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Dance Division Collection 15

Varios - Dance Division Collection 15

Pink Records PK 163 CD
2 × CD, Compilation
Hard Trance, Techno
01.Neon Dreams -Gate to paradise-
02.Comet Empire -Dance generator-
03.Galaxy of Love -Worlds apart-
04.J. Golo Project -Don't need to worry-
05.Love Machine Gun -Step back-
06.Ultrasensitive -Resurrection-
07.Dj Golo -Express-
08.Cosmic Boy -Follow me-
09.Ides of March -Night falls-
10.Liquid Sky -Go-
01.Dj Mask -Return of the Mask-
02.J. Project -Revolution-
03.Futurescope -I said again-
04.Next Point -Get the future started-
05.Full Stop -Chemical icon-
06.Dj (Days of Joy) -Happy feeling-
07.Love-Era -Can't stop loving-
08.Psychonaut -Let me see-
09.Paralelo 66 -Check it-
10.Mind Tripp -Now the bass-

DDC 15 CD1.T-01.Neon Dreams -Gate to paradise-

DDC 15 CD1.T-03.Galaxy of Love -Worlds apart-

DDC 15 CD1.T-06.Ultrasensitive -Resurrection-

DDC 15 CD1.T-08.Cosmic Boy -Follow me-

DDC 15 CD2.T-01.Dj Mask -Return of the Mask-

DDC 15 CD2.T-03.Futurescope -I said again-

DDC 15 CD2.T-06.Dj (Days of Joy) -Happy feeling-

DDC 15 CD2.T-09.Paralelo 66 -Check it-

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