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Rave Mission Vol. III - Reinforced vibrations

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. III Reinforced Vibrations

Subterranean SPV 089-38292
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Trance, Acid
01.Jens Lissat -The future-
02.Caucasuss -Our dream-
03.Kosmos ft Mary K -The mission-
04.Micro Cosmos -Up the pole-
05.Navigate -The abyss of dreams-
06.Aiscape -Cruising-
07.Trance Team -Breath of life-
08.N.U.K.E. -Keep the spirit-
09.Head Doctor -Fantasma de escobar-
10.Paranetics -Jupiter's earth-
11.Rave Base -To the beat you'll-
12.Nr-Gizer -Digital dream-
01.Emmanuel Top -Acid phase-
02.X-Ite -Research-
03.Love Groove -3 prophets-
04.Synergetic -Space drummer-
05.Doof -Double dragons-
06.Total Eclipse -Transparent mind-
07.Future House -Signal-
08.Nexxus -Initial-
09.Omega Force -Lyrical bassdrum-
10.Ravelab -Seeing is believing-
11.Diveman -Arpa del mar-

Rave Mission Vol. III CD1.T-01.Jens Lissat -The future-

Rave Mission Vol. III CD1.T-03.Kosmos ft Mary K -The mission-

Rave Mission Vol. III CD1.T-07.Trance Team -Breath of life-

Rave Mission Vol. III CD1.T-11.Rave Base -To the beat you'll-

Rave Mission Vol. III CD2.T-02.X-Ite -Research-

Rave Mission Vol. III CD2.T-04.Synergetic -Space drummer-

Rave Mission Vol. III CD2.T-08.Nexxus -Initial-

Rave Mission Vol. III CD2.T-10.Ravelab -Seeing is believing-

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Rave Mission Vol. II. Entering Lightspeed

Varios - Rave Mission Vol. II Entering Lightspeed

Subterranean SPV 089-38232
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid
01.Marmion -Fire child-
02.Nexxus -Lose control- (Original Mix)
03.Robotnico II -Back tired-
04.Andrew Brix -Piano euphoria-
05.Flying Forest -Cyberlove-
06.Paul Van Dyk -My world- (Florjn Mix)
07.New Guardian -Essay one-
08.Circuit -Transport of love-
09.Minimal Man -Treatment feel-
10.Alien Factory -Destiny- (Radio Edit)
11.The Soundlords -Off the wall-
12.Paranetics -Space- (Short Mix)
01.En Garde -Enfant terrible-
02.The Jeyenne -X-masid-
03.Angel Dust -Semiramis-
04.Headman -Work my mind- (O. Lieb Remix)
05.Mystic Force -Planet-
06.Rainbow Tribe -Cubit-
07.De Tune -Acid dreams-
08.Legend B -Lost in love-
09.Gamma Loop -Eclipse- (Sun's Mix)
10.Space Frog -Hyperglide- (Video Edit)
11.L.S.G. -Fragile- (Ice Mix)

Rave Mission Vol.II CD1.T-01.Marmion -Fire child-

Rave Mission Vol.II CD1.T-03.Robotnico II -Back tired-

Rave Mission Vol.II CD1.T-06.Paul Van Dyk -My world- (Florjn Mix)

Rave Mission Vol.II CD1.T-10.Alien Factory -Destiny- (Radio Edit)

Rave Mission Vol.II CD2.T-01.En Garde -Enfant terrible-

Rave Mission Vol.II CD2.T-04.Headman -Work my mind- (O. Lieb Remix)

Rave Mission Vol.II CD2.T-07.De Tune -Acid dreams-

Rave Mission Vol.II CD2.T-10.Space Frog -Hyperglide- (Video Edit)

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Rave Mission: The Summer Edition

