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No Mas Máquina 2

Varios - No Mas Máquina 2

WEA 9548 32906 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Synth-Pop
01.Silenzi -Hooked on a feeling-
02.D-Ream -Things can only get better-
03.Prince Ital Joe ft Marky Mark -Happy people-
04.Double Vision -Honey be good-
05.Talking Beats -Saturn 5-
06.Motiv 8 -Rockin for myself-
07.Double Vision -Unsafe building-
08.Unit ft Red Bone -Move your body-
01.Marshall Crenshaw -Someday, someway-
02.Guadalcanal Diary -Jamboree-
03.Wolfsheim -The sparrows and the nightingales-
04.Mr Hyde -I'd do anything for love (but I won't do that)-
05.Doubleplusgood -Conga te-
06.Nick Kamen -I promised myself-
07.K. Lizard -Why don't you love me-
08.Maria Short -Change the way-

No Mas Maquina 2 CD1.T-04.Double Vision -Honey be good-

No Mas Maquina 2 CD1.T-05.Talking Beats -Saturn 5-

No Mas Maquina 2 CD1.T-08.Unit ft Red Bone -Move your body-

No Mas Maquina 2 CD2.T-03.Wolfsheim -The sparrows and the nightingales-

No Mas Maquina 2 CD2.T-06.Nick Kamen -I promised myself-

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No Mas Máquina

Varios - No Mas Máquina

WEA 9548 32369 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Electrónica, Hip Hop
Euro House, Pop Rap, Italo Dance
01 Snow -Informer- (Album Mix)
02.B-Tronic -Died in your arms- (Cradle Mix)
03.Whighfield -Saturday night- (Nite Mix)
04.The Doobie Brothers -Long train running- (Full Guitar Mix)
05.Foolish Heart -Foolish heart- (Maxi Mix)
06.Peter Schilling -Terra titanic-
07.The Remakers -Spacer- (Remake Mix)
08.Joy -Touch by touch-  (Maxi Version)
01.Inner Circle -Sweat (A la la la la long)- (Original Version)
02.Wolfsheim -It's not too late- (Long Version)
03.Credence -Have you ever seen the rain- (Club Mix)
04.Sir Prize -Declaration- (Candy Apolonia Club Mix)
05.Peter Schilling -The different story- (Single Mix)
06.Phil & Stan -I need your love tonight- (Extended Version)
07.B Tribe -Fiesta fatal-  (Dj Pipi Pacha's 93 Remix)
08.New England -Get it up-


No Mas Maquina CD1.T-01 Snow -Informer- (Album Mix)

No Mas Maquina CD1.T-04.The Doobie Brothers -Long train running- (Full Guitar Mix)

No Mas Maquina CD1.T-07.The Remakers -Spacer- (Remake Mix)

No Mas Maquina CD2.T-02.Wolfsheim -It's not too late- (Long Version)

No Mas Maquina CD2.T-04.Sir Prize -Declaration- 

No Mas Maquina CD2.T-07.B Tribe -Fiesta fatal-  (Dj Pipi Pacha's 93 Remix)

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Alexia - Alexia

Alexia - Alexia

Epic EPC 506314 9
1 × CD, Album
Electrónica, Pop
Euro House
01.Dimmi come
02.Dire dare
03.A casa di jerry
04.Senza di te
05.Non lasciarmi mai
06.Se un giorno
07.Hasta la vista baby
08.L'amore vince
10.Don't you know (dimmi come)

Alexia - Alexia T-01.Dimmi come

Alexia - Alexia T-04.Senza di te

Alexia - Alexia T-06.Se un giorno

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Alexia - Mad for music

Alexia - Mad for music

Epic EPC 503153 2
1 × CD, Album
Pop, Electrónica
Euro House, Pop
01.The real thing
02.Money honey
04.In the name of love
05.The one for me
07.Little sister
08.Lucky in love
09.It's not the end
10.Whenever you want me

Alexia - Mad for music T-01.The real thing

Alexia - Mad for music T-03.Summerlovers

Alexia - Mad for music T-09.It's not the end

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Alexia - Happy

Alexia - Happy

Epic 49499
1 × CD, Album
Euro House, Pop
02.Change your life
04.Baby baby baby
05.Te amo
06.Giddy up
07.I want you
08.Save a prayer
09.Shake you up
10.Close to you
11.The rain
12.Let the music play


