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Dream Dance Vol.12

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.12

Sony Music Media SMM 494304 2
2 × CD, Compilation
01.ATB -Don't stop-
02.Peaches & Cream -All over the world-
03.Blue Nature -A life so changed-
04.Dj Sakin & Friends -Dragonfly- (Special Dream Dance Edit)
05.Taucher battles Talla 2XLC -Nightshift-
06.Viper -Blue sunshine-
07.Jam & Spoon -Stella 99-
08.System F -Out of the blue-
09.Fridge -Paradise-
10.Sweet Danger -My name is Frank-
11.Decay -45 seconds-
12.Sash! -Colour the world- (ATB Remix)
13.Candy Beat -Sax'y 99- (ATB Remix)
14.Lambada -Hold on tight 2000- (Future Breeze Edit)
15.Liquid Child -Diving faces-
16.Gian Piero -Children 2000-
17.Dj Skybeam -Trance at the beach-
18.Plastic Angel -Schatten 99- (Talla 2XLC Edit)
19.Kay Cee -Sunshine (Take U there)-
01.Mr Oizo -Flatbeat-
02.Members Of Mayday -Soundtropolis-
03.Westbam -Beatbox rocker-
04.Der Verfall -Der verfall-
05.Mellow Trax -Together- (Album Track)
06.Silent Breed -In vivo-
07.Pulsedriver -Kiss that sound-
08.Moby -Run on- (Plastic Angel Mix)
09.K -Waveshaper-
10.Paffendorf -Allnight-
11.Art Bizarre -Drop into me-
12.Mike Koglin -The silence-
13.Dj Spacecase -Reach the limit-
14.Anastasia -Anastasia-
15.Dj Icon -Voco me-
16.M -Razzia 99-
17.Southside Spinners -Luvstruck-
18.Rise & Shine -Hungry animal- (Tandu Mix)
19.Agenda -Heaven- (Resistance D Edit)

Dream Dance 12 CD1.T-02.Peaches & Cream -All over the world-

Dream Dance 12 CD1.T-04.Dj Sakin & Friends -Dragonfly- (Special Dream Dance Edit)

Dream Dance 12 CD1.T-17.Dj Skybeam -Trance at the beach-

Dream Dance 12 CD2.T-02.Members Of Mayday -Soundtropolis-

Dream Dance 12 CD2.T-06.Silent Breed -In vivo-

Dream Dance 12 CD2.T-15.Dj Icon -Voco me-

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