Varios - Rave Mission: The Summer Edition

Subterranean SPV 088-38952
2 × CD, Compilation
Trance, Acid
01.Exit EEE -I laugh-
02.Rebel Youth -Deep star-
03.Chill 'n Force -Move raver- (Toya Mix)
04.DJ Eric -Beat goes straight-
05.Liquid Bass -In full effect-
06.Spencer -Raise to heaven-
07.Marmion -Sch”neberg- (Kid Paul Remix)
08.Sequel -Dukkha- (X-Mike Mix)
09.Quench -Dreams-
10.Solitaire -Chasing clouds- (Free Gliding Remix)
11.Redeye -Acid etch-
01.Silent Otomo -The rebirth-
02.Megalomania -The finest-
03.The Chameleon Project -Colombia-
04.Tranceliner -Tribal spin-
05.Frame -Trance trip-
06.Free Envelope -Experience- (X-Static Mix)
07.DJ Pulse -Monotrious-
08.Shorty Bone -Dream phase-
09.Dynamic Love Trance -Sound is always there-
10.Acrid Abeyance -Speed freak-
11.Redeye -A source-

Rave Mission: The Summer Edition CD1.T-01.Exit EEE -I laugh-

Rave Mission: The Summer Edition CD1.T-03.Chill 'n Force -Move raver- (Toya Mix)

Rave Mission: The Summer Edition CD1.T-08.Sequel -Dukkha- (X-Mike Mix)

Rave Mission: The Summer Edition CD1.T-10.Solitaire -Chasing clouds- (Free G. Rmx)

Rave Mission: The Summer Edition CD2.T-01.Silent Otomo -The rebirth-

Rave Mission: The Summer Edition CD2.T-02.Megalomania -The finest-

Rave Mission: The Summer Edition CD2.T-05.Frame -Trance trip-

Rave Mission: The Summer Edition CD2.T-08.Shorty Bone -Dream phase-

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Dream Music

Varios - Dream Music

Max Music NM 1460 CDTV
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Makina
01.B.B.E. -Seven days & one week-
02.Zhi Vago -Celebrate the love-
03.Decano -Sky plus-
04.Celestial -The light-
05.In-novation -This-
06.Eta Beta J. -Eternal dream-
07.Rot Smile -Fable-
08.Triple X -X files theme-
09.Faithless -Insomnia-
10.Fast Forward -Anonymous piano-
11.Fraktal 3 -Happy days-
12.Guru Josh -Infinity 96-
13.Dr Kreator -Piano in trance-
14.Dj Iven -Cachill-
15.P.A.N.O. -Sensation-
16.Virtualmismo -Last train to universe-

Dream Music T-06.Eta Beta J. -Eternal dream-

Dream Music T-13.Dr Kreator -Piano in trance-

Dream Music T-14.Dj Iven -Cachill-

Dream Music T-16.Virtualmismo -Last train to universe-

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Cambiazo Total

Varios - Cambiazo Total

Arcade 3200682
1 × CD, Compilation
Euro House
01.Just Luis -American pie-
02.Rod Heros -Always-
03.Friction -Girl you'll be a woman soon-
04.Digilove -Touch me-
05.Nicky French -Total eclipse of the heart-
06.Sally -No more I love you's-
07.Latin Spirit -Independent love song-
08.Ororo -Zombie-
09.Two Power -Someday, somewhere (in summertime)-
10.Alan Jones -Wonderful life-
11.Lovers -7 seconds-
12.Fun 4 Me -Amores extraños-
13.Beautiful Spring -All I wanna do-
14.Cut 4 -Abracadabra-
15.T-Spoon -Mercedes benz-
16.Madunga ft Mental Boyz -On bended knee-
17.Sweet Lies -Girls just wanna have fun-
18.Tranxmission -Going back to my roots-

Cambiazo Total T-04.Digilove -Touch me-

Cambiazo Total T-09.Two Power -Someday, somewhere (in summertime)-

Cambiazo Total T-15.T-Spoon -Mercedes benz-

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Scatman John -Scatman's World-

Scatman John - Scatman's World

Paradance 74321 29879 2
1 × CD, Album
Euro House
01.Welcome to scatland
02.Scatman's world
03.Only you
04.Quiet desperation
06.Sing now!
09.Mambo jambo
10.Everything changes
11.Song of scatland
12.Hi, Louis
13.Scatman (Game Over Jazz)

Scatman John -Scatman's World T-01.Welcome to scatland

Scatman John -Scatman's World T-02.Scatman's world

Scatman John -Scatman's World T-06.Sing now!

