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Happy Hardcore 4

Varios - Happy Hardcore 4

Arcade. ID&T 9902293
2 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber
01.Party Animals -Have you ever been mellow-
02.Dj Paul Elstak -Don't leave me alone-
03.Love Decade -See me jumping-
04.Dominion -Salted popcorn-
05.Dj Omar Santana -Time to motivate- (Happy Mix)
06.Cherrish -Burning up-
07.Elips -Don't try-
08.Pulp Shock -Far away-
09.Rob's Project -Loving you-
10.Q-Tex -Can't get enough-
11.Dj Promo -Sing it louder- (Sirekit Mix)
12.Profound -4 o'clock-
13.Creasemaster & Slamdog -Bump the bass-
14.Dougal & Eruption -Partytime-
15.Cixx -Clap your hands-
16.Big Deal -The right place-
01.Critical Mass -Burnin' love-
02.Brothers in Crime -Forever-
03.Mindtrust -Ravers groove-
04.The Beatsquad -Miles of smiles- (Original Version)
05.Billy Bunter & D-Zyne -Ride like the wind-
06.No Velocity -Give me body-
07.Pulp Shock -Take me away-
08.Dj Weirdo & Dj Sim -Pump that stupid bass-
09.Dj Lingo & The Skycat -Together forever-
10.Eruption ft Katherine Wood -Let the music-
11.Smile -Movin-
12.Lords of the Underworld -Making moves-
13.Dj E-Rick & Tactic -Hysterical drumbeats- (Original Version)
14.Dj Waxweazle & Dj Delirium -Dreams of heaven ft Guitar Rob-
15.Dj Rob & Tim B -Touch the sky-
16.Carlos Masserati -Get on the move- (Happy Mix)

Happy Hardcore 4 CD1.T-01.Party Animals -Have you ever been mellow-

Happy Hardcore 4 CD1.T-11.Dj Promo -Sing it louder- (Sirekit Mix)

Happy Hardcore 4 CD1.T-15.Cixx -Clap your hands-

Happy Hardcore 4 CD2.T-06.No Velocity -Give me body-

Happy Hardcore 4 CD2.T-11.Smile -Movin-

Happy Hardcore 4 CD2.T-16.Carlos Masserati -Get on the move- (Happy Mix)

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