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Dream Dance Vol.7

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.7

Sony Music Media SMM 489444 2
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Dj Quicksilver -Planet love-
02.B.B.E. -Desire (Age of club)-
03.De La Cruz -Tonight (In my house)-
04.Tank -Return of power-
05.Westbam -Hard times-
06.Nalin I.N.C. -Planet violet-
07.Kai Tracid -Your own reality- (Energy Mix)
08.Three'n One pres. Jonny Shaker -Pearlriver-
09.Mr. X & Mr. Y -Free me-
10.Sosa -The wave-
11.Adrima -For love-
12.Dj Kalpa & Matio Stephano -Dream's harmony-
13.Kay Cee -Like this-
14.Komakino -Man on mars-
15.Paralyzer -Bip bip bop-
16.T.O. -Diva-
17.Central Seven -The god of house-
18.666 -Alarma!-
19.Polar Pop -Eisbar-
20.Superstring -Try it!-
01.R.O.O.S. -Instant moments-
02.Dario G. -Sunchyme-
03.Koala -Australia-
04.Kosmonova -Take me away-
05.Sash! ft La Trec -Stay-
06.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives 98- (Dj Quicksilver Cut)
07.K. Capone -Pain-
08.Dolphin's Mind -The flow- (Underwater Radio Edit)
09.Dj Phantasma -Welcome to the club- (Sequential One Radio Mix)
10.Future Breeze -How much can you take-
11.Dj Tomcraft -Mind-
12.Talla vs. Taucher -Together-
13.Zyon -No fate- (Original Version)
14.Viper -It's a new day-
15.Jungle Kids -Back to the jungle-
16.Brooklyn Bounce -The real bass- (Dj Quicksilver Remix)
17.Silencer -Fantasy-
18.Vector Mode -Nightwalk-
19.Electronic Fruit Orchestra -Rock da beat-
20.Dj Nervous -Close your eyes-

Dream Dance 7 CD1.T-03.De La Cruz -Tonight (In my house)-

Dream Dance 7 CD1.T-08.Three'n One pres. Jonny Shaker -Pearlriver-

Dream Dance 7 CD1.T-20.Superstring -Try it!-

Dream Dance 7 CD2.T-08.Dolphin's Mind -The flow- (Underwater Radio Edit)

Dream Dance 7 CD2.T-15.Jungle Kids -Back to the jungle-

Dream Dance 7 CD2.T-19.Electronic Fruit Orchestra -Rock da beat-

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Dream Dance Vol.6

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.6

Sony Music Media SMM 488232 2
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Da Hool -Meet her at the love parade-
02.Kosmonova -Ayla-
03.Tank -Can U feel the bass-
04.2 Eivissa -Oh la la la-
05.Space Frog -I feel ur pain-
06.Dj The Crow -Fly away-
07.Dj Sammy ft Carisma -Prince of love-
08.Object One -Typewriter-
09.Sequential One -Dreams-
10.Brooklyn Bounce -Take a ride-
11.La Voix -Up (la, la, la)-
12.G. Park -Come down-
13.Three 'N One -Soulfreak-
14.Ramirez -Chupa, chupa-
15.Beam & Yanou -On y va- (Da Bomb Short Remix)
16.Encore -Le disc jockey-
17.De Leon ft Myra -I am what I am-
18.Nalin & Kane -Beachball-
19.SM-Trax ft Sweet Pussy Pauline -Climb on top-
20.Dolphin's Mind -The flow- (Deep)
01.Sash! ft La Trec -Sweat-
02.BBE Presents Enter -Load & save- (BBE Radio Mix)
03.Dr. Motte & Westbam -Sunshine-
04.Plastic Voice -Los niños del parque-
05.U.S.U.R.A -Open your mind '97- (DJ Quicksilver Radio Edit)
06.Hypertrophy -Beautiful day- (Dream Dance Remix)
07.Sunbeam -Dreams-
08.Funkytown -Funkytown-
09.Red 5 -For this world-
10.Love & Fate -Deeper love-
11.Celvine Rotane -Back again- (Don Esteban Remix)
12.Nicolai -Ready to flow- (Sash! Remix)
13.Mega 'Lo Mania -Circusclown-
14.Natural Born Grooves -Groovebird-
15.Marc Ferris -Don't leave me this way-
16.Headroom -How U feel-
17.Dj Dag Presents Crazy Malamute -Braveheart-
18.Age Of Love -The age of love- (Jam & Spoon W.O.F.S. Radio Edit)
19.Future Breeze -Words-
20.Mezada -Back to trancenation-

