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Tunnel Trance Force 20

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 20

Tunnel Records BLN 507526 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Euro House, Hard Trance, Trance
01.Scotty -Let's celebrate- (Club Mix)
02.Miss Shiva -Dreams 2002- (Cosmic Gate Remix)
03.Beam vs Cyrus -Lifestyle- (Megara vs Dj Lee Remix)
04.Adrima -Can't stop raving- (Club Mix)
05.Dj Sammy & Yanou -Heaven- (Green Court Mix)
06.Topmodelz -L'esperanza- (Extended Mix)
07.Cj Stone -Into the sea- (Voodoo & Serano Mix)
08.Essential Dj-Team -Ong-diggi-dong- (Essential Hard House Club Mix)
09.Talla 2XLC -Come with me- (Dj Scot project Mix)
10.Bassriders -Prepare to quality- (Elephant Mix)
11.Impegement Syndorm -Blue planet-
12.Dj Tiesto -Urban train- (Cosmic Gate Mix)
13.Avatar -Red planet- (Reverb's Mix)
14.Trance-All Dj Team -The trance-all anthem- (Gady D's Trance Out Remix)
15.Dragon -Pandora- (Fridge Trance Mix)
16.Accuface -The change-
17.Sonic Inc -I feel 4 you-
01.Dj Dean -Balla nation- (Episode II)
02.Twisters Silence -Listen to me mama- (Dj Scott Project Mix)
03.Unix -Wild pleasure- (Club Mix)
04.O.E.G. -Endless horny-
05.Schwarzende -Abuse- (Schwarzende Mix)
06.Dj Krid-Kid vs Dj T-Rob -Cosmic fusion- (Full Vox Edit)
07.Dave 202 -Living on the edge-
08.Gee Rossi -Give me some more- (Tom X vs Steve Cypress Club Mix)
09.Dj Jo vs Tom-X -Happiness- (Club Mix)
10.Dj Dean & Danny K -T-storms- (Tornado Mix)
11.Rave Allstars -I need your love- (Paul Hutch Mix)
12.2OU -X-perience-
13.Orange Inc -E.A.S.E.-
14.Plastic Enemy -Double speeded- (Djs @ Work Mix)
15.Dj Shog -This is my sound- (Wavescope Remix)
16.Soulfighter -Brainbow-
17.John Tox -Bass poison-
18.Space Planet -Breath of imagination-
19.JFS -Like an ocean-

Tunnel Trance Force 20 CD1.T-01.Scotty -Let's celebrate- (Club Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 20 CD1.T-13.Avatar -Red planet- (Reverb's Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 20 CD1.T-15.Dragon -Pandora- (Fridge Trance Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 20 CD2.T-02.Twisters Silence -Listen to me mama- (Scott Project Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 20 CD2.T-12.2OU -X-perience-

Tunnel Trance Force 20 CD2.T-16.Soulfighter -Brainbow-

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Tunnel Trance Force 19

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 19

Dance Division BLN 504814 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Ratty -Living on video- (Original Mix)
02.Klubbingman -Welcome to the club- (Pulsedriver vs Rocco Mix)
03.Vanessa Mae -White bird- (Cosmic Gate Mix)
04.Awex -It's our future- (Rock N Roll Mix)
05.Y.O.M.C. -In my mind- (YOMC Airplay Mix)
06.The Joker -Milky way 2001- (Plug N Play Remix)
07.Funky Divas -Endless love 2001- (Pulsedriver Mix)
08.Kosmonova vs C-Star -The daydream- (Sascha Van Hult Club Mix)
09.Mario Piu aka Dj Arabesque -The vision- (Original Mix)
10.Aurelia -When the night is falling- (Extended Version)
11.Silver Liquid -Eruption-
12.Accuface -Speed-
13.Warp Brothers -Blast the speakers- (Crash Your Head Mix)
14.Dj Astrid pres Walter Solo -Coming from another world- (Mario Lopez Remix)
15.Dany Lemon -The poem- (Nodlicht Mix)
16.Dj Session One -Journey through the time- (Syntone Remix)
17.Motorcraft -Eternity forever- (Extended Mix)
18.Trique One -Just a little bit sad- (O-Mind Version)
01.Technoboy -Ravers rules- (K-Traxx Remix)
02.Dj Shoko vs Groundzero -Don't stop fucking technopop- (Underground Mix)
03.Re-Animator -Rewire your brain- (D-Gor Mix)
04.Thomas Trouble -Echoes- (Michael Fusseder Remix)
05.Gary D ft Dr Z -My houzze- (Hardline Mix)
06.Dave Joy -First impression- (S.H.O.K.K. Mix)
07.Gigi Lav -The right way- (Trance Generators Remix)
08.Dj Dean -Don't stop- (Club Mix)
09.Universal Dream -House of music- (Aquaplex Remix)
10.Klinisch Tot -Klinisch tot- (Club UK Mix)
11.Cinderella -The realm- (Dj Spoke Remix)
12.T-Bone -Watch yourself-
13.Starfunk -Stupid games- (Club Mix)
14.Ultrakumm -Uk disco- (Piano Mix)
15.Dj Centaury & Wavetraxx -Lazarus- (Club Mix)
16.Mentral Miracle -Future- (Original Mix)
17.Orange Inc -Reach out-
18.Dj A.M. -Ritmo de molto forte- (Dj Kim's Trance Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 19 CD1.T-03.Vanessa Mae -White bird- (Cosmic Gate Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 19 CD1.T-10.Aurelia -When the night is falling- (Extended Version)

