13.Dj Rufo -Push it-

600% Makina T-15.Dj Motor vs Dj Bumpy -Bonus play-

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500% Makina

Varios - 500% Makina

Wagram 3076872
1 × CD, Compilation
Happy Hardcore, Makina
01.Basik -The master of base-
02.Dj Mel -Atomik base-
03.Three Minos -Engine-
04.Troublemakers -Time to say goodbye-
05.Nostalgi-K -Hogik base-
06.Dj Psycho & Kontrol Dj -Psycho & Kontrol base vol05-
07.Alo-K2 -Arena-
08.Absolute Change -I want you...Houd you-
09.Criminal Dj's -Killing base-
10.Doom -This pussy-
11.Victims Of The Fury -Jumping drugs consumers-
12.Dj Bactery vs Dj Electric -Las flautas de Nerea-
13.Techno Dj's vs Bolo & Uri -Hardcore heart-
14.Dj Nervi pres Dj Marina -Positivs melody-
15.Techno Dj's -SOS Energy-
16.Ruben XXL vs Dj Nervi -Acid base-
17.Contradiktors -Gas beat dj- (Hard Mix)
18.Danger State -The way- (K&M Hard Remix)

500% Makina T-01.Basik -The master of base-

500% Makina T-07.Alo-K2 -Arena-

500% Makina T-10.Doom -This pussy-

500% Makina T-14.Dj Nervi pres Dj Marina -Positivs melody-

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400% Makina

Varios - 400% Makina

Wagram 3074672
1 × CD, Compilation
Happy Hardcore, Makina
01.Overlease -The sound of the new generation-
02.Bolo & Uri -Hard tendenze-
03.Carnival Killers -Attack to sun-
04.Flying Donkeys -Happy ball square-
05.Dj Javi Paranoia -Theeld of dreams-
06.Nostagi-k -The spirit-
07.Dj Raymon -Only for you-
08.Orbital -Nation-
09.Troublemakers pres Pucho -Angelous-
10.Ruben XXL -The time of melody-
11.Rainbow ft Nani -Over the rainbow-
12.Cavern Sound vol.II -Like my fire!!-
13.Dj Pity pres Histeria Dj's -Mi cabeza se va-
14.Dj Skryker -The hurry song-
15.Dj Neura -Psychodelic factory-
16.Doom -Fuck in the dark-
17.Nau B-3 -El bosque de colores- (Remix 2002)
18.Techno Dj's -I want to break free-

400% Makina T-02.Bolo & Uri -Hard tendenze-

400% Makina T-04.Flying Donkeys -Happy ball square-

400% Makina T-06.Nostagi-k -The spirit-

400% Makina T-11.Rainbow ft Nani -Over the rainbow-

400% Makina T-14.Dj Skryker -The hurry song-

400% Makina T-16.Doom -Fuck in the dark-

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300% Makina

Varios - 300% Makina

Wagram 3073252
1 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Makina
01.Techno Dj's vs Dj Miguel -High speed-
02.Bolo & Uri -Buh time-
03.Dj Skaky -Pinocho-
04.PCP -Zombie-
05.Silent -Jump 4 joy-
06.Biohazard -Punch base-
07.Dj Ruben FX-Nube vs T-Ten Globo -Recreative-
08.DR Madness vs Oliver Schmitz -Mind lock-
09.David Traya, Sergi Megattak & Oscar Elemento -Abbis-
10.Bolo & Uri -Hard tendenze-
11.Apocalipg -All the pinying rots-
12.EMD -I would stay-
13.T-Comissi -Forza-
14.The New Experience vol.2 -Stan-
15.Dj Sergio DSL SOJ -Melody-
16.Dj Chamizo & Dj Elvis -C.O.X.I.S.-
17.The Techno Friends -Cosmic games-
18.Troublemakers -Living in your head-

