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Happy Hardcore 2

Varios - Happy Hardcore 2

Arcade, ID&T 9902270
2 × CD, Compilation
Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore
01.Technohead -I wanna be a hippy-
02.Dj Paul Elstak -Luv U more-
03.June -Hardcore vibes-
04.Dj Waxweasle -Come with me-
05.Mindcontrollers -Sweet dreams- (Nightmare Mix)
06.Dyewitness -Masterplan-
07.M-Jay & Dan Vee -The sun always shines-
08.Rave Nation -Going crazy-
09.The Prophet -Big boys don't cry- (Rave Mix)
10.Hyperactive -Who is Elvis-
11.Bertocucci Feranzano -Sax b 4 diner-
12.Dj Weirdo & Dj Sim -Pump that stupid bass- (Happy Rave Mix)
13.Dj Delirium -Be happy!-
14.Too Fast for Mellow -Get my love-
15.Tim B -Can you feel it-
16.The Beatfreaks -Miles of smiles-
01.Scott Brown -Do what you like- (The Rezerection Anthem)
02.Micado -It's gonna be a fine night-
03.Network -Words-
04.Bertocucci Feranzano & Dj Buzz Fuzz -Higher love-
05.Scorpia -Hypnose-
06.System Shock -Bizzy time-
07.Mr. Kinky -Just laugh-
08.Highlander -Hold me now- (Bass D & King Matthew Remix)
09.Bill Daniel Bunter & JDS ft Gem -Let it lift you- (Dj Vibes & Wishdokta Mix)
10.Full Option -Rave all night-
11.Happy Toons -I want you-
12.Ramirez -Baraonda-
13.Forbes & Cyclone -Full forcer-
14.Vibes & Wishdokta -Hardcore business-
15.Critical Mass -Dancing together-
16.Toni Salmonelli -Hey!-

Happy Hardcore 2 CD1

Happy Hardcore 2 CD2

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