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Max Power 98

Varios - Max Power 98

Ovaçao 171 CD
2 × CD, Compilation
House, Trance
01.Sex-O-Sonique -I thought it was you-
02.Camisra -Let me show you-
03.Rosie Gaines -I surrender-
04.Double 99 -Ripgroove-
05.Da Mob ft Jocelyn Brown -Fun-
06.Martha Wash ft Ru Paul -It's raining men-
07.M People -Fantasy island-
08.Olive -You're not alone-
09.Gambadubs -Disco theme-
10.Boston Djs -Happy people-
11.Nature -Blue ocean-
12.Exir -Right-
13.Sara Parker -My love is deep-
14.Constipated Monkeys -Cro-magnon (what about your love)-
15.Dimas & Martinez -All night-
16.N.A.S.A. -Life-
01.Da Hool -Meet her at love parade-
02.Absolom -Secret-
03.O.R.G.A.N -To the world-
04.Dj Scot Project -X (time is now!)-
05.Polaris -The next millenium-
06.R.O.O.S. -Instant moments-
07.Celvin Rotane -Bienvenue-
08.D-Tune -Burning down-
09.J. Daniel -Download-
10.Commite -Ripping it up-
11.Der Dritte Raum -Trommelmachine-
12.Nitro -Le plaisir-
13.UF -Remixed-
14.The Monarch -I like the way you work it!- (Remix)
15.Max Power 98 -Megamix-

Max Power 98 CD1.T-01.Sex-O-Sonique -I thought it was you-

Max Power 98 CD1.T-03.Rosie Gaines -I surrender-

Max Power 98 CD1.T-04.Double 99 -Ripgroove-

Max Power 98 CD1.T-14.Constipated Monkeys -Cro-magnon (what about your love)-

Max Power 98 CD2.T-04.Dj Scot Project -X (time is now!)-

Max Power 98 CD2.T-13.UF -Remixed-

Max Power 98 CD2.T-15.Max Power 98 -Megamix-

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