Alexia - Happy T-01.Happy

Alexia - Happy T-03.Goodbye

Alexia - Happy T-11.The rain

Alexia - Happy T-12.Let the music play

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Alexia - The party

Alexia - The party

Dance Pool DAN 491339 2
1 × CD, Album
Euro House
01.Keep on movin'
02.Gimme love
03.Bad boy
04.The music I like
05.Crazy for you
06.Claro de luna
09.Every day
10.I love my boy
11.Don't love me baby
12.If you say goodbye
13.Dame amor
14.Uh la la la (Almighty Edit)

Alexia - The Party T-01.Keep on movin'

Alexia - The Party T-04.The music I like

Alexia - The Party T-05.Crazy for you

Alexia - The Party T-11.Don't love me baby

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Alexia - Fan club

Alexia - Fan club

Blanco y Negro MXCD-817
1 × CD, Album
Euro House
01.Uh la la la
02.Number one
03.Virtual reality
04.Because I miss you
05.Summer is crazy
06.Another way
07.Me and you
08.Hold on
09.Looking for my baby
10.Beat of the night
11.Number one (Spanish Version)
12.Make you happy

Alexia - Fan Club T-03.Virtual reality

Alexia - Fan Club T-04.Because I miss you

Alexia - Fan Club T-08.Hold on

Alexia - Fan Club T-11.Number one (Spanish Version)

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Realidad Virtual

Varios - Realidad Virtual

Contraseña Records CON-006-CD
2 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Euro House
02.Ravers -Dehlia-
03.Chasis -Chasis-
04.Konplot -Obssesion-
05.Double Vision -Unsafe building-
06.Dr Eno -Stereo-
07.Snake -Beat bass-
08.2 In Line -Viva la revolucion-
01.Ozono -In the mix-
02.Techno Club -Transvicius 94-
03.Lethal -Detonativo-
04.Vatios -Vatios in my house-
05.Terminal -Poem without words-
06.Big Room -Translator-
07.Two Planets -Difficult aparat-
08.Piropo -Piropo remix-

Realidad Virtual CD1.T-01.Megamix

Realidad Virtual CD1.T-05.Double Vision -Unsafe building-

Realidad Virtual CD1.T-06.Dr Eno -Stereo-

Realidad Virtual CD2.T-01.Ozono -In the mix-

Realidad Virtual CD2.T-02.Techno Club -Transvicius 94-

Realidad Virtual CD2.T-07.Two Planets -Difficult aparat-

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Dj's en Accion Vol. 2

Varios - Dj's en Accion Vol. 2

Tempo Music TM0237CD
3 × CD, Compilation
Progressive House, Trance, Hardcore
01.Virtualmismo -I try to find (the distance)-
02.Fernando Ballesteros -The kimbo-
03.Mauro Picotto -Komodo-
04.Elastica pres Jesus Elices -Maximizing the audience-
05.Medicine Man -Electric voodoo (the remixes)-
06.Taiko -Silence-
07.Aftertouch -I'm wild-
08.The Act -Something about you-
09.Elastica pres Jesus Elices -The test-
10.Liberty -Seguro-
11.Yves Deruyter -Back to earth-
12.The Moon -Blow the speakers-
13.Fernando Ballesteros -Astroline-
14.Andrew McLaughlan -Love story-
01.Jas Van Houten & The Freak -Gotcha-
02.Sylver -Skin-
03.Non -Trying to forget-
04.Mauro Picotto -Proximus-
05.Miguel Serna pres Rockola -Tzuku-
06.Dj Gilbert -Dulux-
07.PB 2000 -In da jungle-
08.Solar System -Close your eyes-
09.Tukan -Light a rainbow-
10.Raumhfahrer -Traumreise-
11.Miss Spectra -Living for tomorrow-
12.Das Licht -Traumwelten-
13.Yves Deruyter -Back to earth-
14.Transa -Supernova-
15.Solar System -Party forever-
16.Elastica vol.1 -This is my cool-
17.SKR 309 -Maschinentanz-
18.Aftertouch -Non stringz-
19.Aftertouch -Pek base-
01.Brian Cross & Fat Synth pres Alpha Industries -Feel the hardcore-
02.Dj Corrosive -Homeboy-
03.Symbol ft Double X-Side -Innocence-
04.Stunned Guys & Dj Paul ft Mc Ruffian -Hardcore takin over-
05.X-Pecial K -I like to extasy-
06.Dj Batiste -Dream X-
07.Dj Outblast -Eardrumz-
08.Dj Paul & Dj Attic & Stylzz -Aah-
09.Brian Cross & Fat Synth pres Alpha Indrustries -Angels remix 2001-
10.Dj Tony -Feel the remix-
11.Bass D & King Matthew vs Lady Dana -Buck whylin-
12.New Axis by Dj Beto -El sueño-
13.Terror Ravers -Rhythm sensation-
14.The Format by Dj Plus & Dj Kini with C. Steele -I can fly-
15.Bass D & King Matthew vs Lady Dana -Suckerzz-
16.Virus -Hard ebola-
17.Dj Batiste -The match down-
18.Stunned Guys & Dj Paul -Thrillseeka- (The Reactor & Raoul Remix)
19.The Format by Dj Plus & Dj Kini with C. Steele -Amnesika-
20.Terror Ravers -You are the best thing-
21.Dj Bryan & Dj Droid pres -Audiophony feel the hardcore-


