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Chocolate Mix 3

Varios - Chocolate Mix 3

Energy Network NRG 011/012/13 CD
2 × CD, Compilation
1 x CD, Mixed 
Euro House, Trance,Techno, Makina
01.N.Y.C.C. -Fight for your right-
02.Code 33 -Tubular desperation- (Hard Trance Mix)
03.Dance 2 Trance -The power of american natives 98-
04.Dj Peter -Put your hands-
05.Zippy Boy -In the mix-
06.Tim Wokan -The club of Ibiza- (Afrogroove)
07.Interave -Reborn-
08.Otto Drum -Black eagle- (Eagles Attack)
09.Portamento -Its a lot-
10.Digital Dee -Leaving today-
11.Final Fantasy -The sequence of love-
12.Black Mushroom -Dont clap anybody- (Delicious Mix)
13.Red Garden -To the moon and back-
14.Dinamic Duet -Open tribal-
01.Dj Ston -Kommando-
02.Face the Phase -Phase part II-
03.Matro Bass -Reality (Five senconds)-
04.K-Psula -Listen to the lesson of music-
05.2 In da House -Tension- (Squares & Saw Mix)
06.Sistema 3 -Chupa-
07.Ramses -Up with it-
08.8 Next Generation -Like a cycle-
09.Kike Boy -Trouble shooting-
10.Aldus Haza -Heavenwards-
11.Soul Mondo -La casa se mueve- (Hard House Remix)
12.Scandal -La loca-
13.Dj Moz-Art -Hard classics-
14.Sampleking & Michael G -Jump to it- (Tribute to Armands)
02.Dj Ston -Kommando-
03.Zippy Boy -In the mix-
04.N.Y.C.C. -Fight for your right-
05.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives-
06.Dinamic Duet -Open tribal-
07.Burnette -Beachball-
08.Final Fantasy -The sequence of love-
09.2 in da House -Tension- (Square & Saw Mix)
10.Black Mushroom -Dont clap anybody- (Delicious Mix)
11.Dj Peter -Put your hands-
12.Tim Wokan -The club of ibiza- (Afrogroove)
13.Aldus Haza -Heavenwards-
14.Otto Drum -Black eagle-
15.Digital Dee -Living today-
16.Portamento -Its a lot-
17.K-Psula -Listen to the lesson of music-
18.Sistema 3 -Chupa-
19.Interave -Reborn-
20.Code 33 -Tubular desperation- (Hard Trance Mix)
21.Metro Bass -Reality (five seconds)-

Chocolate Mix 3 CD1.T-02.Code 33 -Tubular desperation- (Hard Trance Mix)

Chocolate Mix 3 CD1.T-05.Zippy Boy -In the mix-

Chocolate Mix 3 CD1.T-06.Tim Wokan -The club of Ibiza- (Afrogroove)

Chocolate Mix 3 CD2.T-01.Dj Ston -Kommando-

Chocolate Mix 3 CD2.T-05.2 In da House -Tension- (Squares & Saw Mix)

Chocolate Mix 3 CD2.T-07.Ramses -Up with it-

Chocolate Mix 3 CD2.T-10.Aldus Haza -Heavenwards-

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