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Dance Sessions 2

Varios - Dance Sessions 2

Max Music NM1878CDTV
4 x CD, Mixed Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Hardcore
CD1 Dance
01.Session Dance by Mike Platinas
02.Martinique ft Crissy Cee -Pata pata-
03.Bilik Oda Toya -Running-
04.Camisra -Feel the beat-
05.Noth on 41 -Baby come back-
06.Pinball -Hands up-
07.Vengaboys -Up & Down-
08.The Wonder Band -Make me smile (Come up and see me)-
CD2 Techno
01.Techno Session by Pastis & Buenri
02.O Mega -Dreaming of a better world-
03.The Noise Sindicate -The noise sindicate-
04.Xpose -Space voices-
05.The Prophets -Amezon-e-
06.X-Que? vol.5 -X-Que? vol.5-
CD3 Progressive
01.Progressive Session by Julio Posadas
02.Absolom -Where?-
03.R.O.O.S. -Living in a dream-
04.Svenson -Acceleration-
05.System One -Secret love-
06.The Ocean -We remember u-
07.Two by Two -De la luna-
08.Mystic Frame -Open your eyes-
CD4 House
01.House Session by Dimas & Martinez
02.Bosstune -Get up, move and dance-
03.David Morales pres The Face -Needin' U-
04.Flashback -Start da move-
05.H20 ft Billie -You can run...but you can hide-
06.Nature -Trumpet gun-
07.Nitro -Atmosphere-

Dance Sessions 2 Promo TV

Dance Sessions 2 CD1.T- 03.Bilik Oda Toya -Running-

Dance Sessions 2 CD1.T-05.Noth on 41 -Baby come back-

Dance Sessions 2 CD2.T-02.O Mega -Dreaming of a better world-

Dance Sessions 2 CD2.T-05.The Prophets -Amezon-e-

Dance Sessions 2 CD3.T-05.System One -Secret love-

Dance Sessions 2 CD3.T-08.Mystic Frame -Open your eyes-

Dance Sessions 2 CD4.T-04.Flashback -Start da move- 

Dance Sessions 2 CD4.T-05.H20 ft Billie -You can run...but you can hide-

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