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Happy Rave 4

Varios - Happy Rave 4

Arcade Deutschland Gmbh 8800534
2 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber
01.Dj Paul Elstak -The promised land-
02.Mindtrust -Ravers groove-
03.Dr. Phil Omanski -Let it- (Short Hard Disco Mix)
04.No Velocity -Here we go- (Playing The House)
05.Discofrisco & Dj Inferno -Give all your love-
06.Dj Dougal & Mickey Skeedale -Emerald-
07.3 Steps Ahead -Drop it- (Happy Mix)
08.2 Brothers On The 4Th Floor -Fairytales- (Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo)
09.Jayke -Wish come true- (Extended Version)
10.Bueno -Liberty-
11.Fiction Factory -Don't make me cry-
12.Dj Fury -All I ever wanted-
13.Nina Feranzano & Buzz Fuzz -Keep it up- (Radio Mix)
14.Mac Project -Everybody- (Hard)
15.Dj Vibes & Wishdokta -Givin it all I got-
16.T-Bass & Centigrade -Walk of life-
17.The Nightraver & Dj Trevor -The revolution- (Radio Version)
18.Dj E-Rick & Tactic -Time to party-
01.Critical Mass -Believe in the future- (Extended Version)
02.Lipstick -Queen of the rhythm-
03.Wonderland -Be on a star- (Radio Mix)
04.Q-Tek -Trip to the hyperdome-
05.Lexus Lovers -Beat of the bass-
06.Solid Base -The girl of dreams-
07.Phaze 2 Phaze meets The Doctor -Tales from a crypt-
08.Hocus Pocus -Here's Johnny- (Digidance Happy Hardcore Mix)
09.OHM -Trip to paradise- (Extended Version)
10.Revolution Team -Makin' up your mind- (Original Mix)
11.James Daltan -Touch me-
12.Commotion -Stick it in-
13.Bertocucci Feranzano & Toni Salmonelli -Daddy snow- (Original Version)
14.Cixx -Ride to the rhythm- (Single Edit)
15.Global Split -Power I want some- (Jose Masserati Hardcore Mix)
16.Angel -Take me away- (Original Version)
17.Dj Weirdo & Dr. Phil Omannski -Young birds- (Original Mix)
18.Sonic -They call me sonic (Airrave)-

Happy Rave 4 CD1 & CD2

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