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Happy Hardcore 3

Varios - Happy Hardcore 3

Arcade 9902285
2 × CD, Compilation
Happy Hardcore, Hard Trance, Hardcore
01.Club X -The sequel (la la la)-
02.Dj Paul Elstak -Rainbow in the sky-
03.Critical Mass -Burnin' love- (Original Version)
04.No Velocity -Right here-
05.Los Pablos -It's a dream- (Short Dream Mix)
06.Citadel of Kaos ft Dave Jay -Show me love-
07.Nina Feranzano & Buzz Fuzz -Keep it up-
08.T.O.T.T. -Get up- (Airplay Edit)
09.Wicked Dimension -Everytime think of you-
10.Ferocious -Please don't go-
11.Cixx -Ride to the rhythm- (Radio Mix)
12.Rave Religion -C'mon and touch me-
13.Bertocucci Feranzano -XTC love- (Radio Mix)
14.D-Jumpmaster -Dance to da bells-
15.The Prophet & Dj Delirium -Breakdown-
16.3 Steps Ahead -Drop it-
01.2 Brothers on the 4th Floor -Come take my hand-
02.T.N.T. -Let's get together- (Radio Mix)
03.Ravers World -Paradise of rave-
04.Pianoforce -Listen to me-
05.Jayke -Summertime rave-
06.Cherrish -Happy friday-
07.Sonic Driver -In your arms tonight-
08.Alk-E-O -Home- (Luna C Remix)
09.The Prophet & Delirium -The way you make me-
10.Dj Waxweazle -Techno hits ya-
11.Bass D & King Matthew -Take me higher- (Gizmo Remix)
12.The Insaniacs -Full on music-
13.Seduction & Eruption -Bust the new jam-
14.Public Domain -Get stupid-
15.UK -Heaven-
16.Buzz Fuzz -Freedom-

Happy Hardcore 3 CD1

Happy Hardcore 3 CD2.T-04.Pianoforce -Listen to me-

Happy Hardcore 3 CD2.T-10.Dj Waxweazle -Techno hits ya-

Happy Hardcore 3 CD2.T-16.Buzz Fuzz -Freedom-

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