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Megatron 2

Varios - Megatron 2

Max Music MN 900 CDTV
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno, Makina
01.Megatron 2 mixed by Toni Peret & JM Castells
02.Piano -Maximizing the audience-
03.Daddy K. -Voulez-vous coucher avec moi-
04.Stephano Massimo & The Deli Cats -Anytime and anywhere-
05.Silenzi -Hooked on a feeling-
06.No Name -Promise-
07.Tony Di Bart -The real thing-
08.Rene et Gaston -Vallee de l'armes-
09.Dehlia -Ravers-
10.S-Koria -Mi olla descontrola-
01.Paco Pil -Dimension divertida-
02.Whigfield -Another day-
03.Dj Roman -A pitar-
04.King Of House U.S.A - U.S.A.-
05.Dj Bailo -Ves, corre y ven-
06.Doop -Doop- (Sidney Berlin Ragtime Band)
07.Eartha Kitt -Where is my man-
08.Paraje -Animalaction-
09.Baffa -Somebody to love-
10.Megatron 2 Radio Edit mixed by Toni Peret & JM Castells

Megatron 2 Spot TV

Megatron 2 CD1.T-01.Megatron 2 mixed by Toni Peret & JM Castells

Megatron 2 CD1.T-02.Piano -Maximizing the audience-

Megatron 2 CD1.T-10.Skoria -Mi olla descontrola-

Megatron 2 CD2.T-05.Dj Bailo -Ves, corre y ven-

Megatron 2 CD2.T-09.Baffa -Somebody to love-

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Varios - Megatron

Max Music NM 737 CDTV
2 × CD, Compilation
House, Euro House
01.Megatron Mix
02.The Joker's -Cowboy-
03.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives-
04.Zentral -Que idea!-
05.Z100 -On the low-
06.Aquel Negrito -Aquel negrito-
07.Fox-X -Give it up-
01.2 Unlimited -No limit-
02.Intermission -Honesty-
03.Kingston Club -Pride (in the name of love)-
04.Tee Green -What is love-
05.Co.Ro ft Taleesa -There's something going on-
06.Leila K. -Open sesame-
07.Megatron Radio Mix

Megatron CD1.T-01.Megatron Mix

Megatron CD1.T-05.Z100 -On the low-

Megatron CD2.T-07.Fox-X -Give it up-

Megatron CD2.T-02.Intermission -Honesty-

Megatron CD2.T-03.Kingston Club -Pride (in the name of love)-

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Principal Mente Dance

Varios - Principal Mente Dance

Arcade 3201512
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance
01.Groove 69 -Stardust medley with dust-
02.Dennis Edwards -Dont look any further- (13 Studio Vocal Mix)
03.Ultra Nate -Found a cure-
04.Lutricia McNeal -Stranded- (Original Version)
05.Gala -Suddenly-
06.Walty -Nobody else- (Radio Edit)
07.Golden Eye -Searching for the golden eye- (Searchin Remix)
08.Dayeene -Dancing with tears in my eyes- (Stones Remix)
09.D.O.N.S. ft Technotronic -Pump up the jam-
10.Plastic -Addicted-
11.Partision -No me gustah-
12.Blue Pearl -Naked in the rain 98-
13.Kadoc -Clap your hands-
14.Marino Stephano -Eternal rhapsody-
15.Daude -Pata pata-
16.Area -The spirit of area-
17.Funky Connection -Funky idea-

Principal Mente Dance T-02.Dennis Edwards -Dont look any further- (13 Studio Vocal Mix)

Principal Mente Dance T-14.Marino Stephano -Eternal rhapsody-

Principal Mente Dance T-15.Daude -Pata pata-

Principal Mente Dance T-17.Funky Connection -Funky idea-

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Tina Cousins - Killing time

Tina Cousins - Killing time

Jive 0519182
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Trance
01.Killing time
04.Live & breathe
07.Nothing to fear
08.Turn back time
09.The fool is me
10.Until the day
11.Mysterious times
12.Pray (Wip In The Church Mix)
13.Killing time (Sash!'s Maxi Remix)
14.Mysterious times (John B. Norman 12'')
15.Mysterious times (Todd Terry's Club Mix)

Tina Cousins - Killing time T-01.Killing time

Tina Cousins - Killing time T-02.Pray

Tina Cousins - Killing time T-03.Angel

Tina Cousins - Killing time T-05.Forever

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