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Dream Dance Vol.13

Varios - Dream Dance Vol.13

Sony Music Media SMM 494997 2
2 × CD, Compilation
Euro House, Trance
01.Chicane -Saltwater-
02.Beam vs Cyrus & the Joker -Launch in progress-
03.Mythos & Dj Cosmo -Unchained melody-
03.Schiller -Liebesschmerz- (MIke Scandle Instr. Mix)
05.Dumonde -See the light-
06.Talla vs Taucher -Together '99-
07.Sunbeam -Outside world-
08.Central Seven -Missing- (Dj Mellow-D Radio Edit)
09.Unicorn -Obsession forever-
10.Veracocha -Carte blanche- (Hitch Hiker & Dumont Remix)
11.Absolom -The air-
12.Watergate -Made of orleans-
13.Joint Venture -Licht und farben-
14.Taucher -Chilkd of the universe-
15.Junkfood Junkies -For your mind-
16.Dj Buzz -Situations-
17.Vectrex -Meteor-
18.Summer Spirit ft Tatjana -My dreams will come true-
19.Nalin Inc ft Space -Magic fly-
20.Nova -Welcome to the future- (Van Bellen Remix)
01.Dr Motte & Westbam -Music is the key-
02.Loverstern Galaktika Project meets Le Petit Sam -Loverstern galaktika-
03.Cosmic Gate -The drums-
04.Dj Sandy vs Housetrap -Overdrive-
05.Tom Wax & Jan Jakarta pres No Ufos -The weekend of love-
06.Hypertrophy -Pullover 99-
07.Meteor Seven -Fantasy to reality- (Sunbeam Remix)
08.Mellow Trax -Mystery in space-
09.Dj Sakin & Friends -Dragonfly- (Taucher's Counting Remix)
10.E.F.O -Nexus 6-
11.Pulsedriver -The dark side of life-
12.Doc in the Box -Seven steps-
13.Resistance D. -Feel high- (Der Dritte Raum Remix)
14.Legend B -Sexuality- (Radio Fear Remix)
15.Mosquito Headz -Fuego-
16.Miss Shiva -Ultimate temptation-
17.Up-Server -Mood swings-
18.Ceres -Ease your mind- (Kay Cee Remix)
19.Opus 808 ft Taome -Don't turn away-
20.Stay-c-Paton -Blue (da ba dee)-

Dream Dance 13 CD1.T-02.Beam vs Cyrus & the Joker -Launch in progress-

Dream Dance 13 CD1.T-08.Central Seven -Missing- (Dj Mellow-D Radio Edit)

Dream Dance 13 CD1.T-19.Nalin Inc ft Space -Magic fly-

Dream Dance 13 CD2.T-04.Dj Sandy vs Housetrap -Overdrive-

Dream Dance 13 CD2.T-11.Pulsedriver -The dark side of life-

Dream Dance 13 CD2.T-16.Miss Shiva -Ultimate temptation-

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