Dream Dance 6 CD1

Dream Dance 6 CD2.T-10.Love & Fate -Deeper love-

Dream Dance 6 CD2.T-16.Headroom -How U feel-

Dream Dance 6 CD2.T-20.Mezada -Back to trancenation-

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Dream Dance Vol.5

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.5

Sony Music Media SMM 488170 2
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Dj Quicksilver -Free-
02.Space Frog -Follow me- (X-Ray)
03.Members Of Mayday -Sonic empire-
04.Vertigo -Magic eyes- (Extended Club Mix)
05.Red 5 -Lift me up-
06.Energy 52 -Cafe del mar- (Three 'n One Radio Mix)
07.Hypertrophy -Just come back 2 me-
08.Three 'n One -Sin city-
09.Disco Citizens -Footprint- ('97 Revamp Edit)
10.Max Deejay -Rhythm is a dancer-
11.Marc Clement -Berlin- (Last Station Mix)
12.Paul Van Dyk -Forbidden fruit-
13.Love Boots -Phantasize-
14.Central Seven -The opera-
15.C-Mania -Dominating-
16.Kadoc -Rock the bells- (Sash! Remix)
17.Chiara -Nowhere to run- (Extended Mix)
18.Zhi-Vago -Teardrops from heaven-
19.Robert Miles -In my dreams-
01.Brooklyn Bounce -Get ready to bounce-
02.Sequential One -I wanna make you...-
03.Dj The Crow -Piece of mine-
04.Sash! -It's my life-
05.Future Breeze -Illusion-
06.Jam & Spoon -I pull my gun twice-
07.Dj Taucher -Atlantis- (Phase III Edit)
08.Boy George -Love is leaving- ( Back Teeth Edit)
09.Space Shuttle -We have a problem-
10.Marc Et Claude -La- (Dream Dance Edit)
11.Groove Club -It's a dream-
12.Toss & Turn -Flexxúible- (Rubúaúclubúmix)
13.Interactive -Wake Up!- (Ventura Remix)
14.Karma -Everyone- (Magic Club Mix)
15.Bruno Sanchioni -The new age- (Trance Mix Edit)
16.Gary D. & Dj High -D.Trance- (The Single)
17.Faithless -Reverence-

Dream Dance 5 CD1.T-04.Vertigo -Magic eyes- (Extended Club Mix)

Dream Dance 5 CD1.T-11.Marc Clement -Berlin- (Last Station Mix)

Dream Dance 5 CD1.T-18.Zhi-Vago -Teardrops from heaven-

Dream Dance 5 CD2.T-09.Space Shuttle -We have a problem-

Dream Dance 5 CD2.T-11.Groove Club -It's a dream-

Dream Dance 5 CD2.T-14.Karma -Everyone- (Magic Club Mix)

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Dream Dance Vol.4

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.4

Sony Music Media SMM 487433 2
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Dj Quicksilver -I have a dream-
02.Red 5 -I love you...stop!-
03.B.B. Jones -Flash- (Power Edit)
04.Three 'N One -Reflect-
05.Chicane -Offshore-
06.Futura Nostra -Keep the fire burnin'- (Club Mix)
07.Dj The Crow -I've got no time-
08.Manolo -Hells bells-
09.Galeria -The gael (We gotta party)-
10.Richard Cube -Trance nature-
11.Talla 2XLC -The eternal mystery-
12.M -Pili pili '97-
13.Drax Ltd II -Amphetamine-
14.Dj Philip -Too deep-
15.Epilepsy -Virtual fever-
16.Move Inc -Movin'-
17.Infinity -Timeless-
18.Dj Dado -Revenge-
19.Trance Opera -Ebben La Wally-
01.Robert Miles -In the dawn-
02.Crusher -Encore une fois-
03.Sequential One -My love is hot-
04.Brooklyn Bounce -The theme (of progressiv attack)-
05.Dj Quicksilver -Bellissima-
06.Faithless -Don't leave- (Floating Mix Edited Version)
07.Vertigo -Oxygene-
08.Milk Incorporated -La vache-
09.Future Breeze -Read my lips- (Temple of Light Club Mix)
10.Gorgeous -Don't stop-
11.Nick Beat -Bow chi bow-
12.Goahead -Freebeach- (Anjuna Mix)
13.Vector Mode -Meganomic-
14.Cygnus X -Positron-
15.Noise Maker -Moments-
16.Sandman -Coimbra-
17.Kosmonova -Raumpatrouille-
18.Jimi Tenor -Take me baby-