Tunnel Trance Force 19 CD1.T-17.Motorcraft -Eternity forever- (Extended Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 19 CD2.T-01.Technoboy -Ravers rules- (K-Traxx Remix)

Tunnel Trance Force 19 CD2.T-09.Universal Dream -House of music- (Aquaplex Remix)

Tunnel Trance Force 19 CD2.T-12.T-Bone -Watch yourself-

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Tunnel Trance Force 18

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 18

Tunnel Records BLN 504531 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Euro House, Trance
01.Dj Darkzone -The human form- (Vocal Club Mix)
02.Mario Lopez -Blind- (CJ Stone Meets Mr. Phillips Club Remix)
03.Kai Tracid -Too many times- (Energy Mix)
04.Pedro Del Mar -Harder?!- (Club Mix)
05.Sugar M -Wonderful life- (Accenter & Three O. Mix)
06.Camilia -Get your thing together- (Vocal 12" Mix)"
07.Dj Dean -Sky is the limit- (Club Mix)
08.Jay Frog -Pushin'- (Pulsedriver Remix)
09.Nexus -Return from flatliner- (Original 12" Mix)
10.Jet Set -Island of dreams- (Extended Mix)
11.Dance Nation -Sunshine- (Wippenberg Remix)
12.Mike Dragon -Infinity 2001- (Fridge vs. Vectrex Mix)
13.Tukan -Light a rainbow- (Green Court ft Marc Dawn Remix)
14.Space Planet -Diamond star-
15.Accuface -Red sky-
16.Trique One -Dreamworld-
17.JFS -Heaven's gate-
18.P.G.L. -Sunshine-
01.Accenter & Three O -Outsiders- (Original Club Mix)
02.Dj Malone -Read my lips- (Mikem Extended Club Mix)
03.Plaything -Into space- (Original Extended Mix)
04.Dj Overdog -I'm the dj- (Overdog Mix)
05.Bass Kings -The rhythm- (Dominators Remix)
06.S.O.D. -State control- (P.G.L. Mix)
07.Matrix -Intoxicating 2001- (Ray Clarke Remix)
08.Dj Dean -Bad house music- (Club Mix)
09.Tube -Fusion- (Club Mix)
10.5 Below 0 -Club quake- (Silent Harmony Remix)
11.Dj Shoko -Are you ready?-
12.Electric Nature -Electronic music- (Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta Mix)
13.Network 25 -Dj...- (Major Melon Mix)
14.Dj Wag -The darkness- (Yakooza Remix)
15.Dj Fait -Emergency- (Hard Club Remix)
16.Daniel White -Virtual ambience- (Part One)
17.Orange Inc. -Timeshift-
18.Dj Cyglas -Read my heart- (Airfire Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 18 CD1.T-01.Dj Darkzone -The human form- (Vocal Club Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 18 CD1.T-09.Nexus -Return from flatliner- (Original 12" Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 18 CD1.T-16.Trique One -Dreamworld-

Tunnel Trance Force 18 CD2

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Tunnel Trance Force 17

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 17

Tunnel Records BLN 503067 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Angel Of Death -Angel of death- (Tracid Mix)
02.Sunbeam -One minute in heaven- (Club Mix)
03.Solid Sleep -Club attack- (Junk Project Remix)
04.Cloudburst -Korperfresser- (Club Mix)
05.Murphy Brown works with Mike Nero -Loose my mind- (DJ Dean Remix)
06.Cosmosonic -Access-
07.Dj Björn -Tracking- (Club Mix)
08.Marc Et Claude -Lovin' you- (Dark Moon Mix)
09.De Vargas -The train- (Tom-X Remix)
10.Weltlichter -Visions of love- (Club Mix)
11.Angel Beats -Emotions- (Trance Mix)
12.Barthezz -On the move- (Club Mix)
13.Mas Y Mas -Koyaanisqatsi- (Club No Speak Mix)
14.Pearls -Free fall- (Martin Eyerer Mix)
15.Elastica -The audience- (Extended Mix)
16.Nicky Davis -To Munich- (Steve L Joins Planet Trax Remix)
17.Shoko vs Da-Niel -The sun-
18.Shadow Warriors -Oval sun- (Amaris Remix)
01.Dj Spoke -You're ready 4 me- (Final Mix)
02.Vespa 63 -I'm still free- (Atmosphere Mix)
03.2001 Canarias -Comin' up strong- (Sven-R-G & Bass-T Remix)
04.BM Dubs Presents Mr Rumble ft Brasstooth & Kee -Whoomp! there it is- (Public Domain Club Edit)
05.Norman Bass -How U like bass- (Warp Brothers Club Mix)
06.Yoda -Definitely- (DJ Scot Project Remix)
07.Dj Dean -Turn on the light- (Club Mix)
08.Schwarze Puppen -Schwarze puppen- (Russenmafia Mix)
09.Silver Liquid -The shadow- (Club Mix)
10.Taiko -Die blechtrommel- (Nick Sentience Remix)
11.Accuface -Journey into sound-
12.Thomas Trouble -Insane asylum- (SMP Club Mix)
13.Space Planet -Mercy on the earth-
14.Dj Pure -Trancescape- (Hammer Mix)
15.DJ Arek -Space night-
16.Mental Miracle -Trip to fantasy- (Alternate Mix)
17.JFS -Stereophonic-
18.Atomik Twinz -Don't stop-