Scatman John -Scatman's World T-11.Song of scatland

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Me & My -Let the love go on-

Me & My - Let the love go on

Medley Records EMI 4992442
1 × CD, Album
Electrónica, Pop
Euro House, Europop
01.I'm on my way
02.Loving you
03.I'm going down
04.You left me
05.Let the love go on
06.Take me back
07.That's the way life is
08.Every single day
09.So many men
10.You do that thing
11.Let the love go on (Radioespective Mix)

Me & My -Let the love go on T-02.Loving you

Me & My -Let the love go on T-05.Let the love go on

Me & My -Let the love go on T-09.So many men

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Whigfield -Was a time- (The Essential Whigfield)

Whigfield - Was a time (The Essential Whigfield)

Zyx Music ZYX 20704-2
1 × CD, Album
House, Disco
01.Was a time
02.Amazing and beautiful
03.Beep beep
04.Boys boys boys
07.I knew before
08.My love's gone
09.Get get get
10.Take me to the summertime
11.Outside life
12.Welcome to fun
13.My my
14.Every single day and night
16.Gotta getcha

Whigfield -Was a time T-01.Was a time

Whigfield -Was a time T-02.Amazing and beautiful

Whigfield -Was a time T-12.Welcome to fun

Whigfield -Was a time T-16.Gotta getcha

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Intermission ft Lori Glori -Piece of my heart-

Intermission ft Lori Glori - Piece of my heart

Blow Up INT845.578
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Trance
02.Give peace a chance
03.Six days
04.I can't stop loving you
05.Love sensation
06.It's my life
07.Speaking with angels
08.I know
09.Peace to the nation
10.Piece of my heart
13.What you want from me

Intermission ft Lori Glori -Piece of my heart T-02.Give peace a chance

Intermission ft Lori Glori -Piece of my heart T-03.Six days

Intermission ft Lori Glori -Piece of my heart T-07.Speaking with angels

Intermission ft Lori Glori -Piece of my heart T-10.Piece of my heart

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Gillette -On the attack-

Gillette - On the attack

Amoc Records AMOCCD 1
1 × CD, Album
House, Electro
01.Mr. Personality
02.I'm on the attack
03.Whatcha gonna do
04.Short, short man
05.Bad boys
06.Wanna wild thing
07.You're a dog
08.Coochie dance
10.Move too fast
11.Short dick man

Gillette -On the attack T-05.Bad boys

Gillette -On the attack T-07.You're a dog

Gillette -On the attack T-10.Move too fast

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Super Dance 12

Varios - Super Dance 12

Zyx Music ZYX 81098-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Hip Hop
01.Caught In The Act -Do it for love-
02.Captain Jack -Together & forever- (Captains Short Mix)
03.The Source ft Candi Staton -You got the love- (Original Mix)
04.Gala -Freed from desire- (The Soundlovers Remix)
05.Pharao -Temple of love- (A Long Night In The Temple)
06.Nomansland -Fantasy-
07.Ghetto People ft L-Viz -Fever-
08.Beat System -What's going on (in your mind)- (Extended Version)
09.Clueless -Don't speak- (Extended Version)
10.Soundlovers -People- (Blood On Screen Mix)
11.Marusha -Ur life-
12.Future Breeze -Keep the fire burning- (Club Mix)
13.Vertigo -Oxygene-
01.Sash! -Encore une fois- (Original 12'' Mix)
02.Love Boots -Phantasize-
03.Carayca -Come on-
04.DJ The Crow -I've got no time- (Extended Mix)
05.Armand Van Helden -Witch doctor-
06.Latin Thing -Latinos del mundo-
07.Brainbox -Get ready- (Original Version)
08.49Ers -Baby, I'm yours- (Extended Mix)
09.Sqeezer -Saturday night- (Party Single)
10.X-Perience -Magic fields- (Extended Version)
11.Dune -Nothing compares 2 U-
12.Clock -It's over-
13.Cappella -Be my baby- (Bix Radio Remix)
14.2 Secure -Gave up my life- (X-Tended)
15.Down Low -Lovething- (Video Cut)

