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Heroes del Tekno Vol.3

Varios - Heroes del Tekno Vol.3

Bit Music 35-426
5 × CD, Mixed
Hard House, Hardcore, Makina
01.Dj Marta -Think about the way-
02.Killerbounce -Dirty circus-
03.Head Horny's -I'm the one, you're looking-
04.Sonique -Zanarkand-
05.Armani & Ghost -Airport-
06.Dj Dani & Sani -Change-
07.Milk Inc. -Sleepwalkers-
08.Rave All Stars -Braucht ihr mehr-
09.Marc et Claude -Loving you 2002-
10.Dj Marta -My love-
11.Natasha Hagen -Without you-
12.Dj Tiesto -Lethal industry-
13.Miguel Serna -Think in black-
14.JK -You and I-
15.Danny Boy & Juanma DC -The red hood-
16.Dj Juandy -Technical problem-
17.El Cano ft Laetitia -I will surrender- (Euro Dance Mix)
18.Remote -The spirit-
19.Dj Borr-x -Energy-
20.Eyra Gail -The flame- (Noyze Remix)
01.Kira -I'll be your angel-
02.Da Hustlers -R & B sucks-
03.2 Shy -Your love-
04J.T.S. -Bow c bow traxx-
05.Oxid -Is it you-
06.Edu -Do it like this-
07.The Moon -Run away-
08.Ray -The music-
09.Jessy -Look at me now-
10.SR Pely & David Molina -Pump da fun-
11.Chumi DJ presents Limite 5 -No reason-
12.Omatik -Check-in-
13.Edu -The look of love-
14.Dr. Bounce -Bounce-
15.Beat Brothers ft N'Dee -Serenade the moonlight-
16.Dj Zany -P.L.O.R.K.-
17.SR Pely & David Molina -Reach the sky-
18.Di Carlo presents Pumping Corporation -Rock the bass-
19.Wizard -Better times-
20.T-Comissi presents Hardhouse Corporation -Bam ba-dem de-
01.X-Que vol. 8 -Beautiful day-
02.Space Base -Download base 1.0-
03.Dj Storm & Dj Sonic -No angel-
04.Toxic -Curare-
05.D4MA -OK to mix-
06.Scott Brown -Turn up the music- (Breeze & Styles Remix)
07.Dj Anas -For the smile-
08.Masters of Ceremony -Under control-
09.X-Que Special Remixes vol.1 -The new spirit-
10.Dj Binlee -Destructive base vol.1-
11.Brisk & Fade -Stay here forever-
12.Scott Brown -Hardcore is the future-
13.Scott Brown -Ghosts-
14.Dj Al-Fredo -Jackpot-
15.¡Virus Infected! -Error file vol.1-
16.Plus System -Na na na-
17.Tony Phobia vs Dj Motor -The spring dwarg-
18.Styles & Breeze -You're shining-
19.Scott Brown -Rock, rock on-
20.Dj Henry -Gabber hymn-
01.Alex K -Tha beat pounds-
02.Tony de Leon -Supersniffer-
03.Controlpushers -Duxhate-
04.Benny & Nen -Forever and ever-
05.Deejaysklubb -Jumpbase-
06.Factoria X ft The Moreno's -One night-
07.Da Hardsider -Malice-
08.Edu -Do it like this-
09.Scream -No idea-
10.Benny & Nen -Fussion of styles-
11.Bolo & Uri vs Emo DJ -U have the minute-
12.T-Comissi -Come on work!-
13.Dj Txoky & Dj Cote -Arkaitz-
14.Dj Maki & Abel DXT -Mad laugh-
15.Hardpremium -Movi'n 2 da beat-
16.Heaven -Infinity race-
17.X-Noise One -Take the future-
18.Kessler -Dyson-
19.Dj Modulator -Shake that ass-
20.K-Psula & Dj Frank present Coliseum -Partyseum-
01.Scott Brown -Twilight zone-
02.Art of Fighters -Sin=Art-
03.Javi Boss presenta Spain Best Core -Never coming back-
04.Scott Brown & Brisk -Chase-
05.Dj Piwi -Burning fire-
06.The Viper -Be hurt-
07.Javi Boss presenta Spain Best Core -Hardcore spain-
08.Art of Fighters -Bitcrusher-
09.Lo-Fi -This is fight music-
10.Da Tekno Warriors -Crash the party-
11.X-Que vol. 8 -When I sleep-
12.Javi Boss presenta Spain Best Core -Bossi-
13.Ophidian -Scrapmetal-
14.Moon Steel -Tlf Moon-
15.The Viper -Bulletproof-
16.System 3 -Here we come-
17.Dj Ruboy vs Markos 13 -Distort overdose-
18.Moon Steel -Jurasika-
19.Dj Paul & Dj Promo -Ik haat je!-
20.Weapon X -What's yo name-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD1.T-02.Killerbounce -Dirty circus-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD1.T-17.El Cano ft Laetitia -I will surrender-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD2 Session by Chumi Dj

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD3.T-06.Scott Brown -Turn up the music-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD3.T-11.Brisk & Fade -Stay here forever-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD4.T-01.Alex K -Tha beat pounds-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD4.T-13.Dj Txoky & Dj Cote -Arkaitz-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD5.T-05.Dj Piwi -Burning fire-

Heroes del Tekno Vol.3 CD5.T-12.Javi Boss presenta Spain Best Core -Bossi-

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