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Tunnel Trance Force 03

Varios - Tunnel Trance Force 03

Tunnel Records SMM 489278 2
2 × CD, Mixed
Hard Trance, Trance
01.Dolphins Mind -The flow- (Underwater Mix Phase 1)
02.Kai Tracid -Your own reality- (Energy Mix)
03.Hypertrophy -Beautiful day- (Remix Edit)
04.Dj Kalpa & Marino Stephano -Dream's harmony- (Club Mix)
05.Commander Tom -Trip to mars- (ft. Dj Mars)
06.Phase IV -The sign of your coming- (Club Mix)
07.Guya Reg -No time (one o'clock)-
08.Moonman -First light- (Extended Mix)
09.Electric Fruit Orchestra -Rock da beat-
10.Arrow -Back in the house- (Kai Tracid Mix)
11.Liquid Flow -Heart of africa- (Planet Trax Mix)
12.Dj Jan -X-santo- (Solid Sleep Remix)
13.Slot 03 -Flashback-
14.Aqualite -What is life- (This Mix)
15.Sosa -The wave- (Dj Taucher Remix)
16.Hot Dog & Cool Cat -I'll house you-
17.Morphem -Cosmic sonar-
01.Power Play -Destiny-
02.Haze Maze -The voice-
03.Code 33 -Tabular desperation-
04.Cocooma -Flying saucer part II- (The Yellow Base)
05.Dj Crack -Another dimension- (Dj Dean RMX)
06.Frank-E & Mars-L -Child of time-
07.Energy Flash -Tunnel of harmony-
08.Shoko -Catastrophe-
09.Emphassis -Let's go-
10.Loving Loop -Bass please-
11.Dj Dean -It's true-
12.Scoopex -In my dream- (Club & Intro Mix)
13.Transport X -Visions-
14.Gollum & Hunter -Basscheck- (GT Mix)
15.Typ Of Terra -1st obsession-
16.Jet Set & Plastic Angel -Lost in trance-

Tunnel Trance Force 03 CD1 Space Mix

Tunnel Trance Force 03 CD2 OrbitMix

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