Dj's en Accion Vol.2 CD1.T-02.Fernando Ballesteros -The kimbo-

Dj's en Accion Vol.2 CD1.T-14.Andrew McLaughlan -Love story-

Dj's en Accion Vol.2 CD2.T-01.Jas Van Houten & The Freak -Gotcha-

Dj's en Accion Vol.2 CD2.T-11.Miss Spectra -Living for tomorrow-

Dj's en Accion Vol.2 CD3.T-03.Symbol ft Double X-Side -Innocence-

Dj's en Accion Vol.2 CD3.T-12.New Axis by Dj Beto -El sueño-

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Dj's en Accion

Varios - Dj's en Acción

Tempo Music TM0196CD
3 × CD, Mixed
Euro House, Trance, Makina, Hardcore
01.B-Charme -This is my world-
02.Brainbasher -Do it now-
03.Outworld -The end-
04.The Crazy Drummer -Party drumz-
05.Edu vol.1 -I wanna feel that song-
06.Limite vol.III -Original chumixxx-
07.Liquid ft Silvy -Turn the tide-
08.Edu vol.1 -Da techno chumi-
09.Walden vol.1 -Running-
10.Kiu's Dance Club vol.1 Dj Carlos -Music after death-
11.Atlantis 6 -Life is a mistery-
12.Blaulicht 112 -Besorgs mir-
13.Tazka -Your eyes-
14.Starparty -I'm in love-
15.Limite vol.III -Prick up your ears-
16.Dj Roosta -414 all-
17.1 Black 2 U -Where R U now-
01.ANR -Skytronic-
02.Dj Roosta -414 all-
03.Das Licht -Traumwelten-
04.Clublanders -World of love-
05.Jaccot pres Frank Trax -Dance religion-
06.Double Mind -Dont go-
07.Fargo -I said no-
08.Lisa Lashes -Lookin' good-
09.Wildside -In my heart in my soul-
10.Pont Aeri vol.4 -Flying free-
11.Mauro Picotto -Iguana-
12.Limite vol.III -Original chumixxx-
13.Jackie'O -When you're gone-
14.17 -Piece of heaven-
15.Kate Project -A better world-
16.Out of Grace -Anglia-
17.Limite vol.1 -I cant feel it-
18.Unix -Attenzione-
19.Niels Van Gogh -Doppelganger-
20.The Crazy Drummer -Party drumz-
01.Ricky Leroy -Tuareg-
02.The Freak & Mac Zimms -Spin me wild-
03.Jas Van Houten & The Freak -Din dah-
04.Rank 1 -Airwave-
05.Pedro & Benno -Speechless-
06.Dj Tiesto -Sparkles-
07.Moontribe -Dance of the seventh hill-
08.Generation X -Closer than ever-
09.Jaccot pres Frank Trax -Dance religion-
10.Taiko -Die blechtrommel-
11.Game Over -Start-
12.Natas -Drg on me-
13.Dj Borr-X -100% Borr-x-
14.Dj Cumpli -LFL (Cumbase III)-
15.Mac & Lunatik -Torokotroya-
16.Stunned Guys & Dj Paul -Thrillseeka-
17.Dj Javi May -Mayler-
18.Dj Pildo & Javi Pitch -Pildo & Pitch vs Ruboy vol.1-
19.Consola -Batteria scarica-
20.Dj Borr-X -Devil base-
21.Art of Fighters -The beat cant change-