Dream Dance 4 CD1 & CD2

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Dream Dance Vol.3

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.3

Sony Music Media SMM 486760 2
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Faithless -Salva mea-
02.Trance X -A neverending dream- (Dream Dance Anthem Mix)
03.Nomansland -7 seconds-
04.Ronald Snypes -One and one- (Space Edit)
05.Groove Solution -Sweet memories-
06.Solid -Fall down on me- (Zhi-Vago in Mission Radio Edit)
07.Blue Alphabet -Cybertrance-
08.Paul Van Dyk -Beautiful place- (Airwaves Mix)
09.Terra Ferma -Floating-
10.Kadoc -The nighttrain- (Dream Station Remix)
11.Dj The Crow -Silencer I- (Extended Mix)
12.The Grooveman -Insomniak (I'll be your nightmare)- (Industrial Mix)
13.P-Casso -Masterpiece-
14.Dj Panda -My dimension-
15.Vector Mode -Secret world-
16.Magnetic Pulstar -Secret love-
17.Sunshine State ft Snake Davis -Atlanta- (Sunshine State Club Extravaganza)
18.M.R. -Walk on by- (JPO's & Beam's Radio Mix)
01.Porn Kings -Up yo no good-
02.RMB -Reality-
03.Red 5 -Da beat goes-
04.Futura Nostra -Why don't you dance with me- (Phuture Mix)
05.Love & Fate -Love and fate- (Part 2)
06.Moby -Go- (Woodtick Mix)
07.Taucher -Waters- (Phase 2)
08.Snap -Do you see the light- (Dance 2 Trance Mix)
09.Jam & Spoon -Right in the night- (Microbots Remix)
10.Intrance ft D-Sign -Te quierro- (Trance Mix)
11.Ramirez ft Pizarro -Hablando- (Acordeon Mix)
12.Yves Deruyter -Outsiders- (Marusha 7'' Edit Remix)
13.Mijk's Magic Marble Box -The wildlife-
14.The M. Experience III -Rock your body-
15.Dj Hooligan -It's a dream song-
16.Scooter -Rhapsody in E-

Dream Dance 3 CD1 & CD2 

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Dream Dance Vol.2

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.2

Sony Music Media SMM 485429 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Progressive Trance
01.Doctor Twilight -Theme from Mission-Impossible- (Dream House Mix)
02.Robert Miles -Fable- (Dream Version)
03.B.B.Jones -Seven days and one week- (Cosmic Edit)
04.Zhi-Vago -Dreamer-
05.Ayla -Ayla-
06.Agent Vyper -Twin peaks theme- (Club Vocal Mix)
07.Imperio -Atlantis- (Dj Dado Mix)
08.Dj Dado -Metropolis- (Club Mix)
09.Caucasuss -My dream- (My Wish)
10.Nitribit -Memories- (Radio Chant Mix)
11.Winx -Hypnotizin'- ('96 Edit)
12.Carl Cox -Sensual sophis-Ti-Cat-
13.Jaydee -Music is so special-
14.Trance A 190 -Harmonica-
15.Nylon Moon -Sky plus-
16.Unit -Who do you love- (Adventure Dream Mix)
17.Liquid Sky -House trance nation-
01.Sven Vath -Ballet-Fusion-
02.Paragliders -Oasis-
03.Cosmic Baby -Heaven's tears- (Jam El Mar Remix)
04.Dance 2 Trance -Hello San Fransisco-
05.The Visions Of Shiva -How much can you take- (Emotional)
06.Jam & Spoon -Follow me!-
07.Exit Eee -Epidemic-
08.Taucher -Miracle- (Phase 2)
09.Morgenroth -E ela- (Radio Energized)
10.Primary -2001- (Sueno De La Luna Mix)
11.Luxor -The big bang-
12.Scooter -Cosmos-
13.Humate -Love stimulation- (Paul Van Dyk's Lovemix)
14.Westbam -Let yourself go-
15.Jens -Loops & things- (Remix)
16.Awex -Wicked plasticmen-
17.Tom Wax & Jan Jacart -Music is the only drug- (The Union Move Hymn)

Dream Dance 2 CD1 & CD2

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Dream Dance Vol.1

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.1

Columbia COL 484401 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Progressive Trance
01.Dj Dado -X-files- (Dj Dado Paranormal Activity Mix)
02.Zhi-Vago -Celebrate (the love)-
03.Zyon -No fate- (No Fate Edit)
04.Ronald Snypes -Children- (Dream Phase I)
05.Groove Solution -Magic melody- (Original Club Mix Edit)
06.Quench -Dreams-
07.Faithless -Insomnia- (Monster Radio Edit)
08.Vernon's Wonderland -Vernon's wonderland- (AC Boutsens Radio Edit)
09.Legend B -Lost in love- (Spinclub-Mix)
10.X.Caps -Neuro-
11.Sarah -Lovin' you- (Excess Club Mix)
12.Space Blaster -Magic fly- (Radio Edit)
13.Winc -Thoughts of a tranced love- (Yellow Pumkin Remix)
14.Moby -Hymn- (This is my Dream 7'' Version)
15.Robotnico III -Can you feel the beat- (Trance Mix)
16.Jens Lissat -The future-
01.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives- (Ethno Instrumental Mix)
02.Cosmic Baby -Loops of infinity- (Comtemplative)
03.Jam & Spoon -Stella- (Original Mix)
04.Taucher -Infinity- (Phase I)
05.Sven Vath -L'esperanza- (Single Edit)
06.Jaydee -Plastic dreams-
07.Degeneration -Una musica senza ritmo- (Natura Mix)
08.Atlantic Ocean -Waterfall-
09.Onda del Futuro -Terra '95- (Extended Remix)
10.Age of Love -The age of love- (W.O.F.S. Club Mix)
11.Adiemus -Adiemus- (Beta Mix)
12.Dj Hooligan -Space girl- (Original Mix)
13.Westbam -Celebration generation-
14.RMB -Experience- (Celvin Rotane Remix)
15.Members of Mayday -Tha day x- (Video Cut)

