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Heroes del Tekno

Varios - Heroes del Tekno

Bit Music 32-908
3 × CD, Mixed
Hard House, Hard Trance, Makina
01.Mauro Picotto -Iguana- (Special Mixes)
02.Serendipity -Serendipity-
03.Dj Mario La Roche -Eternity of love- (Remixes)
04.Cominotto -Tyson- (Devasted Mix)
05.Asys -Acid headcracker- (Auf Die Nub Mix)
06.Warmduscher -Auf die fresse-
07.Overdrive -Dass spiegel- (Trance Mix)
08.Megamind -Taub-
09.Mauro Picotto -Pulsar- (Picotto Mix)
10.Poison Club Traxx II -The club-
11.Mauro Picotto -Iguana- (Megavoices Mix)
12.Warmduscher -Saurebadz-
13.Mauro Picotto -Iguana- (Raf by Picotto Mix)
14.Kenji Ogura -Cyber tech- (X-Form Remix)
15.Franchino -999- (Impreriale Mix)
01.Chawicha -Boss ma vol.1-
02.Anotha Level -I'm da shit-
03.Central Rock -Bad boy bass-
04.Biohazard -E.C.S.T.A.S.Y. in Saigon-
05.Dj Chee-Kee -Get down-
06.Da Warriors -Turntable psycho-
07.Anotha Level -La to Rotterdam-
08.Shocker -Electroshock- (Madness 2000)
09.Dj Rip Digital Distortion -Break it down-
10.Small Town Boy -Brice- (Hard House)
11.Limite III -Original chumixxx-
12.Central Rock -Up power-
13.Skudero -Da newstyle-
14.Dany BPM -Speedy gonzalez & dany bpm race-
15.Hard Choirs -James Brown is dead- (Rave)
16.Da Tekno Warriors -Do you understand-
17.Maurizzio -Feelings- (Jump Cut)
18.Da Tekno Warriors -Da beat kicks-
19.Piramide by Dj Soto -Karmina burarna-
20.Central Rock -Como for you-
21.Da Tekno Warriors -Da beat-
22.Bunker -Da F.D project-
23.Uranium ft Alexandra -Laser base-
01.D4Ma vol.2 -The promise-
02.Pini Locuras & Dj Scrable -Marrakech- (Jump Version)
03.Revolution & Clemen -Voodoo people-
04.Central Rock -Up power-
05.Joe Inferno -Histeria-
06.Index ft Carla Shilling -Thinking about you- (Acapella)
07.Los Niños -No fuck in the office-
08.Futura -Enchantment-
09.Da Tekno Warriors ft Dj Bam Bam -Pump up the bass-
10.Y2K Project -Loops & things-
11.Dj Shue -Paraonimia-
12.PCP -A white shade of pale-
13.Nuclear Station -Xpace the bass-
14.Disco Vips -Without you-
15.Streamline -Streamline-
16.Dr P -Or-drive-
17.X-Que -X-que vol.6-
18.Skudero -Da newstyle-
19.Pont Aeri vol.4 -Flying free-
20.Operation 2 -License to III-
21.The Reactor -Vae victims-
22.John Wesley -Lover why-
23.Buzz Fuzz vs Bass-T & King Matthew -Its allright-
24.The Stunned Guys vs Dj Paul -Thrillseka- 

Heroes del Tekno CD1.T-03.Dj Mario La Roche -Eternity of love- (Rmx)

Heroes del Tekno CD1.T-06.Warmduscher -Auf die fresse-

Heroes del Tekno CD1.T-15.Franchino -999- (Impreriale Mix)

Heroes del Tekno CD2.T-01.Chawicha -Boss ma vol.1-

Heroes del Tekno CD2.T-12.Central Rock -Up power-

Heroes del Tekno CD2.T-22.Bunker -Da F.D project-

Heroes del Tekno CD3.T-02.Pini Locuras & Dj Scrable -Marrakech-

Heroes del Tekno CD3.T-07.Los Niños -No fuck in the office-

Heroes del Tekno CD3.T-21.The Reactor -Vae victims-

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