Super Dance 12 CD1.T-02.Captain Jack -Together & forever- 

Super Dance 12 CD1.T-06.Nomansland -Fantasy-

Super Dance 12 CD1.T-10.Soundlovers -People-

Super Dance 12 CD2.T-04.DJ The Crow -I've got no time- (Extended Mix)

Super Dance 12 CD2.T-06.Latin Thing -Latinos del mundo-

Super Dance 12 CD2.T-10.X-Perience -Magic fields- (Extended Version)

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Super Dance 11

Varios - Super Dance 11

Zyx Music ZYX 81071-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno
01.Double Vision -All right- (Extended Version)
02.740 Boyz -Bump bump booty shake- (Radio Version)
03.DJ Hooligan -I want you- (Extended Mix)
04.Blumchen -Herz an herz- (Herz In Der Luft Radio Mix)
05.Clock -Holding on 4 U- (Time Ladies Please Mix)
06.Groove Solution -Magic melody- (Club Mix)
07.Sweetbox -Shakalaka- (Hot Pants Disco Mix)
08.Backstreet Boys -We've got it goin' on- (Hula's House Mix)
09.Fun Factory -Doh wah diddy- (Dee Dee Radio)
10.Awex -Back on plastic- (Original)
11.Winx -Hypnotizin'- (Original Mix)
12.The Bucketheads -Got myself together- (Hustlers Convention Radio Edit)
13.E-Rotic -Help me Dr Dick- (Extended Version)
14.Cappella -I need your love- (R.A.F.Zone Mix)
01.2 Unlimited -Jump for joy- (Edit)
02.Captain Jack -Captain Jack- (Club Mix)
03.Scooter -Back in the U.K.- (Original Version)
04.Masterboy -Land of dreaming- (Cappella Club Mix)
05.Squeezer -Scandy randy- (McCoy Mix)
06.La Bouche -I love to love- (Club Mix)
07.Max-A-Million -Everybody's groovin'- (20 Fingers Radio Edit)
08.BND -Here I go again- (Big No Doubt Mix)
09.Mighty Dub Kats -Magic carpet ride- (Son Of Wilmot Mix)
10.N-Trance -Electronic pleasure- (Original Mix)
11.Tom Wilson -Let your body go- (12'' Mix)
12.Erasure -Fingers & thumbs- (Cold Summer's Day)
13.Double You -Because I'm loving you- (70 Radio Mix)
14.Love Message -Love message- (United Maxi Mix)
15.DJ Dado -X-files- (Radio Edit)

Super Dance 11 CD1.T-02.740 Boyz -Bump bump booty shake- (Radio Version)

Super Dance 11 CD1.T-05.Clock -Holding on 4 U- (Time Ladies Please Mix)

Super Dance 11 CD1.T-10.Awex -Back on plastic- (Original)

Super Dance 11 CD2.T-03.Scooter -Back in the U.K.- (Original Version)

Super Dance 11 CD2.T-05.Squeezer -Scandy randy 

Super Dance 11 CD2.T-11.Tom Wilson -Let your body go-

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Super Dance 10

Varios - Super Dance 10

Zyx Music ZYX 81062-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Techno, Happy Hardcore
01.Alex Party -Wrap me up- (Fms Edit)
02.Captain Hollywood Project -The way love is- (Ragga Single Mix)
03.2 Unlimited -Do what's good for me- (Extended Version)
04.Dolls United -Eine insel mit zwei bergen- (Radio Edit)
05.Technohead -I wanna be a hippy- (Radio Edit)
06.Whigfield -Close to you- (Remix)
07.Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo -The bird- (Radio Edit)
08.Die Fantastischen Vier -Sie ist weg- (Video Version)
09.The Mole People -Break night- (Radio Cut)
10.Molella ft The Outhere Brothers -If you wanna party- (Aladino Mix)
11.Das Modul -Kleine maus- (Extended Version)
12.Interactive -Tell me when- (Extended Version)
13.Westbam, Koon & Stephenson -Always music- (Short Mix)
14.Alisha -All night passion- (Orginal Version)
01.Outhere Brothers -La la la hey hey- (Ohb Airplay Edit)
02.RMB -Experience (follow me)- (Short Mix)
03.Rednex -Wild n free- (Original Mix)
04.Gigabyte -It's my life- (Radio Version)
05.740 Boyz ft 2 In A Room -Shimmy shake- (Extended Club)
06.Roman Photo -Sounds of summer- (Summer Club Mix)
07.Corona -I don't wanna be a star-
08.20 Fingers ft Gillette -You're a dog-
09.Dj Bobo -Freedom- (Radio Version)
10.Nance -Love is...- (Radio Mix)
11.Magic Affair -The rhythm makes you wanna dance- (Single Edit)
12.7 Signs & Julia Simon -Missing- (Radio Version 126 Bpm)
13.Winx -How's the music- (Single Cut)
14.Poussez! -Come on and do it- (Original Version)