Dream Dance CD1 & CD2

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Ravers Revolution

Varios - Ravers Revolution

Polydor 525 932 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Hard Trance, Happy Hardcore
01.E&M -Ravers revolution-
02.Paul Elstak -Rainbow in the sky-
03.Dune -Are you ready to fly-
04.Scott Brown -Turn this mother out-
05.Sonicdriver -Mind on the beat-
06.Vibes & Wishdokta -No more tears-
07.Ferocious -Get on up-
08.Omar Santana -Somebody scream-
09.Yves Deruyter -Outsiders-
10.Bass D & King Matthew -The witch- (Remix)
11.El Bruto -Watch me dance-
12.Queens Boril Crew -Drop da noice-
13.T.N.T. -Let's get together-
14.Dj Isaac -Fuckin' boots- (Remix)
15.U96 -Movin'- (Sequential One-Mix)
16.Qtex vs Technosis -Kaos- (Scott Brown Remix)
17.Dyewitness -Trancore-
18.The Prophet -Big boys don't cry-
01.Mark Oh -Droste horst du mich- (Remix)
02.Wonderland -Movin' around-
03.The Carpenter -Take it to da max-
04.Rise & Shine -Loosing control-
05.Dj Bubi -Wollt ihr mit mir frohlich sein-
06.Perplexer -Church of house-
07.Scott Brown -Slipstream-
08.Micado -It's gonna be a fine night-
09.Scooter -Endless summer-
10.Raver's Nature -Damn' nation-
11.Scott Brown vs Dj Rab S -Now is the time-
12.Slider -Welcome to the rave-
13.Ramirez -Baraonda-
14.Pilldriver -Pitch-hiker-
15.The New York Connection -Ain't it wild-
16.Diss Reaction -Jiiieeehaaaa-
17.Marusha -Deep-

Ravers Revolution CD1.T-04.Scott Brown -Turn this mother out-

Ravers Revolution CD1.T-06.Vibes & Wishdokta -No more tears-

Ravers Revolution CD1.T-12.Queens Boril Crew -Drop da noice-

Ravers Revolution CD2.T-02.Wonderland -Movin' around-

Ravers Revolution CD2.T-06.Perplexer -Church of house-

Ravers Revolution CD2.T-14.Pilldriver -Pitch-hiker-

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Rave Now! 15

Varios - Rave Now! 15

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4095.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Elektrochemie LK -Schall- (Remix)
02.Dutch Force -Deadline-
03.Dj Bjorn -Ure not mad enough- (Club Mix)
04.Dj Shah -Commandments- (Command_Mix)
05.Moon Project -House builder- (Push Remix)
06.Dj X-Sonic -Blue sun- (T.B.R. Mix)
07.Dj Snowman -Evolution 8 anthem- (Trance Mix)
08.Dj Tom Stevens -Violet steam-
09.Trancecore Project -Silent circles- (Club Mix)
10.Future Forces -Trance out- (Original Club Mix)
11.S-Mode -Behind the wheel- (Sven-R-G Mix)
01.2000 Canarias -Easy (Just move some)-
02.Frank-E & Mars-L -Song of the holy man- (Remix)
03.ASYS -Acid head cracker-
04.Savon -Children of the paradise- (J Powell Mix)
05.Taiko -Die blechtrommel-
06.Olive Inc -Contact- (Sean Dexter Remix)
07.Upserver -Talk 2 me- (Club Mix)
08.Trancecore Project -Flashback-
09.Ravelab -Send me an angel- (Club Mix)
10.Karuma -Mindmachine- (Dj Allan Mcloud Remix)
11.Robotnico -Answer mother earth- (Time & Space Mix)

Rave Now 15 CD1.T-03.Dj Bjorn -Ure not mad enough- (Club Mix)

Rave Now 15 CD1.T-08.Dj Tom Stevens -Violet steam-

Rave Now 15 CD2.T-02.Frank-E & Mars-L -Song of the holy man- (Remix)

Rave Now 15 CD2.T-06.Olive Inc -Contact- (Sean Dexter Remix)

Rave Now 15 CD2.T-10.Karuma -Mindmachine- (Dj Allan Mcloud Remix)