Dj's en Accion CD1.T-02.Brainbasher -Do it now-

Dj's en Accion CD1.T-13.Tazka -Your eyes-

Dj's en Accion CD2.T-01.ANR -Skytronic-

Dj's en Accion CD2.T-06.Double Mind -Dont go-

Dj's en Accion CD3.T-05.Pedro & Benno -Speechless-

Dj's en Accion CD3.T-08.Generation X -Closer than ever-

Dj's en Accion CD3.T-13.Dj Borr-X -100% Borr-x-

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Limite Vol. 13

Varios - Limite Vol. 13

Bit Music 37-193
2 × CD, Mixed 
1 × DVD
Hard House, Trance, Euro House
01.Sirago -Cross the line-
02.Dj Pinta -Real life-
03.Limite 8 -Maybe-
04.Dj Nicol -Freestyle 2-
05.Thorn ft Suzi -Made in heaven-
06.C.G.Masters -Fillings!-
07.Anneke Van Hoof -Lie to me- (Extended Mix)
08.Dj Pinta -Roki' n it-
09.Chumi Dj presents Dj 10 -The way you touch-
10.Hardhouse Corporation -Go & on-
11.D10 presents Carlos Bernal ft Nikka -I don't give up-
12.Rednoise -Da house gets warm-
13.Kike Dj -Your eyes-
14.Edu Vol.4 -HH music-
15.Diyo -Ready to fly-
16.Rednoise -Moving-
17.Diamond -Reason-
18.Loar -Turntable psycho-
19.Edu Vol.4 -Time of pasion-
20.Hardhouse Corporation -What's the beat-
01.Loar -Whenever-
02.Hardhouse Corporation -Hard pumping-
03.Tess -The second you sleep- (Extended (Silverroom))
04.Bumping Corporation Vol.3 -Terebou kipon-
05.Dj Blas -Close to you-
06.CG Masters -N generation-
07.Lash -Living your life-
08.Dj Xanti ft Nikka -Who is pumpin'-
09.Toni Atomic ft Eloise 5 -Take me to your heart-
10.Dj Diabolix -Keep on pushing harder-
11.Sr Pely ft Suzann -In your eyes-
12.Overtax -Dark change-
13.La Luna -When morning comes-
14.Dj Blas -Go!-
15.Central Vol.8 -Dance with me-
16.Dj Diabolix -The sound of the devil-
17.Dj Xanti ft Nikka -Here I stand-
18.Sr Pely ft Suzann -Spot it!!-
19.Di Face ft Anubis -Waiting for the night-
20.Versus -Why U cry-

Limite Vol. 13 CD1.T-03.Limite 8 -Maybe-

Limite Vol. 13 CD1.T-07.Anneke Van Hoof -Lie to me- (Extended Mix)