300% Makina T-01.Techno Dj's vs Dj Miguel -High speed-

300% Makina T-03.Dj Skaky -Pinocho-

300% Makina T-07.Dj Ruben FX-Nube vs T-Ten Globo -Recreative-

300% Makina T-09.David Traya, Sergi Megattak & Oscar Elemento -Abbis-

300% Makina T-13.T-Comissi -Forza-

300% Makina T-16.Dj Chamizo & Dj Elvis -C.O.X.I.S.-

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200% Makina

Varios - 200% Makina

Wagram 3071222
1 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Makina
01.Dj Skryker -Let's go-
02.Delay System -It's time-
03.Dj Tornado -No cambie-
04.Dj Sergio DSL -Ultimate gods of hard trance-
05.Dj Invi -It's full of lies-
06.Black Bird -Nirvana-
07.Bolo & Uri -Krma remix-
08.Dj Skudero -Da newstyle-
09.D-Sfase & Neurotik & Crack Dj -Genocide-
10.Dj Teio Fly & Dj Lee Bcn -The reality-
11.Corporation Deejays -Boaticea-
12.Cj Rolo -Eternal emotions-
13.Dj Ruben Fx-Nube vs Dj T-Ten Globo -God of abraham 2-
14.Reload -The kick (Nucleus alarm)-
15.Dj Guerre & Fidel -The base of guerre-
16.Dj Scratch -Scratch base-
17.Disco Vips by Dj Skryker -Whitout you- (Version Techno)
18.Maskara -Apology 2000-

200% Makina T-01.Dj Skryker -Let's go-

200% Makina T-04.Dj Sergio DSL -Ultimate gods of hard trance-

200% Makina T-09.D-Sfase & Neurotik & Crack Dj -Genocide-

200% Makina T-12.Cj Rolo -Eternal emotions-

200% Makina T-14.Reload -The kick (Nucleus alarm)-

200% Makina T-16.Dj Scratch -Scratch base-

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100% Makina

Varios - 100% Makina

Wagram 3069042
1 × CD, Compilation
Makina, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore
01.Dj Skudero -Espiral 2000-
02.Dany BPM -I want to know what love is-
03.Pont Aeri vol.5 -Take a trip-
04.Dj Guerra & Dj Fidel -East project-
05.Los Niños by Markos 13 & Oscar -Large the stage-
06.Metal One -Melody of passion-
07.PCP -A whiter shade of pale-
08.Toni Atomic -Jumping style-
09.K-Psula -D-Rolex-
10.Electribe -The pildo's sound attack-
11.Bolo & Uri -X-perience- (Remix)
12.Gabberboys -Paint it black-
13.Dj Revolution & Ivan Dark -Umbiddable time-
14.Maskara -The drop-
15.Dj Shaky & Dj Torre -Rivers of babylon- (Original Short Mix)
16.Biohazard -Hingtmare-
17.Dj Ricky Graphics & Dj Cual -Soy el diablo- (Melody Version)
18.Coliseum -Reality-
19.Cj Rolo -Vacuum-
20.Pont Aeri -Fly attack-