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Rave Now! 14

Varios - Rave Now! 14

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4089.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Mauro Picotto -Pulsar- (Picotto Mix)
02.G Punkt -Jakobs dDroehnung I-
03.Testpressing -Keep the vibe alive- (Chapter 2 Mix)
04.Kaylab -Laerm macht krank- (Three O'Clock Tool)
05.Dj Bjorn -On a mission- (Dj E.B.O. Fuerte Mix)
06.SQ-1 -Can you feel-
07.Club Robbers -Bugsys attack- (Club Remix)
08.Dj Looney Tune -Boom on the moon-
09.Harem Doctors -Outerlimits- (Dj Snowman Remix)
10.Hidden Sound System -I know- (Pulsedriver Remix)
11.Los Pablos -Skyraiser-
12.Engin-Eer vs Dodger -Don't stop-
01.Junk Project -Beats brings silence-
02.Allure -Rejected- (Liquid Child Remix)
03.R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R -State department-
04.Dj Tandu -Velvet-
05.Southside Spinners -Luvstruck- (Marco V Remix)
06.Mike Scandle -Is this music-
07.Pacific Link -Once upon a time- (Pacific Mixx)
08.Male Motion -Out of space-
09.Tuneboy -Heaven- (Hard Voice Mix)
10.Dj Goldstar vs Dahle -Voyager interplanetaire-
11.Dj Paola & Dj Choci -Souls of the tribes- (Remix)
12.Sabrah -Desire- (Temtation Mix)

Rave Now 14 CD1.T-02.G Punkt -Jakobs dDroehnung I-

Rave Now 14 CD1.T-09.Harem Doctors -Outerlimits- (Dj Snowman Remix)

Rave Now 14 CD1.T-11.Los Pablos -Skyraiser-

Rave Now 14 CD2.T-06.Mike Scandle -Is this music-

Rave Now 14 CD2.T-12.Sabrah -Desire- (Temtation Mix)

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Rave Now! 13

Varios - Rave Now! 13

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4086.2
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Mike Koglin -The silence-
02.Two Disciples -To the church-
03.Liquid Child -Diving faces- (Tom Wax Remix)
04.The Blackmaste -Faith forever- (Sean Dexter Remix)
05.Psychopilots -Ready for the night flight- (Remix)
06.M-Traxx -Nastiness-
07.Plastic Boy -Twixt-
08.Object One -Connecting people- (Electro)
09.Summer Spirit -My dreams will come true-
10.Dj Session vs Y.O.M.C -Dreams in my fantasy- (Remix)
11.Wax Trax -Speed of light- (Talla 2XLC Mix)
12.Chris Daniels -Shockwave-
01.Basic Avalon -Firewalk-
02.Mox Epoque -I feel my...- (Ex Vox Version)
03.Deloryn -Dive into my fantasy-
04.Lord of Tranz ft Dj Hoxider -Santificium- (Remix)
05.Bassline Boys -I deeply regret that-
06.Sonique Dee -I need somebody- (M.I.K.E Remix)
07.Digital Masters meets Jon the Dentis -Brainbasher-
08.Equator -Exhale (train of liberty)-
09.Dream Wave -Lift off-
10.Barbarian -Teology civilzation-
11.Dj The Freshmaker ft P. Grasso -Absolute fresh-
12.Body & Soul -The new legend-

Rave Now 13 CD1.T-03.Liquid Child -Diving faces- (Tom Wax Remix)

Rave Now 13 CD1.T-06.M-Traxx -Nastiness-

Rave Now 13 CD2.T-01.Basic Avalon -Firewalk-

Rave Now 13 CD2.T-04.Lord of Tranz ft Dj Hoxider -Santificium- (Remix)

Rave Now 13 CD2.T-09.Dream Wave -Lift off-

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Rave Now! 12

Varios - Rave Now! 12

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4075.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance. Hard Trance, Techno
01.Dj Sakin & Friends -Protect your mind- (Remix)
02.Diver & Ace -Mental thing-
03.Pulsedriver -I'm rushin-
04.Dj Jo -Relax- (Pit Bailay Remix)
05.Koala -Planet blue-
06.Nah-Lin -Dream culture- (Dj Mind X Remix)
07.Vector Mode -The way you talk- (Trance Trip Mix)
08.Killjoy -Heat and dust- (Dj Saccoman Remix)
09.K. Dilenco -Mach 5- (F-16 Mix)
10.Motion Unit -In my mind-
11.Dr. Gump -Boom- (X-Plosion Mix)
12.Fraktal 4 -Promised land-
01.Strings of Harmony -Part 1-
02.Hoovercraft -Open your mind-
03.Nah-Lin -Hold that sucker down-
04.Time Motion Project -Emergency-
05.Dj Looney Tune -Jumpin and pumpin- (M.I.K.E Remix)
06.Panama -Slave- (Fear Mix)
07.Extreme Trax -Final fantasy-
08.Human Force -Were human force-
09.Earthquake -Noxious guy-
10.Tyrome -Electric voodoo- (Club Attack)
11.Power Play -Maxximum overdrive-
12.Brown -Midnight hour-

Rave Now 12 CD1.T-02.Diver & Ace -Mental thing-

Rave Now 12 CD1.T-05.Koala -Planet blue-

Rave Now 12 CD1.T-11.Dr. Gump -Boom- (X-Plosion Mix)

