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Ravers Revolution

Varios - Ravers Revolution

Polydor 525 932 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Hard Trance, Happy Hardcore
01.E&M -Ravers revolution-
02.Paul Elstak -Rainbow in the sky-
03.Dune -Are you ready to fly-
04.Scott Brown -Turn this mother out-
05.Sonicdriver -Mind on the beat-
06.Vibes & Wishdokta -No more tears-
07.Ferocious -Get on up-
08.Omar Santana -Somebody scream-
09.Yves Deruyter -Outsiders-
10.Bass D & King Matthew -The witch- (Remix)
11.El Bruto -Watch me dance-
12.Queens Boril Crew -Drop da noice-
13.T.N.T. -Let's get together-
14.Dj Isaac -Fuckin' boots- (Remix)
15.U96 -Movin'- (Sequential One-Mix)
16.Qtex vs Technosis -Kaos- (Scott Brown Remix)
17.Dyewitness -Trancore-
18.The Prophet -Big boys don't cry-
01.Mark Oh -Droste horst du mich- (Remix)
02.Wonderland -Movin' around-
03.The Carpenter -Take it to da max-
04.Rise & Shine -Loosing control-
05.Dj Bubi -Wollt ihr mit mir frohlich sein-
06.Perplexer -Church of house-
07.Scott Brown -Slipstream-
08.Micado -It's gonna be a fine night-
09.Scooter -Endless summer-
10.Raver's Nature -Damn' nation-
11.Scott Brown vs Dj Rab S -Now is the time-
12.Slider -Welcome to the rave-
13.Ramirez -Baraonda-
14.Pilldriver -Pitch-hiker-
15.The New York Connection -Ain't it wild-
16.Diss Reaction -Jiiieeehaaaa-
17.Marusha -Deep-

Ravers Revolution CD1.T-04.Scott Brown -Turn this mother out-

Ravers Revolution CD1.T-06.Vibes & Wishdokta -No more tears-

Ravers Revolution CD1.T-12.Queens Boril Crew -Drop da noice-

Ravers Revolution CD2.T-02.Wonderland -Movin' around-

Ravers Revolution CD2.T-06.Perplexer -Church of house-

Ravers Revolution CD2.T-14.Pilldriver -Pitch-hiker-

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