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Technics: The Original Sessions

Varios - Technics: The Original Sessions

Vale Music VLCD 900
4 x CD, Compilation 
House, Techno, Progressive Trance, Makina
01.Session Dance
02.Awesome -Rumors-
03.Hit'n'Hide -Partyman-
04.Now -Let's make love-
05.The Outhere Brothers -Pass the toilet paper remix 98-
06.Jhava -Don't tell me lies-
07.Vestania -Fly free-
08.2 Brothers on the 4th Floor -I'm thinkin' of you-
09.Jerry Daley -Gold-
10.Tranx Mission -Gone with the winner-
11.N.Y.C.C. -Fight for your right-
01.Session Progressive
02.Koala -Australia-
03.Dj Supreme -The horns of Jericho-
04.D-Sigual vol.3 -Back order-
05.Groove Gangsters -Funky beats-
06.Dance 2 Trance -Power of american natives 98-
07.Plastic -Addicted-
08.Sandy B -Make the world go round-
09.Fraktal 4 -The promised land-
10.Ace the Space -Nine is a classic-
11.Area -Definition of tekto-
01.Session House
02.Aramand Van Helden -The funk phenomena-
03.Prayers -Imagination-
04.Lutricia McNeal -My side of town-
05.Jesus Loves You ft Boy George -Generations of love-
06.Byron Stingily -You make me feel (mighty reel)-
07.Fernandisco -F. Disco Le club-
08.Dj Tonka -Security-
09.Boby D'Ambrossio ft Michelle Weeks -Moment of my life-
10.Gigi D'agostino -Gin lemon-
11.Pop Corn -Da house-
01.Session Techno
02.Barbarian -Teology civilization-
03.Xavi Metralla -Metramorphosis-
04.8 Next Generation -The sound ceased-
05.Sistema 3 -Jumping-
06.Fraktal 4 -The promised land- (Original Extended Mix)
07.Romantics -Ivory-
08.Clonico -Tubular bells-
09.Digital Dee -Living today-
10.Dj Glenn vs The Voltage Club -Silent six-
11.Humpty & Dumpty -Kill-a-beat-

Technics: The Original Sessions CD1.T-03.Hit'n'Hide -Partyman-

Technics: The Original Sessions CD1.T-08.2 Brothers on the 4th Floor -I'm thinkin' of you-

Technics: The Original Sessions CD2.T-07.Plastic -Addicted-

Technics: The Original Sessions CD3.T-03.Prayers -Imagination.-

Technics: The Original Sessions CD3.T-10.Gigi D'agostino -Gin lemon-

Technics: The Original Sessions CD4.T-04.8 Next Generation -The sound ceased-

Technics: The Original Sessions CD4.T-09.Digital Dee -Living today-

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