Rave Now 12 CD2.T-01.Strings of Harmony -Part 1-

Rave Now 12 CD1.T-11.Power Play -Maxximum overdrive-

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Rave Now! 11

Varios - Rave Now! 11

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4071.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Casbah -Statin power-
02.Dj Digress -In my mind- (Kai Tracid Mix)
03.Dj Mind-X -Nightingale- (Dj Snowman Remix)
04.U.S.U.R.A. -Trance emotions- (Dj Quicksilver Remix)
05.Phase 2 Face -The call- (Tracid Mix)
06.Mystic Chord -Nightmare- (Freddy Mix)
07.Plastic Angel & Lord Helmet -Time traveller-
08.Robotronic Squad -Nightflight- (Dj Tech Remix)
09.P.C. Experience -Rien ne va plus-
10.Friends Lovers & Family -Highly strung-
11.Dj Session One vs Dj Slug -Talking about sex-
12.25 Style -Give me a sign-
13.Dave Kane -Heaven-
01.Mc Jump -Higher- (Original Mix)
02.Dj Silencer vs Zycro -Birthday party-
03.Cyclone Tracy -Balla con il ritmo-
04.Computer Controlled -Electric disco-
05.Nickelson -Aquaphonic- (Dj Tiesto & Dj Jim Remix)
06.Dj Airic -Time- (Super Natural Mix One)
07.Dj Reche -Don't work-
08.D-Vox -Set me free-
09.Barabas & OD1 -Deeper-
10.Plastic Angel -Fly away-
11.Deloryn -Esta lena- (Trance Mix)
12.Venux -Rock the house- (Acid Freestyle Mix)
13.Logique -Vuture shoque- (Casseopaya Remix)

Rave Now 11 CD1.T-02.Dj Digress -In my mind- (Kai Tracid Mix)

Rave Now 11 CD1.T-08.Robotronic Squad -Nightflight- (Dj Tech Remix)

Rave Now 11 CD1.T-12.25 Style -Give me a sign-

Rave Now 11 CD2.T-01.Mc Jump -Higher- (Original Mix)

Rave Now 11 CD2.T-11.Deloryn -Esta lena- (Trance Mix)

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Rave Now! 10

Varios - Rave Now! 10

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4067.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.R.O.O.S. -Instant moments- (Moederoverste Mix)
02.Plastic Angel -Paranoia-
03.Yves Deruyter -The rebel- (Original Mix)
04.K. Capone -Pain- (Dj Tibby Mix)
05.Wickee -Aspiral-
06.Milk Inc. -Free your mind- (Vibro-Dwarfs Mix)
07.Future Breeze -How much can you take- (Club Mix)
08.Moon Project -Naked phantasy- (Dj Philip Remix)
09.O-Zone -The abyss dream-
10.Pro-Active -Dominator- (Talla 2XLC Remix)
11.Recall -Uplifter-
12.Screamer -Talk to me-
01.Groovezone -Eisbaer- (Trance Mix)
02.Nostrum -Walk and speak-
03.Dj Buzz -Whales- (Original Mix)
04.Silo -5MT-
05.Planet Fuse -Innocent game- (Egoist Mix)
06.Futur Time -Futur time-
07.Dj Choci & The Powder Front -Just feel it- (Remix)
08.Dj Julio -La musica-
09.Opus 808 -Winter- (Club Mix)
10.Zero Gravity -Sensorium-
11.Dj Ablaze -One more-
12.Dyno -Ekstrosion-

Rave Now 10 CD1.T-04.K. Capone -Pain- (Dj Tibby Mix)

Rave Now 10 CD1.T-11.Recall -Uplifter-

Rave Now 10 CD1.T-04.Silo -5MT-

Rave Now 10 CD1.T-07.Dj Choci & The Powder Front -Just feel it- (Remix)

Rave Now 10 CD1.T-11.Dj Ablaze -One more-

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Rave Now! 9

Varios - Rave Now! 9

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4063.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Paraphonatic -The past, the present, the future- (Remix)
02.Marino Stephano -Invaders-
03.Mega lo Mania -Circusclown-
04.George Dee & Dan Racoon -Brainstorm-
05.Entity -Pink bits-
06.Binary Finary -1998-
07.G-Park -Come down- (Mel Oween & C. Johnson Remix)
08.Brainchild -Singularity- (Fabietto Remix)
09.Dj Ricci vs Moratto -Lofty journey (Rebel)-
10.Dj Dean -House nation-
11.Yves Deruyter -Calling earth- (97 Mix)
01.Phase IV -Remember how it started- (Club Mix)
02.Aqualoop -Aquanaut- (Extended Mix)
03.Final Fantasy -The sequence of love- (Club Cut)
04.The Alternative Creators -III-
05.Hampshire & Weatherley -Breathless- (Trade Mix)
06.Da Hool -T.H.M.-
07.Lochi -London acid city- (Jon the Dentist Remix)
08.Dave X -The path-
09.The Sense -Forever- (Atmosphere Mix)
10.Dj Treasure -Higher space-
11.Canyon -Forbidden channel- (Pulsation Mix)

