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Ravermeister Vol. 12

Varios - Ravermeister Vol. 12

Nova Tekk NTD-92903-24
2 × CD, Compilation
01.Gary D -Donnergott-
02.Albion -Terminate-
03.Plastic Angel -Follow me-
04.Psycos -Vivacity-
05.Code 44 -Theme from dolphin trance-
06.Formologic -My X-Perience-
07.Dj Crack -The access of trance-
08.J.A.P.A.N -Furusato no yume-
09.Harem Doctors -Outer limits-
10.Zymotix -Rachel in trance-
11.Plug n Play -Warp 99-
12.Voyager One -Dream state-
01.Copyright Killers -I feel it-
02.Sanity -Welcome to paradise-
03.Frefaky's Fatal -It is done-
04.Sound Structure -Absolution-
05.X-Trance -Friends-
06.Second Dimension -Feel it-
07.X-Dream -Moquai-
08.Midiman vs Foggy -God stepped out on space-
09.Desperados -Game of death-
10.Astrolight -Never-ending dreams-
11.Lost Generation -Generate-
12.Fu-Bots -Theme from futuroscope-

Ravermeister Vol. 12 CD1.T-02.Albion -Terminate-

Ravermeister Vol. 12 CD1.T-05.Code 44 -Theme from dolphin trance-

Ravermeister Vol. 12 CD1.T-07.Dj Crack -The access of trance-

Ravermeister Vol. 12 CD1.T-12.Voyager One -Dream state-

Ravermeister Vol. 12 CD2.T-02.Sanity -Welcome to paradise-

Ravermeister Vol. 12 CD2.T-07.X-Dream -Moquai-

Ravermeister Vol. 12 CD2.T-10.Astrolight -Never-ending dreams-

Ravermeister Vol. 12 CD2.T-12.Fu-Bots -Theme from futuroscope-

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