Tunnel Trance Force 17 CD1

Tunnel Trance Force 17 CD2

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Tunnel Trance Force 16

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 16

Tunnel Records/Dance Division
DAD 501995 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Aquagen -3, 2, 1 feiern- (New Club Mix)
02.Warp Brothers -We will survive- (Aquagen Remix)
03.Axel Konrad -R.U.F.F. cuts- (Extended)
04.Ian Van Dahl -Castles in the sky- (Peter Luts Remix)
05.Skysurfer -Colors-
06.Das Licht -3-
07.P.G.L. -The white light- (Russenmafia Mix)
08.Thomas Trouble -Mysterious skies- (DJ Shah Club Mix)
09.Rainbow Warrior -La musique- (Vocal Mix)
10.Dragon -The dragon- (Metal Ice Cream Mix)
11.Rooky -Secrets- (Vectrex Remix)
12.Dj Dean -Pain brain- (Age Mix)
13.P2 -Fade to grey- (JamX & De Leon's Dumonde Mix)
14.Checkmate -Another world- (Mickey D. Mix)
15.William Hawk -Return to innocence- (Mario Lopez Meets Tommy Gant Remix)
16.Angel Beats -Brightness- (TTF Mix)
17.Central Park -World traffic- (Hiver & Hammer In Progress Mix)
18.Marco Zaffarano -Weltklang- (Speech Lab Remix)
01.Russenmafia -Alarm-
02.Gary D. -Die herdplatte 2000- (Harddisc Mix)
03.L'Age Synthetique -Terminate- (Rage Mix)
04.Commander Tom -Are Am Eye?-
05.Accenter & Three O -Acid bitch- (Dub Club Mix)
06.S.H.O.K.K. -Folie a deux- (Klub Mix)
07.Dj Passion -Tha-P-Anthem-
08.DJ Jo vs. Tom-X -U got it- (Club Mix)
09.Ree Light -I need you- (Fat Club Mix)
10.Lady Tom meets Marc van Linden -Motion- (Club Mix)
11.Odyssey Of Light -The breath-
12.Tekkie -Lost in space- (Hard Mix)
13.Pulsartraxx -Destination- ( Mix)
14.Beam & Yanou -The free fall- (The Exposition)
15.Silver Liquid -Take your time- (Trance Mix)
16.Accuface -Travelling without moving-
17.Hunter & Lauks -Excessive life-
18.Rune -Beyond the sun-

Tunnel Trance Force 16 CD1.T-01.Aquagen -3, 2, 1 feiern- (New Club Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 16 CD1.T-06.Das Licht -3-

Tunnel Trance Force 16 CD1.T-16.Angel Beats -Brightness- (TTF Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 16 CD2.T-01.Russenmafia -Alarm-

Tunnel Trance Force 16 CD2.T-08.DJ Jo vs. Tom-X -U got it- (Club Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 16 CD2.T-12.Tekkie -Lost in space- (Hard Mix)

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Tunnel Trance Force 15

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 15

Tunnel Records DAD 501293 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Liquid Bass -In full effect- (Hard Trance Mix)
02.Cosmic Gate -Somewhere over the rainbow- (Club Mix)
03.Topmodelz -Strings of infinity- (Extended Version)
04.Kosmonova -Discover the world- (De Donatis Mix)
05.Mario Lopez -The sound of nature Part II- (Club Mix)
06.Dj Swam -The spiritchaser- (Green Court Mix)
07.Green Court -Trancefiguration- (Extended Mix)
08.Orth -Big brother is watching you- (DJ Pain Remix)
09.Crizz Lee -Teardrops in my eyes-
10.Alex G. & Fame -Freedom- (Green Court Remix)
11.Darude -Sandstorm- (Original Mix)
12.Carl Cox -Phuture 2000- (Azzido Da Bass Remix)
13.Roland Klein -Nexus point- (Jay Frog Mix)
14.Alex Rocco -Set U free- (Club Mix)
15.Vincent Vega -Radiation 64-
16.Angel Beats -Beats of angels 2000- (TTF Mix)
17.Placid A -Summer vibes- (Original Mix)
18.Interstate -The sound of sundance- (Global Cee Mix)
19.Flutlicht -Ahmea- (Giotto's Mix)
01.Hypetraxx -See the day- (Edit)
02.DJ Red 5 vs DJs @ Work -Rhythm & drums 2001- (DJ's @ Work Club Mix)
03.Black Spider -Save your life!- (Great Pain Mix)
04.Dj Crack -Singular 2000- (Club Mix)
05.Silver Liquid -Take it- (Pump Gun Mix)
06.Dj Simple -Mainstorm theme-
07.Dj The Crow -What you're lokin- (Uberdruck Mix)
08.Magenta -Catwalk- (Original Mix)
09.Accuface -Let your mind fly-
10.K. Brand -Metropolis- (Club Mix 1/2 PB)
11.Mondrian -Falling- (Original Club Mix)
12.Resident Aliens -Way into the future-
13.Irrlichter -Come home my children- (Original Mix)
14.Marc N' Ace -Take me high-
15.Domain -Time & space- (Club Mix)
16.Space Planet -Space of time-
17.Dj Hunter & M-Plax -The come and go-

Tunnel Trance Force 15 CD1.T-05.Mario Lopez -The sound of nature Part II- (Club Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 15 CD1.T-08.Orth -Big brother is watching you- (DJ Pain Remix)

Tunnel Trance Force 15 CD1.T-18.Interstate -The sound of sundance- (Global Cee Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 15 CD2.T-01.Hypetraxx -See the day- (Edit)

