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Tunnel Trance Force 08

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 08

Tunnel Records SMM 494085 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Lady Tom -It's a dream (Part 1)- (Celtic Mix)
02.Schiller -Das glockenspiel- (Gary D Remix)
03.Dj Sakin & Friends -Nomansland- (Polaris Mix)
04.Electric Fruit Orchestra -Now 99-
05.The Dukes -I need your love- (Club Mix)
06.Silent Harmony -Save the whales- (Club Mix)
07.Interactive -Fanatic- (The Dukes Remix)
08.Angel Beats -I got to get- (Short Mix)
09.Final Fantasy -Set me free- (Trance Mix)
10.The Highlander -Dignified- (Allan McLoud Mix)
11.Dj Dean -Saturday night-
12.Next Level -Second nature-
13.K -Waveshaper-
14.Talla 2XLC -Love's comin' down- (DJ JamX & De Leon's ""Dumonde"" Remix)
15.Longy -Victime of life-
16.Allure -Rejected-
17.A.J.P. -Uplifting-
18.Mindscape -Genetic-
01.Tom Wax & Jan Jacarta -Wormhole- (Marino Stephano Remix)
02.Freebase -Broken- (Fire & Ice Remix)
03.Slipstream -Utopia- (Original Mix)
04.Solid Sleep -Cosmic orgasm-
05.Khazad Dum -Come together- (Mystic Club Mix)
06.Nomax -Sonar-
07.Casseopaya -Alibarba- (Remix)
08.Scott Brown -Ecstasy-
09.Accuface -Millenium bug-
10.Arrakis -The spice-
11.Silver Liquid -Come on-
12.Tritone -I know you're out there- (Dj Dean Remix)
13.Plastic Angel & Lord Helmet -Time traveller-
14.Scooter -Bramfeld-
15.JFS -Praxis-
16.Code-41 -On a mission- (Hardtrance Mix)
17.Nuclear Hyde -Axis-
18.Space Planet -Starglider- (148ER Version)

Tunnel Trance Force 08 CD1 LightMix

Tunnel Trance Force 08 CD2 DarkMix

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