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Super Dance 5

Varios - Super Dance 5

Polystar 516 672-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Happy Hardcore
01.Cappella -U got to let the music- (Plus Staples Mix)
02.Mark 'Oh -Randy (never stop that feeling)- (Westbam-Remix)
03.Twenty 4 Seven ft Stay-C & Nance -Is it love- (Single Mix)
04.2 Unlimited -Maximum overdrive- (Extended Version)
05.K. Da'Cruz -New high energy- (Dance Mix)
06.Stella Getz -Friends- (7'' Version)
07.Stanley Foort -Heaven is here- (Extended Version)
08.Love 4 Sale -Do you feel so right- (D.J.Joe Remix)
09.Push ft K.Da'Cruz -Push- (Single Version)
10.Urban Cookie Collective -Feels like heaven- (Extended To The Max Mix)
11.Ice Mc -Take away the colour- (Hf Mix)
12.Fun Factory -Groove me- (The Darth Vader Remix)
13.Westbam -Celebration generation- (Video Version)
14.Rick James -Super freak-
01.Tag Team -Whoomp! (there it is)-
02.Stakka Bo -Down the drain- (Original Version)
03.Cool Note -Hardwork- (Airplay Mix)
04.Sybil -My love is guaranteed- (Funky New Remix)
05.Ace Of Base -The sign- (Long Version)
06.Go -Let's all chant- (Radio Chant)
07.Simone Angel -Let this feeling- (Crystal Clear Mix)
08.Dj Bobo -Take control- (Radio Mix)
09.Odyssey -Talk to me- (Radio Mix)
10.Men Behind -Feel the life- (Extended Mix)
11.Co.Ro -4 your love- (Radio Version)
12.Peezze -(All we need is a) perfect balance- (Special Ballroom Mix)
13.Solitaire -Chasing clouds- (Broadcast Edit)
14.Jocelyn Brown -Somebody elses guy- (Maxi Version '84)

Super Dance 5 CD1.T-02.Mark 'Oh -Randy (never stop that feeling)- (Westbam Rmx)

Super Dance 5 CD1.T-05.K. Da'Cruz -New high energy- (Dance Mix)

Super Dance 5 CD1.T-12.Fun Factory -Groove me- (The Darth Vader Remix)

Super Dance 5 CD2.T-01.Tag Team -Whoomp! (there it is)-

Super Dance 5 CD2.T-07.Simone Angel -Let this feeling- (Crystal Clear Mix)

Super Dance 5 CD2.T-11.Co.Ro -4 your love- (Radio Version)

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