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Tunnel Trance Force 01

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 01

Tunnel Records SMM 488171 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Members Of Mayday -Sonic empire-
02.Space Frog -Follow me-
03.Exit EEE -Epidemic-
04.Dj Quicksilver -Free-
05.Dj Energy -I just can't get enough-
06.Penetrator -Love entry-
07.Hot Dog -Cool-
08.Vagus -No XTC-
09.Dave X -What a rush-
10.Obsessive -Tune-
11.Labortoires Technique -Vitamin A-
12.Jam & Spoon -I pull my gun once-
13.Morphem -Watch out-
14.Hunter -Pump up-
15.Dj T.E.C. -48 KHz-
16.Celvin Rotane -Theme from magnum-
01.Super Space -Trance force-
02.Code 28 -Feel my desire-
03.Dj Dean -Housenation-
04.Pro Active -Straight on-
05.Dj Tibby -Energy-
06.Dj Richard & Johnny Bass -Danger-
07.Les Sabotage -Birth one-
08.Cocooma -Virtual experience-
09.Sound Structure -Reality-
10.Fork Man -Fork power-
11.Jones & Stephenson -The first rebirth-
12.Ray & God -Target planet-
13.Code 29 -Kick that bass-
14.E-Max -A culture of human beings-
15.Club Disciple -Teknicida-
16.Los Bonitos -Hand in hand-
17.Dj Dean -Strong-

Tunnel Trance Force 01 CD1 CosMix

Tunnel Trance Force 01 CD2 PlanetMix

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