Tunnel Trance Force 15 CD2.T-10.K. Brand -Metropolis- (Club Mix 1/2 PB)

Tunnel Trance Force 15 CD2.T-14.Marc N' Ace -Take me high-

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Tunnel Trance Force 14

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 14

Dance Division DAD 4499966 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance, Euro House
01.Warp Brothers vs Aquagen -Phatt bass- (Aquagen Club Mix)
02.Pulsedriver -Barracuda- (Extended Mix)
03.Kai Tracid -Deep blue-
04.Marc Et Claude -I need your lovin'- (Dark Moon Remix)
05.Meteor Seven -Universal music- (DJ Scot Project Mix)
06.Southside Spinners -Luvstruck 2000- (DJ Jean Remix)
07.Storm -Time to burn- (Mauro Picotto Mix)
08.DuMonde -Just feel free- (Sunbeam Remix)
09.Katana -Silence- (Gary D Remix)
10.Miss Peppermint -Day by day- (CJ Stone Mix)
11.Mauro Picotto -Komodo- (Alternative Mix)
12.Final Fantasy -Controlling transmission 2001-
13.Lepore -Trust me-
14.Dj Trooper -Da future- (Marc Van Linden Extended Mix)
15.Dj Dean & Danny K. -In my heart-
16.Nylon -If you love me- (Nylon Mix)
17.Franky Tunes -Creation-
18.Armin -Communication- (Original Mix)
01.Club Invaders vs Miss Thunderpussy -Mirage- (Jay Frog Club Mix)
02.MC Jump -Fog desire- (Hypetraxx Remix)
03.Divino -Proper to men-
04.Dark Moon -Dark horizon- (Club Mix)
05.Aquaplex -World of innocence-
06.Blade Attack -Waterloops-
07.Jose Amnesia -Hentai- (Original Mix)
08.Mat Silver -Memories-
09.DJ ELB -Relieve my pain-
10.Silver Liquid -Feel the power-
11.Solid Sleep -Heartbeat-
12.Van Gott -World of love- (The Playmate's Mix)
13.Rainmaker -Eternal fire- (Trance Action Mix)
14.Vincent Vega -Babylon-
15.Impegement Syndrom -Chilly-
16.Groundzero Dj Team & Reboot -After the beep- (Club Edit)
17.Accuface -Re-energize your soul-
18.Space Planet -Lochfrass-

Tunnel Trance Force 14 CD1.T-05.Meteor Seven -Universal music- (DJ Scot Project Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 14 CD1.T-08.DuMonde -Just feel free- (Sunbeam Remix)

Tunnel Trance Force 14 CD1.T-12.Final Fantasy -Controlling transmission 2001-

Tunnel Trance Force 14 CD2.T-01.Club Invaders vs Miss Thunderpussy -Mirage-

Tunnel Trance Force 14 CD2.T-06.Blade Attack -Waterloops-

Tunnel Trance Force 14 CD2.T-14.Vincent Vega -Babylon-

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Tunnel Trance Force 13

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 13

Dance Division DAD 498660 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Aquagen -Partyalarm- (Party Mix)
02.Aurelia -Time flies- (Pulsedriver Remix)
03.Mario Lopez vs R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. -Into my brain- (Plug 'N Play Remix)
04.Axel Konrad -
H.E.A.R.T. beat- (Schrittmacher Mix)
05.Ayla -Singularity (Brainchild II)- (Miss Thunderpussy Remix)
06.Das Licht -Traumwelten- (Original Mix)
07.Reborn Entertainment -Back to the moon- (Plug 'N' Play Remix)
08.Lullaby -Lullaby-
09.Harem Doctors -Heartbeat- (DJ JamX & De Leon DuMonde Remix)
10.Dj Dean -Malaria-
11.Dj Janis -Lovestruck- (Sonar Club Mix)
12.De Vargas -Remember the time- (Calderone Mix)
13.Dj Digress -Baila para mi-
14.Dj Dean -Balla nation 2000-
15.The Trancecore Project -Flashback- (Green Court Remix)
16.Plastix -Attack-
17.Plastic Boy -Life isn't easy- (DJ Looney Tune's Orgasm Mix)
18.JFS -Raw nature-
19.Tunnel Allstars -Blue lagoon-
01.Flutlicht -Mutterkorn- (Original Mix)
02.Das Atom -Radioaktiv- (Vocal Club Mix)
03.Rocco -Back in town again- (Extended Mix)
04.Paratrooper -Kiss myself- (No Parachute)
05.Tankis & Savietto -Octopus- (Lost In Case Remix)
06.Impegement Syndrom -All systems go!-
07.Yo! -Lost in trance- (Club Mix)
08.Reboot -The day of days- (Tribe Mix)
09.DJ Arne L II -Grave diggers have more fun-
10.Timeriders -Future generation- (Original Extended Club Version)
11.Loving Loop -Listen to that fat bass- (Second Club Mix)
12.Phantom Sheriffs -Where are you?- (ET On XTC Mix)
13.2000 Canarias -Easy (just move some)- (Sven-R-G & Bass-T Remix)
14.Accuface -Thunder in paradise-
15.High Limit -Adrenalin-
16.Dj Phrenetic vs Tension -Ocean of love 2000- (Y.O.M.C. Remix)
17.Jelly -Moving light-
18.Push -Till we meet again- (Transcendental Remix)

Tunnel Trance Force 13 CD1.T-02.Aurelia -Time flies- (Pulsedriver Remix)

