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Tunnel Trance Force 05

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 05

Tunnel Records SMM 491375 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Kosmonova vs Fiocco -Celebrate- (Extended Mix)
02.Future Breeze -Another way- (Kai Tracid Mix)
03.Absolom -Secret- (DJ Quicksilver Mix)
04.DJ Dean -Give me more-
05.Opus 808 -Winter- (K. Capone Remix)
06.Kaycee -Escape- (Club Mix)
07.Global Cee -Love, dream & energy-
08.Moon Project -Moonrise- (Midnight Mix)
09.DJ Shoko -For my mum-
10.Emperor -That's my mind-
11.Bossi -Time to make the floor burn-
12.Cherry Moon Trax -Alternation- (DJ Buzz Romantic Mix)
13.JFS Produktion -Pump that-
14.Millo -Pull the trigger-
15.Mystic Chord -Nightmare- (Freddy Mix)
16.Warlock -Flowergarden-
17.Energy Flash -Monique-
01.DJ Dean & Danny K. -The vision- (TTF Mix)
02.The C.A.L. II Project -Phase the base-
03.Cocooma -Another race-
04.DJ Benja -Harmony-
05.Power Play -Una chica bonita-
06.Start Up -UH- (Dith Wemyd Remix)
07.DJ Gollum -Emergency-
08.Norman Taylor -Sexmachine- (Hardtrance Mix)
09.T'N'T -I will never be yours-
10.Ultimate -It's not a shame- (Hardtrance Mix)
11.Sistema 3 -Chupa-
12.Dance Test Dummies -Hands up- (Last Mix B.P.M.)
13.Code 36 -Mirage- (B Mix)
14.SveN-R-G & LA Chris -Popular music-
15.Dj C.A. -Revolution-
16.Dj Gollum -XS-

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD1 MoonMix

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD2.T-01.DJ Dean & Danny K. -The vision- (TTF Mix)

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD2.T-03.Cocooma -Another race-

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD2.T-06.Start Up -UH- (Dith Wemyd Remix)

Tunnel Trance Force 05 CD2.T-12.Dance Test Dummies -Hands up- (Last Mix B.P.M.)

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