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Varios - TekknoBoy

Deutsche Schallplatten Berlin DSB 3085-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Acid, House, Techno
01.Tecno-Flight –Fuck you-
02.Art Of Noise –Instruments of darkness- (The Prodigy Mix)
03.Altern 8 –Evapor 8- (Inciner 8 Mix)
04.Baby Ford –Fetish- (Main Mix)
05.Interactive –Dance motherfucker- (Fast Raver Remix)
06.Tranceformer –Was meint'n der?
07.E.S.P. –Once upon a time in the west- (Harmonica Mix)
08.Mystify –I can't wait- (Techno Mix)
09.2 Unlimited –Twilight zone- (Rio & Le Jean Remix)
10.2 German Latinos –Viva la droga electronica-
11.D.U.K.E. –Escape from New York- (The Crazies Arrive Mix)
12.Third Mind –Beans and barley-
13.Alec Empire –Yobots around my neck- (Theme Fom Tekkno Boy)
01.Phantom –The abyss- (Sub Battle Mix)
02.Messiah –There is no law- (Joey Beltram Remix)
03.C.O.E. –Church of extasy (Oooweee, I am ready)-
04.Bypass X –Residential area-
05.Influid 1 –Swamp- (Mix 1)
06.Eskimos & Egypt –Welcome to the future- (Dax Fyuw4cher Mix)
07.Digital Boy –This is mutha fucker!- (Suicide Mix)
08.Robert Armani –Ambulance two- (Remix)
09.Effective Force –Complete mental breakdown- (Special Edit)
10.Fazer –Tekknological crime-
11.Alien Nation –Lovers of the world- (Revolutionized Mix)
12.SBX-80 –V.Z.-
13.The R -Techmania-

TekknoBoy CD1.T-01.Tecno-Flight –Fuck you-

TekknoBoy CD1.T-04.Baby Ford –Fetish- (Main Mix)

TekknoBoy CD1.T-11.D.U.K.E. –Escape from New York- 

TekknoBoy CD2.T-03.C.O.E. –Church of extasy (Oooweee, I am ready)-

TekknoBoy CD2.T-09.Effective Force –Complete mental breakdown- 

TekknoBoy CD2.T-11.Alien Nation –Lovers of the world- (Revolutionized Mix)

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Techno Rave

Varios - Techno Rave

K-Tel TR-8206
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno, Hardcore
01.Scooter -Hyper hyper-
02.Digital Boy -The mountain of king-
03.The Prodigy -Voodoo people-
04.Anticappella -Express your freedom-
05.XLP -Wonderworld-
06.Imperio -Veni vidi vici-
07.Ice Mc -It's a rainy day- (Ferrari Remix)
08.XY -One step beyond-
09.Apocalyps -Good morning Vietnam-
10.Einstein Doctor Dj -Elektro woman- (Music In Frankfurt Mix)
11.Otto A -Irish banana- (Blue Bubble Mix)
12.66 South -Body in motion-
13.The Return Of Jack -That's all folks-
14.The Professor -Rockin' me-
15.Paco -Lollipop- (Paco Mix)
16.Ministry Of Bass -I like the bass-

Techno Rave T-04.Anticappella -Express your freedom-

Techno Rave T-08.XY -One step beyond-

Techno Rave T-11.Otto A -Irish banana- (Blue Bubble Mix)

Techno Rave T-14.The Professor -Rockin' me-

Techno Rave T-15.Paco -Lollipop- (Paco Mix)

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Weekend Compilation

Varios - Weekend Compilation

DWA (Dance World Attack) 01.33 CD
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House
01.Double You -Heart of glass-
02.Ice Mc -Think about the way-
03.Corona -The rhythm of the night- (Lee Marrow Remix)
04.Cappella -Move on baby-
05.CB Milton -It's a loving thing-
06.Nickla -Sonata-
07.Smalltown Boy -Smalltown boy-
08.Due -Under the same sun-
09.Arcana -Space party people-
10.Anticappella -Move your body-
11.Savage -Don't cry tonight- (Remix)
12.Space Tribe -Better be alright-
13.DJ Bobo -Take control- (Remix)
14.Cybernetica -I wanna be with you-