Tunnel Trance Force 13 CD1.T-09.Harem Doctors -Heartbeat- (DuMonde Remix)

Tunnel Trance Force 13 CD1.T-10.Dj Dean -Malaria-

Tunnel Trance Force 13 CD1.T-15.The Trancecore Project -Flashback- (Green Court Rmx)

Tunnel Trance Force 13 CD1.T-17.Plastic Boy -Life isn't easy- (Looney Tune's Orgasm Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 13 CD2

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Tunnel Trance Force 12

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 12

Dance Division DAD 497772 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Ayla -Angelfalls- (Elemental Force)
02.Alice Deejay -Back in my life- (Extended Hitradio Instrumental)
03.Pulsedriver -Take U high- (Tube Remix)
04.Dj Shah -Commandments- (Command Mix)
05.Fridge -Angel- (Club Mix)
06.Gravity 2000 -Welcome to the new millenium- (Trance Mix)
07.Marc Van Linden -I'm gonna take you to another dimension- (Sanity Remix)
08.Nudge & Shouter -Blue lagoon- (Bervoets & De Goeij Mix)
09.M.O.N.M. -Welcome to the new millenium- (Silent Harmony Remix)
10.Dj Shoko -Stroke my love-
11.Balearic Bill -Destination sunshine- (DJ Tiësto Power Mix)
12.Plastic Angel -Pascale- (Club Mix)
13.Frank-E & Mars-L -Song of the holy man- (Remix)
14.Dj Warlock -Planet P-
15.Formentera -Tears- (Original Horny Babes)
16.Atilla -Into the sun-
17.Accuface -See the light-
18.Dj Spoke -Function V- (Ultimate Mix)
19.Subtle By Design -Sirius- (Angelz Mix)
01.Dj Dean -Words of passion-
02.Dj Teeno -Jabdah-
03.Snowball -Outer space- (Extended Mix)
04.Ravelab -Send me an angel- (Mega 'Lo Mania Mix)
05.Nordsound Project -Dreams-
06.Terra V. -Vibes of terra-
07.Dj Fog -My dream- (DJ Snowman Remix)
08.FMF Greg vs Frank Bizarre -Ballade pour elise 2000-
09.Impegement Syndrom -Slaves-
10.Source T-10 -Asita- (DJ Moe's Club Mix)
11.DJ Foxx -Goliath revenge- (DJ Tom-X Remix)
12.Two Mind -New choice-
13.JFS -Preperation-
14.Mikado -Feel the bass-
15.Jean De Moove -Thunder force- (Attack Mix)
16.Hunter & Lauks -Shades of blue- (Club Mix)
17.Empire City -My dreams- (Original Trance Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 12 CD1

Tunnel Trance Force 12 CD2

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Tunnel Trance Force 11

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 11

Tunnel Records SMM 496848 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance, Acid
01.Cosmic Gate -Mental atmosphere- (Green Court Mix)
02.Kai Tracid -Destiny's path- (Warmduscher Remix)
03.Faithless -Why go?- (Ferry Corsten Radio Edit)
04.Dark Moon -Zeitreise-
05.Dj Energy -Energy '99 theme-
06.Rainmaker -Secrets of Asia- (Original Mix)
07.Zenith & Dj Tom Sun -The door- (Nightfly Vocal Remix)
08.Tillmann Uhrmacher -Bassfly- (DJ Tibby Remix)
09.Angel Beats -Take off-
10.Submission -The spirit is alive- (Extended Mix)
11.Dj X-Sonic -Blue sun- (T.B.R. Mix)
12.Onda Del Futuro -Elementi- (Allan McLoud Mix)
13.Espuma -Planet X- (Club Mix)
14.Dj Worris -Nightmare- (Club Mix)
15.Dj Shoko -The millenium is coming-
16.Steve Baltes -Desire-
17.Jim Lazlo -Go for it-
18.Accuface -(Don't try) the apprehendum-
01.Ultra Shock -The sound of E- (Miss Thunderpussy/Planet Traxx Mix)
02.Fladenbrot -Was guckst du lan?- (Club Bass Mix)
03.Jonah -Sssst... (listen)- (Original Mix)
04.Dj Shah -Claps- (Original Club Stomper)
05.Impegement Syndrom -Horny baby-
06.Ten Inch -Strawberry dreams- (Original Mix)
07.D.R.G. -My project- (Original Mix)
08.Central Seven -Te quiero- (D-N-S With Steve L. Remix)
09.Atropin -The murderer-
10.Butcher & Son -Citizens of the world-
11.Dj Tomac -Memories-
12.Thomas Krautmann -Moments- (DJ Session One Remix)
13.Groove City -Go for it- (Original Mix)
14.Maincrashers -Atlantis 2000- (Green Court Mix)
15.Re-Actor -Mystery world- (Re-Actor & Arne L II Mix)
16.JFS -Lightness-
17.Space Planet -Base attack-
18.Future Force -Trance out- (Original Club Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 11 CD1.T-01.Cosmic Gate -Mental atmosphere- (Green Court Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 11 CD1.T-04.Dark Moon -Zeitreise-

Tunnel Trance Force 11 CD1.T-10.Submission -The spirit is alive- (Extended Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 11 CD1.T-13.Espuma -Planet X- (Club Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 11 CD1.T-16.Steve Baltes -Desire-

