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Frankfurt Trax Vol.2 The House of Techno

Varios - Frankfurt Trax Vol.2 The House of Techno

Planet Core Productions PCP CD2
1 × CD, Compilation
Techno, Acid, Hardcore
01.Mescalinum United -We have arrived-
02.T-Bone Castro -Hilltop hustler (I'm the 1 & only)-
03.FBI -The FFM theme- (Future World Part 2)
04.The Mover presents Frontal Sickness -Nightflight- (Nonstop to K Aos)
05.RU Ready -Vaeth 1-
06.Delirum Posse -+3- (03 Arrival)
07.RPO -1991 (and I just begun)- (Next Skool Remix)
08.Dag Tribe -No compromise- (Airport 5.00 - 11.59 A.M. Mix)
09.Trip Commando -House music's not dead- (JVA Mix)
10.Alien Christ -Of suns and moons- (Phase II)
11.Six Mullahs -Persian lover-
12.Project AE -Whales alive-
13.Nasty Django -'Ey dude- (Totally Fucked Up Mix)
14.Atom Heart -White house- (Step Into 'Da Core Remix)
15.Ramin -(Where is my) ecstasy-

Frankfurt Trax Vol.2 T-01.Mescalinum United -We have arrived-

Frankfurt Trax Vol.2 T-06.Delirum Posse -+3- (03 Arrival)

Frankfurt Trax Vol.2 T-10.Alien Christ -Of suns and moons- (Phase II)

Frankfurt Trax Vol.2 T-14.Atom Heart -White house- (Step Into 'Da Core Rmx)

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