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House & Dance

Varios - House & Dance

Boy Records BOY CD 043
3 x CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance, Makina
01.Mix Radio Edit
02.Levy 9 -Running up that hill-
03.Imperio -Return to paradise-
04.Sequential One -My love is hot-
05.John Wesley -Lover why-
06.Alexia -Number one-
07.Mary Kiani -100%-
08.Marc O. -Child-
09.Virginia Robinson -Reanimator II-
10.2 Fabiola -I'm on fire-
11.Lukone -Ci gira in giro-
12.Flaco Benitez -Mira-
13.Penny Lane -Sissy's delight-
14.Mugato -How to jazz-
15.2 Colors -Love & emotion-
16.Lazzero -I don't wanna make yo cry-
17.Da Flava -Do that to me one more time-
01.Sash! -Encore une fois-
02.Three'N'One -Reflect-
03.Dj Quicksilver -Bellisima-
04.Suspicious -Maid of Orleans-
05.Milk Incorporated -La vache-
06.Internet -Saxy jam-
07.Striking Man -My house (it's not even music)-
08.Vicent de Moor -Flowtation-
09.Kadoc -Rock the bells-
10.Chicane -Offshore-
11.Brooklyn Bounce -The theme-
12.K.K. Project -K.K.'s house ep vol II-
13.Shandrew -I want you-
14.Nick Beat -Bow chi bow-
01.Nau B-3 -El bosque (de colores)-
02.Sinus -Blob-
03.Neurosis -La rana verde-
04.J&J Dj's -Happy boy-
05.Workstation -Get ready-
06.Free -This groove-
07.Icon -Friends-
08.31 Layers -O'clock-
09.Virtual System -Chemical-
10.Composer Tracks -Fall down-
11.Pat Krimson -Atmosfear-
12.Celtic Tracks -Autobat 96-
13.Catchy Tune -Generation of love-
14.Mix Extended Version

House & Dance CD1.T-04.Sequential One -My love is hot-

House & Dance CD1.T-07.Mary Kiani -100%-

House & Dance CD1.T-14.Mugato -How to jazz-

House & Dance CD2.T-07.Striking Man -My house (it's not even music)-

House & Dance CD2.T-12.K.K. Project -K.K.'s house ep vol II-

House & Dance CD2.T-14.Nick Beat -Bow chi bow-

House & Dance CD3.T-03.Neurosis -La rana verde-

House & Dance CD3.T-12.Celtic Tracks -Autobat 96-

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