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NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1

Varios - NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1

NL Sound 73 50252
2 x CD, Compilation
Hard House, Trance, House
01.Nightstalkers -Enjoy yourself-
02.Rene & Da Groove -Let's get movin'-
03.Sounddesign -Coming on strong-
04.Magic From Above -In my soul-
05.Love Foundation -New day-
06.Jefferseif -Take me on-
07.Marco Solo -Pump it-
08.Danny & Graxx -Give me your love-
09.Luna Mora -Music for everyone-
10.Kinky Boy -What is love-
11.Rebel Rebel -Happy girl-
01.Love Foundation -Never enough-
02.Pikes -Peace and unity-
03.Comuni-Gate -I.C.Q.-
04.Stalemates -Get bounced-
05.Active Force -Ready-
06.Sidewalk Technician -All jump up-
07.Dope Technician -Break my heart-
08.D-Tention -Turn me loose-
09.Soprano -La oriental-
10.Shock Trance -Use your dildo-
11.Index -Keep on your mind-

NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1 CD1.T-01.Nightstalkers -Enjoy yourself-

NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1 CD1.T-03.Sounddesign -Coming on strong-

NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1 CD1.T-08.Danny & Graxx -Give me your love-

NL Sound The Compilation Vol.1 CD1.T-10.Kinky Boy -What is love-

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