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Happy Rave 7

Varios - Happy Rave 7

Arcade 8800666
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
01.Mega 'Lo Mania -Time-
02.Dj Quicksilver -Bellisima-
03.Ultra Sonic -Dreamers of dreams- (Paradizer Remix)
04.Sy & Eruption -12'' of love- (Remix)
05.Gian Pierro -Ready to rave-
06.Helix ft Marlon & Becks -U R everything-
07.Pedro Terzero -I'm a raver-
08.Critical Mass -Happy generation-
09.Rob Project -A moment in time-
10.Flamman & Abraxas ft Mc Remsy -Good to go-
11.No Velocity -The power within-
12.No Man's Valley -All is well-
13.Jimmy J, Justin Time & Jenka -Eternity-
14.The Beatsquad -Had a dream-
15.Outfitt -Call me-
16.Cherrish -Time to play-
17.Wonderland -Fantasy of love- (German Rave Remix)
18.The Prophet -I can't stand it-
01.Wicked 2 -Aha-
02.Voyager -From dusk till dawn-
03.Fiocco -Sordo-
04.Whizzkid -I control the party-
05.Kosmonova -Raumpatrouille-
06.TPO -Ravers of the nation-
07.The Happy Devils -Tumba-
08.Jimmy J -Follow the sun-
09.Y Matrix -Ravers phantasy-
10.Twenty 4 Seven -If you want my love-
11.Blossom -Bicycle race-
12.Dj Paul & Dj Rob ft Highie Babe -Lords of the school-
13.Chiara -Guardian angel-
14.Holy Moly -Feels like I'm in love-
15.Emilio & Da Vinci ft The Beatfeak -Beat me up-
16.Mindtrust -The key to your heart-
17.Dj Fury -All I ever wanted-
18.Bionic Commanders -The rabbit-

Happy Rave 7 CD1 & CD2

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