Tunnel Trance Force 01 CD2 Armagedon

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Tunnel Trance Force 10

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 10

Tunnel Records SMM 496048 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Beam vs Cyrus & The Joker -Launch in progress- (Video Mix)
02.Sunbeam -Outside world- (Club Mix)
03.DuMonde -See the light- (Dj JamX & De Leon Mix)
04.Marc Van Linden -The last unicorn- (Phase One Club Mix)
05.Absolom -The air- (Trance Mix)
06.Dj Albert -4G-
07.Hidden Sound System -I know (you love me too)- (Pulsedriver Remix)
08.Veracocha -Carte blanche- (Original Mix)
09.R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. -State department- (Club Attack)
10.Electric Nature -It's electric- (Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta Mix)
11.Dj Tibby -Eternity-
12.Dj Dean -World of fantasy-
13.Universal Heads -Humans-
14.Freemind -Tranceform-
15.Frost vs Coolcut -The monkey- (Stompin' Monkey Mix)
16.Legend B -Sexuality-
17.Wavegenerator -Mental-
18.Paralyser -Saturation- (XXL Mix)
01.Engin-Eer vs Dodger -Don't stop- (Extended Cut)
02.Dj Ufuk -R2D2- (DJ Ufuk Remix)
03.Sensoria -Stop the war- (Fire & Ice Remix)
04.Los Pablos -Skyraiser-
05.Mallinaga -Eternity-
06.040 vs Dj Hein -Spectrum energize- (Energy Mix)
07.Angel Beats -Piano song-
08.Arpeggiators -Freedom of expression- (Remix)
09.Embargo -Embargo-
10.Shahin & Simon -The rebel 2-
11.Dj Shoko -Love me too-
12.ASYS -Acid save your soul-
13.Dj Herby F. -Brainstorm-
14.Nostrum -Mindgames-
15.Accuface -Theme from accuface-
16.Nudge & Shouter -Blue lagoon- (Vocal Club Mix)
17.JFS -Time of passion-
18.Energy Flash -Trance-

Tunnel Trance Force 10 CD1 WaterMix

Tunnel Trance Force 10 CD2 SummerMix

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Tunnel Trance Force 09

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 09

Tunnel Records SMM 494665 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.666 -The demon- (Chapter II)
02.Dr. Ouzo -Flip beat- (Club Mix)
03.Paffendorf -Allnight- (Pulsedriver Remix)
04.Peaches & Cream -All over the world- (Cream Club Mix)
05.Taucher -Child of the universe- (Phase IV Mix)
06.Sir Round -The imperial march- (The Empire Mix)
07.Jupiter Prime -Dreamphase- (Phase I)
08.Astrolight -Never ending dreams-
09.Moby -Run on- (Plastic Angel New Mix)
10.Angel Beats -Give in to me-
11.Vincent Vega -My dream-
12.DJ Dean & Danny K. -Into the light- (Club Mix)
13.Global Cee -Light up my life- (D.J. Scot Project Remix)
14.Y -Daydream- (Day Mix)
15.Ecsape -Control- (Sean Dexter Remix)
16.Passengers -Starship love- (Main Mix)
17.Liquid Breeze -Children of Africa- (Club Mix)
18.Space Planet -Supernova-
01.Megamind -Krach- (Picotto Mix)
02.Terra vs Stevens -One- (Bass In Space Mix)
03.Silver Liquid -Human soul-
04.Bettnaber -Un ritmo-
05.Harem Doctors -Outer limits- (DJ Snowman vs. DJ Mind-X Remix)
06.Dj Crack -The access of trance- (DJ Dean Remix)
07.Basic Avalon -Firewalk-
08.Dj Tom Stevens -Time trip (Es wird zeit)- (Small Tree In Spring Mix)
09.Nuclear Hyde -X-tension-
10."Milk Inc. -Inside of me- (Instrumental 12"" Mix)"
11.Robotronic Squad -World outside- (245 Internet Beats Mix)
12.Code 43 -Midnight alarm- (United Ravers Mix)
13.La Bush -The temple of house- (DJ Dean Remix)
14.JFS -Universe-
15.Kasai -Passion-
16.Framic meets Dopey Clay -Passion of harmony- (Extended Mix)
17.Vespa 63 vs Dj Inside -Electrisher-
18.Tom@Space -Magic violin- (Space Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 09 CD1 LoveMix

Tunnel Trance Force 09 CD2 FlowerMix

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Tunnel Trance Force 08

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 08

Tunnel Records SMM 494085 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Lady Tom -It's a dream (Part 1)- (Celtic Mix)
02.Schiller -Das glockenspiel- (Gary D Remix)
03.Dj Sakin & Friends -Nomansland- (Polaris Mix)
04.Electric Fruit Orchestra -Now 99-
05.The Dukes -I need your love- (Club Mix)
06.Silent Harmony -Save the whales- (Club Mix)
07.Interactive -Fanatic- (The Dukes Remix)
08.Angel Beats -I got to get- (Short Mix)
09.Final Fantasy -Set me free- (Trance Mix)
10.The Highlander -Dignified- (Allan McLoud Mix)
11.Dj Dean -Saturday night-
12.Next Level -Second nature-
13.K -Waveshaper-
14.Talla 2XLC -Love's comin' down- (DJ JamX & De Leon's ""Dumonde"" Remix)
15.Longy -Victime of life-
16.Allure -Rejected-
17.A.J.P. -Uplifting-
18.Mindscape -Genetic-
01.Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta -Wormhole- (Marino Stephano Remix)
02.Freebase -Broken- (Fire & Ice Remix)
03.Slipstream -Utopia- (Original Mix)
04.Solid Sleep -Cosmic orgasm-
05.Khazad Dum -Come together- (Mystic Club Mix)
06.Nomax -Sonar-
07.Casseopaya -Alibarba- (Remix)
08.Scott Brown -Ecstasy-
09.Accuface -Millenium bug-
10.Arrakis -The spice-
11.Silver Liquid -Come on-
12.Tritone -I know you're out there- (Dj Dean Remix)
13.Plastic Angel & Lord Helmet -Time traveller-
14.Scooter -Bramfeld-
15.JFS -Praxis-
16.Code-41 -On a mission- (Hardtrance Mix)
17.Nuclear Hyde -Axis-
18.Space Planet -Starglider- (148ER Version)