Rave Now 9 CD1.T-01.Paraphonatic -The past, the present, the future- (Remix)

Rave Now 9 CD1.T-04.George Dee & Dan Racoon -Brainstorm-

Rave Now 9 CD1.T-08.Brainchild -Singularity- (Fabietto Remix)

Rave Now 9 CD2.T-01.Phase IV -Remember how it started- (Club Mix)

Rave Now 9 CD2.T-08.Dave X -The path-

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Rave Now! 8

Varios - Rave Now! 8

Vision Soundcarriers 302.5058-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Vector Mode -Meganomic-
02.Dj Schwede -Boom..boom...- (Dance Version)
03.Code 28 -Feel my desire- (Cocooma Remix)
04.Dacido Domingo -Shadows-
05.Dj Dean -I don't care-
06.Sean Dexter -My kingdom-
07.Controlled Noise -A minute of silence-
08.Pendragon -Maen cetti-
09.Canyon -Agitator-
10.Club of 4 -Saxy tune- (Original Mix)
11.Superstereotestrecord -Versione tedesca-
01.Dj Prezioso -Raise your power-
02.Object One -Ping pong- (Happy House Track)
03.Backstage Works -Let there be light-
04.Microworld -To the moon- (Taucher Remix)
05.Dipsomanic -Get me off- (Madelys NRG Stormer)
06.Sonicity -Its nice in space- (Last Remix)
07.Insane -Free my soul-
08.Mental Refreshment -Pinguin-
09.Dj Crack -Space people-
10.Bruno Sanchioni -The new age- (Trance Mix)
11.Timo Maas -M.A.A.S.M.E.L.L.O.W.-

Rave Now 8 CD1.T-01.Vector Mode -Meganomic-

Rave Now 8 CD1.T-09.Canyon -Agitator-

Rave Now 8 CD2.T-01.Dj Prezioso -Raise your power-

Rave Now 8 CD2.T-04.Microworld -To the moon- (Taucher Remix)

Rave Now 8 CD2.T-10.Bruno Sanchioni -The new age- (Trance Mix)

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Rave Now! 7

Varios - Rave Now! 7

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4051.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.De Donatis III -The sound- (Club Mix)
02.Komakino -I can't stop the motion-
03.Dj Panda -My dimension- (Extended Mix)
04.K90 -Colours- (Euromix)
05.Love Inc. -R.E.S.P.E.C.T.- (Remix)
06.Gary D. & Dj High-Ko -D.Trance-
07.Etienne-Maurice Picard -Freedom-
08.Dj Sevy -Heartbeat-
09.N-Son-X -Humanoid-
10.Timo Maas & M-Zone -Germany-
11.X-Ite -Research-
12.Mass in Orbit -Overdrive- (Orbit Mix)
01.Da Hool -Meet her at the love parade-
02.Cape Town Sydicate -A different story-
03.Equator -Temperature rising- (Sky High Mix)
04.The Q -Amsterdamcing-
05.Ultimate -To strong-
06.Vegas Soul -Beyond the belt-
07.Kinetico -Crossfire-
08.Hellencool -The order-
09.Patchwork -Alright-
10.Alternate Creators -Sound creation- (Main Version)
11.Mythe -Lopsided-


Rave Now 7 CD1.T-03.Dj Panda -My dimension- (Extended Mix)

Rave Now 7 CD1.T-10.Timo Maas & M-Zone -Germany-

Rave Now 7 CD2.T-03.Equator -Temperature rising- (Sky High Mix)

Rave Now 7 CD2.T-07.Kinetico -Crossfire-

Rave Now 7 CD2.T-10.Alternate Creators -Sound creation- (Main Version)

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Rave Now! 6

Varios - Rave Now! 6

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4042.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Hard Trance
01.Wickee -Daisys reaction-
02.Etienne Picard -Get up-
03.Force Field -Monster monster-
04.Lux Trax Vol.1 -Lucky blackout- (Kit 1)
05.Microwave Prince -The colour of love- (Club Mix)
06.Uranus -Magie der tone- (Original Mix)
07.A&E Dept -The rabbits name was...- (Remix)
08.Sussex -Paranoya-
09.Dj Ablaze -Based on acid- (De Donatis Mix)
10.Aircraft -Club control- (Air Mix)
11.Casseopaya -Move your body-
12.Pablo Gargano -The secret spice-
01.Terra Ferma -Floating-
02.Canyon -Cosmos-
03.Dj Lambrusky -Sindrome-
04.M.U.T.E. -Galaxy-
05.Friends Lovers & Family -Push-
06.Space Chaos -My stoned TB-
07.Atropin -Hope- (Original)
08.Sola Nova -Sola nova- (Baguette Mix)
09.Unison -Unison-
10.Luxor -Hypnotica- (Beatem Up Mix)
11.South of Trance -Letranger (close your eyes)-