Limite Vol. 13 CD1.T-17.Diamond -Reason-

Limite Vol. 13 CD2.T-01.Loar -Whenever-

Limite Vol. 13 CD2.T-14.Dj Blas -Go!-

Limite Vol. 13 CD2.T-20.Versus -Why U cry-

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Limite Vol. 12

Varios - Limite Vol. 12

Bit Music 36-855
2 × CD, Mixed
1 × CD, Compilation 
House, Trance, Ambient
01.Limite vol.7 -I'll be alright-
02.Dj Ray -Ray the music 2- (Beach Drums Mix)
03.Suzann -Little bandit-
04.Chumi Dj presents Dj 10 -Hh radio-
05.Head Horny's & Miguel Serna -Fire in the sky-
06.Bumping corporation Vol.3 -Twisted-
07.Edu vol.4 -Time of passion-
08.C.G Masters -Fillings!!-
09.Sr Pely ft Suzann -In your eyes-
10.Bumping Corporation vol.3 -Terebou kipon-
11.Dj Juanma -Stupid box (is not for me)-
12.Dj Dina vs Pollo Dj -This is a hard one-
13.Dasha -My way- (Tim Wokan Remix)
14.Dj OMH meets Dj Santy -More faser-
15.D10 present Juan Ruiz -The secret of love-
16.Sr Pely ft Suzann -Spot it !!-
17.X-Que vol.9 -Can you see the end-
18.Bumping Corporation vol.3 -Terebou kipon-
19.Chumi dj present Dj 10 -The way you touch-
20.C.G. Masters -N Generations-
01.Chumi Dj pres Sirago -Feel for you-
02.Rednoise -Phuntastic-
03.Wizard -I wanna be-
04.Hardhouse Corporations -Hard pumping-
05.Nano Project -Angel of the moon-
06.THX -The water song-
07.Dj Voy ft Event -Don't say goodbye-
08.Bumping Corporation vol.2 -I got you-
09.Project 2 -Free to dance-
10.Dj Churry vs Rednoise -The wicked drummer-
11.Dasha -Another lie- (Tim Wokan Remix)
12.Dj Agus -Move your body-
13.Absolom -Secret-
14.Dj Uri vs Emo Dj -Suck my pussy-
15.Lisa Brown -Something more-
16.Dj Churry vs Rednoise -Turn it up-
17.Naboo -Why do you leave me alone-
18.Dj Blas -Go!-
19.La House -Slave of my past-
20.Nykro -Listen up-
01.Limite vol.7 -I'll be alright-
02.Exotica -What is love-
03.Dj OMH meets Dj Santy -More faser-
04.Dj Ray -Ray the music 2- (Beach Drums Mix)
05.Head Horny's & Miguel Serna -Fire in the sky-
06.D10 present Juan Ruiz -The secret of love-
07.Chumi Dj Pres Sirago -Feel for you-
08.Dj Juanma -Stupid box (is not for me)-
09.Nanin -From heaven-
10.Edu vol.3 -Like I love you-
11.Dasha -Another lie- (Tim Wokan Remix)
12.Mia -Money rules the world-

Limite Vol. 12 CD1 by Chumi Dj

Limite Vol. 12 CD3.T-03.Dj OMH meets Dj Santy -More faser-

Limite Vol. 12 CD3.T-04.Dj Ray -Ray the music 2- (Beach Drums Mix)

Limite Vol. 12 CD3.T-11.Dasha -Another lie- (Tim Wokan Remix)

Limite Vol. 12 CD3.T-12.Mia -Money rules the world-

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Limite Vol. 11

Varios - Limite Vol. 11

Bit Music 36-782
2 × CD, Mixed
1 × CD, Compilation 
Hard House, Trance, Euro House
01.Chumi Dj pres Sirago -Feel for you-
02.Dj Charlie & Garlic -Nfectious-
03.Dasha -Another lie-
04.X Noise One -Here we go again-
05.Spacio Vol.4 -Into Your Own-
06.Mia -Rock U-
07.D10 Present Juan Ruiz -The secret of love-
08.Hardhouse Corporation -Hard pumping-
09.Exotica -What is love-
10.Dj Blas -Pipapipa-
11.Dj Juanma -Stupid box (is not for me)-
12.Merlin -4 nacked-
13.Dj Dina -Around your way-
14.Rednoise -Phuntastic-
15.Wizard -I wanna be-
16.Dj Blas -Go!-
17.Chumi DJ Presents DJ 10 -The way you touch-
18.Nykro -Listen up-
19.Limite Vol 7 -I'll be alright-
20.Dj Churry Vs Rednoise -The wicked drummer-
01.Naboo -Why do you leave me alone?-
02.Tb Twisterr -Byte devil-
03.Edu Vol.3 -Like I love you-
04.Bumping Corporation Vol.2 -I got you-
05.Project 2 -Free to dance-
06.Lucky Lops -Kicking-
07.Nano Project -Angel of the moon-
08.Hardhouse & Cia Vol 2 -Interview-
09.Nanin -From Heaven-
10.Dj Agus -Move your body-
11.Exotica -What is love-
12.Dj Churry Vs Rednoise -Turn it up-
13.Dj Voy ft Event -Don't say goodbye-
14.Bumping Corporation Vol.2 -Porno man-
15.La House -Slave of my past-
16.Dj Victor Conca -Ue ue-
17.Lisa Brown -Something more-
18.THX -The water song-
19.Mia -Money rules the world-
20.Edu Vol.3 -Hard house melody-
01.Limite -Turn me on-
02.Dj10 Present Juan Ruiz -The secret of love-
03.Dj Charlie & Garlic -Infectious-
04.Dj Dina -Around your way-
05.Sr Pely -Kiss me baby-
06.X Noise One -Here we go again-
07.Edu Vol.3 -Like I love you-
08.THX -Hey culega-
09.Wizard -I wanna be-
10.Nanin -From heaven-
11.Spacio Vol.4 -Intro your own-