Tunnel Trance Force 08 CD1 LightMix

Tunnel Trance Force 08 CD2 DarkMix

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Tunnel Trance Force 07

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 07

Tunnel Records SMM 491920 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Hypertrophy -Eternal flames- (John B. Norman vs. Killerloop Remix)
02.Dj Sakin & Friends -Protect your mind- (Suspicious Remix)
03.Absolom -Where?- (Extended Instrumental)
04.K -Only the strong- (303 vs 909 Mix)
05.Dj Wag -Man on the moon- (Yakooza Remix)
06.Paffendorf -Call me now- (Club Mix)
07.Dj Session One vs Y.O.M.C. -Dreams in my fantasy- (Y.O.M.C. Mix)
08.Push -Universal nation-
09.Aquaplex meets Junk Project -Brightness-
10.Hark -Omega- (Pulsedriver Mix)
11.Travel -Bulgarian- (Signum Remix)
12.C+M -Sensation- (Astral Inc. Joints DJ Errik Remix)
13.Plastic Angel -Metropolis-
14.Dj Snowman -Waves- (Original Mix)
15.Dj Tibby -Midnight- (Extended Mix)
16.Arek -Wternity-
17.Flatliners -Back to the roots-
18.Double Force -Fantasy- (Instrumental)
01.Cocooma -District of power-
02.Accuface -Seduction-
03.Pascal Device meets Mindscape -Time unlimited-
04.P-Casso -Magic dream- (Phase IV Club Mix)
05.Hesperia -Blue waves-
06.Space Planet -Oribital trance-
07."Ultra Shock -The sound of ""E""- (Energy Mix)"
08.Dj Crack -Rhythm take you higher-
09.Dj Shoko -Funky-
10.Power Play -Programme-
11.Dj Dean -The sky-
12.State of Mind -The summer- (Day Mix)
13.Steve Baltes -Exxperience-
14.Dream Wave ft SM -Never stop- (Valencia Hardtrance Mix)
15.JFS -R U ready-
16.Global Players -Out of control- (Hardtrance Mix)
17.Warlock -The sound- (Andy, Choci & Weaver's Blue Butterfly Remix)
18.Energy Flash -Let's get on- (Are You Ready)

Tunnel Trance Force 07 CD1 GoldMix

Tunnel Trance Force 07 CD2 DiamondMix

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Tunnel Trance Force 06

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 06

Tunnel Records SMM 491821 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Lovestern Galaktika Project -Galaktika '98- (Komakino Remix)
02.Fiocco -The spirit- (Extended Instrumental Mix)
03.Kai Tracid -Dance for eternity- (Groover Mix)
04.Robbie Tronco -Night train-
05.DuMonde -Tomorrow- (Just Talking Mix)
06.Astroline -Feel the fire- (Dj Bart Club Edit)
07.Dj Session One -Terminate the brain-
08.Panama -Slave- (Fear Mix)
09.Dj Dean -Just a love thing- (Club Edit Without Vocal)
10.Dj Jo -Relax-
11.Dj Philip -Spring-
12.Blue Alphabet -Cyberdance- (Club Mix '98)
13.JFS -Obsession-
14.Astral Inc. -It feels so great-
15.Final Fantasy -I close my eyes- (Technoclub Mix)
16.Extreme Trax -Final fantasy- (Dj Phillip Remix)
17.Exon E.S.C. -No way out- (Marino Stephano Mix)
18."Exit EEE -Rainbow- (Vocal Edit 12"" Version) "
01.Earthquake -Noxious guy-
02.Nostrum -Brilliant-
03.Collins System -Ohm- (Cut Edit)
04.Signum -Flow Of knowledge-
05.Avalon -Eleven asako-
06.Angel Beats -Get up on this-
07.Code-38 -Vision- (Hardtrance Mix)
08.X-Ite -Kick some ass- (Cybertrance Mix)
09.Power Play -Inter city- Express (ICE Force Mix)
10.SveN-R-G & LA Chris -What is love-
11.Second Dimension -The magnificent-
12.Prophecy -Savage-
13.Black 'N' Decker -Peace and love-
14.Arteria -Evolution-
15.Tekkno By Pass -It's great fun- (Trance Mix)
16.Hydrophobia -Hydrophobia-
17.Code-37 -Astral 98- (Hardtrance Mix)
18.Accuface -Space is the place-