Rave Now 6 CD1.T-01.Wickee -Daisys reaction-

Rave Now 6 CD1.T-09.Dj Ablaze -Based on acid- (De Donatis Mix)

Rave Now 6 CD2.T-03.Dj Lambrusky -Sindrome-

Rave Now 6 CD2.T-07.Atropin -Hope- (Original)

Rave Now 6 CD2.T-11.South of Trance -Letranger (close your eyes)-

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Rave Now! 5

Varios - Rave Now! 5

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4032.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid, Techno
01.X Cabs -Adena-
02.The Cosmo Kid -Eased the pain-
03.Twister -Metamorphosis of narcotics-
04.Mandala -Evolution-
05.Nostrum -Brainchild-
06.Alternative Art -Magic feelings-
07.Mystic Force -Spirit-
08.Microglobe -Trust-
09.Transform 21 -Acrilan-
10.Roadblock Rhythms -Trakker-
11.Empire Signal -Crossing signal-
01.N-Son-X -All bitches-
02.Huntemann -Turn it up-
03.Green Velvet -Flash-
04.Gene Farris -On fire-
05.X-Cabs -Neuro-
06.Dj HMC -Cum on-
07.Casseopaya -Forcing beat-
08.Foghead -Back one-
09.Push 3 -Cybernetic empire-
10.Love Inc -How deep is your love-
11.Velvet -Future-

Rave Now 5 CD1.T-01.X Cabs -Adena-

Rave Now 5 CD1.T-06.Alternative Art -Magic feelings-

Rave Now 5 CD2.T-02.Huntemann -Turn it up-

Rave Now 5 CD2.T-04.Gene Farris -On fire-

Rave Now 5 CD2.T-09.Push 3 -Cybernetic empire-

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Rave Now! 4

Varios - Rave Now! 4

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4029.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid, Techno
01.Baby Doc -Sienna-
02.Abet -The sweetest song-
03.Union Jack -Fromage frais-
04.The Dam -Miss rave (your version)-
05.Moonbreaker -Cosmic chaos-
06.Cyclone Tracy -Pianos in trance-
07.Final Fantasy -Controlling transmission- (Remix)
08.Morphielder -Morphing fields-
09.Rave Tool -Summer experience-
10.Psylos -Ratta-tooi-
01.Future Funk -Dark side of the moon-
02.Ubsonic 808 -Spank Remix-
03.Nalin Inc. -Call U form 95-
04.Dimension -Ascention to altitude-
05.Midas -Imperial march- (Remix)
06.Juenesse -Fugitive-
07.Sectonix -Galaxian-
08.Ellen Allen -Its time-
09.Ian Pooley -Celtic cross- (Dj Sneak Remix)
10.Endlos (Low Spirit)

Rave Now 4 CD1.T-01.Baby Doc -Sienna-

Rave Now 4 CD1.T-05.Moonbreaker -Cosmic chaos-

Rave Now 4 CD2.T-01.Future Funk -Dark side of the moon-

Rave Now 4 CD2.T-03.Nalin Inc. -Call U form 95-

Rave Now 4 CD2.T-06.Juenesse -Fugitive-

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Rave Now! 3

Varios - Rave Now! 3

Vision Soundcarriers 302.4026.2
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid, Techno
01.Misjah & Groovehead -Trippin out-
02.Mark N-R-G -Don't stop-
03.Ultra Shock -Sound of E-
04.Jones & Stephenson -The first rebirth- (Noom Remix)
05.Human Target -Schatten-
06.Nostrum -Brainchild-
07.Mindflyer -Open your heart-
08.Mikerobenics -Julika-
09.TFF -Voltage-
10.Unreal -Replicants-
11.Brainvibe -System of love- (Odee X-Mix)
01.Dj Misjah & Dj Tim -Access-
02.F.E.O.S vs MSO -Our music-
03.Emmanuel Top -Fly-Tox-
04.Casseopaya -The music makers- (Arpeggiators Remix)
05.Atom -Love to heart (too hot)-
06.Rozzo -Fusion (into your deep)-
07.Spinning Atoms -Subset- (Biphase Mix)
08.F.E.O.S. vs MSO -Raw-
09.Jerome Ismae -The sandman-
10.Clubheroes -Theme form planet chick-
11.The End -The End-
12.Awex -Its our future- (Bonus)

Rave Now 3 CD1.T-01.Misjah & Groovehead -Trippin out-

Rave Now 3 CD1.T-05.Human Target -Schatten-

Rave Now 3 CD1.T-10.Unreal -Replicants-

Rave Now 3 CD2.T-02.F.E.O.S vs MSO -Our music-

Rave Now 3 CD2.T-07.Spinning Atoms -Subset- (Biphase Mix)

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