Limite Vol.11 CD3.T-02.Dj10 Present Juan Ruiz -The secret of love-

Limite Vol.11 CD3.T-03.Dj Charlie & Garlic -Infectious-

Limite Vol.11 CD3.T-04.Dj Dina -Around your way-

Limite Vol.11 CD3.T-06.X Noise One -Here we go again-

Limite Vol.11 CD3.T-09.Wizard -I wanna be-

Limite Vol.11 CD3.T-11.Spacio Vol.4 -Intro your own-

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Limite Vol. 10

Varios - Limite Vol. 10

Bit Music 35-627
2 × CD, Mixed
1 × CD, Compilation 
Hard House, Trance, Euro House
01.Van Nuys -Wonderful world-
02.Merlin -Change me-
03.X-Que Vol.8 -When I sleep-
04.Edu Vol.3 -Hard house melody-
05.Dj Juanma -Trust in me-
06.Dj Nicol -Freestyle-
07.Jessie -Head over heels-
08.Lucky Loops -Boom da beat-
09.Bounce -Why-
10.Bumping Corporation Vol.2 -I got you-
11.La House -Slave of my past-
12.Lucky Loops -Innovation-
13.Edu Vol.3 -Like I love you-
14.Deejaysklubb -Klubbmania-
15.Sr Pely -Kiss me baby-
16.Lucky Loops -Kicking-
17.Limite -Turn me on-
18.Merlin -Arabic singing-
19.Wizard -I wanna be-
20.Dj Mito -The final hardstyle-
01.Toni Atomic ft Eloise Vol.4 -Xupa xupa-
02.Divina -Free 4 love-
03.Sr Pely -Negative trouble-
04.Toni Atomic ft Eloise Vol.4 -Shake your hands-
05.RBD Vol.2 -I'm smoking one-
06.Edu -The look of love-
07.K.D.C. -Bass you-
08.Sr PEly & David Molina -Reach the sky-
09.Deejaysklubb -Goblin-
10.Exotica -I would die for love-
11.Bumping Corporation Vol.2 -Porno-man-
12.Nanin -The sound in you-
13.Deejaysklubb -Trickytac-
14.Limite -Turn me on-
15.Hardhouse Corporation -3,2,1 ready-
01.Limite -Turn me on-
02.2 Shy -Your love-
03.Event presentes TNT -In your eyes-
04.La House -Slave of my past-
05.Dj Juanma -Trust in me-
06.Jessie -Head over heels-
07.Exotica -I would die for love-
08.Wizard -Music (keeps my faith)-
09.Bounce -Why-
10.Survivors -Coming home-
11.Edu -The look of love-
12.Sr. Pely & David Molina -Reach the sky-
13.Armani & Ghost -Airport-


Limite Vol.10 CD3.T-01.Limite -Turn me on-

Limite Vol.10 CD3.T-03.Event presents TNT -In your eyes-

Limite Vol.10 CD3.T-07.Exotica -I would die for love-

Limite Vol.10 CD3.T-08.Wizard -Music (keeps my faith)-

Limite Vol.10 CD3.T-10.Survivors -Coming home-

Limite Vol.10 CD3.T-12.Sr. Pely & David Molina -Reach the sky-

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