Super Dance 10 CD1.T-04.Dolls United -Eine insel mit zwei bergen- (Radio Edit)

Super Dance 10 CD1.T-09.The Mole People -Break night-

Super Dance 10 CD1.T-13.Westbam, Koon & Stephenson -Always music- 

Super Dance 10 CD2.T-03.Rednex -Wild n free- (Original Mix)

Super Dance 10 CD2.T-06.Roman Photo -Sounds of summer 

Super Dance 10 CD2.T-11.Magic Affair -The rhythm makes you wanna dance-

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Super Dance 9

Varios - Super Dance 9

PolyGram 525 644-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance
01.Mark Oh -Droste, hoerst du mich- (Short Mix)
02.Deep Thought -Push the feeling on '95- (Clubmix)
03.The Outhere Brothers -Boom boom boom- (OHB Radio Mix)
04.Bobby Brown -Two can play that game- (K Klassic Mix)
05.Scatman John -Scatman (Ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)- (Extended Radio Version)
06.Garfield -Cool cat- (Club Mix)
07.Mory Kante -Yeke yeke- (Hardfloor Mix)
08.Strike -U sure do- (Strike's Original 7'' Mix)
09.Crystal Waters -What I need- (Erick 'More' Club Mix)
10.Unrest ft Beverly Skeete -Feel so high- (Laguna Mix)
11.RMB -Love is an ocean- (Short Mix)
12.Pandora -Tell the world- (Extended Club Mix)
13.Cabballero -Dancing with tears in my eyes- (Dance Radio)
14.E-Rotic -Fred come to bed- (Extended Version)
15.Prezioso ft Daphnes -Anybody, anyway- (Radio Edit)
01.Masterboy -Mega Mix '95-
02.U 96 -Club bizzare- (Club Mix)
03.Raver's Nature -Stop scratchin'-
04.Z.O.E.E -Tekkno wonderland- (Airwave Mix)
05.Alex Party -Don't give me your life- (Dancing Divaz EditUK Mix)
06.Vida Simpson -Oohhh baby- (Armand's Club Mix)
07.SMC Unity -Make it happen- (Radio)
08.Dune -Hardcore vibes- (South Bound Mix)
09.Activate -I say what I want- (Extended A-Team Mix)
10.Corona -Baby baby- (Lee Marrow Extended Mix)
11.In-Trance -Take on me- (Extended Version)
12.Alici -Angel of love- (Single Mix)
13.Perplexer -Church of house- (Video Mix)
14.Genlog -Airwalk- (Short Walk)

Super Dance 9 CD1.T-01.Mark Oh -Droste, hoerst du mich- (Short Mix)

Super Dance 9 CD1.T-07.Mory Kante -Yeke yeke- (Hardfloor Mix)

Super Dance 9 CD1.T-10.Unrest ft Beverly Skeete -Feel so high- (Laguna Mix)

Super Dance 9 CD2.T-03.Raver's Nature -Stop scratchin'-

Super Dance 9 CD2.T-06.Vida Simpson -Oohhh baby- (Armand's Club Mix)

Super Dance 9 CD2.T-13.Perplexer -Church of house- (Video Mix)