100% Makina T-01.Dj Skudero -Espiral 2000-

100% Makina T-04.Dj Guerra & Dj Fidel -East project-

100% Makina T-06.Metal One -Melody of passion-

100% Makina T-09.K-Psula -D-Rolex-

100% Makina T-13.Dj Revolution & Ivan Dark -Umbiddable time-

100% Makina T-19.Cj Rolo -Vacuum-

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Happy Rave 11

Varios - Happy Rave 11

Arcade / ID&T 8805078
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Energy 52 -Cafe del mar- (Nalin & Kane Remix)
02.Don Esteban -Steppin out- (Trance Mix)
03.Dj Tom Stevens -Final fantasy-
04.Dj Sakin & Friends -Protect your mind- (Suspicious Remix)
05.Dee.Age -Cover me- (Kay Cee Mix)
06.Liquid Child -Diving faces- (Club Mix)
07.Nature One -Waterworld-
08.M-Traxx -Summer love-
09.Dj Jo -Relax- (Don Esteban Remix)
10.Boccaccio Life -The secret wish-
11.Brainvibe -System of love '98- (Vector Mode Remix)
12.Whooptown -It's time-
01.Dr. Motte & Westbam presents -Love Parade 1998 (One world one future)-
02.Blue Alphabet -Cyberdance- (Sean Dexter Remix)
03.Lunaa -Sabotage- (Trance Mix)
04.Metaphon -Force majeure-
05.Ultra Sonic -Where angels fear to tread-
06.Cyberdelics -Adventures of dama-
07.Terra-C -Frankfurt strike back-
08.Chi A.D. -Awakenings-
09.The Siamese Twins -A proper cup of coffe-
10.Carambola -Blow your mind-
11.Strings Of Harmony -Part 1-
12.Clark & Jones -Corallight-

Happy Rave 11 CD1.T-02.Don Esteban -Steppin out- (Trance Mix)

Happy Rave 11 CD1.T-09.Dj Jo -Relax- (Don Esteban Remix)

Happy Rave 11 CD1.T-10.Boccaccio Life -The secret wish-

Happy Rave 11 CD2.T-06.Cyberdelics -Adventures of dama-

Happy Rave 11 CD2.T-07.Terra-C -Frankfurt strike back-

Happy Rave 11 CD2.T-09.The Siamese Twins -A proper cup of coffe-

Happy Rave 11 CD2.T-11.Strings Of Harmony -Part 1-

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Happy Rave 10

Varios - Happy Rave 10

Arcade Deutschland Gmbh 8805058
2 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Hard Trance, Happy Hardcore
01.Marshall Masters ft The Ultimate MC -I like it loud-
02.Rotterdam Termination Source -Return of da source-
03.Alcoolik Row Tubthumping -I am hardcore-
04.Possitive Hardcore -Killing me happy-
05.Miss Groovy meets The Wolf -Angels-
06.Dj Buzz Fuzz -Unknown control-
07.Flashbrain -Ultimater-
08.Billy The Kid -20000 tons-
09.The Hardcore Brothers -Can you thrill me-
10.The Bassbumpers -Can you feel the bass-
11.Maurizio Braccagni -Mosquito-
12.Byrotribe -Why don't you..-.
13.Ultra Sonic -Bust that groove-
14.The Masochist -Killing scum-
15.General Noise -Inssomniak-
01.Bodylotion -No worries-
02.Dj Acesone -Tina-
03.3 Steps Ahead -It's delicious-
04.Tschabos -Gib mir die bass- (Noch Korrekter)
05.Ultra Sonic -Harder faster-
06.Dj Ron -Papa go!-
07.Highlander -Hold me now-
08.Dj Dione -Energy-
09.Dj Buzz Fuzz -Dreamgirl-
10.Dj Promo -Forever I want you-
11.Dj Zany -The raindance-
12.Dj Jappo & Lancinhouse -Exlxaxl-
13.Fast Forward -Live at Berlin-
14.DJ Paul & Teenage Warning -Brohymn (This one's for you)-
15.Father Restrezo -The groove that wan't stop-

Happy Rave 10 CD1.T-01.Marshall Masters ft The Ultimate MC -I like it loud-

Happy Rave 10 CD1.T-04.Possitive Hardcore -Killing me happy-

Happy Rave 10 CD1.T-09.The Hardcore Brothers -Can you thrill me-

Happy Rave 10 CD1.T-13.Ultra Sonic -Bust that groove-

Happy Rave 10 CD2.T-01.Bodylotion -No worries-

Happy Rave 10 CD2.T-03.3 Steps Ahead -It's delicious-

Happy Rave 10 CD2.T-07.Highlander -Hold me now-

Happy Rave 10 CD2.T-14.DJ Paul & Teenage Warning -Brohymn (This one's for you)-

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