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Dream Dance Vol.28

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.28

Sony Music Media SMM 512660 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance
01.Lambda -Hold On-
02.Kate Ryan -Libertine-
03.Pulsedriver -Galaxy-
04.Groove Coverage -The End-
05.Members Of Mayday -Troopa Of Tomorrow-
06.Mario Lopez -Where Are You-
07.Sash -I Believe-
08.ATB -I Don't Wanna Stop-
09.DJ Tiesto ft. Nicola Hitchcock Of Mandalay -In My Memo-
10.Svenson And Gielen ft. Jan Johnston -Beachbreeze-
11.Mirco De Govia -Things That Matter-
12.Special D -Come With Me-
13.Dark Monks -Insane-
14.Klubbheads -Somebody Skreem-
15.Cosmic Gate -Human Beings-
16.Intermission ft. Grey And Frost -Piece Of My Heart-
17.Master Blaster -How Old Are You-
18.The Joker -Leaving You-
19.Voodoo And Serano -Overload-
20.Sylver -Livin' My Life-
01.Tomcraft -Into The Light-
02.Fragma -Man In The Moon-
03.Above And Beyond -Far From In Love-
04.Time Travellers -Back In Time-
05.Kaylab -Do Not Attempt-
06.Bad Boyz DJ Team -For Your Love-
07.Megara vs DJ Lee -Hold Your Hands Up High-
08.Nightwatchers -Darkside Of My Dreams-
09.Sunbeam -Watching The Stars-
10.Mike Koglin ft. Marine -Another World-
11.S-Man And Sir G -Electro Vibes-
12.Future Mind -Drum And Bass-
13.Anne Clark -Sleeper In Metropolis 3000-
14.Nalin Inc -Planet Violet 2003-
15.The Sunseekers -Oasis 2003-
16.Masto And Cain -Sunrise-
17.Thumb Brothers ft. Marilyn -Into The Sun-
18.Portamento Players -Duy-
19.D-Illusion -Semi Luna-
20.Sinema ft. Sandra -Keep Me Hangin On-

Dream Dance 28 CD1.T-01.Lambda -Hold On-

Dream Dance 28 CD1.T-10.Svenson And Gielen ft. Jan Johnston -Beachbreeze-

Dream Dance 28 CD1.T-13.Dark Monks -Insane-

Dream Dance 28 CD2.T-01.Tomcraft -Into The Light-

Dream Dance 28 CD2.T-08.Nightwatchers -Darkside Of My Dreams-

Dream Dance 28 CD2.T-20.Sinema ft. Sandra -Keep Me Hangin On-

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