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Happy Hardcore 7

Varios - Happy Hardcore 7

Arcade 9902302
2 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Hard Trance
01.Blue Zone -Too beautiful- (Cixx's Happy Hardcore Mix)
02.Active Force -Breakdown on the floor-
03.Helix ft Marlon & Beck -U R everything-
04.Dj Promo -Into the light-
05.The Beatsquad -Listen to the rythm-
06.Phase -Morning light-
07.Solid Base -Prison wall-
08.Davie Forbes -Every single day-
09.Happy Tunes -Positive energy-
10.Dj Ham, Derno & Justin Time -Here I am-
11.Cherrish -Confusion-
12.Michaelangelo -The beat is strong-
13.Dj E-Rick & Tactic -Wanna dance-
14.Dj Tails & Noizer -Make you dance-
15.Creasemaster & Slamdog -Big oh'booty-
16.Solid Base -Pumpin'-
01.Brothers In Crime -Destiny- (Dj Norman Mix)
02.Ultimate Buzz ft Mc Bee -Live 'n direct-
03.Dj Isaac -I wanna be a gabber baby-
04.Firefax & Firebird -Movin' up- (Happy Mix)
05.Happy Tunes & Alchemix -Feel so good '96-
06.The Unknown Project -Can't get enough of hardcore-
07.Dj Promo -I wanna freak you- (Emilio & Da Vinci Remix)
08.Highlander -Roughneck- (Original Mix)
09.Attaboy -For America-
10.Dj Yves -Losing track of time-
11.Highlander -Last forever-
12.Dream Your Dream -Xtc-
13.Gab -You better watch yourself- (Doom Of Dance Mix)
14.Dj Attic & Dj Stylzz -Fiesta del meerty-
15.Dj Delirium -The party starter-
16.Dj The Prophet -Out on the streets- (4 Min Mix)

Happy Hardcore 7 CD1

Happy Hardcore 7 CD2

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