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Super Dance 8

Varios - Super Dance 8

Zyx Music ZYX 81037-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Happy Hardcore, Disco
01.2 Unlimited -Here I go-
02.Clock -Axel F-
03.Rednex -Old pop in an oak-
04.Scooter -Move your ass-
05.Caught In The Act -Love is everywhere-
06.Mr President -I'll follow the sun-
07.Scatman John -Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)-
08.The Outhere Brothers -Don't stop (wiggle wiggle)-
09.Dj Bobo -Love is all around-
10.20 Fingers ft Roula -Lick it-
11.Imperio -Quo vadis-
12.Captain Hollywood Project -Flying high-
13.Bolland & Bolland -You're in the army now- (Original Version)
01.Corona -Baby baby-
02.N-Trance -Set you free-
03.Twenty 4 Seven -Keep on tryin-
04.Members Of Mayday -We are different-
05.Pharao -There is a star-
06.Fierce Child -Men adore-
07.Moby -Feeling so real-
08.Ron Carroll -A new day-
09.Star Wash -Disco fans-
10.Alex Party -Don't give me your life-
11.Centory -Take it to the limit-
12.Winx -Don't laugh-
13.Activate -Save me-
14.Mark Oh -Tears don't lie-

Super Dance 8 CD1.T-06.Mr President -I'll follow the sun-

Super Dance 8 CD1.T-09.Dj Bobo -Love is all around-

Super Dance 8 CD1.T-12.Captain Hollywood Project -Flying high-

Super Dance 8 CD2.T-04.Members Of Mayday -We are different-

Super Dance 8 CD2.T-06.Fierce Child -Men adore-

Super Dance 8 CD2.T-09.Star Wash -Disco fans-

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Super Dance 7

Varios - Super Dance 7

Polystar 525 268-2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance,Techno
01.Ace Of Base -Living in danger- (D-House Mix)
02.Heavy D & The Boyz -This is your night- (BBG's Big Boss Groove)
03.Ice Mc -It's a rainy day- (Happyman Mix)
04.20 Fingers -Short dick man- (Radio Mix)
05.Rednex -Cotton eye joe- (Mad Cow Mix)
06.Cappella -Move it up- (Rdio Edit)
07.Masterboy -Is this the love- (Radio Edit)
08.Mr Kash -Born to love you- (Remix)
09.2 For Love -Only for love- (Short)
10.Double AA  ft Melina -Dancers in the night- (Fly'n'Away Mixture)
11.Mr President -Up n away- (Radio Mix)
12.Comic -I surrender to your love- (Radio Edit)
13.Livin' Joy -Dreamer- (Radio Mix)
14.H2Blond -Bodytalk- (Dance Edit)
15.Scooter -Hyper hyper-
16.The Prodigy -Voodoo people- (Edit)
01.Souladelic -I want your body- (Bud's Mix)
02.Snipers -Fire- (Radio Version)
03.Talesa -I found luv- (Airplay Forte)
04.Flash -You've fot the music- (Long Mix)
05.Natasha Wright -Lovely lie- (Radio Edit)
06.Ophelia -Hand in hand- (Vocal Single Mix)
07.S.A.Y. ft Pete D. Moore -Music takes you higher- (Radio Mix)
08.Whigfield -Another day- (Radio Nite Mix)
09.Intermission ft Lori Glori -Give peace a chance- (New Generation Mix)
10.Stanley Foort -Love makes the world go round- (Radio Edit)
11.Dance 2 Trance -Warrior- (Radio Edit)
12.Microwave Prince II -I need your love-
13.The Outhere Brothers -Don't stop- (Onb Mix)
14.Darkman -Yabba dabba doo- (La Smoov 7'')
15.TNN -Ayayay cielito- (Radio Version)
16.Marusha -Raveland- (Video Mix)

Super Dance 7 CD1.T-01.Ace Of Base -Living in danger- (D-House Mix)

Super Dance 7 CD1.T-08.Mr Kash -Born to love you- (Remix)

Super Dance 7 CD1.T-12.Comic -I surrender to your love- (Radio Edit)

Super Dance 7 CD2.T-01.Souladelic -I want your body- (Bud's Mix)

Super Dance 7 CD2.T-06.Ophelia -Hand in hand- (Vocal Single Mix)

Super Dance 7 CD2.T-10.Stanley Foort -Love makes the world go round-

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