Weekend Compilation T-05.CB Milton -It's a loving thing-

Weekend Compilation T-06.Nickla -Sonata-

Weekend Compilation T-09.Arcana -Space party people-

Weekend Compilation T-12.Space Tribe -Better be alright-

Weekend Compilation T-14.Cybernetica -I wanna be with you-

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Valencia Baila Vol. 2

Varios - Valencia Baila Vol. 2

Area Internacional VB-002-CD
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno
01.N.O.D. -Hello my head-
02.La Masia -In the middle of the brain-
03.Bananas -Body and soul-
04.Sakkara -Stereo wave-
05.Isla -The fly-
06.La Clave -La clave es la musica-
07.Barracabar -Alicia-
08.Skandalo -Skandalo biat-
09.Publik -Lot not ditten hide-

10.Esquema -Pare-
11.Distrito 10 -Mandinga dreams-
12.La Cabaña de Joe -La cabaña-
13.DKD -Non stop-
14.Pacha Alcoi -Brasa pura-
15.Un Sur -Un sur-

16.Personal -Underground-

Valencia Baila Vol.2 T-01.N.O.D. -Hello my head-

Valencia Baila Vol.2 T-02.La Masia -In the middle of the brain-

Valencia Baila Vol.2 T-05.Isla -The fly-

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Valencia Baila

Varios - Valencia Baila

Area Internacional VB-CD 001
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno, Makina
01.ACTV -El poder de la musica-
02.Skanner -Skanner-
03.Esquema -Rompiendo esquemas-
04.Central -Accion central-
05.Puzzle -Puzzle-
06.N.O.D. -Interactivo house music-
07.Rockola -Hola rockola-
08.Chocolate -La catedral de la musica-
09.Espiral -La leyenda-
10.Barraca -El sonido italica-
11.Spook Factory -El templo de la vanguardia-
12.Evento -Evento-
13.Megabaila Megamix

Valencia Baila T-01.ACTV -El poder de la musica-

Valencia Baila T-02.Skanner -Skanner-

Valencia Baila T-06.N.O.D. -Interactivo house music-

Valencia Baila T-11.Spook Factory -El templo de la vanguardia-

Valencia Baila T-13.Megabaila Megamix

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Ace of Base - The Sign

Ace of Base - The Sign

Arista 07822-18740-2
1 × CD, Album
Estados Unidos
Euro House, Synth Pop
01.All that she wants
02.Don't turn around
03.Young and proud
04.The sign
05.Living in danger
06.Dancer in a daydream
07.Wheel of fortune
08.Waiting for magic (Total Remix 7'')
09.Happy nation
10.Voulez-vous danser
11.My mind (Mindless Mix)
12.All that she wants (Banghra Version)

Ace of Base -The Sign T-02.Don't turn around

Ace of Base -The Sign T-04.The sign

Ace of Base -The Sign T-05.Living in danger

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Ace of Base - The bridge

Ace of Base - The bridge

Mega Records MRCD 3295
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Synth Pop
01.Beautiful life
02.Never gonna say I'm sorry
03.Lucky love
04.Edge of heaven
05.Strange ways
07.Perfect world
08.Angel eyes
09.Whispers in blindness
10.My deja vu
11.You and I
12.Wave wet sand
13.Que sera
14.Just n image
15.Lucky love (Acoustic Version)
16.Experience pearls
17.Blooming 18

Ace of Base - The Bridge T-01.Beautiful life

Ace of Base - The Bridge T-03.Lucky love

Ace of Base - The Bridge T-06.Ravine

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Ace of Base - Happy Nation

Ace of Base - Happy Nation

Mega Records MRCD 3206
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Synth Pop
01.Voulez-vous danser
02.All that she wants
03.Munchhausen (Just Chaos)
04.Happy nation
05.Waiting for magic
06.Fashion party
07.Wheel of fortune
08.Dancer in a daydream
09.My mind (Mindless Mix)
10.W.O.F. (Original Club Mix)
11.Dimension of depth
12.Young and proud
13.A.T.S.W. (Banghra Version)

Ace of Base T-03.Munchhausen (Just Chaos)

Ace of Base T-04.Happy nation

Ace of Base T-07.Wheel of fortune

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Ace of Base -Flowers-

Ace of Base - Flowers

Mega Records MRCD 3335
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Euro Pop
01.Life is a flower
02.Always have, always will
03.Cruel summer
04.Travel to romantis
05.Adventures in paradise
06.Dr. sun
08.He decides
09.I pray
10.Tokyo girl
11.Don't go away
12.Captain Nemo
14.Cruel summer (Big Bonus Mix)

Ace of Base - Flowers T-01.Life is a flower

Ace of Base - Flowers T-04.Travel to romantis

Ace of Base - Flowers T-11.Don't go away

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