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Heroes del Tekno Vol.2

Varios - Heroes del Tekno Vol.2

Bit Music 33-003
4 × CD, Mixed
Hard House, Hardcore, Makina
01.Dj 10 -The base dj-
02.Sunniva -Feelings-
03.Kius Dance Club vol.1 -Music after dead-
04.In Dreams -Where is the light-
05.The Freak -Rumble-
06.The Format by Dj Plus & Dj Kini with C. Steele -I can fly-
07.Limite -Chumitraxx-
08.Tracy Annie -Tonight-
09.RDB -No more trouble-
10.La Luna -Take me-
11.Di Carlo -I couldn't give a damn-
12.Dj Miko -Shout-
13.Dj Frank -The inside-
14.Dj Space'C -The sun always shines on tv-
15.Dj 10 -Psycho-
16.Milk Inc -Land of living-
17.Solar System -Party for ever-
18.Paul Droid -Missing inside me-
19.BK -Let the rhythm move you-
20.Toni Atomic ft Eloise vol.2 -Think love-
01.Pont Aeri vol.5 -Take a trip-
02.Dj Paul & Teenage Warning -If da kidz are united-
03.X-pecial K -I like to extasy-
04.The Fromat by Dj Plus & Dj Kini with C. Steele -I can fly-
05.Dj Batiste -Dream X-
06.Tony Lunatico -Melody moon-
07.Rotterdam Hooligans -Rotterddam hooligans-
08.Emo -Frecuenze x- (Knife Mix)
09.Team Djs -Prince of love- (Hardcore Remix)
10.K-Psula -D-rolex-
11.Pont Aeri vol.5 -Fly attack-
12.Dj Paul & The Stunned Guys -Thirllseeka- (Dj Paul Remix)
13.D-Sfase & Neurotic & Crack Dj -I think about you-
14.Techno Djs -This is the sound of base-
15.Dj Skryker -Forever young (by Dj Skryker)-
16.Wapper & The Ladykilller -Bloody angel-
17.Wapper vs The Ladykiller -Edge of darkness-
18.Dj Buzz Fuzz & The Prophet -Go get ill-
19.Raveman -Maniac (if you're ready for this)-
20.Dj Ruboy vs Markos 13 -Oxigene- (Ruboy & Markos 13 Mix)
01.D-Sfase & Neurotik & Crack Dj -Genocide-
02.Wok by Tim Wokan & J Ferreras -Raider-
03.D-Sfase & Neurotik & Crack Dj -The world of crack dj-
04.Coliseum -Output phone-
05.Dj 10 -Psycho-
06.Lisa Lashes -Looking good-
07.Toy Soldiers ft Dj Konik & Dj Maxter -March 2-
08.Scratch EP -Feel good-
09.A7 -Peace of heaven-
10.Edu vol.1 -Da teckno chumi-
11.Dj Rolo -Eternal emotions-
12.Digital Bitch -P.U.T.A.-
13.Don Diablo -Casa del diablo-
14.Coliseum -Reality-
15.Coliseum -I'm just enjoying-
16.Da Rick -Sulicontities-
17.Solar System -Close your eyes-
18.Reload -Booom tracks-
19.Sergie & Remy -Groove me (Freak master tw)-
20.Dakoma -Moskito IV-
21.Aspirina 909 -Fuck it-
22.Solar System -Close your eyes-
01.Dj David Max -Bitch people-
02.Dj Outblast -Eardrumz-
03.The Viper vs Mad-E Fact -Control the party-
04.Dj Miko -Shout-
05.Dj Self -Back with the hardcore-
06.Central -Faking xof-
07.Dj Mantess vs Rockwool -Evil-
08.Three Village -Speak to me-
09.G-Town Madness -Locked down-
10.Cetral -Yumpi yamper-
11.Dj David Max -Jumper to jump-
12.Bass-D & King Matthew vs Lady Dana -Suckerzz-
13.Toni Atomic ft Eloise vol.2 -Think love-
14.Boos Ma -The motherfuckers bass-
15.T-Factor -This is our moment-
16.System 3 -Like a shot-
17.Dj Batiste -The match down-
18.The Stunned Guys vs Dj Paul -Thrillseeka-
19.Dj Ruboy vs Markos 13 -Nothing can stop me-
20.Emo -Overflow-

Heroes del tekno Vol.2 CD1 Session by Chumi Dj

Heroes del tekno Vol.2 CD2 Session by Skudero & Xavi Metralla

Heroes del tekno Vol.2 CD3 Session by Dj Fran

Heroes del tekno Vol.2 CD4 Session by Javi Boss

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