Tunnel Trance Force 06 CD1 CyberMix

Tunnel Trance Force 01 CD2 ShuttleMix

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Tunnel Trance Force 05

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 05

Tunnel Records SMM 491375 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Kosmonova vs Fiocco -Celebrate- (Extended Mix)
02.Future Breeze -Another way- (Kai Tracid Mix)
03.Absolom -Secret- (DJ Quicksilver Mix)
04.DJ Dean -Give me more-
05.Opus 808 -Winter- (K. Capone Remix)
06.Kaycee -Escape- (Club Mix)
07.Global Cee -Love, dream & energy-
08.Moon Project -Moonrise- (Midnight Mix)
09.DJ Shoko -For my mum-
10.Emperor -That's my mind-
11.Bossi -Time to make the floor burn-
12.Cherry Moon Trax -Alternation- (DJ Buzz Romantic Mix)
13.JFS Produktion -Pump that-
14.Millo -Pull the trigger-
15.Mystic Chord -Nightmare- (Freddy Mix)
16.Warlock -Flowergarden-
17.Energy Flash -Monique-
01.DJ Dean & Danny K. -The vision- (TTF Mix)
02.The C.A.L. II Project -Phase the base-
03.Cocooma -Another race-
04.DJ Benja -Harmony-
05.Power Play -Una chica bonita-
06.Start Up -UH- (Dith Wemyd Remix)
07.DJ Gollum -Emergency-
08.Norman Taylor -Sexmachine- (Hardtrance Mix)
09.T'N'T -I will never be yours-
10.Ultimate -It's not a shame- (Hardtrance Mix)
11.Sistema 3 -Chupa-
12.Dance Test Dummies -Hands up- (Last Mix B.P.M.)
13.Code 36 -Mirage- (B Mix)
14.SveN-R-G & LA Chris -Popular music-
15.Dj C.A. -Revolution-
16.Dj Gollum -XS-

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD1 MoonMix

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD2.T-01.DJ Dean & Danny K. -The vision- (TTF Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD2.T-03.Cocooma -Another race-

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD2.T-06.Start Up -UH- (Dith Wemyd Remix)

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD2.T-12.Dance Test Dummies -Hands up- (Last Mix B.P.M.)

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Tunnel Trance Force 04

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 04

Tunnel Records SMM 489817 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance, Makina
01.Dj Quicksilver -Planet love- (Club Mix)
02.Dj Thoka -Don't stop me- (Club Edit Mix)
03.M.C. Dominator -Boom boom jam- (Club Mix)
04.Sonic Boost -Mass assimilation- (Club Mix)
05.Panama -Logic devices-
06.Snowman -Passion & pain- (1st Extended Version)
07.Solid Sleep -Trancemission-
08.Dj Shoko -The effects-
09.Lectrolux -Baloney-
10.Pulsedriver 1 -Rythmic trip-
11.Dj S.I. One & Slave Punisher -Free my body-
12.Maniacs -Wonderful- (Dj Shah Mix)
13.Dj Mind-X -Nightingale-
14.D-Sigual -Back order-
15.Hot Dog & Cool Cat -Der neunte schu-
16.Gollum & Hunter -Feel it- (House Mix)
17.Dave X -Anybody- (TTF Mix)
18.Dj Dean -Trust me-
01.Energy Flash -Fly away-
02.Nostrum -Brainchild '97-
03.Dj Dean -Friday night-
04.Dj Manga -Judgement day-
05.Super Space -Get back-
06. Frank - E & Mars-L -World of pagan-
07.Suburb Sonics -Emergency-
08.Nordalarm -Spring-
09.Global Players -New force- (Hardtrance Mix)
10.Cocooma -Cocooma-
11.Miro -Purple moon-
12.Sound Structure -D-Ray-
13.Psykotic -Fucked-
14.Xarop -No border-
15.Phonetic -Air- (Primal Suspect Hard Mix)
16.Accuface -Let there be light-

Tunnel Trance Force 04 CD1 SaturnMix

Tunnel Trance Force 04 CD2 JupiterMix

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Tunnel Trance Force 03

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 03

Tunnel Records SMM 489278 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Dolphins Mind -The flow- (Underwater Mix Phase 1)
02.Kai Tracid -Your own reality- (Energy Mix)
03.Hypertrophy -Beautiful day- (Remix Edit)
04.Dj Kalpa & Marino Stephano -Dream's harmony- (Club Mix)
05.Commander Tom -Trip to mars- (ft. Dj Mars)
06.Phase IV -The sign of your coming- (Club Mix)
07.Guya Reg -No time (one o'clock)-
08.Moonman -First light- (Extended Mix)
09.Electric Fruit Orchestra -Rock da beat-
10.Arrow -Back in the house- (Kai Tracid Mix)
11.Liquid Flow -Heart of africa- (Planet Trax Mix)
12.Dj Jan -X-santo- (Solid Sleep Remix)
13.Slot 03 -Flashback-
14.Aqualite -What is life- (This Mix)
15.Sosa -The wave- (Dj Taucher Remix)
16.Hot Dog & Cool Cat -I'll house you-
17.Morphem -Cosmic sonar-
01.Power Play -Destiny-
02.Haze Maze -The voice-
03.Code 33 -Tabular desperation-
04.Cocooma -Flying saucer part II- (The Yellow Base)
05.Dj Crack -Another dimension- (Dj Dean RMX)
06.Frank-E & Mars-L -Child of time-
07.Energy Flash -Tunnel of harmony-
08.Shoko -Catastrophe-
09.Emphassis -Let's go-
10.Loving Loop -Bass please-
11.Dj Dean -It's true-
12.Scoopex -In my dream- (Club & Intro Mix)
13.Transport X -Visions-
14.Gollum & Hunter -Basscheck- (GT Mix)
15.Typ Of Terra -1st obsession-
16.Jet Set & Plastic Angel -Lost in trance-

Tunnel Trance Force 03 CD1 Space Mix

Tunnel Trance Force 03 CD2 OrbitMix

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