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Area The Secret Vol.2

Varios - Area The Secret Vol.2

Vale Music 021-1
3 x CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance
01.Area -Tears of fire-
02.Alice Deejay -Will I ever-
03.Milk Inc -Walk on water-
04.Kosmonova -Dance avec moi-
05.La Luna -When the morning comes-
06.Gigi D'Agostino -Another way-
07.De La Cruz ft Taleesa -My love is a dj-
08.DMS -Free for life-
09.Unusual Thing -Breaking rules-
10.ATB -The summer-
11.2 Fabiola ft Medusa -Summer in space-
12.Marc et Claude -I need your lovin-
13.Prezioso ft Marvin -Let me stay-
14.Lonslade -Colour of life-
15.Miss Peppermint -Day by day-
16.D.C. 2000 -1 more time-
17.Consilio -The colours of love-
18.Da Cloot -Get uppa!!-
01.U 96 -Das boot 2001-
02.Dj Abel, Pedro Miras & Alberto Tapia -2001 The odyssey-
03.Atahualpa -Luna de sangre- (The Messiah's Remix)
04.Trance All Stars -The first rebirth- (Taucher Club Mix)
05.Black & Jones -The nightfly-
06.Area -Tribal tekto-
07.D.O.N.S -Sputnik-
08.Xavi Beat -Open up-
09.Lock'n'Load -Blow ya mind-
10.Zentral -Total drum-
11.Dj Julio -The concept- (UFO Remix)
12.J&R Project -Keep it up-
13.Bad Habit Boys -The weekend-
14.Area -Viajero-
15.Techno House -Mitico-
16.Reflex -Lui-
17.Phenomena -On the line-
18.Julio Posadas -Tribal-
01.Mix Area
02.Area -The spirit of area-
03.2 Fabiola -Play this song-
04.Fuego -El diablo-
05.Caballero -Hymn-
06.Session Area

Area The Secret Vol.2 CD1.T-01.Area -Tears of fire-

Area The Secret Vol.2 CD1.T-07.De La Cruz ft Taleesa -My love is a dj-

Area The Secret Vol.2 CD1.T-11.2 Fabiola ft Medusa -Summer in space-

Area The Secret Vol.2 CD2.T-01.U 96 -Das boot 2001-

Area The Secret Vol.2 CD2.T-06.Area -Tribal tekto-

Area The Secret Vol.2 CD2.T-10.Zentral -Total drum-

Area The Secret Vol.2 CD3.T-01.Mix Area

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